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July 23, 2021


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Bittersweet wife Episode 23 & 24

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(She is his Enigma).
Episode 23.

(Paris Road).



Taehyung was driving with speed with a focused eyes on the road,but was noticing any sign of Clara.
All the boys were on alert on the road as well.
Seokjin’s phone rung and he answered.

” it’s the police ”. He said. ” hello? ”.
” is this Mr Kim Seokjin? ”.
” yes it is him. Is something up? ”.
” we have finally caught the three culprits on the attack of Mrs Kim,can we have you here soon? ”.
” eer..not really, but we will surely be there today…this is an amazing news sir. You have really done a great job,her husband is here,I will put the phone on speaker so you can tell us everything ”.

Seokjin placed his phone on speaker and all the boys became alert.

” okay so we caught them last night at the Parish Club, spending lots of money. We interrogated them and they took us to a hotel were the clothes they wore that day was found. We also found out that they were very young people from the ages of sixteen to nineteen ”.
” did they say who they were? ”. Namjoon asked.
” Armies. Some of your fans,but the most important thing was,they were paid to do what they did ”.

Taehyung quickly pulled the breaks of the car when he heard that. His fave started getting red with anger.
He turned back and looked at Seokjin who kept his phone close to his mouth.

” they are paid to attack who? ” Seokjin asked ”.
” a man by the name,Omarion Pordosky and Bella Bello the model ”.
” Bella?! ”. All the boys exclaimed in shock except for Taehyung.
” yes. So that’s why we called. As the Paris Police force,we call to see whether the victim would want to press chargers even though there was evidence ”.
” go to Gabanna Modeling Agency to arrest Bella Bello ”. Taehyung said without thinking twice.
” urrrmmm…we need the victim to press the…
” the victim is my wife and I make the decisions, if you don’t want me to burn your police office down ”.
” o…of course sir. We shall do that immediately ”.

The call ended and they all looked at each other.

” Bella is pregnant ”. Taehyung said slowly.
” Aaaaah, what?! ”. Yoongi exclaimed. ” so stupid Taehyung, don’t you use protection?! ”.
” I…I am sorry ”. He said in pain.
” why are you sorry? Is she not the love of your life? You should be happy right? ”. Jungkook said.
” yeah,I mean, it will be the perfect way to leave Clara for Jungkook ”. Jimin said and smirked.
” stay away from my wife Jungkook ”. Taehyung said in anger while starting the car.
” excuse me? We had a deal ”.
” fuck you! Go and continue your play boy life and leave her alone! She’s only mine! And I will break your bones if you ever flirt with her! ”.
” Uuuh…

All the boys exclaimed in laughter.

” okay boss. Yes sir master, I hear you ”. Jungkook said in laughter.
” damn,is this even real? Clara’s mother is Rose Gabanna? ”. Namjoon said.
” the world is truly and indeed small but very big. That makes Clara… Like ten times richer than Taehyung, and thousand times richer than that phycopath Bella ”. Yoongi said.
” want will you do Taehyung? Bella is pregnant and you are sending her to jail? ”. Seokjin asked.

All of their phones beeped at once and they all checked their phones screens.


” what the fuck?! ”. Jungkook shouted.

Taehyung pulled the car left and passed on another road,heading straight to the park.

(America=New York City=Married Women Rights Association).

Edna had finished with her meeting and was preparing to leave the company when she had a quick phone call.

” hello? Bella…hello? I can’t hear you ”.
” what the fuck mum?! Did you know that Taehyung wasn’t the son of Mr Kim Yu?! ”.
” what?! ”.
” I just found out that Taehyung is am illegitimate son of the Kim family. And I was blindly following him,and you also pushed me to continue dating him. You ate so stupid! ”.
” oh shut up! I told you to befriend Clara to he hold of the box and bring it to me,not to open the box yourself and learn the secrets! ”.
” I didn’t fucking open it you idiot! Clara is the daughter of Rose Gabanna had the keys to the box. I am coming back to New York right now and am gonna put a fucking bullet into that useless head of yours! So you already knew Taehyung was a nobody! The entire world will know because Mrs Gabanna a already knows the whole truth! ”.

The phone fell from Edna’s hand in shock.

” no…no…I..I can never go to jail. If the entire truth comes out then,Nana will be arrested for illegally taking someone’s baby and she will surely mention my name for helping her ”. She bent down and picked up her phone and dialled Mrs Kim’s number.

(Kim’s Mansion).

Mrs Kim stood in front of the garage with a bundle of dollars and handed it to one of her guards.

” I need you to finish the job. This is the address of where she is staying ”. She gave Taehyung’s mother’s address to the guard. ” do a clean job and leave clues behind. Is that clear? ”.
” yes ma’am ”.
” kill her fast and…

Her phone rung and she answered.

” I have called you a million times already Edna..
” the truth is out Nana. We are screwed. Better pack your things and let’s get he hell out of USA now! ”.
” what do you mean? ”.
” Clara Johnson already met her mother and they opened the box! Bella already knows that Taehyung is not your son! And Rose Gabanna is Clara’s biological mother, Rose Gabanna was the only one who had the keys to the box! ”.
” I…impo…
” yes it is! Everyone will know that you also killed Hadid’s mother! ”.
” I can’t run away! Yud’an already signed the entire fortune into Taehyung’s name! Taehyung has to sign it to my name before I can think of leaving the country, I cannot leave of to him…he is a nobody! ”.
” well…I will take the lead then. When you are arrested, don’t tell me I didn’t tell you so ”.

The call ended and Mrs Kim took back the bundle of money from the guard.

” forget this plan. I must leave this place immediately. Follow me ”.

The guard followed Mrs Kim into the house and she met Mr Kim standing in front of the stairs in anger.

” wha…what happened Yu? ”.
” where are you going Nana? ”.
” err..urmm.. I..I have to go on a business trip now Yu ”.
” business trip you say? Okay. I will help you with that ”. Mr Kim stepped aside.

Three policemen entered from the backyard door with Hadid and Luna,holding guns and handcuffs.
Mrs Kim turned to run,but the men grabbed her fast.

” wha…what is going on?! ”.
” you are under arrest Mrs Kim Nana…for impersonal of a child and illegal adoption of Mr Kim Taehyung ”.
” how could you low to me and say Taehyung was my son,when you went to steal him?! ”.
” what no…please Yu. All I wanted was our happy ending…
” yes…and my properties! ”. Mr Kim said and pressed his phone and showed it to Mrs Kim.

It had the recording of all the things she said to Taehyung’s mother.
Taehyung’s mother entered the room from the backdoor with a smirk on her face.

” you? ”.
” she wasn’t your old time friend after all step mum. I recorded everything and called her to confirm everything to my father ”. Hadid said.
” you bastard! I am so glad you are unhappy human being without a mother’s love. I am happy I killed your mother so you never got her love ”.

Their faces were left in shocK


Episode 24.


” take her away! After what I heard she did,I am not surprised of what she’s capable of doing anymore ”. Mr Kim said.

Hadid break down into tears.
Mrs Kim and her guards was arrested and taken away.
Luna bent down, trying to comfort Hadid after learning his mother was murdered by Mrs Kim.

” sir…please, I need to see my son. Please ”. Mrs Johan said in tears. ” I know he might probably never accept me buy…it’s better to see him and…
” he has no choice but to accept you. You are his mother after all. Also,I can never say he is not my son. I have seen him as that ever since I carried him in my arms as a baby. The only thing I can’t do is…to give my family’s fortune to him since he’s not my blood. I have to give it to the one who is mu biological son ”.
” I don’t need your fortune father. I already told you a thousand times. Finding out Taehyung isn’t my brother will not change my mind as his brother, and it won’t change the fact that you made the evil woman control you all these years and did nothing when she maltreated me and took me to boarding school to be all alone! ”. Hadid shouted bitterly.
” Hadid… I have apologised a million times about…
” the harm’s already done! Leave the fortune to Taehyung. Not biologically, but he is still your son,and it will kill him when he learns the entire truth ”.

(France, Paris=Theme Park).

Clara sat on the light green grass, looking nowhere.

(Flashback=Five years ago=New York City=Angel’s Street).

She bought an ice cream with her father at a restaurant and sat down.
She saw a man holding his wife at the restaurant with their little daughter.
The couple bought ice cream too and the mother fed it to her daughter.

” Clara, are you okay? ”.
” why did my mother leave? ”.
” but I have told you to stop thinking about that ”.
” I will not stop thinking! I am old enough to understand now,so tell me father! ”.
” am I not enough for you?! ”.
” why are you being so hard on this issue?! If you are not to blame,just spit out the truth okay! ”.
” if that’s what you want! ”. Her father said loudly with annoyance. ” your mother left is because she met another man okay? ”.
” wha…
” yes,you wanted the truth right? Then fave it and feel the pain on your own ”. Her father said and got up. ” she left us because she met another man,richer than me. Because I couldn’t provide her physical needs,she left us for a man. She abandoned you and I…are you satisfied now? ”.
” dad I… ”. She stammered in tears and regret.
” you care about the woman you didn’t even grow to know more than me who has suffered to being you up right? Thanks a lot. Thanks for choosing the woman who abandons you at five years old over me ”.

(Present Day).

She blinked her eyes and tears drainer her face. She wiped it off and looked around. That’s when she realised thousands of people who walked by or sat at the park were starring at her.
She wiped her face dry and forced to get up. She stretched her left fingers and saw the diamond ring on it.
It blinked into her eyes and everything came back to her. She frowned and removed it from her finger.
She turned to leave but a black range rover quickly parked in front of her. Another car also arrived there.
Taehyung and his friends stepped out in a haste.
Body guards stepped out of the other car.
Thousands of people in and outside the park started running towards then,chanting their names in excitement.
The guards created a wall to prevent the fans from getting closer to them.
Taehyung’s eyes were stuck on Clara.

” please Clara, this place is not safe,please let’s her back to the hotel and talk about this ”. Namjoon said.
” yes,you might get hurt with all this people here ”. Hoseok said.

Clara’s eyes were also stuck on Taehyung.
The pain,the anger, the sadness,the disappointment, she couldn’t control herself.
But why? She knew he felt nothing for her. And this marriage was forced in the first place.
It wasn’t from their hearts. So she didn’t have the right to question him,he knew Bella…way before she existed in his life.
She started walking the other way to the cars she brought.
Taehyung saw this and left the circle, walking closer to her. He held her hand from behind and she stopped walking. She turned her head and looked up at him.
Most shocking thing happened. A tear fell out of his eyes.

” please ”. He sobbed, looking down on the ground. Not being able to look at her. ” I can explain this ”.
” take me back to New York right now please ”. She said in a low tone. ” and let’s get divorced ”.

Taehyung was shocked. He looked at her.

” what? ”.
” I don’t want to be in this anymore. I will pay whatever my father owes your father, all I want is a divorce ”.
” Clara you can’t Gert divor… I..I mean, what about your mother? Sh..she..
” you don’t have to care about my life Taehyung ”. She said and held his hand in hers. Then she put the ring into his hand. ” please, I can’t breath…let’s just end all this ”.

She said and took a run to the car and entered the back seat.
Taehyung was shocked looking at the ring,then at the cat. He looked back at his friends who were walking to the other car.
He took a deep breath and walked to the car Clara was in and sat at the front and started the car. He drove out of the park,followed by his friends and the guards.

(Gabanna Modeling Industry and Others).

Policemen arrived in their cars into the compound. Some fans started running away while Rose sat in a chair in front of the building with everyone.
The officers got out from their cars walked towards them.

” officer Wilson from central police department, and this is my colleague, constable Ben ”. He said, showing their warrants. The women got to their feet. Omar’s heart skipped a beat.
” what is going on? ”. Rose asked.
” good morning to you Mrs Gabanna ”.
” good morning ”.

A thread of sweat appeared on Omar’s forehead and he slowly started stepping backwards.

” we are here for Omarion Pordosky and Bella Bello ”.
” Omar? For what?! ”. Maria asked in confusion. ” a..and Bella? What happened? ”.

Omar started running and one of the policemen shot him on the foot. He fell helplessly down in pain.
The women screamed in horror as the policemen grabbed hold of him.

” where is Bella Bello? ”. They asked.
” I…in the building ”.

The officer commanded two policemen to rush into the building to bring her out.

” Omar,what have you done? ”. Maria asked.
” Omarion Pordosky, you are under arrest for the attack on Kim Clara at the beach of Quality Hotel ”.
” I know nothing about this! ”. Omar shouted. ” please help me Maria! I swear ”.
” it is better for you to be quiet because everything you say here,will be used against you in court of law. And don’t bother yourself to deny it,because we already arrested the three people you paid to attack Mrs Kim and we have evidence ”.

Rose loosed her mind and gave him a hard slap on his mouth.
The policemen arrived outside the company with serious faces.

” sir! Bella Bello is nowhere to be found in the building ”.
” are you sure? ”.
” but that’s impossible! She was in the building all this well! ”. Maria shouted.
” we did all the searching ma’am. There is no sign of her, and all workers in there said they haven’t seen her ”.
” she…she must have passed through the back gare of the company. There is a second exit,but… I don’t understand how she left ”. Rose said.
” well…she is Bella Bello and the securities wouldn’t think that she leaving for any bad reason so they will allow her,and everyone knows she was about to do a commercial for you ”. Maria said.
” hurry! Make the announcement! Let’s go in search for her now! ”. The officer says as they pulled Omar away.
” please Maria! I am begging you,please don’t let them dp this please! Ple…
” I told you to be careful of Bella didn’t I? You deserve this for doing this to Clara ”.

The police took Omar and drove away.

” I can not stand here for nothing Maria, I need to see Clara! ”.
” okay…why don’t we go to the Quality Hotel to find out ”.

They both left..



To be continued

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