Black Friday Episode 7 & 8

I c@m£ back to the front door to knock after some time and Jacinta c@m£ to open for me after sometime, she was almost half n-ked ,I greeted her and entered the house . I went straight to my room.
I noticed James was trying to leave the house thinking no one saw him. After he left ,Jacinta c@m£ to my room. As she knocked I opened the door
Hello handsome she said ‘..
I stood at the door entrance so that she won’t enter inside my room.
Can I come in, she asked.
No you can’t I replied.
Why? ?
Sorry i am so busy ,I replied politely.
You are so cute ,why did i not meet you first she said tou-ching and c@r£ss!ngmy face down to my b©dy.
I started wondering why she was ma-king advances at me.
St©p it, I said removing her hand from my b©dy.
I like you she said. .
And I don’t, I replied her firmly.
What do you mean, Joseph? ? She said
My name is not Joseph and I don’t like you at all, I replied.
She looked at me and drop down her towel.
I bec@m£ so scared and quic-kly push her and lock my door. What is wrong with this Lady? ? After having S-x with another man some minutes ago, she still wants more, well not with me.
I can’t see myself having S-x with her or betray Annabel , never ,I thought
After sometime I heard Annabel voice I felt so relief, I have been in the room for hours trying to avoid Jacinta.
She knock at my room door after awhile.
I opened.
Hello dear, how are you? ?she asked.
I am fine and ok
well I have something for you, she said smiling
Really. ..I asked
Yes, she said bringing out a phone pack from her bag.
This is for you. ..she said
Wow but no this is too much, I can’t accept it.
I said giving it back to her.
No plea-se accept it, I really nee-d to be in contact with you because I will be travelling soon. ..she said
Really to where? ?? I asked.
To Abuja for a seminar ,its just for the weekend but I missing you alre-ady ,she said smiling
Her smile is so captivating with those beautiful eyes. I love it. .
Thank you very much for the phone I appreciate..I said.
I also have good news for you too. .
What is it ?? She asked
Its a good news and a bad news.
Well let’s hear it.,she said
I found out something or everything about myself today, that I was married and lost my wife and baby.
Oh my God am so sorry, she said.
Its ok, but I don’t remember. .and secondly I Got a job. I said
Really Wow congratulations dear. What kind of Job? ? She asked.
I told her everything, she was so happy for me.
I also thanked her for helping me out.
So what is your name? ? She asked
Alex I said. ..
Wow nice name, at least I can call you your name, we both laughed.
you’re God s£nt to my life, even though we didn’t met un-der a favorable circu-mtance, you still made me happy, I haven’t been this happy for sometime now, .all thanks to you. She said
What about your b©yfri£nd, doesn’t he make you happy? ? I asked.
Hmmm not any more, our relationsh!phas gone cold maybe because its been for too long , I feel he is cheating on me but I don’t know for sure. She said.
How long have you been d@t!ng? ? I asked
5 years, she replied
Do you love him? ? I asked.
I don’t know but I don’t think I do anymore, she replied with a sad face.
You too can still fix things out ,I said.
I don’t think so anyone. .she said with a sad face.
Why? ? I asked
I think I am falling in love with someone else. ..she said ‘
Really who I asked ??
Hmmm I can’t tell you now. She smiled.
Ok if you say so…
Annabel was pressed and said she wants to use my bathroom.
Immediately she went in to ease her self.
Jacinta badged in my room almost n-ked.
You can’t avoid me she said.
Don’t you love this S-xy b©dy? ? She asked.
Joseph I am hor-ny, come to mama, she said undressing herself remaining her p@n-t and br@ .
I was dump founded, I didn’t know what to do, because i knew Annabel was listening. .
Joseph are you not a man, you have been avoiding me. ..don’t you love this she said as she took off her br@.
plea-se leave my room, I have had enough of your drama in one day. ..I said angrily.
Don’t tell me you don’t like what you see, no man can resist me. ..she said.
I am not any man, I said to her.
Is it because of Annabel, She don’t love you, she loves James and even James couldn’t resist me, she said.
plea-se leave, I won’t repeat myself . I said
You’re the stranger here, you should leave not me..she said.
Well done Jacinta, Annabel said as she come out from the rest room.
Jacinta she was almost n-ked .
Jacinta quic-kly ran to her room seeing Annabel, she never knew Annabel was in the restroom.
What did she just say? ? Annabel asked angrily
How do you mean? ?
She said James couldn’t resist her. ..
I really nee-d to talk to her. ..
As Annabel was leaving my room I held her hand .
No don’t go to her, you’re angry and besides she must have locked her room she wouldn’t answer you.
Hmmm its better not be true that she is slee-ping with my man?? No I can’t believe it, she has a b©yfri£nd,why mine ,Annabel said pacing.
Its ok calm down. ..I said to her.
I can’t calm down, that she was even ma-king advances at you, its uncalled for. ….has she gone mad.
Annabel said angrily.
While she was talking and pacing around my room she didn’t want to listen to anything I am saying, she went ahead to Jacinta’s room ,ban-g on the door but she didn’t open.
Annabel was suppose to travel the next day but she was confused and not herself so she decided to cancel.
Since she couldn’t calm done, I took her out to a fast good joint where we could talk.
Annabel couldn’t drive , so we both took a taxi.
As soon as we got there, I order for food and drinks, but She couldn’t eat because so was angry.
Has James been lying to me. wonder he has been cold to me and refused to have S-x with me, for almost a 6 months now…Annabel said in Tears.
What man will refuse you, with such a S-xy b©dy. ..I said.
He has seen someone more S-xier than me na. ..she said
So tell me how do they know each other?? I asked
Why do you ask?? She asked
Because I see how they look and talk to each other like they have known for a decade.
Well we were all in the same high school ,Jacinta was the h0t and S-xier one with the biggest h!ps. ..she said.
I noticed it runs in the family, I smiled
Hmm its not funny, am hurt and you laughing, she said
I want to make happy no matter what, Tears don’t look good on you. ,I said
So she go all the attention of most boys in school , but James was my best friend then, we do share things together and they were not that close because they hated each other . James use to say she is a S-x add!çt and a who-re, that she has sle-pt with nearly half of the boys at school, I never believed ,probably because she is my sister.
Until she bec@m£ sick and pregnant, she never told us who was responsible, she just gave birth and after we graduated she traveled abroad to further her studies.
We have been speaking together ever since, until last year Jacinta said she will be visiting this year and she wants to reunite with the father for her son, she even showed me his picture. How can she do this to me after everything I have done for her. …Annabel broke in tears.
Calm down dear, this is a public place before they will say this wicked boy is breaking this fine girls heart and ma-king her cry. … i said smiling ‘
St©p now , I really love your s-en-se of humor you make fun of everything. ..she said smiling.
Yea I am happy you smiling and crying at the same time, its a good thing. I said
plea-se don’t worry, you will have to talk to you b©yfri£ndand Jacinta to know the truth or whatever is going on between them, lets..go home I said. .
After a while we got home, I tried to make her smile despite the situation, I should’ve told her what I saw but I wanted her to see it with her own eyes.
She opened the front door it was opened, we both entered inside and saw James and Jacinta have S-x in the sitting room. They were so carried away that they didn’t know we entered the house.
Well-done you too, so you couldn’t even wait for me to travel first before you do your nons-en-se.
Annabel said.
You might be wondering what happened, I had to make Annabel caught them in the act, so I took Annabel phone and s£nt James a message that she will be traveling for the weekend and Alex the new guy which is me is going to visit my family, that she will see him on Monday as that day was Friday.
I also delayed Annabel at the fast food till 10pm, she complained its was getting late but on the other hand she enjoyed my company. So James quic-kly drove to the house and made Jacinta comfortable that Annabel has traveled and due to what happened earlier she wouldn’t know since she locked herself in her room earlier .
The whole scene was so unplea-sant and disgusting, some how I was thinking they might not have S-x because of what happened with Annabel but its happened as I thought.
James and Jacinta was dump founded they didn’t know what to say. ..they were so shocked to see Annabel. They quic-kly put on their clothes.
What have I done wrong to both of you, how could you treat me this way. ..Annabel broke in tears.
You took my Man away from me ,that what you did wrong. ..Jacinta said with a loud voice.
You are so ungrateful!!
After everything I did for you, where was this so called man when you got pregnant and I was there for you all the way, when you also nee-ded money and help to travel to the state, because you were pregnant and trying to run from your parents ? ??
Where was he? ??
Annabel screamed pointing at James.
To be continued. ..