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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Black angel Episode 11 to 13

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❌WARNING :🔞🔞🔞❌

If you’re under 18 an you’re not with a matured mind… Please don’t read

It includes sexual and violence contents ❌




Episode Eleven

The unexpected happened the day I wrote my last paper of WAEC…. I was 17 years… Almost 18 when I was in Ss3….

After signing out and as everyone else was tearing their clothes… Taking pictures…having fun… I walked to the back of the school to seat,

I wasn’t a fan of fun anymore… I didn’t celebrate anything… Not even my birthday because that was the same day I lost my parents so I avoided anything called Fun or celebration because it brought back bad memories of my life…..

Most of my mates thought I was proud and mannerless because I rarely talked nor played

I was always looking blank…my face void of any emotions and I grew up to be a very beautiful girl….

I was that kind of girl that attracts people to herself both males and females but I was damn cold and annoying… I built a thick wall of coldness around myself that kept people off the bay….

It made people stay off me because I was always cold and harsh…

Another behavior I had was to always smile at insults…. It was always a cold…. Evil smile….

No matter

what you say at me, I would just smile and look at you with cold chilling eyes till you finally look away….this attitude made many avoid me and it made me happy because I always wanted to be left alone….anytime I was alone… I was happy… I felt free from my problems… I hated being around people

So when I went to the back of the school to seat down, nobody called me and those that went pass me left me alone…. They didn’t bother disturbing…. I was lost in thought enjoying my solitude until someone tapped me on my shoulders….

I looked up slowly with Cold Eyes to attack my disturber only to find Meggie smiling at me…. I was shocked and surprised

“Meggie! ” I said smiling a little bit more warmly…. “You’re here?… What are you doing here? “…i asked

She smiled back stiffly to me and said

“I came to pick you up to celebrate your passing out of college…i knew you would be alone ” she said trying to smile but something told me that something was wrong

Meggie was acting strange…. I wondered what was wrong as I packed my books into my bag and went to join her in her car



We got home in thirty minutes time after doing a small shopping….

I kept on asking Meggie if she was fine and she said “Of course darling.. I’m fine… ”

As we entered the house… I showered and changed my dress to something more comfortable…

As I walked to the dining, I

saw that Meggie was already setting the table gently and was placing my favorite food

Jollof and fried rice with chicken 🍗🍗 and beef with fried plantains…. If you remember clearly… Although I loved this meal, it brought forth memories of my dead mother who was always spoiling me with the treat of jollof and fried rice…. I wished she was alive to see me passing out of secondary school and water filled my eyes but I quickly swallowed it back… I couldn’t cry…it was a promise I made to myself,

As I sat down… I grabbed Meggie’s hand and said smiling at her “Thanks Meggie… You gave me another chance to live”…instantly water filled Meggie’s eyes and started pouring down

With shaky lips she said

“I’m… I’m… I’m so sorry Sandra….

I… I… Wa… Was weak… He threatened to kill my parents…I’ve let you down Sandra ”

My heart started racing

“What did you do Meggie…? ” I asked…”What did he make you do” I asked urgently again… Grabbing her hands….

“He… He… He… Made me poison you.. I’ve poisoned your food ”





The spoon dropped off my hands….

“What 😨”!!! I said feeling terrified…

Meggie looked so sad and bad

“He has my parents kidnapped and he has promised to kill them if I don’t cooperate…. He said once you’re 18,…all the companies shall be yours and he’s not ready to give them up, the only way to save my parents is if I agree to kill you….”

I stood up and ran to the corner of the dinning obviously shaking

“So what will you do now…. Will you kill me? ” I asked feeling scared

More tears flowed from Meggie’s eyes as she shaked her head left and right….

“No darling.. I don’t think I can… I’m sorry for being a coward…

If you die… Nobody will stop that animal and he would do more evil…Now run to you room and pack all your valuable stuffs and come back here”

I did as she told me and dashed into my room,packed some of my clothes and my diary and then I picked up a family album of My dead parents and I then came back to meet her still standing at the table …

She smiled and gave me a picture that both of us took together and gave Me her favorite pendant necklace…

She opened her purse and removed her two Atm cards and gave them to me

“I have five hundred thousand in each card… Withdraw it all before it gets blocked ”

She gave me her car keys since I already learnt how to drive and then she placed 350k cash into my palm… It was a huge money

I was astonished… Then we hugged one last time… It was a tight hug….

We both started crying at the painful departure…..

After the hug…Meggie kissed my forehead and said

“I love you Sandra”

“I love you Meggie…” I replied

“What about your parents…? ” I asked getting worried…

She smiled and said

“I’m a coward… I can’t fight for them ”

Then before I knew what was happening… Meggie carried the food I was supposed to eat and ate over 8 spoons

I screamed “NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!! ”

But I couldn’t stop her…. Meggie had already swallowed the poisoned food…in 30 seconds.. The poison started reacting… I tried carrying her to the hospital but Meggie shaked her head smiling…

She was already coughing and was finding it difficult to breathe

She was already on the floor kneeling…

I tried pulling her up but she grabbed my hand weakly and said

“Sandra…. This… This… This isn’t your fault….

It’s.. It’s the only way to pro… Pro…protect you

Throw away your phone and start all over again….

Run away from here and return only when you’re strong enough to face that beast…. ” she started coughing blood

“Even if you take me to the hospital… I won’t survive this because it’s a very deadly poison…it has no cure…. Soon I will be dead…

Now escape before he returns home… I’ve written a suicide note and I’ve done a short video on how I killed myself… I did it to protect you because I know that he can frame you up for my death… I lied in my video that I was going to kill myself due to depression….only you and I know the real truth….

When you went upstairs to pack your bags… I posted it… Soon… Your uncle will be rushing here so you need to escape Sandra…

But remember….it was your uncle that did all this….

He killed your parents

Abused you…

Kidnapped my parents and he’s the cause of my death….

Make… Make him pay Sandra… Make him pay” she said and died in my arms… Smiling

Meggie died smiling





I couldn’t believe it…. Meggie died to save me… I started shaking her vigorously…

“Meggie… No… No.. No… Meggie… Please don’t die… Don’t leave me…. Please don’t die… Meggie wake up…. Meggie… You’re my only friend… Please Meggie… I can’t deal with this… Meggie please ” I said weeping uncontrollably….it was too much for me to bear….

My parents had died but I didn’t see it happen but Meggie’s death was different… It shocked me

It moved me….

I understood why she had killed herself, if she ran away with me, my uncle would keep on threatening her with her parents whom he had kidnapped…..

As tears continued dropping from my eyes massively….. I knew that things would never be the same again

Before my uncle came back home, I quickly picked up all my stuffs and with an heavy heart I kissed Meggie’s forehead and promised to take revenge at all costs

In my mind eye, I imagined Meggie smiling at me… Who said Meggie was weak… Who said she was a coward… She wasn’t…

She was the one that made me realize how evil uncle T was

To overcome such an evil… A greater evil was required

And that greater evil was me…. Sandra….The angel that brought death




People yelled

“You can do it Angel… You can…. Come on!!!!…. Fight

Fight !!


I couldn’t take the blows anymore… I raised my left hand and screamed “I give up!!! ”

Justin left me and smiled “Maybe next time Angel….

I smiled back and allowed him to pull me up…my lips were bursted and I knew that one of my finger was broken but I was used to it… I was becoming tough but not really tough

Now to explain how I got to where I was is a long story entirely but let me make it as short as possible….after Meggie’s death and my absconding from home

My uncle raised a false alarm that I was kidnapped and the kidnappers asked for a big ransom which he paid and still I was yet to be released… The police got involved and I was being searched for…. Nobody knew that I was running for my own life….

I knew that the whole society was seeing him as a pitiful person… Every one was pitying him…. His lovely pregnant wife just committed suicide due to depression and still uploaded the video before killing herself and his darling cousin was missing

Everyone was sorry for him….. Except me of course… I knew the truth and somebody else

All these while…. There was somebody watching me…..someone I knew not

I escaped to Ghana two weeks after Meggie’s death and he followed me secretly making sure that the police never found me

Then one day, he showed up in front of my hotel door

I thought it was just the room service until he said

“How long will you run away from your destiny Sandra”

I tried to close to door back but he had slipped in like an eel unexpectedly….

“Who are you? ” I asked with a shaky voice

“A lover of Justice ” he replied with a smile

Then he sat me down and informed me that he was the assassin hired by Uncle T to kill my parents….so in short… He killed my parents

My hand started shaking

“Will you kill me too” I said obviously afraid

He laughed… “If I wanted you dead… You won’t be speaking by now

“so… What do you want…? ” I asked him

“After I killed your parents…. Your uncle promised me 50 million Naira which he gave me before the Job and then after the Job… He made plans to kill me which I almost died from…. But as an experienced Assassin I’ve been on the run for a while and I’ve been monitoring you for over seven years….

Your Uncle is so Evil….

And sometimes to overcome a great Evil…. You need a greater evil Sandra…

Are you ready to avenge all your families death…. He asked

“Yes please ” I replied with a shaky voice

He took all the money I had on me and started training me… I became damned good at guns and knives…

Martial Arts and crafts…. I even went into using poisons to kill

I went into drugs and alcohol and after training me for a year and I was better than him…. He called me one evening and handed me a short note describing an hidden academy for Assassins…..

He then said

“Angel… Do you remember what I told you a year ago”

I removed the cigarette I was puffing on slowly from my mouth and said

“Yes I remember… ”

He smiled and said “Prove it”

What I did next showed how heartless I was….

I removed my gun with swift accuracy and shot him Dead!

He was so shocked as he fell to the ground… Dying slowly

I moved to his side and repeated the same slogan he thought me

“To over a great Evil

A greater Evil is needed

😈 👿☠️☠️💀❌❌”



I did that for my parents

It was my first kill and I enjoyed it so much…

I took the address… Packed my stuffs… Found my way to the academy which was located in the desert….it admits only 75 students per every three years but only 5 graduates…. The remaining 70 dies

I registered and here I am




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