Black Marriage – episode 20 & 21

black marriage episode 20

“Andy Williams” he said immediately he picked up. “What… Are you sure ma’am…? You are sure you are not ma-king a mistake?”
Tunji looked anxiously at Andy, wondering what all the fuss was about.

Andy was looking stupefied.
“Where exactly ma’am” Andy asked, frowned and then nodded distractedly. “I would be there as fast as I can”.
“What was that about?” Tunji asked.
“The caller said she just saw Jessica. The place seems odd though”
“A cemetery”
“What?” Tunji exclaimed. “I am sure it is false”
“What if it is correct? I am not taking the chance.” Andy picked up his car keys and started walking out.

“Well, wait for me man”
Jessica sat by the graveyard of her parents. It had been a really terrifying week for her and all she had been able to do was cry.
Everywhere she went, she was conscious of people staring at her. Even when they were not really staring at her or when it was obvious that their stare was a result of her beauty, she still did not accept it. Her reputation had been destroyed, her life had just been ruined and it was all her fault. She should never had gotten married for money. It was the most stupid mistake she ever made in her entire life. She had wanted to talk about the contract with Andy but she hadn’t wanted to shatter what they had just started experiencing.
Missing Andy was much more painful than she thought, she had lost her appetite completely and she nee-ded no one to tell her that she had lost weight. She felt lighter and the breeze seemed stronger than usual. It was as though it would sweep her off her feet.

As she sat at the tomb at the cemetery, she shivered as she tried to hold back her tears. She had always hated burial grounds and being there, where several tombs lay, she was terrified but she could not leave. Ever since her parents had been buried, she hadn’t had the courage to visit their tomb, not to mention her brother’s tomb. She did not think she would be able to visit her brother’s tomb, it was just too depressing. She dropped one bouquet of flower on her dad’s tomb and dropped the other on her mum’s tomb. The tears that she held at bay suddenly started rolling down her cheeks. She had cried and cried all week and now, she was surprised that she still had water left in her eyes.

“Oh mum, why did you leave me so soon? Uhn?” she sat at the foot of her mum’s tomb and cried. “Why did you leave your Jessie? I nee-d you so much mum” her hands shook as she held her hand to her mouth slightly, trying to stifle her sob but it was not working. “I am all alone mum. You all betrayed me. You and dad and brother left me all by myself; why did you not take me with you? Why?” She cried and could not control her tears anymore. She cried and cried until she had no strength left in her anymore. All her strength had vanished, coupled with the fact that she hadn’t been eating.
Jessica sagged against the tomb and g@sped when she heard her name.
She stared at the tomb. “I am hallucinating mum, I am beginning to hear voices. Am I running mad.
“Of course not”.
Her head turned instantly and almost fainted when she saw Andy. Her eyes rotated and she could not even place where Andy was standing.
She bolted up but her legs could not carry her. She swayed and vaguely felt Andy’s arms catching her. “Drew”, she breathed inaudibly and pas-sed out.

A splitting headache woke Jessica up and she winced. She felt heavy and boneless. Andy was beside her and she realised that she hadn’t been dreaming. He looked weak and lean. Guilt overtook her instantly because she knew that her dep@rture would have affected Andy but she couldn’t even think about that then. She still would not think about it now.
“Oh Jess” Andy breathed and then it all c@m£ rushing back like a tidal wave, hitting Jessica and ma-king her shiver. She suddenly wanted to cry.

It seemed like an eternity had pas-sed and having to hear Andy’s voice again was so unbearable.
“Drew” she whispered.
Andy k!$$£d her eyes, k!ss!ngaway her tears and running k!sses all over her face before k!ss!ngher mouth, long and de-ep. He had watched her sleep, scanning every inch of her b©dy to be sure she was OK.
“Oh my God Jess, I have almost gone crazy. Why did you do this to me honey” he k!$$£d her. “Come on, you must eat something, you look so thin” Andy was searching for what to say.

“I have to go Andy” Jessica said immediately and jumped up instantly even though her b©dy was a bit heavy.

Andy frowned de-eply. “What does that mean?” He gr@bb£d Jessica’s hand as she made for the door. “I would not let you leave Jess”.
Jessica closed her eyes briefly and swallowed. “I want a divorce, Andy”…..

Episode 21

Mr. Williams stood by the mas-sive window of his extra large house. Guards stood motionless in strategic positions but all their faces were stony. Andy’s dad now felt a measured level of regret for what he did to Jessica. The poor girl did not deserve the kind of treatment he had given her. Andy’s confession of love, coupled with Jessica’s disappearance made him know that what he had seen when he visited them was not a drama. If what he had glimpsed that night hadn’t been a drama, which he doubted now, then, he was sure that Jessica must have feelings for Andy also. Frankly, he had never seen Andy as devastated as he had been for the past week; it was like repla-ying the tapes of Andy’s reactions when he found out that his wife-to-be was dead. He wanted his son to be happy – that was what he promised his wife – but all he had succeeded in doing is add to his sorrow.
Mr. Williams drank from his cu-p slowly. He should make things right immediately they find Jessica. He prayed in his heart that she was safe and not in harm’s way, if not, he won’t be able to forgive himself. Andy would surely never forgive him if anything happened to Jessica. Even if he found Jessica, how would he make things right with her?
Andy’s hold on Jessica’s arm slackened as he stared at her, horrified.
He just could not believe she had just mentioned the seven lettered word like it was nothing. ‘What is going on here’ he mused. Several emotions crossed his face; bewilderment, hurt, anger.

Jessica saw these expressions and she felt her heart sinking. She never wanted to cause Andy any pain but right now, she was not even sure if Andy had feelings for her. Why would he? She is nothing but a nob©dy who agreed to marry him for 20 million Naira while he is the most eligible man that ever walked the surface of the earth. Every woman had their eyes fixed on him, wanting him, no matter the cost. Ap@rt from being so distractingly attrac-tive, he is also terrifyingly wealthy with a capital ‘W’. How would she be able to keep up with him? It is obvious that she and Andy are both from two totally different clas-ses, and even though she had had a taste of what it would feel like being rich when she was small, that does not seem to apply to this situation because, compared to Andy’s wealth, that still pas-ses as being poor.
“Sit” Andy said instantly, snapping her out of her thoughts.
She turned puzzled eyes to him. “What? I am not-” Jessica murmured.
“Sit down Jessica, now” Andy rarely showed his controlling side but when he does, it can be a little scary. Jessica felt like a five year old when she finally sank her bu-tt on the be-d, gazing a bit angrily at Andy for ma-king her feel so little. Andy gr@bb£d the tray filled with food and put it in front of Jessica, carefully keeping his face blank.
“Eat up” he murmured, staring straight into her eyes. “All of it. We would have this discussion when you are throu-gh” Andy marched out of the room.

Jessica stared at the food in total confusion. Just seeing Andy had brou-ght back p@rt of her appetite but she doubted she would be able to finish half of the food set before her. Swallowing gently, she picked up the extremely big chicken and took a bite. It tasted so good that her stomach growled in response. She picked up her fork eagerly and scooped the fascinating fried rice into her mouth. A m0@n of delight escaped herl-ips as she bec@m£ instantly aware of her empty stomach.
The fried rice had so many ingredients and colours, exactly what she nee-ded after a hunger strike. She smiled dryly but the pain she felt overshadowed her, almost ma-king her lose her appetite.
Knowing that Andy would not be plea-sed, she struggled to eat as much as she could manage. When Jessica could not take more, she was surprised that she had eaten a bit above half of the food. She picked up the chicken and peeled off the meat from the bone. Jessica wondered why the food tasted incredibly sweet. She as-sumed that it was because she had been starving herself for a few days.

The door opened and Andy entered. His pres£nce almost choked her and she focused on taking in a de-ep breath. Her throat suddenly felt dry and she picked up her glas-s of orange jui-ce, draining it at once.
“Thanks” she murmured.
“You did not finish it” he said, gazing at Jessica without revea-ling anything. He looked strained and agitated but his stance was firm and strong. Jessica felt that he was revea-ling his business-like stance, using it to cover the awkwardness. She swallowed.

“I have had my fill”. She stated.
Andy looked like he also nee-ded the same treat but she was not sure if she should say it.
“It is ok wife” Andy said, stressing the word ‘wife’. Jessica shifted uncomfortably,  looking at the walls instead of matching Andy’s intense gaze………


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