Black Friday Episode 3 & 4

For Twenty minutes we were in the bank, I was so tried, hungry and sweating profusely, they were up thirty persons held hostel in the bank including myself.
I sighted a pregnant woman in the bank , she was looking so tried then I remember my Wife , I couldn’t ra-p my head around how her condition will be at that moment and I couldn’t cry either, my eyes were alre-ady swollen from the previous tears I cried.
The Arm robbers were taking money from the vault and s£nding it to the back entrance.
I believed people nearby had called the police and they c@m£ in their large number and surrounded the front entrance.
The Arm robbers quic-kly took the money and ran throu-gh the back entrance and locked us in.
As soon as they left, I felt so much relief ,the police broke into the bank and rescue us, I was so happy that it was over quic-kly than i thought ,they held us for questioning.
I pleaded with them that I have to see my wife as soon as possible, I just told them what happened with me and the police and they freed me.
I quic-kly went back to where the police picked me up from, to take my car because it wasn’t too far from the bank.
When I got there my car was alre-ady gone, I bec@m£ so confused and stood there for a while.
Today just bec@m£ so real…my car has been stolen. Well I still had my phone so I called my neighbor to find out the situation of my wife.
I called him the phone rang and he didn’t pick. I bec@m£ so scared and called again this time he picked.
I quic-kly took a taxi straight to the hospital.
O boy where are you now? ? He said over the phone .
I was kidnapped and taken hostage ,my brother, I just got out from the bank. .
You mean you were among the persons who witness the robbery from the brother you have really suffered today oh’
How is my wife ?? I asked..
Am so sorry Alex, we lost her, he said over the phone.
I broke down in tears, I cried and cried like a baby that the driver had pity on me, he dropped me at the hospital gate and didn’t ask me to pay.
I quic-kly rush down to the ward she was in…,I saw I lifeless b©dy on the be-d ,I was almost mad. ..
Endless tears flowed down my eyes.
God who did I offend, why has this befall me, why I said in tears. ..
My neighbor and the nurse tried to hold me back till I coll@psed.
When I woke up I saw that a drip line was set on my hand, people surrounded me, my father in- law and sister in-law where sited in the hospital with me.
He is awake the nurse said.
The doctor quic-kly c@m£ inside the room to examine me.
Will he be ok? ? My father in-law asked
He will be fine sir, he just nee-ds rest because his blood pressure is very high . The doctor said
Ok Doctor thank you, he father in-law replied.
Why me, I said in Tears again. ..’
plea-se don’t cry ,God knows best ,my father in-law said .
How did you get here ?? I asked my father in-law.
Your neighbour called me with your phone and i c@m£ here as fast as i could ,he said
Daddy My Tessy is no more, I said as tears roll down my cheek. ‘
Its ok Alex plea-se don’t hurt yourself, calm down Everything will be alright. He said
It can’t be alright, I have lost my precious jewel, the woman who was with me throu-gh trying times, who never complained about anything but only encourage me. Daddy it hurts. I said
Its alre-ady evening time alre-ady. The Doctor said said I could go home, thank God this day is about to end.
My father in-law told the doctor that I should stay till the next day but I refused , I can’t sleep in the hospital where my wife died in..
I told my father in-law, I nee-ded to buy, recharge card along the road and get some water because I was really tasty from a long day.
It was 8:00pm alre-ady, I crossed the road to get get card but some shop have closed, so I walked for awhile , I never knew I had walk quite a distance from the hospital.
I sited a shop, went in bought my recharge card and water , As I c@m£ out , the road seems dark since there was no street light, before I knew what was going on a car was driving with full speed, I couldn’t move, I just froze and the car hit me from behind and I pas-sed out.
While i had an Accident the person who hit me with her car was a Lady, he name is Annabel , she quic-kly rushed me to another hospital , my phone was alre-ady damaged and finally that day was over. But there is still a battle ahead.
I was in coma for months unknown to me, they all believed I was going to die, they were just waiting for the worse , I was in a vegetable state, no hope, just my heart beating.
Annabel was so hopeful that one day I would wake up ,she couldn’t bear it that people will say she hit someone with her car and the person died. She didn’t know any of my relatives or who to call because my phone was crushed and damaged.
The doctors had given up on me, they were just doing all they could and was waiting.
Until one day, I woke up…
Doctor, Doctor he is awake ,Annabel screamed. She didn’t know if she should cry or laugh, she was just so happy, I could see the joy on her face.
The doctors quic-kly c@m£ to examine me and they carried some test on me but after some days they found out I had memory loss.
I couldn’t remember what happened to me, its been four months alre-ady, the pain I pas-sed throu-gh, I just wanted to forget and since my blood pressure was high it triggered me losing my memory. I only remembered when I was a boy my university days, I didn’t remember getting married or what happened to me on that p@rticular FRIDAY.
Annabel introduced herself to me, but I couldn’t remember how I got there, I was so angry and trying to remember seems so strange and difficult.
After One week I was discharged from the hospital with no where to go but Annabel was so kind to me and she took me home, She is a single Lady but rich too.
How house was so beautiful and big, When we entered her house I noticed she was very feel with her workers and they show a sign of respect to her. She is caring too. Annabel showed me my room and promised to help me recover and remember.
Everything seems new to me and strange too. She made dinner for me and as we were eating at the dinning table, we heard a knock at the door.
She quic-kly went to open it, it was a young guy who c@m£ in, I greeted him but he didn’t reply. He wasn’t smiling at all. I quic-kly finished my food and went back to my room.
But I wasn’t comfortable so I decided to easy drop on them.
So you even brou-ght him home? ?? He said with a loud voice.
What do you expect me to do, should I have abandon him at the hospital? ?? Annabel asked him
Yes you should’ve, he a full grown man, Bella, he said.
Look James there is nothing I can do about it, I hit him remember, he is that way because of me, he can’t remember anything, she said.
Then go to the police station and dump him there, someone with find him. He said.
I never knew you were this wicked, do you know what the police will do to him?? I have a big house more than enough for two of us, I don’t mind him staying here with me till he recovers, she said.
I disagree ,am not in support of that, he can’t stay here, you are my Girlfriend for crying out loud, I don’t trust him with you, he said screaming. ..
After all this years, you still don’t trust me, with all the love I have for you and all we have shared, I can’t believe this. …she said
Baby I never meant that, of course I trust and love you , he said in a calm voice.
Well this my house I can do whatever I like so. ..I have made my decision, its either you support me or leave and if you really love me like you say you do, you would support me. She said
You’re are s£nding me out of your house because of him? ??
Are you for real? ??he said angrily.
And that is the only p@rt you can remember? ? She said.
Am out of here… he said as he left and ban-g the door.
Hmmm I felt so bad that Annabel had to quarrel with her b©yfri£ndbecause of me.
I don’t even remember my name. ..
God plea-se help me, I thought.
I quic-kly entered my room before Annabel would see me.
She knock on the door and i asked her to come in..
Are you ok ?? She asked
Am fine I replied
you lying , you’re not fine, I am sure you heard my b©yfri£ndand I just now , plea-se don’t mind him, he can be like that sometimes. …
You mean insecure?? I asked
yes that the word. ..she replied.
Everything will be fine, Just have some rest, she said.
Hmmm well-done, James said as he batched into the room..
So much for been insecure..,I forget my keys he said raising his car keys at Annabel.
At least you should have waited for me to leave before you start speaking ill of me…James bec@m£ angry and left .
Wait its not what you think,
Annabel said as she ran and followed him..
To be continued. ..