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Black angel Episode 1 to 5

If you’re un-der 18 and you’re not with a matured mind… plea-se don’t re-ad
It contains S-xual and Violence contents❌
*June 25,2019*
I sat in the witness box looking at the Judge with a cool face… Everyone was expecting me to look afraid, anxious and fearful but the truth was that I wasn’t bothered
I didn’t care… Everything was working according to my plans
In my abs£nt state of mind, I heard the judge saying
“You Adebola Sandra popularly known as the black Angel has been found guilty of the following crimes
S-xual [email protected],
Illegal drug activities
Bribery and corruption and finally the murder of her uncle Mr Tunde Adebola…And is therefore s£ntenced to death by hanging
COURT!!!! ”
to everyone’s surprise I bur-st into laughter, even the judge stared at me like I was mad
I kept on laughing for five minutes before I then said
“Ok… Ok…. Ok.. Agreed
I know I’m guilty but I’m not accepting my punishment ”
Immediately all the police pointed their guns at me
Everyone knew I was a very dangerous lady… They knew what I was capable of doing
I laughed again and showed them my handcuffed hands…
“Come on,
Be realistic, There’s nothing I can do with handcuffed hands… I’m a killer not a magician…but let me tell you a story
It might take a while because it’s a long story
It’s the story of my life
I was born like any other child
I was born into a happy home as the first and only child
I had everything I wanted
I was happy
But one day, the same day I [email protected] my 10th year birthday, things went wrong for me
My world [email protected]£ crashing down
I had the same “Name”
Same “Face” but
Let me tell you my story,
The story of the “Black Angel ”
But promise me… Promise me that you won’t cry for Me
*APRIL 24TH 2004*
“Happy Birthday to you… Happy Birthday to you.. Happy birthday… Happy Birthday…Happy Birthday to you”
And then I cut the cake and everyone shouted “Hurrah 🎊”
I was beaming with Joy…
My dad was a successful business man… He owned countless companies and was several shares with other company, he was the third riche-st man in my country…in short, my dad was wealthy
When it was the turn of uncle tunde whom I call uncle T,
I so much loved him,
He was handsome,kind,and pla-yful
“Sorry baby, I ordered you something special but there was a [email protected] getting the delivery…it should be here this evening or tomorrow morning ”
I was a bit sad “what’s it uncle T”
He smiled and patted my cheeks “A secret ”
I chuckled softly, Uncle T was found of tou-ching my b©dy which I loved, I didn’t see anything bad in it, I didn’t even tell my parents
In that moment, my dad’s phone started ringing… He picked up the call and suddenly began to frown
I watched him whispering something into my mummy’s Ear and my mom began to frown too,
Immediately, the [email protected] was cancelled and everyone had to go home,
But I noticed something strange, Uncle T was actually smiling….In childish mind, I wondered why everyone was frowning and my uncle was smiling…i later got to know why
After all the guests were gone, My daddy called me and hvgged me ti-ght
“Happy Birthday Sandry baby….
Sorry for disrupting your [email protected], something [email protected]m£ up at the company
Your mum and I have to go
It’s like we’ve been hacked by some fraudsters
“okay daddy…. “I said
Mommy also hvgged me and left with dad
It remained uncle T and I
Normally, we all live together… Uncle T has his own [email protected] left wing of the duplex
That night was the most unforgettable night of my life….
Later at night around midnight
Dad and mum were yet to be home, I couldn’t sleep because normally, either mum or dad has to pet me before I sle-pt and there was nob©dy to pet me,
Then I remembered uncle T,
I climbe-d down from the be-d and picked up my favorite pink teddy 🐻…Wore my baby sli-ppers and walked out quietly to the left duplex wing
As I neared the [email protected], something caught my attention, there was an odd smell,
“Uncle T? ” I called but no one answered me
I got scared and called again
“Uncle T?
Are you there? ”
As I was about turning back, I heard uncle T’s laughter
He was on phone…
I smiled and ran into the room
I was shocked…. Cigarettes were everywhere,Drinks which I later discovered were alcohol was everywhere… It was the cause of the weird smell
It was obvious that he was drun!kand high but then I was too small and innocent to know
“Uncle T!!!
What are you doing?” I shouted
“I will report you to daddy and mummy
He looked at me slowly with red bloodsh0t eyes
I’ve never seen him looking like that before
It was so strange and scary
He started laughing crazily
Well they are no more
I killed them ”
My young heart skipped a bit…
Killed my daddy and mummy?
“Why?” I quietly asked
“Because I needed their properties”he replied
I [email protected]£ more confused
“Why not ask for it?
My daddy will give you ”
He laughed like a maniac again and moved slowly towards me
With my heart beating fast like a rabbit’s I moved back slowly repeating the word
“My mummy… My mummy.. My mummy”
Episode Four/ five
He kept on walking towards me with a evil face,
I didn’t know what to do… I suddenly turned and ran towards the safety of my room….
I was so terrified,
I didn’t make it to the door before a sma-ck landed on my back… It was so strange because nob©dy has ever hit Me,
My parents never believed in corporal punishment
I was so stunned that I couldn’t shout,
I only opened my mouth in a silent scream…the sound never [email protected]£ out
He sma-cked me again.. [email protected] this time and I got my voice back
I screamed on t©p of my lungs
He got more frustrated and hit me severally on my b©dy
I was just screaming… For the first time in my life, I experienced pain
After a while, he shoved me up and pushed me into his [email protected] back
I couldn’t look into his face due to fear, I was just shivering and whimpering
He faced me and told me to kneel down
Instantly without disobeying, I complied and knelt down
“Do you like lolli-pops Sandra…?” he asked
“Y.. Ye… Yes Uncle T…”
“Tell me Sandra
What do you do to lolli-pops”
Something dropped from myl-ips and I saw that it was a drop of blood, myl-ips were busted…i felt all my back hurting me
“I li.. li-ck them ”
“Good Girl” He said smiling
I’m going to give you a bigger and better lolli-pop
And you’re going to svçkit”
I looked around but there was no sign of candies
I was thinking my uncle wanted to apologize to me for the beating so that I won’t tell mummy and daddy
I made up my childish mind to accept the sweet but still report him to my parent and then we would chase him out of our house
So I nodded my head and said
“Yes uncle”
He pu-ll-ed an armchair and sat in front of me and pu-ll-ed out his di-ck
I [email protected] and closed my eyes immediately🖤
Episode five
I closed my eyes immediately… It was so [email protected] to me,
“Un..Uncle…..”I stammered
He [email protected] me with full f0rç£ and I fell with blood splattering on the tiles….
He pu-ll-ed my beautiful hairstyle with beads made specially for my birthday and dragged me to my knees
He [email protected] me again and told me to close my eyes and imagine that I was l!çk!ng my usual lolli-pop
I obeyed and opened my mouth as he plunged his di-ck into my throat
I choked immediately, almost throwing up my dinner
He was obviously enjoying himself, I heard him ma-king weird noises I’ve never heard in my entire life
Suddenly I felt warmth in my throat, something h0t and irritating was in my mouth
I couldn’t bear it anymore. I threw up instantly
And in exchange, I got another round of beating
I didn’t know when the pool of tears started pouring down my chubby cheeks
de-ep in my mind, I wondered what I did wrong?
Why All these pains ?
Won’t my parents come home?
Is it a bad dream?
More tears flowed down my cheeks and I bur-st out into tears
All my years had been a protective one built with love and cares
It was all so strange
I felt so terrified…
“Un…Uncle T…
Un.. Un…Un… Uncleeeeee……
plea-seeee st©pppppp”
For a moment,
Everything st©pped… I guess even though he was t©uçhed by my tears,
His face suddenly changed back to the familiar kind face I knew
“oh my God!
My baby girl
What have I done?
Are you okay? ”
All my b©dy was stained with blood
I could ba-rely breathe
As he moved near me, I moved to the back still scared of him
His eyes was filled with fake tears but then I thought he was really sorry
I moved back but my head was spinning,
I was feeling faint…The last thing I saw before I [email protected] out was when he tried to hold my hand

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