Black widow episode 21 & 22

Black Widow

Episode 21


“So, what do we nee-d to do?” Sonia asked as everyone went back to the room.


Fabian stood up. “First, we know that we nee-d the big bosses wearing their tag at the same time while we corrupt the whole mainframe of the system. So, we do things one at a time.”


“And fast before they figure out that something is wrong


. Time is long spent alre-ady.” Calvin replied.


“So now, how do we bring the men together?” Shrek asked. “What time do they get to wear the tag.”


Shelby who had been quiet all this time finally spoke. “Well, I once saw all of them together coming from the other room in the house, wearing their tag.”


“Yes. That’s right.” Fabian replied. “They all get to meet once in six months and they all wear their tags each time. That is the only time you can see them together, wearing their tags.”


“So the question now is, when is the next meeting?” Calvin asked.


“Well, unfortunately, that will be in the next two months.”


Everyone sighed all at one.


“We can’t wait that long.”Sody admitted. “We nee-d to bring them together now, tonight. Can that be possible?”k)().(9++


Fabian was lost in thought. “The only way we can bring them in tonight from everywhere they are is to call an emergency meeting.”


Calvin raised a brow. “Wow! Really?”


“Yea.” Fabian replied and continued. “But it requires an invitation from two members of the BW and the boss himself.”


“What? AN invitation?” Shrek almost shouted.


“Yes.” Fabian replied. “It is like a sort of code, members will have to break it down but it will nee-d my voice, Laura’s voice since Shelby hasn’t been officially programmed into the system. Then the Boss’s.”


Everyone sighed again.


“This is another major problem. What exactly do you have to say and how the hell would we get the boss’s voice before tomorrow?” Sody asked.


“We have a code, we just say it and the members figure it out. “ Fabian replied.


“So what do you say exactly?” Sody asked again.


“We say the time of the next meeting in seven different languages. I will say two, she will say three and the boss will say the next two. We must not make the mistake of saying the same language twice, that will mean a foul pla-y.”


“Well, we have Laura.” Calvin put in. “You are here and…” He faced Shrek. “Hey programmer, what version of the dummyvoice application do you have?”


“The latest version.” Shrek replied , proudly.


“So are you thinking what I’m thinking?” Calvin asked.

“Certainly.”Shrek replied. “Let me set it up.”


“Hold on, what are you two planning?” Sonia asked.


“Well…” Calvin started. “We get Laura to call your fake daddy. Obviously he will believe her, we just nee-d him to say something, then we will record the voice and someone will master how it sounds, then we can set the plan in motion.”


“Wow! That is a brilliant plan.” Fabian retorted. “I know how the invite-program looks like, so I can set up a dummy on time.” He faced Shelby. “Will you be able to handle Laura or do I come with you?”


Before Shelby replied, Calvin cut in. “Don’t worry, I will be going with her as well.”


** **


Shelby almost bur-st into laughter as she saw Laura tied up in chains. She was lying on the floor but got up as she perceived movements. Her hands and legs were both chained to the wall so she could either lie or stand. When she saw Shelby, she looked surprised.


“You bastard! What they did to you never worked did it?” She cursed as Shelby drew closer.


“Wow! Those jewelries really fit you so well Laura, one should be around your n£¢k as well.” Shelby replied.

“You are despicable, think of what your father will do to you when he finds out that you are working with them. I as-sume Fabian is here as well.”


“Oh you mean my man?” Shelby asked. “Of course, he is upstairs, where else would he be if not by my side even though you lured him all those years.”


“Well you both can rot in hell.” Laura spat on the floor. The pure hatred she felt for Shelby was vivid on her face.


“Okay, enough with the chit-chat, there is something you are going to do right now.”Shelby said.


“I will never do anything for you! I would rather die.”


“Don’t worry, your death is my plea-sure but believe me, you are going to do this first before your wishes come to fulfillment.” Calvin replied, throwing a bag of weapon on the floor. “You see that bag, it contains all forms of instruments of torture. First I will let the young lady here sweet-talk you into doing the right thing but you only have five seconds. “ He pas-sed a phone to Shelby


“Thank you Calvin.” Shelby said with a smile. “I believe this is your phone and now, you are going to do two things, first, you are going to say 1:30 P.M in Portuguese, Spanish and in Swahili. Next…”


“Oh my God!” Laura g@sped.


. “You are trying to bring down the Black Widow? You are really crazier than I thought. I will do no such thing.”


“The next is, I am going to call my father, and you are going to make him talk.”


“So that you can fake his voice?” Laura scoffed. “You are really so stupid. He will kill all of you in no time.”


“Look here lady!” Calvin shouted. “I don’t have enough time and five seconds is up alre-ady so this is the deal.” He stood up and poured the weapons on the floor as they fell on t©p one another ma-king a clattering noise. Then he moved closer to her and f0rç£fully held her n£¢k with his hand. slowly, he whispered something into her ear. Shelby watched as Laura’s eyes got bigger and wi-der and more terrified. Then he let her go.

“Okay, okay. I will do it, I swear.”


“Good. Shelby, press the ‘s£nd’ bu-tton. She is re-ady.”




Calvin and Shelby joined others in the other room


. Everyone was busy with one thing to the other.


“Wow! That was fast. She was really co-operative.” Sonia said as she saw her husband who c@m£ to k!ssher.


“Laura is not someone that gives up easily, trust me.” Fabian said, looking at Calvin suspiciously. “What did you do to her?”


“He told her something which he refused to tell me.” Shelby replied.


“What did you tell her?” Fabian asked curiously.


Calvin turned to him. “Seriously, you don’t want to know but trust me, I don’t nee-d weapons to torment people. Sometimes, what I tell them is a torture on its own.”


“Wow! You are real devil!” Shrek said.


“Thanks. I will take that as a compliment. Now how is it going there?” He asked, throwing Shrek the recorder.


“I am almost done. Fabian is done with the program, so what is left is to listen.” Shrek said, pla-ying the tape recorder. At first they heard Laura’s distinct voice in two different languages and then silence. Later it sounded like a phone ringing, and then smone picking it and a man’s voice sounded ‘Laura, what is happening, where are you?”


“Got him. That’s him. Laura had spoken in French and English, that means, I will use Swahili and Portuguese, we nee-d three more languages and someone to master his voice. ” Fabian said.


“Okay, don’t worry, with this voice changer application, Fabian, trust me, anyone will speak like he just did right now. I tell you, I am a genius.’ Shrek Said as he kept working on the system. “


“So, we nee-d Arabic, Russian and Spanish, then we are cool.” Shrek replied as he pressed the enter bu-tton. “I just downloaded the language converter as well, you people should just relax, let technology handle this stuff.”


Sodi smiled. “Someone is feeling c0cky.”


Everyone waited as Shrek did what he knew how to do. With the dummy Invitation programme and the list that ru-by had given to them, coupled with the voice changer and language converter, Shrek kept on pressing many bu-ttons at the same time and he ban-ged the s£nd bu-tton so sudden and then leaned back on the seat.


“Well?” Sonia asked.


“I just s£nt it. Every one of them will be receiving it now.”


“Good. Now, we nee-d someone to get into the mainframe. But that will be someone that has access to go and leave at will.” Calvin explained.


“I and Shelby only have the clearance for that.” Fabian replied.


“That means, you two will have to keep up with the pretence. The doctor is supposed to be dead, so we will have to cover your track while you lie that you carried out the job so well.”


“What about the pilot?” Sody asked.

“Well, someone else will have to dress up like the pilot.” Calvin replied. “Shrek, you have to be here to direct whoever will upload the virus, he or she will have a c@m£ra attached so you would be able to see everything.”


“Well, there is another problem.” Fabian said.

“What is it?”


“If we are going to b!ow up the bosses, we nee-d to make sure that all of them are there in one place and that not even a single one of them would leave.” He replied.


“So, are you saying someone will have to go in dressed like one of them?” Sonia asked.


“Exactly.” Fabian replied. “So who would do that?”


“Well, who else but me” Calvin replied.


“You will b!ow us all up. Haven’t you realized how white you are? Your blonde hair and white skin will single you out.” Sodi retorted.


“How about we shave his head?” Shrek asked.


“No one will shave my husband’s head!” Sonia screamed.


. Then she faced Sodi.

“Sodi, we nee-d a mask, which will cover the whole of his head and then we nee-d something dark and something sticky.” Sonia replied.


“Great, no problem, Nana, plea-se take me to your sto-re,” Sodi asked and Nana who has been quiet all the while stood up and the three women left.


“Well, now that the women have left, what next?” Shrek asked.


“How many hours do we have left for you to get back from your mission?” Calvin asked.


“12 hours and few minute more.” Fabian replied.


“How many men do you expect at each meeting?”


“Well, it depends, now that it is an emergency; everyone is expected to be pres£nt. 19 of them.” Fabian replied. “That means that if we are to take someone in, we nee-d to take one of them out so as not to get expo-sed. Then you go in as him instead. But you have to try not to talk throu-ghout the meeting. Try to nod so as not to get made. Also, there is a car that always take them at the airport, so it will take you to where you are to go directly which is the facility. So in the next 12 hours, everyone one of them will around and that is when Shelby and ”


“Then we nee-d to take one of them out.” Calvin replied.


“Yes. You and I with some of your men will have to wait at the airport, the Kenyan man is always the first to arrive and I know how to recognize him once we get to the pri-vate section of the airport. We should prepare for a fight as he doesn’t come alone, none of them does.”


Calvin grinned sardonically. “Well, then, I believe this is my lucky day.”


Black Widow?


Episode 22


Daniel Douglas was furious. All hi©s men knew that all hell would break loose when he was furious. Everyone was on a standstill


. Laura, Fabian and Shelby could not be reached, he knew that something was wrong and all his men was on guard.


“Check their last seen!” He ordered one of the ladies working on the system. She immediately got on the system and on the wall, Shelby and Fabian appeared on the screen as they hopped in to the plane until when the plan shifted and there was nothing more, everything was just static.


“Sir, we lost connection as soon as they got on the plane.” The lady said.


“Damn it.” Daniel shouted. “Check Laura’s last seen?”


The lady did the same, Laura was last seen when Fred got into the car.


“SO are you saying that all the c@m£ras just st©pped working. Something is fishy. She called me some minutes ago and said nothing. That was so unusual. Almost like she was compelled to call me. Try their trackers.”


The lady started working on the system again. Some coordinates appeared on the screen and there were two yellow dots blinking at a sp©t but the third was red and it was not moving.


“Shelby and Fabian seem to be on their way here but Laura, I’m afraid, we lost her. We cannot get hold of her.”


Daniel sighed. “This is Fabian’s work. That idiot. He must have done something. Keep working on them! All of you!” He shouted to the rest of the operating crew.


Some minutes later, a suited man c@m£ to whisper into his ears.


“Sir, all the members are around and they are waiting for you.”


“How many of them?”


“I8 sir.”


“Are you sure? Because I suspect a foul pla-y, make sure to screen each one in the room without their aknowledge, once I get into the room, start checking their tags with the system, from here. “


“Ok sir.”


“I will be with them shortly. Tell all the agents to stand alert, I think something will go very wrong tonight and secure the mainframe of the facility with enough men, no one must get there except me. Check all the angles in the house and when Shelby and Fabian come, capture them with immediate effect . Do not trust them. Their first mission together was a test, I knew something would go wrong and I know that Fabian is behind it.” Daniel said and walked out of the room with two of his guards behind him.


** **


Calvin sat quietly in his seat, looking from one men to the other. His tag was vividly fixed on his che-st. Fabian and Shrek had come up with one for him, he had a copy, a duplicate he once got from the boss himself, the one Shelby had once stolen. The room was a like a palace and the 19 of them were all seated around the table. Everyone was mumbling to one another but he was nervous as hell.


. They were all wondering about what could be wrong and they wanted an explanation.


Calvin couldn’t st©p thinking this was exactly like the triads, only that they were 19. They all entered all suited up in black suits and black sun glas-ses, Now they waited.


Calvin hoped Shelby and Fabian would be fast with it before he gets made. The black stuff Sody had painted his entire b©dy with was beginning to peel off. The center of his wrist was alre-ady white, so he covered it up with the other hand.


The elevator chimed and everyone stood up as someone entered. Calvin’s face ti-ght£ñed as everyone stood up to acknowledge him.


“Gentlemen, you are welcome to this unexpected meeting.” He said, spre-ading his hands wi-de.


“What is going on? There should not be any meeting yet.” A man said in italian.


“Yes my friend, I as-sure you that everything is un-der a perfect control. However since you are here, I think we should talk about something.” He said, pu-lling a seat to sit.


Calvin was surprised. Daniel was supposed to cause confusion by telling everyone that he hadn’t called then, then during the confusion, he would just ease his way out and find his way into the mainframe…but now….Damn!


He stylishly brou-ght a hand to his ear to press the ch!pand quietly mustered. “Plan’s changed, plans changed.” There was no response from Fabian and Shrek, it seemed as if the whole connection was lost.


“So, Mr Jomo Kenyatta. How about you begin with the last bombing that occurred at Lamu Island last month. How much should we be looking forward to earn from the catastrophe?” Daniel said in swahili.

Calvin was still busy pressing the ch!puntil he realized that everyone was looking at him. Oh! He forgot that he was the fake Jomo Kenyatta! What the hell was he supposed to say and what in God’s name did the man just say to him?


Everywhere was quiet as Calvin stood up, arms akimbo. He could see them behind his masked face as they waited for him eagerly.


Stupid fools! They were the ones responsible for the bombing in Kenya and they were going to benefit immensely from it.


He knew there was no way he could talk in Swahili and for f-ck sake; he was getting tired of this whole drama.


“Hello Folks.” He said, half smiling but no one replied. Daniel was looking at him curiously as he jumped out of the seat and landed in the middle of the floor


. Stepping further away from all of them.


“I tried to be the Jomo whatever that you called but I guess, I am best as being me…”


Everyone was exchanging glances and Daniel shouted: “Guards! Take him!”


By the time the guards entered the room. Daniel alre-ady had two automatic guns in his hands, pointing it in opposite directions.


“Oh ..oh..not so fast fake daddy.” He sang.


One of the guards moved forward and he sh0t him down. The man landed with a thud, he was dead instantly.


. The other one stepped forward but fast, Calvin was alre-ady standing behind Daniel, holding the gun to his head.


“Oh, I wouldn’t do that if I were you.” He said, pouting

. “Now, everyone let’s calm down and be reasonable. Daniel, get your as-s down will you? Come on, hurry up! I ain’t gat all the time!” He dragged Daniel to a seat and pushed him into a seat while still pointing the gun at his head very closely.


Daniel smiled and sat down. “You are ma-king a hvge mistake white man.”


“Oh! You could tell I’m white? Wow! br@vo Danny, br@vo! Now, everyone kindly press that blue bu-tton on your tag, carefully, any mistake and I will b!ow someone’s head off.”


“Did Fabian put you up to this?” Daniel asked. “You should know that there is no escaping this place. All the guards are outside and they will not hesitate to kill you.”


A murmur aro-se and everyone started talking in different languages at the same time. Before Daniel could say anything, the phone in Daniel’s hand rang.


“Go, ahead, pick it gently.” Calvin said, yanking the phone from him and shifting It to loudspeaker.


“Yea boss, Fabian and Shelby are on the locked down.” The caller said, to Calvin’s disappointment.


“Good. Kill them both!” This infuriated Calvin so much, he hit the back of his head with the gun and Daniel coll@psed.


All of a sudden the elevator chimed and several guards began to flood out of it, Calvin sh0t at them blindly as he ducked for a cover. All the men in the room scrambled to get un-der the table.


“Kill him!” Daniel shouted at the guards who were still shooting at Calvin who now was using a tray he found as a shield while he rushed fast, to the elevator having killed the few guards in his way.


“Now Shrek ! Now!” He shouted as he heard the ch!pin his ear come back to life and he dived into the elevator which was now opening on its own. Several sh0ts flew out at him and two got him at the shoulders, he simultaneously pressed the red bu-tton with bloody f!ngers, while avoiding several sh0ts from the rest of the guards that were rushing towards him, before they could get to him, the door closed! Immediately, he heard a loud boom, which shook the entire elevator…he knew for sure that the tag-bombing idea has worked and forthe first time in his life, he knelt down at the corner of the elevator and prayed that all

them should be at least dead.