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bitter love episode 21

💔 Bitter

Love 💔

{When love burns…}

Written by Ibrahim Gift

Chapter twenty_one




Twinkle calling pearl but it was saying that it wasn’t reachable.

Twinkle was quite worried about Pearl, she just heard the weather report that rain was falling in California.

From the little time she got to know pearl, she knows how much pearl hates the rain.

“Why are you like this? Did anything happen?”, Jayden asked as he klzzed twinkle.

“It’s pearl, her number isn’t going and I don’t know how she’s is doing over there.”, She explained.

“Over where?

“She went to visit her parents, today is their memorial.”, She explained and Jayden nodded, then realization struck him.

“She went to California?”, He asked for confirmation and twinkle nodded.

“Kyle is also in California, he went for a meeting that was supposed to take place tomorrow.”, He said and she mouthed “oh”.

“Maybe they are together, you don’t have to worry. Everything will be okay.”, He said drawing twinkle to himself as he placed klzzes on her neck which made her smile.

“Oh my goodness! You guys are so w€t.”, The woman in her 60s said to Kyle and pearl as they held tight to each other.

She then gestured for them to come inside.

“Good evening ma’am.”, Pearl greeted and she nodded.

“You are so beautiful dear, I was just like you when I was young and that was the reason my husband fell so [email protected] for me, you can use your beauty to your advantage.”, She complimented.

“I will do as you say ma’am.”, Pearl said bowing.

“No don’t call me ma’am, I am Mrs Rivers and this is my husband, Mr Rivers.”, She said and pearl and Kyle greeted the man.

“You can have your seat, I will bring a towel for you to dry your body.”, She offered and they thanked her.

“So tell me are you guys married? You look more than just Friends to me.”, Mr Rivers asked.

“We were married.”, Pearl replied.

“Oh you divorced? Things must have ended badly for you both, are you working things out?”, Mrs Rivers asked.

“No, we just happen to meet each other coincidentally.”, Kyle replied.

“I really hope you work things out, I know it is not easy as a married couples but you should learn to tolerate some things because that is what marriage is all about.”, Mrs Rivers said.

“There are some things that can’t be tolerated when you are not compatible with your partner.”, Pearl muttered to herself but Kyle heard.

“Really,Things like what?”, He turned to ask her hut she just looked away.

“Mrs Rivers please I have a question and I would appreciate if you answer me honestly.”, He said and she nodded.

“No matter how your husband annoys you and probably treat you bad unintentionally, do you consider leaving as the best option?”, Kyle asked and pearl glared at him.

“What is he doing?”

“My husband does some things that I just hate so much but no matter what, I can’t leave him because I love him so much, I just overlook somethings.”, She replied and Kyle looked at pearl.

“What happens to the other things that you don’t overlook?”, He asked.

“We talk about it and make sure we come to an agreement.”, She replied.

“Mr Rivers no matter how busy you are, do you just give your wife less attention? Do you ignore her? Do you treat her like she is just useless? Do you support her dream? Do you treat her like you married her to give birth to your kids? Do you ignore her needs?”, Pearl asked Mr Rivers and he cleared his throat.

“Well I was always busy with work but I noticed how distant I was to my wife and so no matter how busy I was, I still made time to spend with her. I try as much as possible not to make my wife feel that I don’t love her, I make sure I listen to whatever she has to say.”, He said and pearl glared at pearl.

“Mra Rivers please show me the way to the room, I am feeling sleepy.”, Pearl said trying to leave, she didn’t leave that moment she can do anything stupid.

Mrs Rivers showed her the room and they both entered and closed the door.

“I know marriage life is not easy but marriage is about understanding and communication. If you don’t tell him what your problem is, he won’t know. There are sometimes that they are just so stupid to notice but you should tell him whatever is bothering you.”, Mrs Rivers said.

“What do you when your mother-in-law doesn’t like you for her son?”, Pearl asked.

“Well my mother in law didn’t like me that much but my love for [email protected] matters more, so far we are happy together, then I don’t care about her.”, She replied.

“Just open up to him and hear what he thinks about it.”, She advised.

“Thank you — I didn’t have anyone to tell me this.”, Pearl said.


“Women are a pain in the @ss, they complain too much and nag a lot but honestly if my wife doesn’t speak, I suddenly become worried. Women love to keep things to themselves if we men don’t ask what the problem is, they feel like we just should know everything.”

“Really?”, Kyle asked.

“Persuade her till she tells you her mind, don’t stop till she tells you what is wrong. One more thing just make sure you don’t make her doubt your love for you, if she does then something is really wrong.”, Mr Rivers said to Kyle.

“What If she doesn’t answer if I ask her?”, Kyle asked.

“Sometimes women just want you to be persistent, they just want you to ask for a little longer because they speak and I think they have that thing in common. Don’t stop asking till she tells you.”, He said and Kyle nodded.


When Kyle entered the room, pearl looked away. She didn’t want Kyle to see that she was crying.

Just as she turned to lay on the bed, he saw down beside her.

“What are you doing here? You should sleep on the floor.”, She said standing up but he held her.

“Don’t you think … We should talk?”, He asked.

“What do you want us to talk about?”

“Everything… Starting from what happened to you … us.”, He said.

“Nothing really happened, why is there need to talk about this anyway? Aren’t you getting married soon? There is no need for us to talk.”, She said and Kyle pulled her to seat.

“Please pearl … This might be the only opportunity we will have to talk this out, please tell me what really happened.”, He said and pearl looked at him and she saw how serious he was.

“Please.”, He pleaded.

“I … I was just insecure about you, I didn’t want to lose you but I knew I was and I got tired of hoping.”, She said looking down playing with her nails.

“Why would you be secure? I don’t understand.”, He said.

“Your mom … She didn’t like me at all, she was always maltreating and insulting me, she told me that I had nothing to offer you. She said you married me out of pity since I was just so orphan who had no parents, she said you didn’t live me that was why you rarely had time for me.”, Pearl said as tears filled her eyes, Kyle just looked at her dumbfounded.

“My mother said that?”

“I just want to prove myself, I wanted to prove that I was the right person for you. I wanted to become an actress not only because of my dream and my parents but because of you, I just wanted her to know that my love for you for sincere but you weren’t helping matters.”

“You were always cold towards, you rarely had time for me. You didn’t even look at me twice, you only cared about the kids, so I thought that your mom was right about when she said you married me out of pity and you didn’t love me.”

“My father cheated on my mom despite when he claiming to be busy, I just thought you found someone else. From the way you treated me, I thought you never loved me and I had se-xual needs also but you only touched me once and that was on her wedding night. I thought that you got irritated with me after you touched me.

“Carl just wanted to help me because I wasn’t myself, he just wanted me to be happy. He made me feel the complete opposite of what you made me feel, I just wanted to be loved like everyone else. I was scared that I wasn’t good enough for you, I just thought that you mom was right that I had nothing to offer.”

“I so much regretted m that I left but believe me I didn’t leave because of Carl, he only supported me. I just wasn’t strong enough to continue holding on but I shouldn’t have given up.”

“Pearl …!”, Kyle was still saying when she covered his mouth with her hand.

“Don’t say anything till I am done, I need to tell you how I really feel.”, She said then she removed her hand from his mouth.

“When I left, I realized that I didn’t live Carl at all, I was just infatuated with him. I didn’t stop loving you Kyle. I still lovee you very much and I am happy that you are a good parent, you know create time for Ryan and Emma. Erica did what I couldn’t, she changed you to become a better person. At least she isn’t like me who abondoned her kids just like my parents, I just didn’t want our love life to end like my parents so I left but I guess I was just causing more harm.”

“I am not telling you how I feel because I want us to be together, I just felt like I should tell you. I honestly don’t have anything against Erica, if she loves Ryan and Emma so much then I have no problem with her.”, pearl said.

“Why didn’t you tell me all these before now?”, Kyle asked but pearl said nothing, she just bowed her head.

“Don’t you think you are being unfair? You just kept everything to yourself.”, Kyle yelled.

“Don’t yell at me! You know I am not good at expressing myself, I didn’t really have someone, I grew up alone so I thought I could bear everything.”, She said as she tried her best to stop tears from falling.

“You could have still told me, you were being selfish Pearl. You went through everything and I had no idea.”, He said as tears rolled down from his eyes.

“How could I have told you?

“Just the same way you told me now.”, He replied.

“You were always busy, you would wake up very early to leave and come back home. You treated me like I wasn’t existing.”, She said as she hit her lower l!p.

“I didn’t know that was how I made you feel, I’m sorry.”, He apologized as hot tears continued to rush down.

“Hit me as much as you can to vent you anger.”, He said and she started to hit him on his chest.

“I hate you so much as much as I hate myself.”, She shouted at him as she broke into tears also.

When her hand started to hurt, she stopped hurting and she just continued crying.

“I’m sorry pearl… I had no idea, my mom told me me that everything was okay. I finally understand you now but you should have hidden everything from me, everything that happened was my fault.”, Kyle said as he pulled her into a hug.

“What did you do to me Kyle? Why can’t I move on from you when you already did? Why can’t my heart choose Carl? Why do I always think about you?”, She said with her face buried in his chest.

“I hate you so much Kyle Corden.”, She repeated.

Kyle raised her head up a f!ng£r and wiped her tears. He stared at her l!ps and he moved his towards hers.

“I’m so sorry pearl.”, He muttered and she felt his breath on her face.

She already closed her eyes ready to embrace his and just as he was about to klzz her, the door opened immediately revealing Mrs Rivers with a blanket.

“Did I interrupt something?”, She asked with a smile.


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Pearl and Kyle 😎

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