Black Marriage – episode 23

black marriage episode 23

“Eat up” Andy growled referring to the left-over food, looking pointedly at Jessica. “You nee-d to gain back the weight and strength you had. You are nearly as light as a feather” he murmured.
Jessica frowned. “I am trying” she said and swallowed some more food. She still could not believe that she was staying with Andy. The whole world had alre-ady tagged her as a gold-digger, but she still could not leave the man she loved.
Running away had given her a taste of what it would be like to leave Andy and she was not sure she wanted to relive that moment of pain.
She had been happy at bit when her uncle and his wife, whom she now saw as her parents, had come, looking very relieved and worried. Florence had cried with relief and she could see that her uncle, ‘Funsho’, who had been very furious with her at the p@rty was also de-eply worried.
He apologized for his irrational behavior but also scolded her for running away without thinking about how worried they would be. She had been so happy, even though she was being scolded. They wouldn’t scold her if they didn’t love her. She missed the little children: the stubborn Jake and the sweet and lovely Theresa. The two children of her uncle were at school and Jessica thought of bringing them over for their long vacation holiday; if Andy agreed of course.
Jessica still could not bear to think of Andy’s dad and Sonia.
She had nothing but hatred for Sonia now but her father-in-law? Could she blame him? He was thinking of his own son’s well-being but she still could not get rid of the hurt she felt. Since she had arrived back in the house about three days ago, Andy had made her feel like a queen. The fun she had with Andy, both indoors and out was mind-b!owing. She remembered some of the nas-ty things she did with her husband and her cheeks flu-shed at the remembr@nce.
“You are not going down memory lane, are you?” Andy win-ked at her and her blus-h de-epened. How can Andy know what she was thinking just by looking at her? She wondered.
Of course, he is the master of his game. “Do you want us to talk about your thoughts or act it out” Andy asked grinning wi-dely. Jessica lowered her eyes and swallowed. “Oh” he breathed. “My shy wife. Don’t worry; we can go over your thoughts later. Eat your food, we are going out. I nee-d to show you something” he k!$$£d her cheeks.
“What is it?” Does my voice sound croaky? Jessica wondered.
Andy smiled, melting her heart, obviously hearing the edge in her voice. “It is a surprise baby”. He sauntered off, towards the study and Jessica followed him with her eyes.
He turned his head and met her eyes. Her cheeks flu-shed with embarras-sment but she covered it by sticking a ton-gue out to him. He grinned and blew her a k!ss.
Sonia walked around the tastefully furnished ap@rtment she had just acquired. It had everything she ever dreamt of. The house was up to her taste, with all that she could imagine.
The kitchen had all the accessories she nee-ded with a microwave and a freezer, which she purchased at a second hand market to reduce the cost, although they both looked new. The kitchen was filled with food stuffs and fruits; she took out an apple from the fridge and chewed as she surveyed the house again. It had taken a few days to make the ap@rtment look like this but even at that, she never got tired of looking at what she owned. The be-droom was looking ravishing and welcoming, with purple and pink colours scattered at strategic places. Her wardrobe was still filled with her former clothes and she told herself that she nee-ded to go for shopping. There were thousands of clothes, shoes, bags, jewelries and so on that she had been dreaming of buying; now, she had been tossed the chance to explore for as long as she could. She had spent r0ûghly three million naira out of the ten million naira she was given by Andy’s father. Since she still had about seven million naira left, she decided that she would set up a business with four million naira. Thinking, she decided that a jewelry sto-re would be perfect. She loved jewelries and anything that had to do with it. She wasn’t about to spend the entire money until it vanishes, she told herself. The remaining three million would be used for miscellaneous. She nee-ded a car, to match the clas-s she was trying to build for herself. She smiled at the thought. She also nee-ded better phones; maybe an apple and a tab, she mused. Proper and clas-sy clothes. She gave a delighted squeal but there was no one there to pounce on her and share her joy. She swallowed as she thought of her friends.
How lovely would it be to have her friends with her, celebr@ting her success? How great would it be if she had gotten this money from the right source? Her friends had been with her throu-gh it all, throu-gh her challenging times but now, now that she had something tangible, she had no one to share her joy with. Joy? Could she describe this feeling as joy? As happy as she was that she finally had real cash in her hands, she could not quench the shaky feeling that this money would vanish as quic-kly as it had appeared.
She hadn’t worked for the money; she had sabotaged her best friend in order to get it. She shivered. Maybe, if she had asked Andy for a loan of the same ten million naira, he would have given her. He might have even dashed her something more than that because frankly, the guy is worth billions. But no, instead, she had shattered her own friend’s happiness………


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