Black widow episode 18

Black Widow💣
Episode 18

Fabian, Laura and the boss were in the debriefing room all seated. It has been two days alre-ady and Shelby’s father had been keeping him too close to him, it was as if he was afraid that once he leaves his sight, he was going to do something stupid.

Whatever thing the father was doing, Fabian had a feeling it was really dangerous and everyone was on their toes. Yet, he couldn’t un-derstand and sis Laura has been promoted, she had been giving him attitude. He no longer had access to t©p files or t©p information, all he had to do was to train new intakes and fill in their files

. There was a guard that had been set up to keep an eye on him, and the more Laura and Shelby’s father talked in hushed voices behind closed doors, the more he bec@m£ skeptical.

Now, they had just called him to the debriefing room and he kept wondering what everything was all about.

Suddenly, the door opened and Shelby c@m£ in. He couldn’t even look at her anymore, she was no longer the woman he had fought desperately to save and worse, she wouldn’t even remember anything about how he had tried to save her. as a matter of fact, to her, he was a nob©dy, just a recruit officer

. How sad!

“Why don’t you stand up for your boss Fabian…” The boss asked.

“No, no. Let him sit. I want her to stand up for me.” Shelby said, pointing to Laura.

This made Fabian look up, he was as surprised as Laura was.

“B..but I am his superior.” Laura said emphatically, frowning.

“I know and I can make you inferior if you don’t do as I say!” Shelby said again.

Laura was confused. The hatred she had for Shelby showed on her face but she covered it up and stood up while Shelby too her seat.

The father threw her a file. “These are the people we nee-d to eliminate this week, you can start with the doc just like I told you yesterday.”

Shelby pu-ll-ed the do¢v-ment to herself and opened it to go throu-gh it. Then she looked up as her father said.

“Laura will be accompanying you.”

“No father. I want him, I don’t want her.”

“But she has the clearance and…”

“I don’t care and I don’t like her. What’s your name young man?”

Fabian was surprised. “Fabian.”

“Good. If you mess up my plan Fabian, I am shooting you straight up. You get this?”

Fabian nodded even though he couldn’t un-derstand anything.

The boss looked at Fabian suspiciously. “I don’t trust that guy.”

“Yea. I don’t trust either of them father. Now, do you doubt my capabilities?” Shelby demanded angrily, standing up and was about leaving.

The father stood up. “Well, I doubted you before but not anymore.” He added with a smile.

“Good. So, agent, we will leave tonight. Have a good day everyone.” She said and stood up, leaving them behind.

Laura finally faced the boss. “Sir, do I nee-d to be worried about your daughter?”

“Well, I don’t think so, Whatever was done to her, as far as I’m concerned, she has no past memories of whatsoever, all that is in her head is black widow and how much she is in control. There is nothing else. If I were you, I will do as she says. Now I have another mission for you.” Then he faced Fabian. “You can excuse us.”

Fabian nodded, stood up and left the room. As he got outside, he realized there was no guard in sight except for the two CCTV c@m£ras that were attached to the ceiling and pointing at him from opposite angles. He averted his gaze and was moving away as if going but with his f!nger firmly pressing another bu-tton on his ring, the c@m£ras whined and shut down and quic-kly he moved to the door, re-moved the ring and pinned it against the metal door. It was like a magnet which attached itself firmly and then he brou-ght his ears closer. The ring could pick soundwaves from the opposite end so everything that was being said was reechoing back to him, alone, throu-gh the Bluetooth attached to his ear.

“Put the ru-by in your purse. You are the only one I trust right now.”

“You don’t trust your daughter?”

“Not until she does something worthy for me to trust her.”

“Like what?”

“Like killing Michael’s brother. He knows too much and he might be planning something stupid.”

“But I thought he doesn’t know anything.”

“Well, he knows my daughter right before we changed her, we cannot spare any loose ends.. we nee-d to get rid of him and his family.”

“Okay. So that is the job you gave to Shelby?”

“Yea. If she is able to do it successfully without having any training, then you can be sure that she can take Black Widow to the next level.”

“But what if she doesn’t.”

“Then I will kill her myself and then you can finish the job yourself. We alre-ady tracked the doctor’s house. Here are the details. ” He handed her a file. ” First of all, check what is in that ch!pin your hand and report back to me. Do not do it anywhere close by, go to our other facility at the P.U Station. You will have access to whatever machine you will nee-d to crack the program. I think her mother must have put it there for a reason and I want to get rid of it.”

“Alright sir. ”

“You can go.”

Just then Fabian re-moved the ring and scurried out of the building , while activating the c@m£ras once more.

As he got into his car. He brou-ght out his phone and typed.

“Did you hear everything that I heard?”

“Yes we did F. We are on the move. Let’s get this started,”

Just then he sighted Laura coming out of the mansion. She saw him but chose to ignore him before she got into her car and began to drive away.

“She is on the move.” He typed quic-kly.

“Don’t worry. We got this.”

** **

Laura took the right turning. She kept remembering how Shelby had addressed her earlier that day and she slammed her hand against the wheel.

“That bit-ch! She is nothing but a puppet!” She said and then hit the br@ke so fast as she realized she must have hit something.

Carefully she stepped out of the car and found a bicycle and a little of about seven lying on the floor.

“Oh my God! Were you blind, didn’t you see me coming?” She shouted at the boy who was writhing in pain on the floor.

“Were you blind lady! Didn’t you see me standing here.” The boy shouted back and she was surprised.

“You are so rude. Don’t you have manners!”

The boy began to cry, drawing the attention of pas-sers-by.

“Help, she has killed me, she has killed me!”

“Oh my God! Such a poor child! You should take him to the hospital!” someone said as he c@m£ over to help the boy who could ba-rely stand and who was now crying.
Knowing she had no choice. ” plea-se, help me lift him into the car.” She said quic-kly to the lady.

** **

Some minutes later, she was looking at the boy who was still crying from her rear mirror.

“Are you okay?” She asked.

“I will be okay once I get treated.” The boy said.

“I don’t even know where I can find an hospital in this area.

. Just hold on.”

“There is one by your left turning.” The boy said.

“Okay.” Laura replied, wondering how the boy knew that but he thought he must be used to the area.

She found a white building which was marked-‘Mark and Jane Hospital.” quic-kly, she halted and opened the door. Then she went to open the boy’s door.

“No, no, no, don’t t©uçh me. Call the nurses.” The boy cried.

“Okay. Just stay here and don’t move.” Laura said quic-kly and rushed towards the building but found a nurse coming out alre-ady.

“Help , plea-se, there is a boy in the car, I hit him accidentally.”

“Oh my God. Where?”

They both scurried to the car but to Laura’s amazement, the boy wasn’t there anymore.

“Where is he?” The nurse asked again.

Laura was confused. “He was just here.”

*** **

Behind the building was a black van and in it was little Freddie who gave Shrek a high 5.

“Freddie my man! You are a badas-s you know that!”

The boy grinned. He had two gaps in his front teeth. “It was fun.”

“So where is it?”

The boy di-pped a hand into his pocket and brou-ght a little, shiny-red triangular stone which he handed to Shrek and then gave him a phone.

“That is the picture of the details in the do¢v-ment that I found in her bag.”

Shrek went throu-gh it and smiled. “You are just too good Freddie. I owe you a large bowl of Icecream, now get that messy blood-stained socks from your ankle.”

The boy smiled as he re-moved the socks. “It really looks like blood, no one would believe that Its just a red painting.” Both man and boy laughed.