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July 23, 2021


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Bittersweet wife Episode 1 & 2

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(She is his Enigma🐯).
Episode 1.



The cold breeze of the winter passed in front of the door step of Mr and Mrs Kim’s New York home as many expensive cars🚙kept driving and parking in front of the big mansion’s🏬compound. Friend’s,family and some media personality coming to take note of event of the whole year.
Mr and Mrs Kim,holding the 1 year wedding anniversary of their only son together.
Yes. It’s being a year since Mr Jim forced his arrogant famous son to marry a woman from a distant poor family.
His mother raised him the most, making him think he’s God of the planet. Well,in a way he was….but not until he was threatened with the fortune of the his grandfather and father….

People were filled both inside and outside the New York Kim’s mansion from around the world to witness this special event that will be talked about for the rest of the winter.

(One Year Ago=Kim’s White Palace).

Taehyung sat in one of the many soft and comfortable sofas in the grand sitting room of his father’s house,dressed in all black and looking smoking hot in blonde hair. Looking angry as ever,he had his back towards his parents who kept arguing about his father’s plans to get him married as soon as possible before he transferred everything in Taehyung’s name since he was the youngest and legitimate son of their thirty years of marriage.
Taehyung had achieved so many things in life. He was a successful musician, in the most famous boy band called BTS,he was very much famous for his deep voice, looks and mostly because of him,the band grew bigger and bigger everyday. All the ladies were in love with him and he loved it. Because he knew he was an eagle that will always be found it and sky,and no crawling insect could catch up with him because he was too far from their league. Just like his mother had raised him to be,am arrogant bag boy.
He was arrogant, cold,heartless and wild.
There are three things he hated in life.
*Showing emotions and
Slowly standing up,he folded his arms on his chest.

” you do know he is also my son right? ”. Mrs Kim calmly asked.
” yes I know you are the mother. But I am the man of the house and I have made my final decision. Mr Kim said in authority and turned to his son. ” so tell me not Tae,get married or loose the entire fortune to your brother and charity ”.
” you can not leave the family’s fortune to strangers Yu! Your father would have to have a say about the before you make any decision ”.
” First of all, Hadid isn’t a stranger, he is my son…
” Do you think I care about your illegitimate son?! Or Tue charity home? Why are you forcing my son to get married? You never forced Hadid to ….
” I am not talking about this anymore ”.

Mr Kim said and went closer to one of the living room’s desk and took out a brown envelope, containing something.
He went closer to his wife and son and held the brown envelope tightly in his hand.

” you have just a week to think about it Taehyung. The picture of the girl I found for you is in this envelope ”.
” Excuse me? You found what? ”. Taehyung asked in shock.
” I found you a wife,and everything has being arranged. I am giving you just a week to come to terms with this decision ”.
” you cannot choose who I marry father! And I am not ready to get married… I have many years ahead of me! ”.
” No! I have said what I said.. In any case,you can go to wherever place you please since you have thousands of housed around the world,but keep in mind,I will be waiting for a positive answer from you in one week’s time ”.
” so is that the reason why you called me for an urgent !meeting? When you know what I have to tour in Japan by tomorrow? Was this your very urgent meeting? ”.
” Hohohooo… Look at that Nana,just look at your very arrogant son and how he’s speaking to me? His own father, as if I had no sense in calling him here ”.

Mrs Kim chuckled and rolled her eyes.

” you called for it! ”.
” oh is that so? Alright. I am giving you one week accept this marriage, else I will invite my lawyer next week to transfer all the assets of the Kim empire to charity, and I swear it! What’s today’s date? ”. He asked as he checked on his expensive phone. ” okay…today is 10th of December… I will expecting your answer on the 17th ”.

” I will fucking be in Tokyo on the 17th dad….me and boys are going on tour! ”.
” Oh…don’t worry about that son. You know your father….am a very simple man. I don’t mind you giving me your answer on the phone. Like I said,everything is a yes from you. I hope you have a safe journey to Japan,and say hi to PD NIM for me ”.

He said and turned to leave,Taehyung growled loudly in frustration.

” I want to see the face of that woman you have chosen for him ”. Mrs Kim demanded.
” you only see her face after he agrees to he married ”.
” What?! Why? Do I know her? ”.

Mr Kim said nothing but walked upstairs, smiling.

” what the hell mum? I thought you wouldn’t allow this to happened. I am not ready for all this nonsense mum…and I am not going to get married ”.
” Listen son… ”. Mrs Kim looked around to make sure some servants weren’t passing by. ” Hadid has never being interested in the sharing of the family’s properties among you two. And yes,he is right to act that way,because that fool is an illegitimate son of your father after his unfaithfulness with his secretary ”. She taunted hatefully with flashed of a gun,hitting a woman’s chest in her memory.
” What do I do now mum? ”.
” Agree to this marriage proposal Tae ”.
” huh…
” you can’t let everything I also suffered to acquire to be given to some stinky fatherless children in the orphanage. I would rather burn all our banks,ATM and companies that let my money fall in the hands of some shameless children’s homes ”.
” I don’t want to…
” Shhhh ”. She brushed his hair softly with her palms. ” Do this for your mummy sweetheart. And I make a promise to you that,as soon as the fortune falls into your hands,I will Gert you divorced immediately ”.
” Mum… ”. Taehyung groaned restlessly.
” it’s for your future…and my future grandchildren. Remember that the sole owner of your music company is PD NIM. Your father’s best friend. And your father owns part of the company, he could get you fired,and I don’t think you would want that ”.
” I…
” promise me you will think about this. You and I are the rightful owners of this whole things…and no one else. Not even the illegitimate son Hadid! ”.

He knew his life was going to change forever, both personally and the public. But the same life depended on his decision, and he wasn’t willing to let go of his international status as the King of Kings.

(New York City=America’s Modeling Industry).

The USA is one country very famous for their modeling talents and every December was a lucky month for upcoming models to show their talents on set. And Clara Johnson, a simple young lady from an average family of African Americans sat in the waiting room to be called.
She’s golden, she’s wild,she’s sassy and savage,she’s thick and beautiful, brown skin young woman of twenty two years old and not afraid of even the lion of the jungle. For a perfect first impression to wow the bosses and supervisors. Holding a cheap black handbag, wearing straight dress and black slippers,she was looking quite cute.
The company’s secretary arrived in the waiting room,looking into a small paper book she held.

” Next…Clara Johnson? ”.
” oh..that’s.. That’s me! ”. She cheerfully said and happily hopped up like a frog.

As she walked towards the secretary, she suddenly tripped beside a metal chair in front and nearly had a heart attack.
Her clumsiness was out of this world.

” Oh…sorry ”. She said and adjusted herself well. ” I am Clara Johnson ”.
” follow me ”.

(Shooting Room📸).

They entered the big shooting room,containing all lights,cameras and other modeling tools. And seven people.
The secretary walked out of the room and closed the door behind her.
One of the women in the room signalled Clara to come closer. She walked closer to them with a bright smile.

” I am Clara Johnson ”.
” Your particulars? ”.

She handed them the paper book.

” Clara Johnson…. from New Jersey? ”. The manager asked.
” Yes ma’am ”.
” Twenty two Yeats old…graduated from Steinberg High School….
” yes ”.
” no college? Where did you graduate in college? ”.
” I didn’t go to college? ”.
” why? ”.
” we..well…I couldn’t afford ”.
” Hmmm… ”. The manager said,starring at her from head to toe.
” is that really necessary Maria…look at her,isn’t she too fat and also African…kinda too dark skinned, that does not fit for modeling ”. Omar,the PA of the manager whispered to her.
” Forget that for a while now Omar. She has amazing facial features, and that’s one key to a successful model ”. She whispered back and turned back to Clara. ” okay Clara,let’s see what you’ve got ”


Episode 2.


Clara was led by Omar to change behind a transparent curtain. She placed her handbag on the floor and stood straight.

” so…what do I do now sir? ”. She asked with a smile.
” you are going to get out of your clothes…how much do you weigh? ”.
” urmm…twenty pounds ”.
” hurry up ”.

She quickly got out of her straight dress,leaving her only in her pant and bra. Omar led her out of the curtain and walked her to the camera men and the manager.

” okay guys….ready? ”. Maria asked while standing up. ” Normani, please blow up the wind.

As the wind blew up,Clara poses for the camera and as the wind blew her long hair backward, cameras started flashing at her.

” I want fierce Clara… Fierce!!! ”. Maria shouted.

Because modeling had being her dream since she was little, she pur her all into this photoshoot. She fiercely bent down and looked into the camera.

” beautiful… I love that! Two more photos to go and…cut! ”. Maria added and the photographers stopper with everyone clapping their hands in all smiles.

Clara smiled in delight as she shyly walked off the set to meet Maria who was already smiling while Omar kept on his unimpressed face.

” how did I do ma’am? ”.
” you are the most relatable girl I’ve met yet today…I would want to see more of you and what you can do ”.
” oh my goodness… Oh thank you,thank you,thank you so so so much! ”. She shook her excitement out of her body.
” Really Maria? I don’t think she did that good….
” keep your opinions to yourself Omar ”. She said and turned to Clara with a small card. ” take this card,there’s going to be a very big event for both big and upcoming models at the New York theatre on the 20th of this month and I want you to prepare yourself for that…secretary! ”.

The secretary entered immediately and bowed a little.

” yes ma’am? ”.
” take Clara to the custom department to take her measurement. She is coming with us to the Naomi Campbell event on the 20th ”.
” What?!!! ”. Clara exclaimed in surprise. ” you mean…supermodel Naomi Campbell? The legend? ”.

Maria smiled lightly.

” yes Clara,Naomi Campbell…the legend ”.
” oh my God…of my God! I am her biggest fan…I love her so much am gonna cry. I have always wanted to meet her since I was a baby! ”.

Omar groaned in annoyance and covered his face with his hands.

” it’s okay sweetheart. If you really want to be a supermodel, work hard….your dreams may soon be reality ”.
” thank you so much ma’am ”.

Clara replied and left with the secretary with her bag and clothes.
Maria turned to Omar and flipped her fingers to the photographers.

” okay it’s getting late…we are closing for today…to be continued tomorrow! ”.
” Maria…do you know,that girls weighs twenty pounds? ”.
” what?! Are you serious? ”.
” this is a big company and we have never failed to deliver beautiful great models. You know,with long silky hair,white skin,blue eyes and all that. This girl will never fit in. People will scorn us! ”.
” hmmm…it’s time to change and spice the system a little bit Omar. Not everything has to be white and blue, sometimes we must add black and brown to make it colourful. Don’t worry about the size…that will be taken care of. I am so tired…see you tomorrow ”.

And with that,she left with most of the others while the rest remained to clean up the place.

” that girl seems very confident…and a model must possess sick quality to break through. I must tell this to BB right away! ”. Omar thought.

(New Jersey=Cripton Apartments=Rented 10).

Mr Johnson layed in his bedroom, facing the ceiling of the room. Thinking not when he was going to take his last breath. He was no longer afraid to die because he knew he would never have to worry about his daughter anymore after the agreement he had went with his former boss. Clara would never have to worry about anything anymore because she was now going to be married into the second richest family in the world.
He had accepted this. He had no choice. Clara had no one. No one in the world. She would have had someone if her mother had not eloped with a rich man when she was just five years old.
Mr Johnson couldn’t take care of Clara on her own so he got married to another woman but that changed nothing. Instead,the woman made Clara’s life a living hell,turning Clara I to a beast who defended herself from harm all the time.
He forced himself up the bed and took the document of agreement from his drawer and starred at it again.

” I am so sorry my baby…for doing this without your consent. If I don’t give you away before I die…Nora with her daughter will kill you ”. He said and coughed out dark blood. ” I don’t have much time ”.

As he said that,his wife stood behind the door,starring at and listening to him with so much suspicion.
Mr Johnson slowly placed the document under his pillow and took his small phone, dialling a number and placed it on his ear.

” Clara? ”. He coughed heavily. ” are you not done with whatever you are doing? Please…hurry and come home. I want to tell you something very important before I….

Nora quickly snatched the phone away from his hand and hanged up the call.

” what are you and that gorilla of a daughter planning Seth? Answer me. So,instead of leaving her as my servant, toy have refused and is planning something against me right?! ”.
” Nora…
” enough! What did you give to me when we got married? I thought you would make it in life but no…we have being married for fifteen years and yet,we are still living in harsh conditions, even though you worked as a driver for one of the richest families in the world! ”.

She angrily said and pulled his pillow, leaving him to fall harshly on the bed. She quickly grabbed hold of the document and held it tightly in her hand.

” no…give that ba..back now. Ple..please ”.

He held his chest in awe,loosing his breath.

” just die already so I wouldn’t have to look at tour face anymore ”.

And right there and then,Mr Johnson took his hast breath and closed his eyes forever.
But just then,Clara entered the room,starring at her father’s lifeless body. There and then,she rushed to him,screaming her Kungs out.

” father! No,don’t do this to me father… I already got the job father, don’t..not this time please!!! Fa…fa…father!!! ”. She screamed in pain and tears and turned to Nora. ” what did you do to him you witch…answer me! ”.

She got hold of Nora’s hair to strangle her,as they both fought,the document fell from her hand and opened up on the floor.
They both realised and looked down to it.
Nora was shocked at what she saw…



To be continued

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