Black widow episode 23

Black Widow?
Episode 23(Semi Final)



The elevator st©pped and opened. Calvin waited at first, he re-moved the ugly mask on his face and with the other arm, he brushed back his curly hair. He fired several rounds just in case anyone was trying to pl@yhide and seek

. Then he realized he was out of bullets. quic-kly, he reloaded and then waited. His shoulders hurt terribly.

“You are clear.” Shrek’s voice sounded in his ears

“Where have you been?” He demanded as he stepped out of the elevator.

“Laura and I got into a fight here.” Shrek replied.

“Laura? You brou-ght her with you?”

“Yea but she’ s dead now. She got me distracted a little bit. We are still in the van outside. ”

“What about Nana and Sonia?”

Shrek was quiet. “Nana is at home.”

Calvin st©pped in his tracks as if suspecting something. “And my wife?”

“Your wife is here, I can explain.”

“What! I asked you to keep her with you. See, if anything happens to her, I will kill you.”

“Baby, I am okay, besides, Shrek nee-ds a hand.” Sonia said, interrupting their conversation.”

Calvin gro-an ed.

. “Women can be so difficult. Now, Shrek, are they all dead? The men?”

“It’s difficult to say, I can’t see it from here but no one has come out of the room yet.”

“Direct me, where are Shelby and Fabian. This place looks like some old sto-re. How do I find my way?”

“Take the stairs,” Shrek said.

quic-kly, Calvin took the stairs and almost immediately, a guard rolled from the third landing, down to where he was standing. quic-kly, Calvin smashed his head with his elbow but the gesture s£nt a fresh gush of pain throu-ghout his left shoulder. He gro-an ed and cursed. “Mother f—ker!”

He continued to climb the stairs s another guard c@m£ rushing towards him, this time with a sword in his hand. in one fluid move, Calvin dodged to a sidd so quic-kly confusing his opponent who sli-pped and went crashing down, unable to rise again.

“That was so easy.” Calvin hissed and then dragged himself up the landing.

That was when he realized that Fabian was in a hand-to hand combat with more guards. He alre-ady had a broken nose and they seemed to be too much for him.

He watched the fight as a b!ow landed on Fabian’s face, Calvin laughed at him.

“You nee-d a hand buddy?”

Fabian was on the floor, blinded by his own blood as six pair of hands tried to seize him all at once, quic-kly, he somersaulted, shook himself free and rose, crashing his bu-tt down the head of one of the guards who cried out in pain.

“No, I think I got it!” He said, standing up. “plea-se, find Shelby!”

All of a sudden, Calvin aimed his gun at him-Fabian was surprised…

“What the hell are you doing man?” He asked but five gunsh0ts from Calvin held him still, then he heard people tumbling over one another behind him. That was when he realized, he had sh0t the five men at once.

He frowned, putting both hands on his h!p. “I told you I got it.” HE said angrily.

“I know. But a show off is good once in a while. “

They heard noises and realized that even more guards were rushing up the stairs, quic-kly, they both aimed for the elevator which shifted immediately before they guards could reach them.

Calvin leaned against the wall. He was losing so much blood.

“Are you okay baby?” He heard Sonia’s voice.

“Yea. Shrek, find Shelby> Where is she?”

“Just a minute.” Shrek replied.

“I told her to run, she is on her way to the main frame, let’s hope she makes it. If she makes it, then we nee-d to get the hell out of here fast because this building will b!ow up once the virus is in.”

Calvin gro-an ed and went on his knees.

Fabian shook his head at Calvin. “You are losing too much blood man.”

“And you are sloppy, will you mind your business? I haven’t had so much fun in months.” Calvin replied.

“Shelby is close to the main frame, guys you nee-d to worry, her father is waiting for her and he is not alone!”


Shelby kept looking behind her as she stepped out of the elevator. Getting there was too easy. Since she had been as-signed as the head of op, she had t©p clearances to get to anywhere, all she nee-ded was for the scanner to scan her eyes and she was welcomed by the intercom.

“Hello Miss Shelby Douglas, welcome to the mainframe of the black widow. How may I help you?” The intercom said.

For a while Shelby only starred around here

. The mainframe room was at the t©p floor of the mansion. It was like a domed room, completely furnished in gold, there was a hvge opening in the ceiling, radiating with light. That was when she realized that the light was coming from a giant computer made of glas-s…which was at the center of the floor, directly below the opening. There was a little opening at the side, it was like some sort of extension, in it was something that looked like the ru-by she had in her hand. all she nee-ded was to re-move that, and in-sert the one in her hand.

This should be easy. She thought, removing the ru-by from her hand and began to motion towards the mainframe…

All of a sudden, a rope c@m£ from nowhere, gr@bb£d both of her feet and she landed on the floor, the ru-by , flying out of her hand.

She struggled but it was of no use, she was tra-pped. She heard movements and several guards c@m£ out from nowhere, in their helmet, big guns, and oversized boots, followed by her father

. She shut her eyes, the game was up.

“Wow! I am so disappointed Shelby.”Daniel said and pointed to a guard. “Pick that up and bring it to me.”

One of the guards quic-kly went forward and pas-sed the ru-by to him before going back to join the rest.

“I can’t believe that you would do this to me but an apple doesn’t fall too far from the tee. You are your mother’s daughter after all.” He said, looking at her sternly.

“And you are a lying bastard, Father. You killed my mother! Fabian’s parents and all those innocent people, my baby, my husband. You are evil and I am glad that you are not my father!No one would love you. all your p@rtners are all dead! Black Widow is going down!”

“But you are the bastard, aren’t you?” He asked calmly, squ-atting. “Your mother was a who-re. Despite not being my child I gave you the best education, yet, you betrayed me. You and that other bastard! Black widow cannot go down. I will rebuild it and it will be more powerful than before. I will build it with your blood!”

“Fabian will kill you. You cannot escape!”

The father laughed, and the elevator opened again, now, Fabian and Calvin were bound up. Calvin looked terribly weak as much blood was oozing from his shoulder. He coll@psed on the floor. Both his hands and legs were tied.

The guards that c@m£ with them, threw the weapons they had found on them on the floor, Fabian was still standing, but he looked as if he had been heavily beaten. There were several scratches on his face and his nose and mouth were dripping blood.
“I’m so sorry Shel.” He said weakly.

“Oh my God!” Shelby g@sped as she saw Calvin and then looked at Fabian. “Oh my God.” Then she faced her fake father. “You are a monster! You will rot in hell!”

The father laughed. “That is where all of you are going once I’m done with you.”

Again, the elevator opened and four guards stepped out, pu-lling a bound Shrek with them.”

“You see, we have all your team.” Daniel said.

The four of them looked at one another in total pity.

“I am so sorry bro.” Shrek said to Fabian before turning a distasteful look at Daniel.

“”Oh! I know you! No, you are Shreknaida’s son. Wow! I s£nt men to kill the entire family. You must be so lucky but your luck runs out tonight. Sorry.” Then he stood up, and looked at Fabian.

“F**ck you” Shrek shouted.

Daniel, faced Fabian. “You are my greatest regret son! I had so much faith in you! I trained you, you betrayed me twice.

. I will be the one to kill you myself.” Finally, he brou-ght out a gun and aimed it at Fabian who shut his eyes, bringing his tied hands so close as he pressed the ring, while Shelby cried in pain.

Just as he pu-ll-ed the trigger, there was no sh0t…

He aimed it again but still nothing.

“What is happening! Get me a better gun!” He shouted angrily, throwing the gun away. While the guards pas-sed the gun to him but Calvin started laughing.

Angrily, he shifted the gun and aimed at Calvin.

“What is so funny white man?”

Calvin kept laughing ha-rd .

Daniel left Fabian’s side and walked closer to Calvin. “I said what is so funny?” He demanded, wra-pping his hand around Calvin’s n£¢k.

“I just think you are the dumbest man ever!” Calvin said and continued. “All the guns in this room, cannot work because of that bloody ring you gave to Fabian which he hasn’t st©pped pressing since we entered this room, and while you are battling stupidly with that, you had no idea that one of your guards was actually a woman, she gave you the ru-by earlier, but actually a fake one and while I talk with you, she just inser-ted the new one into the mainframe. You just got pla-yed, old man! “

Daniel looked terrified and in anger, smashed Calvin’s head with the gun. He turned around, his rage vivid as he sp©tted two of his guards around the mainframe.
“What have you done!” He g@sped. “You are going to kill us all!”

“One of the guards re-moved her helmet and Sody’s hair c@m£ tumbling down.

“Get her!” HE shouted at the rest of the guards but Sody shouted. “Hey! This place is going to b!ow up in the next 20 SECONDS, do you all want to risk your life because of this old man?” She shouted at the guards who were about to make another move but st©pped as the intercom started.


With this realization, the guards shouted and began to run for their lives out of the place. Daniel was furious and kept shouting, Meanwhile,during the noisy disorder, Sody rushed to untie Shelby who in turn hurried to help Fabian while Shrek and Sody carried an unconscious Calvin down the stairs…

“Hey Daddy!’ Shelby said to her father who turned around and realized that she alre-ady had the hooks of the rope in between his legs, one pu-ll from her and he coll@psed.

“Come on, Shelby!” Sody shouted from downstairs but Fabian and Shelby circled Daniel.

“This is for our parents and for Michael, and for Tracy.” Shelby said, shooting him on both legs, so he shouted in pain.

“And for SHreks father.” Fabian added, shooting him at the shoulder. “Come Shelby.” He said and they both began to run into the elevator.

Daniel blinked. He he was wounded and tied down, he knew the game was up, especially when the INTERCOM SAID.

3, 2, 1,0….GOOD BYE!