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April 18, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Black angel final Episode

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❌WARNING :🔞🔞🔞❌

If you’re under 18 an you’re not with a matured mind… Please don’t read

It includes sexual and violence contents ❌





Today June 25th, 2019….

Everywhere was silent, the whole courtroom was so silent that if a pin drops.. The sound would be heard clearly

I looked around and saw that everyone had tears in their eyes… Even the judge looked a bit sad….

I smiled and said

“Didn’t I warn you at the beginning of my story that you shouldn’t cry for me…?

You all promised me not to cry… Now see you… See all of you…you’re all crying ”



Nobody uttered a statement for a while… Everyone was just looking

I continued ….

“No one can really understand the pain I went through..

The torment… The sleepless nights… I was just a child!!!!.. I was a kid

A small innocent kid… He turned me into this


If I had grown up innocent with my family and parents… I wouldn’t be like this… I wouldn’t be this hard… No one will be black Angel….perhaps I will be a doctor, or a lawyer or any nice profession…i won’t be a cold blooded killer….

Most assassins you see out there… Most terrorist that ruin the nation was made by the people themselves

The society made us… We didn’t make ourselves

Rape should be a very serious crime….Rapist should be killed brutally….

Children Abusers should be dealt with in a deadly manner

You don’t know

the scars left on kids who are abused sexually

The physical trauma…

The emotional trauma

The mental trauma…


It’s not easy….Sometimes I feel suffocated… I feel like killing him over and over again…

I loved the way he was crying for mercy…

Do you know the amount of times I also begged for mercy?

The times I cried out in pain… Saying

”Uncle please…Uncle please… Uncle it’s paining me…

Uncle in the name of God… Have mercy… Do you know?

The times he hit me my face…

The times he broke my teeth… Blood, saliva, and tears dripping down my chin to my clothes…

Imagine that nightmare… Just imagine it and tell Me that killing him and his family wasn’t good enough…

Don’t you know that his wickedness runs through his veins and blood?

What if one of his kids take that trait and does the same thing to another innocent kid?

And the same thing repeats itself over and over again….

I didn’t want that… That’s why I ruined his generation

That’s why I killed them all and I don’t regret it

I’m not sober at all……

Even if I die right now….I’m dying in peace” I concluded

The judge looked at me and said

”Let me have the disc you recorded ” I opened my shirt and removed it from where I kept it… No one knew that I had a disc with me

It was played and uncle T’s voice was heard as he confessed his crimes

Everything I said was true….


The judge asked…

”So what’s going to happen to the company…? ”

”I’ve transferred all my shares to Meggie’s biological brother…

He’s the new CEO of the company ”

” Where is Justin…? ” he asked

”I don’t know… I haven’t seen him in a while’ ‘I replied

“Sandra… ” The judge started…


” I wish I could help but my hands are tied… The law is tying my hands…

You shouldn’t have killed his children…although you’ve stated your reasons for doing so… Yet, the law of the country doesn’t justify your actions

They were just kids…

11,9,and 5 years…. I can’t let you go

You still have to die for killing them…

I’m sorry Sandra ” The judge had tears in his eyes and I saw that he treated me differently… Even his voice had a tone of respect

I smiled again… I had fulfilled my dreams…my plans


Perhaps sexual harassment will reduce a bit

Perhaps men shall see the danger in abusing innocent females….

As I was led into the waiting police van with chains and handcuffs

I was happy… I was smiling

I had managed to touch people… I had managed to change a few people’s hearts…

I saw cardboards raised high with different encouraging words like




I didn’t know when water filled my eyes and finally dropped down….

I might disappear from the society but not from the people’s hearts…. I will always remain loved



Finally I passed my Message to the people

The same innocent kid that was abused today and forgotten might come back tomorrow as a big terror to the community and even the nation

That small 5 year old that was raped today and wasn’t given justice might come back tomorrow for the justice….




I entered the van gently… Even the police that were handling me roughly before started handling me gently.. I almost laughed… Everyone was taking care of me like an egg

We started driving…. But suddenly we stopped…



I wondered what was happening but there wasn’t time for explanations…the police beside me removed a bunch of keys from his pocket and released me… He opened the back door and said

” Get down… ”

I jumped down still looking puzzled

” we got orders from the higher authority to release you…

You must leave the country at once… Never to return…Change your name… Change your identity

And start all over again… Live a new life”

I opened my mouth in amazement…

” But how will I leave…? ”

A familiar voice replied me from behind

“I’m taking you with me ”

I turned sharply and behold… I saw JUSTIN!!!!!

I didn’t know what to do…

I couldn’t cry.. I couldn’t laugh

I ran into his arms and hugged him tightly… He patted me and said

”It’s all over now babe…


The battle is over ”

The policeman smiled at us… He saluted me and said

” You deserve an accolade ma’am…

You’re a true heroine…

I respect you ”

He then closed the door and the whole entourage drove off leaving Justin and I in the middle of the road

He kissed me passionately and said

“Where do you want to go babe? ”

I felt free for the first time in my life… I laughed and kissed him back…


“Hmmmm… Anywhere… I want to see the snow..” I replied

” Will you visit Kansas City? ” he asked as he pulled my hands and walked me to a big black jeep nearby

I shrugged nonchalantly and said

”I don’t care.. As long as I’m with you ”

”I love you Angel… ”

”I love you Justin… ”

We kissed again and he turned on the ignition switch and drove off





“Mrs Justin… ” I heard

”That’s me… ” I said smiling and walked towards the woman as she handed me my test results

I didn’t wait to reach the car before opening it… I wanted to check if I was right or wrong

I opened it…

As I was reading it.. my vision blurred…i wanted to cry but I held it in

I was pregnant… I was really pregnant

I placed my hand on my tummy… A little creature.. A beautiful alien is growing inside of Me

I was going to be a mother….

I was so happy


As I picked up my phone to call Justin… I knew I was going to give birth to a girl and I’m going to name her Fiona Meggie…..

Justin and I lived in a big mansion in Poland….

He runs a small business that was booming and flourishing while I stayed at home

Soon we will have another small Justin roaming around the big house

Just the mere thought made me happy

Justin picked up my call and said

“My Angel…”

”I love you Justin… ” I said

“I love you more.. What’s up? ”

”Guess what? ”

”What’s that? ” he said

“Say please… ”

”Please Angel… I love you ”

” I’m pregnant Justin… ” I said and gave my usual soft laugh




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