Black Marriage – episode 4

Black Marriage episode 4

Jessica and Lizzy got to Eko Tourist Resort and for the first time, Jessica knew that she would be having a lot of fun. They had both talked endlessly on their way there, even though almost all the references Lizzy was ma-king were of the gossips she had heard ever since Jessica got married. She talked about her own sudden popularity as the friend of Andy Williams’ wife.
When they got to the beach, Lizzy looked longingly at the wi-de expanse of water. She wore small shorts with a tank t©p with a dark sunshade.
She wanted to pl@yin the water but one glance at Jessica had her frowning.
“You are not entering that water in this flowing go-wn, are you?” she gave Jessica a thorou-gh scrutiny.
“What is wrong with this dress? I just knew you would begin another lecture here again” Jessica sighed.
Lizzy smiled. “No honey, I am not giving you a lecture here, I am giving you a dress-up. You are the most beautiful SU I have ever seen, once I am done, you would be as good as new” Lizzy grinned.
“Did you bring a full wardrobe with you?”
“I am sure I could use scissors and blades to bring out a new design from your clothes. Let’s go”

They entered the beach house and Lizzy opened her mouth in astonishment. “This place is heavenly Jessie” she murmured with wi-de eyes. All the while, Jessica had been thinking of how to st©p Lizzy from entering her room. She knew that with one glance, Lizzy would know that Andy never sle-pt in that room.
“Why don’t you wait here Lizzy, while I go in and change?”
“And have you change into another mother in Israel go-wn? No honey, let’s go”
“Lizzy, the room is meant for Andy and I only, stay here, I promise to put on something you would like” she flashed her teeth in a grin.
Lizzy snorted. “I doubt it but what can I do? Even if you have to change fifty times, you would wear what I approve today. Go on” she ordered.
“Yes, your majesty” Jessica was gone for some minutes while Lizzy took in the beautiful sights before her. She brou-ght out her digital c@m£ra and started snapping pictures.
Inside the room, Jessica stared at a large number of clothes, most of which she hadn’t worn in a very long time. She knew Lizzy enough to know that she would not rest until she had her way.
What harm can come anyways, she wondered, it would just be for a few hours.

Lizzy was busy snapping the beautiful parrot she sighted at the balcony when the door opened. She turned with the mind of condemning whatever Jessica was putting on but her mouth dropped open when she stared at the figure in front of her. She walked towards Jessica slowly and Jessica had a knowing smile on her face.
“Snap out of it woman, it is a crime for a woman to be looking at another woman like that” Jessica dropped with a grin.
“Holy mother of Jesus” Lizzy exclaimed. “Look at our SU… babe, turn around, and let me see you”
“C’mon st©p that and let us go” as she made to go, Lizzy pu-ll-ed her back. “Stand here, let me give you some sh0ts; I must show the girls”.
Jessica had no choice but to stand like a statue while Lizzy snapped away. Jessica was putting on a three-quarter army green trou-ser which clung to her legs like a second skin and a bu-tter colored sleeveless t©p.
Lizzy had always known that her friend was gifted with a perfect b©dy that any woman would kill for but she never imagined this. She almost found herself being jealous of her friend’s curves and narrow w@!st. “I think my next line of action would be to burn up all those 1975 clothes you have in your wardrobe”
“In your dreams! Now, let’s go before I change my mind” Jessica was alre-ady feeling creepy.
“Of course honey, we can’t waste this cloth I just wish Andy were here.” Jessica snorted.
Jessica had a very nice time pla-ying in the beach but men were constantly disturbing her. Her irritation towards men increa-sed when she realized that their only appeal towards her was her b©dy. They could almost str!p her n-ked with their eyes. Even though Lizzy was receiving her own fair share of admirers, she had come to Jessica’s rescue by warding off the advances of men, telling them that she was married.
“Men are so stupid, the only thing they are after is S-x” Jessica murmured with anger.
Lizzy smiled and bent to pick up a shell. “Then I guess you are lucky to be married to someone who does not have S-x as his priority”
“S-x is not even on the list” Jessica said without thinking and almost bit off her ton-gue. Lizzy laughed slightly, turning towards Jessica. “You must be kidding; every man wants S-x, unless he is impotent”
Jessica swallowed. “Yeah, of course. I was just saying that S-x is not Andy’s priority. Love comes first” “I am of the opinion that love comes along with attra-ction; and I mean physical attra-ction” “Of course” Lizzy looked at her directly and Jessie felt uncomfortable. “Are you hiding something from me?” Jessica thought of a safe landing. “We all have got things to hide Elizabeth” “True, but is there something you feel I should know?” Lizzy pried further. “Like what?” “I don’t know…
Maybe like ‘why you don’t look like a newlywed’” Jessica paled slightly. “I was married four days ago, besides, how am I supposed to look?” Lizzy was about to say something, then she shrugged it off. “I was pu-lling your legs girl.” She looked up and suddenly gr@bb£d Jessie’s hand. “See that wave? I won’t miss it” The tension oozed out of Jessica as she raced with Lizzy towards the water, even though she knew that Lizzy was not merely pu-lling her legs.
“How could you do a thing like that son?” Mr. Williams was yelling on the phone. Andy had been postponing this call but now, he didn’t have to. He had done the wedding without his father’s cons£nt. His father had been in Germany on an important business trip when he got married. He had intentionally fixed the wedding for that time.
Mr. Williams had been preaching marriage to Andy, ever since he bec@m£ thirty because he said it was good to make hay while the sun was still shinning but Andy was not re-ady for any commitment. Everything had become complicated when his father introduced him to a girl on his thirty fourth birthday. The girl was the spoilt daughter of one of his rich friends and they were alre-ady talking marriage. When they would not yield to Andy’s refusal, he decided to take a step. Hiring a bride had been the best solution to his dilemma and he had been so happy when he found someone who was also opposed against marriage. He knew that if his dad were pres£nt, he would know that the marriage was a farce.
“I did what you have been asking me to do dad” “You got married behind my back? Do you know how happy a man is when he sees his son getting married?” “I am sorry dad but I had to do it. I felt that if I told you, you would object to the wedding. I can’t get married to Sylvia dad” The very idea horrified him.
“Still you should have told me, I am your dad, I had to watch my own son get married on the television. If your mother were alive, she-” “plea-se don’t go there again dad” Andy sighed. They had been arguing this issue for almost an hour. Andy’s mum had died while giving birth to Andy. Andy was the second child and the only son of his parents. His sister was married to a Ghanaian guy and they had two strikingly beautiful girls to show for it.
“All the same son, I am so happy for you. I would be in Nigeria soon so you better be prepared to face me.” Andy smiled. His father could never stay angry with him for long. Andy was exactly like his father; they were both stubborn and always had a way of having what they wanted, no matter the cost. Andy knew that
he nee-ded to get a very convincing story for his father, if not; the elderly man would see his ploy instantly.
Jessica had s£nt the cook back to her house in order to see to the cooking herself. She had changed back to a long Sk-irt and a small t©p after Lizzy left and she really wanted to do the cooking herself. She knew that if she had spent those hours in Sonia’s company, she would have not been this happy. Lizzy was so perfect when you nee-d a goodtime. She looked at the ingredients in the small shelf and decided to cook jollof rice. She fried the chicken first, enjoying the delicious aroma that filled the kitchen. She rinsed some fresh tomatoes, onions green beans and carrot in order to add color to the food. Melodious tunes escaped herl-ips as she sliced the tomatoes and the other condiments into bits.
Andy cleared his throat and Jessica skrie-ked, almost hitting her f!nger with the knife. He tried unsuccessfully to hide his grin as Jessie put her slender hand against her heart. “Did you have to startle me?”
“I never knew you could be frightened by anything” he walked towards her. He had been standing at the entrance for some seconds, watching and listening to Jessica as she worked and sang. He never knew she could sing or that she had a lovely voice.
Jessica turned back to her work, taking out the brown chicken from the pan and replacing them with fresh ones. She did not like having people sneak up on her; it was always so frightening and unnerving.

“How was your day?” Andy asked her even though he was staring hungrily at the chicken in the perforated bowl. “It was fun”.
She saw his hand go out slowly to t©uçh the inviting chicken and she sma-cked it, raising her f!nger in warning. When he tried to take it again, she blocked it with her b©dy and faced him, but she instantly knew that she had made a horrible mistake. She had to bend her head backwards in order to look at Andy. He was standing devastatingly close and he put his hands on the cabinet on either sides of her, successfully tra-pping her. “What are you doing?”

His eyes held a level of laughter and amusement. “You are the one who put yourself at my front” “Let me go” “Are you frightened” He moved closer, ma-king it very difficult for her to breathe.
Jessica shook her head. “Of course not. You would not do anything improper, so I am safe with you” “Nothing I do with my wife would be improper Jess” he took his hands off the cabinet and they dropped to her w@!st, giving a measured level of panic. “Drew” she g@sped and he lowered his head instantly. Hisl-ips were just a breath away from hers and Jessica’s eyes dropped shut.

Their breath mingled and Jessie’s heartbeat quic-kened then Andy dropped a k!sson her cheeks and stepped back. Jessica’s eyes flew open and it settled on Andy. He held out a fried chicken and put it in his mouth for a bite. “Hmmm… Delicious” he murmured and walked slowly out of the kitchen, as Jessica stood, shaken and stunned by what just happened…….


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