Black Friday Episode 1 & 2

Life is fulfilled with so many misery, who can unravel it, sometimes when people say they are having a bad day, I have no idea what they meant because I haven’t experienced it before.
My name is Alex and today is the worse and longest day of my life.
It started as a beautiful Friday morning, I was so excited because its pay day, the month has just ended and I had so many things been budgeted for, My wife Kelly is heavily pregnant with our first baby, she might put to birth any moment. That morning I quic-kly took my bath, put on my clothes and was set to go the work. My wife made breakfast for me but I was to excited so I just drank the tea and left the bre-ad. As soon as I step out of the house, it began to rain. ..
The rain was so heavy ,I began to wonder because the weather was so bright this morning and there was no sign of rain. Thank God I drove my car today I said to myself. The road was not free either because of the rain. But after a while I go to work.
O boy you come late we-tin happen ?? Alvin asked me.
Alvin is my colleague and friend ,he is nice and a strict person been the HOD of my dep@rtment.
Good morning sir, the hold up no be here oh, I replied him.
You drive come today? ? He asked.
Yes oh, you know my wife is due so I drive everyday now in case of any emergency ,I will quic-kly rush down since she can’t drive. I replied
Ok no problem, you’re welcome, he said.
Thank you Sir I replied.
I quic-kly went to my office, sat down and start work for the day.
That day I wasn’t comfortable at all, I didn’t feel like myself but suddenly my boss called me to his office and paid me my salary for the month , I was so happy and my mood changed .
After rounding up my work, I pleaded with my boss to closed early to be with my wife . He agreed and I left.
On my way home, I remembered the food seller close to my place I work ,I was still owning her some money, so I quic-kly parked my car and Entered the restaurant.
Mummy Ronke good afternoon ma,I greeted her.
Afternoon sir ,you don close alre-ady?? she asked..
Yes I oh today na weekend, I want go house go as-sist my wife..I replied her.
Good, So we-tin you want Chop make them bring am. She asked
I no want chop, I come pay you the money when I dey owe you. I said to her
How much e be that time? ? I asked.
Correct customer ,na 3,500 naria only, she said smiling.
As i de-ep my hands my pockets and gave her the money , the next time I heard was everyb©dy lie down there …Before I could turn my back someone hit my head from behind and I fainted.
When I woke up I was confused, my bag was gone, it contained my l@pt©p and my salary …Everyone was looking at me, because they were trying to help me since I bec@m£ unconscious . I asked mama Ronke what happened.
She said immediately I gave her the money I was owing her, robbers c@m£ and robbe-d everyone.
In board daylight. The luck I had was they didn’t check my pocket since I was unconscious they only took my bag. I checked my pocket and my phone was intact. The robber hit me because I was standing at the Entrance of the restaurant.
I don’t even know where to start from, I was so confused, what do I tell my wife. That I br@nched a restaurant and they robbe-d me of 60k because of my carelessness.
Mama Ronke said they c@m£ because of one customer who is rich and I bec@m£ a victim…
I just went to my car and drove off.
As I was driving my phone ran, its is my Wife. ..
I picked.
Honey how are you? ?
Am fine she said. ..
I began to narrate what happened to her and suddenly she screamed…
Honey are you ok I asked? ?
No ooooo she shouted.
I think I am in Labour she said almost in tears. ..
Ok calm down, I will be home as soon as possible. ..
No oh, I can’t wait for you oh…she said.
I quic-kly called my neighbor to help me take her to the hospital. ..
As I driving some police men standing on the road sited me and signaled me to st©p.
Omg what is this one again, I am in a hurry I said to myself. .
Your p@rticulars sir. ..
I brou-ght them out and handed it over to them.
Your driver licence he asked.
I brou-ght it out and handed it over to him. .
Sir plea-se come out. ..he said after he saw my license. .
Your license has expired. The policeman said.
I was so confused and he gave me to look at it…
Omg plea-se sir I forget, I was suppose to renew it..,its expired yesterday. .I said.
He didn’t even listen to me ..
You are un-der Arrest he said, you will be taking to the station with us.
I started pleading. …
plea-se sir my wife is in labour, plea-se help me. ..I will renew it first thing Monday morning.
He didn’t listen to me…
My phone rang..
It was my neighbor…
Mr Alex your attention is nee-ded at the hospital, your wife has a serious complication, where are you? ?,
plea-se come, she is bleeding, she nee-ds Blood transfusion . ..
Omg my God what will I do, I quic-kly told him I am been arrested by the police. ..
The police man took the phone from my ear and Ended the call.
I started crying like a baby…
I begged and begged the policemen as they were taking me into their van but they wouldn’t listen .
Oga if you money here ,just bail yourself because if we reach police station an another case oh…one of them said to me.
plea-se sir Arm robbers took all the money i had, i don’t have any money with me .i said to him
Oya do transfer na ,Because this your beg don they too much oh….. he replied
I thought of it but i had transferred the 50k i had in my account to my wife since the minute she told me she was in labour .
My phone started ringing again …i begged them to allow me take the call ,that its wife …the Policeman that was talking to me pitted me and gave me the phone .
Hello Alex where you dey now?? My neighbour said
I dey police van my brother …How is my wife ???
She has given birth but the baby died …we are trying to revive her ,she is still unconscious , she paid the money you s£nt her as deposit but it not going to be Enough oh…
I added 30k to it …
He said …
Thank you my brother ,God bless you for me …What about the blood transfusion ??? I asked .
She has been given four pint of Blood , she had suffered a lot ….Am so sorry you haven’t been able to see her ,so what are the policemen saying ?? He asked
My licence expired yesterday ,they asked me give them some money , but i had given my wife the whole money in my account …i said in Tears .
Lemme me s£nd something to you so you can give them to free yourself because you really nee-ds to be with your wife she nee-ds you and Prayers too, he said almost in Tears .
This your call don they tee oh…Ends am.. He stretched his hands to collect the phone .
He want s£nd me money make i transfer for una , Abeg….. I told the policeman
As we were discussing , Doctor we almost loosing her ,she is not responding a nurse said over the phone , My neighbour had told me he was in the doctors office to know my wife’s condition.
I bec@m£ so weak hearing that statement as tears drop down my cheek. Is everything ok i asked him over the phone .
Its your wife , they are attending to her ..he said and cut the phone .
I started crying like a baby ,i have never been this helpless in my life …
Oga why you dey cry like woman ,the policeman asked me .
I am losing my wife ,plea-se let me go and see her…i pleaded with them .
No worry sabi them want s£nd you money , When we receive alert we go let you go..Be strong you be man …he said ..
After a while ,i got an Alert ,he s£nt me 10k to pay to account .
I Told them i have gotten the alert they asked me how much ,i told them 10 k..
Oga that money no go anywhere, e too small …you know see say we plenty …
One of them said ..
Make we collect that one , make him go see him wife…Today na your lucky day . One of them said.
As they were driving by they c@m£ across an ATM machine inside the Bank , i had alre-ady transferred the money to them but they didn’t get an alert ,probably because of network so they still kept me .
One of the policemen Entered the bank to check if they had been credited .
After awhile, he was coming towards the Van giving the others signal that he has seen the alert .
Suddenly someone sh0t he from behind ,he fell down and was bleeding Profusely . We were all surprised not knowing that bank was be robbe-d and people were taking hostage .
They policeman driving tried to start the car , so we could leave quic-kly but one of the robbers pointed a gun at him…
They told us to come down and join those inside the bank .
I was to confused , it was alre-ady 2pm that Friday .
But the day Just began for me!!!!
They pointed the gun at me as we were entering the bank . Now i knew today has been cursed .
First i was robbe-d of my Salary, i have only started working for three months after One year of joblessness.
My wife was in labour I couldn’t help her now
She is dying. …
I lost my unborn child alre-ady …
I can’t even see them.
From one problem to the other..
Now I am tra-pped for real. .
God who did I offend. ???
What do I do?
I thought as tears roll down my eyes.
I thought of how that policeman was sh0t and I bec@m£ so afraid. .
The robbers are heartless. ..
They took us into the bank, tied our hands and ask us the sit on the floor.
I am so unfortunate, how did I get here!!!
To be continued. ..