Black angel Episode 6 to 8

❌WARNING :🔞🔞🔞❌
If you’re un-der 18 an you’re not with a matured mind… plea-se don’t re-ad
It includes S-xual and violence contents ❌
EPISlODE 6,7 and 8
I opened my eyes feeling pains, my head and cheeks were still hurting, unconsciously tears began to pour down my eyes
My mind started remembering all what happened the day before and the next thought that c@m£ to my mind was
“My parents ”
Yes, my parents… They promised to be back,
They should be back by now, I quic-kly rose up from the be-d and ran out into the adjoining room… My parent’s room,
To my utter surprise and shock
Nob©dy was there, the room was still neat like yesterday’s night and the be-d sheets were still la-id
My heart started pounding furiously,i was scared
I remembered uncle T’s statement
Immediately, fear gr!pp£dmy heart,
I quic-kly jumped onto my parents be-d and curled up placing my thumb in my mouth, I st©pped the bad habit of thumb su-cking when I was 7 but all of a sudden,
I nee-ded something to comfort me
I closed my eyes wishing everything was a dream and that uncle T didn’t hurt me, I wished I could forget but I couldn’t
I kept on remembering the pains, hurts and beatings
I remembered the way he f0rç£d me to svçkhis pri-vate p@rt and I shivered again
I started hearing footsteps coming towards the door, it was him… Uncle T
“Sandra…? “He called
I heard but I was too terrified to reply
Myl-ips were shaking
“Sandra? ” he called again and then slowly he opened the door
I closed my eyes and curled ti-ghter but I was shaking
He entered the room and said
“I know you’re awake,
I didn’t find you in your room so I knew you were here ”
He moved nearer and sp@ñked me on my as-s,i cried out in pain and sat up
He laughed and said
“As from today henceforth,
I want you to remain obe-dient,
Whenever I call you and you don’t reply… I will hurt you..un-derstand!!!? ”
‘Ye… Ye…Yess” I replied shaking
“Good Girl,
I expect them to bring me the news of your parent’s death soon…
I mustn’t see you come downstairs… Okay? ”
I nodded and he smiled
As soon enough, the doorbell rang
Uncle T stood up and went downstairs,
Soon I heard him shout
“Jesusssssss…. What happened to them… ..My God!!!! ”
de-ep in my heart,
I knew that disaster had struck
I stood shivering in my room as I heard my uncle’s shouts of fake sorrow
de-ep down inside my heart, I knew that things were going to change for me
My heart started beating ra-pidly, I sat down on the floor beside my be-dside and folded my knees and started crying
“mommy… mommy ” I said and started crying silently,
I started wishing that everything was a bad dream
It was just too much for me to take,
I just felt like I was going to die… were my parents really gone for good?
Did uncle T really killed them?
Was I really never going to see them again?
I remembered my parents cudd-ling me, re-ading be-dtime stories for me, was everything going to end……?
These were the thoughts of my mind till I fell asleep
I woke up with a tap on my shoulder,
It was my uncle, I g@sped and moved back in shock
He smiled gently but my heart kept beating furiously,
I started shaking again
He t©uçhed my face tenderly but the expression on his face was that of evil
He looked like he wanted to eat me up
“Come and bathe,,….after that you will eat and then we will discuss
Is that clear? ”
I was too scared to speak, I only nodded quic-kly
He smiled and pu-ll-ed me up, all I wanted was to run away from him but I knew that would earn me another beating so I followed him gently as he led me to my pri-vate bathroom
re-move your clothes ”
Reluctantly I took them off… I saw him looking at my fast growing br£@st with an evil expression
,”Climb into that tub “..he ordered
I did so but my mind was at unease,
What was Uncle T’s plan for me
With my shaky legs I obeyed
I climbe-d gently into the tub wondering what was his next plan for me
But I had learnt a very good lesson, disobe-dience would earn me a throu-gh beating….So as to avoid it, I must learn to be obe-dient
So I stood in the tub without complaining, he filled the tub with warn water and started bathing my b©dy
He took his time to embarras-s and do n@ûghty things to my b©dy
First, he started with my tiny immature n!ppl!s,he pla-yed a bit with it,
Twisting and turning it, I closed my eyes irritated
I felt like screaming but I tried my best to hide it
But myl-ips were alre-ady shaking…
Uncle T started drawing lines with his index f!nger on my b©dy
“Hmmmm… Sandra
I’m gonna keep you as my personal toy… You’re gonna learn a lot,
In fact you have a lot to learn, how to plea-se me, how to make me happy
As long as you do so, you’re safe and won’t end up like your parents… Is it clear? ”
“Ye.. Yes uncle T” I said shivering
“That’s my girl” he said with a smile
Now come and eat… n-ked I sat down to eat because he instructed me not to wear any clothing
The food set was my favorite meal, Fried rice and jollof with chicken and beef and fried plantains… Normally I was supposed to be glad but it brou-ght only memories of my mother
My eyes filled instantly with tears but o sniffed them in… Everything was so strange and scary to me
I was just 10 years and I woke up one morning to see that my parents were gone and I was an orphan and here I was cold and n-ked in front of my favorite uncle who claimed to have killed them
Fear filled my heart and soul, nothing made s-en-se… It was like a bad dream
As I stared at my food, Uncle T barked at me
The word stung me like a sl@p…i had never been called an idiot in my life before
All I experienced was pampering and excess love
I picked up my spoon and started stuffing my mouth with food,
The food was nice but then it tasted like ru-bber in my mouth…. I was eating out of fear and not out of hunger……
After f0rç£fully filling my stomach, Uncle T gr@bb£d me and pu-ll-ed me into his room
He carried me and dumped me on his be-d without care, I bounced back and moved quietly to the last edge of the be-d.
He locked the door and started undressing,
I averted his glare and looked away,
My heart was beating very fast,i was thinking he was going to make me svçkhis di-ck like the previous day but he had more plans for me…. Evil plans
After str!pping n-ked, he climbe-d into the be-d with me and pu-ll-ed me closer to his side,
Then he k!$$£d me voraciously.. Like an animal… like a beast..i tried to push him off but his weight was something else
He k!$$£d all my face…my n£¢k.. My n!ppl!s… All these while, I was screaming….
I didn’t know why but I was so scared… I knew it wasn’t going to end well for me
When my shouts got too loud… He got up and gave me a h0t beating….After that
He pu-ll-ed a box un-der his wardrobe and re-moved ropes and handcuffs
I was surprised… What was he going to do
He pu-ll-ed me and cuffed my hands together and tied my legs separately with ropes to the be-d posts
I hope you all un-derstand my position… I was laying on my back with my legs spre-ad ap@rt wi-de and my hands were cuffed together over my head…i was practically helpless
Then to make matters worse,
He covered my mouth ti-ghtly with a piece of cloth
My screams couldn’t come out loud like before again…sweats was pouring down my face and n£¢k despite the air conditioner in the room
The only thing I could do was to shake my head, I was shaking it vehemently with water pouring from my eyes
Uncle T was so heartless,
He turned deaf eyes to my plea-s and thrû-st himself de-ep into my little young vulnerable b©dy
I screamed…. The pain was unbearable… I felt a warm liquid sli-pping out from my b©dy… Then I was to young to know what it was… All I knew was that uncle T was hurting me
And he was doing it badly……
Was I going to survive this?
Was I going to live?
I looked at the ceiling and the last thought in my mind was
“Mommy… Daddy… Where are you? ”
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