Bitter love episode 2

Episode 2.
Monde and I paced back and forth in her living room while Lubona was seated on the couch, her head buried in her palms. She always did that when she was de-ep in thought.
“For how long has this been going on?” I demanded, crossing my arms and sternly glaring at Lubona who then glanced up at me.
“Alicia, don’t tell me you’re indirecting accusing me of being aware of what’s been going on. Do you honestly think I have a hand in this?”
“What must she think?” snapped Monde. “Angela is your young sister and you expect Alicia and I to think you’re not aware she’s going out with Alicia’s husband? Lubona, I’m utterly disappointed in you cause I just can’t fathom the bitter truth that you’d literally stab Alicia in the back!”
Yes, Angela, Angie or whatever she called herself had always been a wild sl@yqueen but never in my wildest dreams had I thought she’d go out with my husband.
Lubona’s eyes bec@m£ watery. “Guys, I swear on my late mother’s grave I’m innocent.”
“Why don’t I believe you?” Brow furrowed, Monde asked.
Before Lubona could reply, I said, “I don’t know whether I believe you or not, Lubona. But plea-se tell your sister to leave my husband alone cause all hell will break loose if she doesn’t.” with that, I gr@bb£d my handbag and carrier bags then stormed out of the house. Both Monde and Lubona c@m£ calling out my name.
They caught up with me at the gate. Monde gr@bb£d my arm. “Let me at least give you a ride.”
“Thanks for the kind gesture, Monde. But I have cash on me and can find my way home.”
“I’m really sorry about this,” said Lubona. “I also am shocked by this as much as both of you are, believe me. Angie is wild. This I admit but I’m ashamed to call myself her elder sister after learning what she’s done. I’ll try talking some s-en-se into her though.”
“You better do that ASAP cause I don’t know what I’ll do to her if she continues going out with my husband, trust me neither of us will like it.”
I opened the small gate and stepped out of Monde’s compound. I heard her scold Lubona about her sister’s morals and shook my head as I headed towards the taxi rank.
“Your food is getting cold,” I told Bob who seemed busy with something on his l@pt©p.
He didn’t bother glancing up. “I’m not hungry. And even if I were, I wouldn’t eat your goddamn food lest you poison me or drop love potion in it. Now, I’m busy so plea-se spare me your retorts.”
Had he just re-ad my mind cause I was definitely going to retort. Shaking my head in dismay, I left the be-droom and closed the door behind me.
“Yes, love?”
Fred and I were seated at the dining table having supper.
“What’s up with daddy, he ba-rely eats with us anymore.”
How am I supposed to answer this? “He’s not hungry.”
“He’s rarely hungry lately. What’s going on, mummy?”
“It’s just work and stress,” I sighed and patted Fred’s free hand. “Besides, you won’t un-derstand cause it’s grown up stuff.”
“Geez, all the grown up stuff terrifies me. If growing up is all about problems then I don’t want to grow up.”
“Fred, trust me when I say growing up’s fun too. Now eat your food before it gets cold.”
Fred merely nodded.
“Who is Angela?”
I was clad in my nightdress and was preparing to go to be-d. Bob was seated at his desk, working on something.
He flin-ched. “Woman, don’t start with your drama. There’s so many Angelas out there and if my memory serves me right, I’m not acquainted with any so quit nagging me,” Bob saw to it that he was blantantly rude. “And one more thing, some of us have demanding jobs so let me work in peace.”
I shook my head and slid un-der the covers, leaning against the wall and crossing my arms.
“Of all people, it had to be my best friend’s sister Angela. Why, Bob? Why? Couldn’t you find another girl to ban-g?”
“Oh plea-se, not again.” m0@n ed Bob as he slammed his PC shut, turning so that we were now facing one another. “Alicia, tell whoever’s badmouthing me to get lost. Or better still get a life or hang themselves but they should plea-se just leave me out of their gist.”
It’s amazing what great actors most men are. So Bob was denying knowing Angie?
“No one’s badmouthing you, Bob. Earlier today, at the mall, I saw you k!ss!ngAngie, in public!”
“So?” I couldn’t refrain myself from yelling. “You’re cheating on me in broad daylight and you think there’s nothing wrong with that?!”
“Cheating on you?” Bob retorted. “Madam, you’re the one that doesn’t want to divorce me so quit whining. In my mind, you’re no longer my wife. The sooner you get that throu-gh your taut skull the better!”
My tears couldn’t quite seem to find a better time to fall than now.
“And there, she’s now crying,” Bob muttered. “What a drama queen she is!”
Wiping my tears, I asked, “Where did I go wrong in this marriage, my dearest husband? What happened to the d@t£s, picnics and all the loving and caring moments we shared? What wrong have I ever done to you, huh Bob?”
Bob slammed his hands on his desk. “Jesus, Alicia! Get the hell out of my case!” he was yelling. “Just sign the divorce papers alre-ady. If it’s being stranded you worried about then you shouldn’t cause I can always give you 20% alimony.”
“Do you think I care for money? Bob, I love you so much and all I wanna do is spend the rest of my life with you and our son.”
“Well I don’t love you except my son, period!” Bob sprang to his feet and turned off all the lights. He later slid un-der the covers beside me. “I want to sleep so if you value your looks, Alicia, don’t bother nagging me further nor sobbing. If you’re so emotional, you can go over to the guestroom and mourn all your dead relatives. You can even mourn your ancestors for all I care but just leave me alone.”
I sle-pt with tears pouring out my eyes.
It had been three days since I’d discovered Bob was going out with Angela and he had alre-ady spent two nights out. Knowing what he was doing and whom he was doing it with almost drove me crazy but I still somehow managed to keep my sanity. But I think my tolerance had reached it’s limit when I re-ad a text from Angie on Bob’s phone this morning whilst he was having a shower.
The text had re-ad, “Hey boo, last night was intense. Can you believe I can ba-rely walk from all the S-x? Anyway, just thought of saying I miss you. Are you spending the night in the company of your old hag of a wife tonight?” I knew the text was from Angie after comparing the number from which it had come from with the one of Angie’s that was saved on my phone.
“Your side plate s£nt you a text,” I said to Bob when he left the shower.
He defensively gr@bb£d his phone from the be-d and re-ad the text, scowling. “The next time you go throu-gh my messages, I’ll poke your eyes out. I just don’t get why you can’t get a life alre-ady.”
Now I was seated on the couch sipping on some jui-ce as I watched T.V. I wondered what was taking my maid Mulenga so long. When she finally showed up, I snapped at her. “What took you so long to come for work, huh Mule? It’s past 9 AM for crying out loud! You’re lucky I’m not working today.”
“Madam,” began Mulenga in a mischievous tone. “You won’t believe what just happened in my area.”
“Try me,” I br@ced myself for the gossip that was coming my way. Trust Mule to gossip all day long.
She was saying,”So there’s this harlot in our area who goes out with every married man who says ‘hi’ to her and today, she finally got what was coming her way… As I was headed here, I saw two women angrily knocking on her door and I immediately knew trouble was coming so I stood to watch. When Ireen, that’s the harlot’s name by the way. So Ireen opened the door with only a towel wra-pped round her b©dy and guess what?”
“I can’t guess, Mule. Just tell me alre-ady.” I wasn’t in the mood for the gist.
Mule went on, “One of the women gr@bb£d her by the weave and the other str!pped her n-ked. People had now gathered to watch. And then the two women were pouncing on Ireen calling her all sorts of names and when they were done beating her, one of the women spat in her face and warned her to stay away from her husband,” she paused. “Madam, no matter how shameless that Ireen is, she’ll surely keep away from married men. I would too after being embarras-sed like that.”
Mule stood and immediately begun working. One p@rt in the story she had told me had really caught my attention and kind of inspired me.
Why hadn’t I thought of this on my own? I asked myself as I rushed to my room to gr-ab my purse. I didn’t bother taking a bath so I simply told Mule to take care of the house while I was away.
“Where are you going?” she asked.
“It’s none of your business.” I rudely replied.
It was only after getting on a taxi that I gave Monde a call.
“Babe, you busy?” I spoke into the phone.
Monde replied, “No, baby boo. My guy stood me up so I’m just sulking over a movie with my cousin. And you now I’m on leave from work. Why, you wanna drop by?”
“Yes, bae. Go do some push ups or any exercises as you wait for me. Now, don’t ask questions and just do as I say. Trust me we are going to have ourselves some fun.