Black widow episode 19 & 20

Black Widow💣
Episode 19

“So Tracey will be six-months-old,” Michael said behind her, gathering his arms around her and k!ss!ngher on the n£¢k.

“Yea, she is such a perfect gift.” She replied as they both watched Tracy sulking in her be-d.

“I am so tired of running Michael; I think my father would have accepted that we can’t be found. Let’s just stay in one place plea-se, and start a family.”

Michael k!$$£d her again and turned her around to face him.
“I love you, Shel, I have loved you ever since Fabian started telling me about you

. I promised I would always make you happy and that I would protect you right when he gave you up for me. if that is what you want, I will do just that.”

Shelby smiled. “You are such a good person Michael, I am so lucky to have you,”
“Nope, I am happy to have you.” He replied, brushing the ti-p of her nose with his index f!nger.
“So, why don’t we have a p@rty tomorrow?”

“Yes. I mean, let’s invite all these white people that we Nigerians can be fun as well. I hate the way they look at me as if I am a terrorist.”
Michael laughed.

“No problem love. Anything you want. But there is something I nee-d you to do for me.”
She smiled, putting her arms around him and looking into his eyes. “What?”
At the sound of the name, she almost pu-ll-ed out her arms but he held her steadily.

“You nee-d to forgive him.”
She looked away. “He killed Nana, I can’t forgive him.”
“Your father made him do it. You nee-d to forgive him.”
She sighed.

“Look, we are safe because of him. He has given everything up for us to be safe. We don’t even know if he is alive right now. You nee-d to forgive him plea-se…”

Tracey stirred and made some funny noises which made her pu-ll away and attend to her.
As she carried the baby in her arms, rocking her gently, Michael, c@m£ to meet her again.

“Do you still have feelings for him?”
“No.” She said instantly.
“I would un-derstand if you do. He is my best friend and your childhood sweetheart…”
“Who killed the only motherly figure that I had.” She cut in, her voice quavering.

“He did everything for us and now because of him we have Tracey, you nee-d to forgive him plea-se.”
“It’s not that simple Michael, I just cannot. I know It wasn’t his fault but I just cannot forgive him.”

Michael c@m£ closer. “You can. He told me you can do anything. He cares so much about you and I and we owe him.”
She could feel the tears gathering again….”Okay…I forgive him… Wherever you are Fabian, I forgive you.”

** **
Shelby opened her eyes as she recounted what had happened a day before she lost everything she cared for. She had forgiven Fabian without seeing him and now with him sitting some inches away from her in the pri-vate jet they had boarded, it was somehow awkward. She wasn’t really sure if to pity him or to forgive him…
Now that they were going to kill someone that she was supposed to save, someone that had stood by her, she nee-ded to talk to Fabian but what was she going to say? How could she trust him?

*** **
Fabian’s eyes were hidden behind the dark glas-ses he was wearing.

. He was motionless and anyone would have thought he was asleep. But he wasn’t. He was looking right at Shelby who was looking at him and….what was that on her face? Sadness?

He was confused, he thought she wasn’t capable of those anymore. He got a message from Calvin yesterday to check out if she was faking the whole thing. He had thought it wasn’t possible but now, looking at her with the grief on her face, he was sure that she was thinking about the people she had lost. This was impossible!
Even if he was to talk to her, what was he going to say? His phone chimed and she adjusted, averting her gaze.
All of a sudden, the pilot shouted.
“Something is happening! I can’t control it!”

quic-kly, Shelby unfastened her seat belt and they both ran to where the pilot was.
“What is happening?” Shelby demanded.

The pilot was confused as he kept hitting all the bu-ttons at once. The jet was turning around. Fabian was confused.

“I think we are being hacked.” The pilot screamed, terror in his eyes.
“Oh my God” Shelby whimpered.

As Fabian was about to respond, his phone chimed.

“We have the ru-by and we have Laura tied down. My men found the doctor, he is safe. Shrek is hijacking the coordinates of the plane, we are turning you around now. Let’s crack open this ru-by and see what’s up. Cal.”

Shelby found him smiling and knew he had something to do with this, without thinking, she aimed the gun at his head.

“What the hell are you doing agent?”

Fabian raised both hands up as he felt the metallic edge at the back of his n£¢k.

“Easy Shelby….you don’t want to do this!”

“Do you want to get us all killed?” She shouted, panic was in her voice.

‘I am calling for help…” The pilot said, about to start punching some bu-ttons, but immediately, Fabian crossed both arms that were raised and pressed the bu-tton on the ring, immediately, the pilot brou-ght a hand to his n£¢k, he looked shocked and then coll@psed on his seat. Similarly, anything that could lead to other unwanted people seeing what was happening in the plane was shut down so they were alone.

Shelby screamed and hit Fabian’s head with the back of the gun. He winced in pain but turned around so fast, pinning her to the wall of the plane.

She kept fighting him but he was too strong for her.

“St©p it!” His raw voice brutal against her ear

. Shelby struggled against him, shooting her right leg out but her movements were far too slow. Hands moving from her w@!st, he seized her arms, tra-pping them to her side. He pushed her r0ûghly but gently further, into the c0ck-pit, the agile gesture causing her to stumble almost falling flat on her face. The gun flew from her hand and quic-kly. By the time she stood up and turned around, he was pointing it at her.

“So, what, are you going to kill me now? I am your boss!”

They were both quiet, starring at each other. He didn’t know if she was an enemy and she didn’t know if he could be trusted. They both didn’t trust each other.

“Cut out the act Shelby.”

“You have no right to tell me what I nee-d to do!” She shouted at him. “So, go ahead, shoot me!” She paused before adding. “Like you sh0t Nana.”

With this, Fabian knew she was still the same person and Calvin had been right. He dropped the gun in his hand.

. “I am sorry Shelby but I nee-d to do this, he pressed his ring firmly and Shelby winced as something hit her on the n£¢k, just as she was about to fall, Fabian rushed to her so she fell into his arms.

Then a voice c@m£ out from somewhere in the plane.

“Hey man. It’s Calvin, the plane will descend now, so you two nee-d to gr-ab a seat and fasten your seat belt.”

quic-kly, Fabian carried her into his arms and went back to where they were earlier seated, He positioned her comfortably and fastened her seat belt before doing the same.

“Alright, we are re-ady!” He shouted.

“Okay, 4,3,2,1…”

** ** **

Shelby’s eyes flashed opened like two headlamps and she g@sped as she saw Michael’s brother infront of her. Smiling and looking down at her while she was….she looked around. Where the hell was she and how did this happen?

“Am I dead? Are we dead?” She asked him but he only smiled.

“How are you feeling?”

“I don’t know. How do you feel when you die?”

The doctor smiled. “You are not dead, we are both safe.”

“But how?” She asked, sitting up. The room she was looked so neat and tidied up and yet so strange.

“Well, it’s good you are awake.” Someone said behind her and she turned around to see Fabian. He looked tired and really worn out.

She was confused. “Fabian, what is happening?”

“Before I tell you anything, there is someone you should meet.” He said, moving towards the door and opening it. Shelby felt the pounding of her heart as she saw her beloved Nana walking in. Now, she was sure that they were all dead.

Black Widow
Episode 20

Calvin checked the time while watching the whole family reunion. He was sitting beside Sonia, with his arms around her shoulders, she had some tears in her eyes, smiling as Shelby kept crying and hvgging her Nana after Fabian had alre-ady explained how everything to her. He was getting tired of all these mushy stuff!

“I feel so happy for them. This is good.” Sonia said to him, cleaning her tears. He said nothing so she looked at him.

“Baby, this is where you get emotional

. Everything that is happening here is really sweet.”

Calvin scoffed. “Baby, this is the time we crack the ru-by and figure out those fv¢kers that we nee-d to gun down. Hold on, let me get Shrek. He should have found a way to crack the code by now.”

Calvin stood up, he was walking towards another room.

** **

Shelby sniffed as Nana wiped her face with the back of her hands. This was just too good to be true. She kept holding her hand unable to say anything.

“Darling, you don’t nee-d to cry anymore. All you nee-d to do is to forgive Fabian for keeping all this from you. It was to protect you.”

Shelby inhaled de-eply and nodded, still not looking at Fabian. She was just so overwhelmed and she didn’t know where to start from.

“I am just happy that you are okay Nana. I thought I lost you.”

Nana smiled, k!ss!ngher on the forehead. “It’s okay darling. No more tears. Now, the only thing is to find a way to bring down the Black Widow quic-kly before they realize what is going on. We hijacked the plane and it will just be a matter of time before your father discovers that he has been pla-yed.”

She nodded. “He thinks he was able to change me. I don’t think I can go back there to keep faking that I am still working for him. I hate him Nana. I wish he dies and rots in hell,”

“No, you don’t have to go anywhere.” Fabian said, coming forward. This moment, she was seeing him for the first time right before he lied that Nana was murdered, strangely, everything that she had felt for him was beginning to come back. He was still the same man despite how much her father had tried to mess him up.

. He was her hero after all and she owed him everything.

The door opened and two other men and a lady c@m£ in.

“Shelby, this is Calvin, Shrek and Sody. Sody is a psychic and they have been helping us to see that Black Widow goes down.”

“Yea Yea.” Calvin interrupted. “My men are around, now we nee-d to get cracking before your father suspects anything.”

Shrek was holding a l@pt©p which he dropped on the table.

“Alright, can we all come with me? I was able to crack the ru-by and I think we all nee-d to see what is inside.”

Everyone exchanged glances.

“The ru-by?” Shelby asked.

“The stuff that was taken from you.”

“Okay.” She said.

Calvin went to help Sonia as everyone went out one after the other, following Shrek, until it remained just Fabian, Nana and Shelby.

Fabian was about to leave when he heard her call his name.


He was expecting that so he st©pped and turned to face her. Nana smiled and excused herself.

Shelby stood up and walked up to him.

Now they were standing few inches away from each other.

“I am sorry for doubting you and for…” She started.

“Sh!” He cut in. “That was what I had to do to protect you and I am so sorry that I couldn’t protect your baby and Michael, would you forgive me?”

She nodded. All the emotions welling inside her was too much to handle,especially now that they were just alone for the first time in so many years…she felt Fabian coming closer, he took her hand in his and was still coming closer.

“I have missed you so much Shelby. It killed me that I had to lie to you but you know, it was for your own good.”

She nodded, tears were finding their way now and slowly, he began to lower his head towards her raised and agitatedl-ips but….

“Oh! Don’t do that right now! You can k!ssafter Black widow is dead. Come on!”

Fabian shut his eyes in disappointment as Calvin cut in, but he was right. Turning around, he led the way while Shelby followed. As he pas-sed Calvin, he threw him a “i-hate-you” look but Calvin only stuck out his ton-gue at him. There was going to be another perfect moment but knowing she was willing to k!sshim, was all Fabian nee-ded.


The entire room was dark except for what was pla-ying on the screen. For a while, it was static, like a TV was having problem with signal, everything was white and black but suddenly there was a man on the screen. He seemed restless, as if searching for something and then looking behind him at the same time.
“Abigail, hurry, he will be here at any moment.” The man said quic-kly into the c@m£ra and just then, a woman c@m£ into view. She was fully dressed.

“Sorry I had to put Fabian away

. He took a while before he finally sle-pt.”

“What about Rita?” The man asked.
“She is with her husband, trying to distract him while we do this quic-kly.” The woman replied.

“Okay.” They k!$$£d and then faced the c@m£ra together.

The man started. “Fabian, son, if you are seeing this, that means we were successful with the ru-by project and that means I and your mother have been gruesomely killed by Daniel Douglas, the head of Black Widow . We don’t have much time because our life is in danger and Daniel is after our life because he knows we are trying to bring him down. He plans to destroy all of Africa for his Chinese as-sociates in this deadly group

. He wanted to use us for it but we intercepted his plan. Project ru-by is the name of what he is supposed to use to activate the bomb which is located in a far away p@rt of Kenya, but instead of activating the bomb, I and your mother with the help of our programmer, Doc Shreknaida Fred, turned it into a deadly virus which when uploaded into the mainframe of the facility, will destroy everyone wearing the tag all over the world. These are the bosses in Black widow and once the bosses are dead, the group is over.”

Suddenly, there was a loud explosion and a loud scream, the couple exchanged glances and looked frightened.

“Oh my God! They have found us. Poor Rita. I hope she will be okay.” The woman said to her husband and then faced the c@m£ra and started to say hurriedly.

“Look baby, we love you okay and we really nee-d to go before they find us here. We love you so much and check the bo-ttomof the ru-by-Ch!p, there is a plastic covere around it, get a programmer, the pas-sword is yhyrgdsjvklvakcv111_. It will contain the list of every Black Widow member out there and make sure they are all wearing the tag at the same time. Get someone to upload the virus into the mainframe of the facility, we love you and one more thing….Daniel Douglas-THE BOSS, is not the father of Rita’s child.”

Someone rushed in at the same time, it was another woman who looked so much like Shelby…herl-ips were stained with blood and she clutched her hand with her stomach. The others rushed to her as she staggered into the room.

“Are you done?” She asked.


“Okay. Fabian, tell my daughter, he is not her father! Her father is long dead, Daniel killed him as well when he found out I had an affair with one of my trusted friends.” Later the man turned to the other woman.

“Abigail. Do you think Fabian will be able to swallow the ch!p, he is slee-ping and Daniel’s men is almost here.”

Suddenly they heard noises of gunsh0ts again.

“Give me, I will swallow it. Nothing will happen to me. “ Rita said and the three faced the c@m£ra and then the man got closer and the screen went black.

“Wow!” Nana said, breaking the silence.

Shelby had tears in her eyes. “That devil is not even my father.” She faced Faian.

. “He killed both of our parents!”

“Nana, did you know about Shelby’s father?” Fabian asked.

“Not really. It was a time that Rita and Daniel were having issues. She left the house one night and never c@m£ home. She used to have a friend who they started Black Widow together but who backed out when Daniel bec@m£ dangerous. They used to see each other. I never knew they had S-x but I thought the man died of a heart attack. Who would have thought?”

Shrek re-moved the ru-by and began to unscre-w it while the rest were talking. Calvin on the other hand was ma-king some phone calls while Sody was using the silence to communicate with the spirits.

“I am using the pas-sword for the plastic cover. My dad was a bad as-s man! Who would have thought he hid something in there!” Shrek said, smiling to himself.

“Well, ladies and gentlemen, while you all try to get over the shock of your life, my men all over the world are re-ady for any action right now and I would love nothing than to smell some blood right away. I as-sure you, Black Widow is becoming black barbecue tonight.” He grinned mischieviously.