Bitter love episode 13

BITTER_LOVE episode 13
Heartless are those men who deem women S-x objects.
On a clearing, which is simply a patch of dry land inside a bush or forest, I saw two men pinning a woman down. One of the men had his shorts and bo-xers pu-ll-ed down that all his as-sets were expo-sed. The lady l@yback down on the clearing while both men pinned her down. She was trying her best to break free but they overpowered her and she couldn’t scream for help as her mouth was covered.
No sooner had I arrived at the scene and illuminated it with my flashlight than the two men let go of the woman like they’d just been pricked with sharp pins.
“Raise your hands, you filthy morons!”
I was pointing a gun at them as the woman made it to her feet, sobbing. She adjusted her dress and hurriedly c@m£ to hide behind me. I hadn’t even gotten the chance to see her face as her weave had been covering it.
“Both of you will turn around as I handcuff you. For the record, you are un-der arrest for attem-pted r@p£. Muzakambila kusogola ba swine imwe(you’ll get a chance to speak from where we are going, you swines).”
I got handcuffs from my p@n-ts and as I was about to cuff one man’s arm to the other’s when one of them abruptly turned, catching me offguard and punching me in the face. I felt blood sputter out my nostrils. The guy who had hit me attem-pted to flee but I sh0t him on the calf. The other guy seemed too scared to move and that’s how I ended up handcuffing both men.
I led them towards the road as I hurled insults at them and threatened to shoot both of them dead if they dared try anything funny. The guy I’d sh0t was limping but I didn’t care one bit.
I wiped the blood off my nose and heard the woman I’d just saved sob, “Tha.. Thanks, officer.”
I diverted the flash light toward her. “It’s alrig- Diana?” her weave was no longer in her face.
She sniffed. “Yes. Do I know you?”
We had now reached the roadside and were now approaching both the BMW and my car which were parked in the middle of the road. The guys I’d caught were an inch in front of us, my gun pointing at their heads.
“It’s me, Alicia. The girl you met at Protea h0tel, remember?”
“OMG, how can I ever forget you? Wait a minute, what are you doing here dressed as a- No way, you’re a policewoman?!”
“Yes, Diana. And these bastards are going to pay for attempting to m©l£styou.”
“Thank you very much, Alicia. I’m-”
“Oh come on,” snapped the guy I had not sh0t. “My friend’s sh0t and you two are here having a nice reunion? Come on, the dude nee-ds to see a doctor!”
“If you don’t shut up, I’ll b!ow your br@ins off!” I sternly warned. I said to Diana, “You’ll have to come with me to the police station and give a statement. Don’t worry, it’s just a procedure and all.”
“Of course I’m coming, Alicia. If it hadn’t been for you, only heaven knows what these hooligans would have been doing to me at this juncture.”
After parking my car by the roadside, I gave my mechanic a phone call and asked him to come collect it and also told him where he’d find the keys. I was only going throu-gh all this trouble cause I didn’t want the culprits to attack me if I was the one driving them to the police station in my car thus Diana drove us to the police station as I sat in the backseat with the guys and kept watch of them.
I gave Helen the police officer who was on duty with Mr. Sibajene tonight a call.
“I should find a doctor.”
“Why?” she inquired.
“Helen, quit asking irrevelant questions and do as I say ai?”
Our police station had it’s own doctor. When we arrived, the doctor was alre-ady there and he immediately began tending to the injured guy’s wound. I locked the other one in a cell.
“You can now give the police officer your statement,” I told Diana who was at reception.
“Don’t you work here?” she asked.
“Yes I do, why?”
“I’d feel more comfortable giving my statement to you.”
“I’d I’ve loved that, Diana. But I’m sadly not on duty so you have to give your statement to Officer Sibajene. Don’t worry, as I said earlier, it’s just procedure.”
Diana sighed. “If you say so.” she approached the desk and I followed suit.
Sibajene said, “Your name, plea-se.”
“Diana. Diana Maliti.”
Sibajene was jotting something in a notebook. “Yes, Ms. Diana. You can go ahead and give me your statement.”
Diana took a de-ep breath. “I.. I was going home from a friend’s place. I know it was really reckless of me to drive at such a late hour but I didn’t want Curtis to spend the night almost alone at home as it’s just him, the maid and I at home.”
“And who is Curtis?”
“Oh, he’s my cousin.”
“Okay, go on.”
“So as I was driving down a lonely road, two men out of nowhere appeared in the middle of the road. I had to hit emergency breaks that I ended up almost hitting my head on the steering wheel. The two men had large pieces of wood in their possession and one of them pu-ll-ed my car door open as it was unfortunately unlocked.
Then the men instructed me to give them all the money I had. I tried to get the money from my purse but realized I’d forgotten it at my friend’s place. That’s when all hell broke loose,” she paused to catch her breath. “They said they wouldn’t go away empty handed so I’d pay for wasting their time and energy and I didn’t know what they meant not until they dragged me out of the car into the bushes where they attem-pted to gang r@p£ me.
I’d even lost all hope when Alicia here showed up and saved the moment. She has saved my life and I’ll be forever grateful to her.”
Not knowing what to say, I patted Diana’s back.
“I think that’s all I nee-d. Thanks for your corporation, miss.” said Sibajene.
“It’s my plea-sure,” Diana sniffed.
We left Helen and Sibajene at the desk and went to sit on a bench. It was past midnight.
“I can take you home,” I offered. “I just can’t let you go on your on.”
“I can’t even muster such courage, Alicia. All this has me shaken up that I can’t believe what’s just happened. About taking me home, thanks but I’ll just give Curtis a call. You’ve alre-ady done more than enough for me tonight. Besides, you’d have to spend the night at my place cause there’s no way I’m letting you go home alone.”
I flashed Diana a genuine smile.
To say I adored her s-en-se of humour would be an un-derstatement.
“And I insist on taking you home cause I don’t mind spending the night there. Furthermore, I don’t want you to put your cousin throu-gh the trouble of driving here. I suggest we get going right away.”
“Yes, officer. Your wish is my command.”
She and I bur-st out laughing and I bid both Helen and Sibajene goodbye.
Diana was behind the wheel and I was seated beside her, en route to her place. I decided to give Mule a call and tell her not to wait up for me.
“So you’re not coming home, madam? What should I tell Faides tomorrow when she asks about you?”
“You won’t have to tell her anything cause I’ll be back before she wakes up. Bye.”
“I’m guessing that was your house help,” said Diana knowingly.
“Yeah. She’s really concerned about me.”
“Thank God for her.”
“I do. And oh yeah, you’ll have to testify against those bastards, in court.”
“I’d do that gladly, trust me. Anytime, any day. As long as those bastards pay.”
“And they will.”
Diana then gave Curtis a phone call using my phone as hers was apparently in the purse that she’d left at her friend’s place.
I was shocked to learn Curtis and Diana lived in a mini mansion in Northmead, not far from my place. Once we were on the front porch of the house, Diana rang the doorbell and it was Curtis who opened the door, clad in pajamas.
“Dee, what took you so-” he broke off after seeing me. A frown formed on his face. “What’s she doing here? Isn’t she the lady that poured c0cktail all over my suit about three weeks ago? I know I was mean to her but why’s she here dressed like a police officer? What a dumb question to ask. I’m guessing she is indeed a police officer and is here to arrest me. Dee, do you seriously hate me this much that you’d bring a police officer to my house?”
“Jesus, Curtis,” Diana said in an almost inaudible tone. “You’re embarras-sing me. First let us in and then I’ll explain how come Alicia’s with me at this awkward hour.”
“Pardon my ill manners,” Curtis sighed and stepped aside. “You can both come in.”
“Thank you,” I sheepishly said.
We all went in and I was ushered to the living room. Well, what do I have to say about the decor? It was on point! I loved everything about that house even though I’d literally been to only one room.
“What shall I offer you?” it was Curtis asking me.
“Coffee. One teaspoon of sugar, plea-se.”
He disappeared to the kitchen and c@m£ back minutes later with three mugs of coffee on a tray. He handed me one.
“You’re welcome.”
Curtis sat beside Diana while I was seated on a one-sitter couch.
“Dee, my ears are currently itching to hear what’s going on.”
Diana narrated everything and she narrated it so well that she painted me a heroine. When she was done, Curtis swallowed. I could see shame and remorse written all over his face. I didn’t nee-d to be a genius to know what he was going throu-gh mentally. I could s-en-se an apology coming my way and I had to br@ce myself cause I honestly didn’t know if I would forgive him for humiliating me like he had done at his book opening.