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July 24, 2021


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Billionaire’s baby mama batch 4

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Alison stirred slowly on the bed

It was narrow and she immediately realized she wasn’t in her bedroom.she cast her eyes round and sighting the long transparent tube that disappeared into her arm,concluded she was in QN hospital


The last thing she remembered…..

A great sadness welled in her as she remembered why she was so depressed in the first place

She started crying,softly,with her eyes closed

What had she done to deserve all this?

She had never felt so miserable in her entire life,not even when josh left her

She continief crying softly even though no one was in the room with her

Or so she thought

Something brushed her face

A hand,wiping her tears away.

Alison slowly opened her eyes and waited for the teary film surrounding her eyes to fade


She stared in shock at the person sitting across from her for a long time,not really believing it but at the same time hoping with all her heart that it was real


He looked the worse for wear and there wear dark circles under his eyes but it did nothing to mar his beauty

Alison had never seen anything do beautiful

She tried to speak,to apologize all over again,to tell him how much she loved him and would never hurt him again if he could just take her back but somehow she couldn’t

Dennis saw her straining and gently placed a finger on her lips

“I’m sorry”he said and Alison was shocked at the sadness on his face

What was he sorry for?

She was the liar here,the devil,the one who could not be trusted but here was Dennis apologizing

“I never should have left you,ally,I see that now”he was still saying”I’d never forgive myself if anything happened to you or the baby.”

A pause

“Our baby”

Our baby

That was what he said

A great joy welled up in Alison an she struggled to seat up despite the silent protest from Dennis,and hugged him tight

“Oh Dennis”she gasped breathlessly, wondering why she was so weak

Well,how could she not be weak when she had not tasted anything edible for the past few days coupled with the medication she had been under all day

“I’ll never hurt you,I promise”she said weakly and dennis slowly laid her back on the bed”I…I..will always love you and our child.forgive me please”

Dennis eyes shone with unshed tears

“You mean we’ll never hurt each other again”he said”and we’ll love our child together,because my love,I’ll always be at your side”

Alison smiled joyfully but weakly

Happily she allowed her eyes lids to drift close in sweet sleep,Dennis clutching her hand by her side

God,please don’t take away this happiness from her


Mitchell slowly closed the door to room 2b where Alison was hospitalized

So that was it ehh?

The baby was actually Dennis’s just like she predicted

That stupid fool,josh was wrong after all and after seeing and hearing all those conversations of love between Dennis and Alison,her plans would have to change.

Mitchell couldn’t see why she should bother herself with josh anymore

The stupid fool was drowning himself in alchohol and that was fitting for him

She wanted Dennis now

She wanted that man with such unwavering loyalty and love

If Alison can get him with such drab looks,she doesn’t see why she can’t, queen of seduction that she is

And of she doesn’t get him,she’d destroy him and everything he loves

Her fingers and toes tingled as she felt her old powers returning

Powers of seduction

It was going to be so much fun hurting Alison again and after all,she had nothing to lose




“You can cook?”Alison asked in amazement ad she watched Dennis preparing what she hoped will be extremely magnificent

And delicious too

She had been discharged from the hospital the day before and Dennis refused to let her out of his sight even for a moment

He had insisted on taking her home and nursing her to proper health to which her family and her included gave their wholehearted approval

Although she wasn’t used to being treated like a queen,Alison enjoyed herself immensely when Dennis massaged her hands,fed her,took her shopping and made sure she did nothing

There were maids around the house which itself could have been described as the Buckingham palace but Dennis did everything himself to the delight of Alison

Now they were both alone in the kitchen while she watched him prepare what he insisted would be good for her in her condition

It made her want to be pregnant forever

“Yes I cook”Dennis said to answer her earlier question as he stirred a mix of vegetables and meat on the fire”when I stayed in Italy for a year,there was practically nothing I love more than cooking and learning how to cook”

“You stayed in italy?”

“My grandparents came from there”Dennis replied

“Cool”Alison said”well,I can cook but nothing spectacular, just the basics”

“You thankful you met a great man like me”Dennis said,winking at her

“PFF..what great m…”she stopped and gasped suddenly making Dennis rush to her

“Are you OK?”he asked worriedly and watched as her face widened in a huge grin

“The baby kicked”she said,smiling widely”the baby kicked,Dennis, can you believe it?!”

Dennis nodded,although the mere thought was making him lightheaded with joy

Knowing his child was growing in Alison was the best thing that ever happened to him

He held the slightly protruded stomach and kissed it to the delight of Alison

“Yes,I can believe it”

A while later,after the meal,which was as expected, delicious,Alison walked into the bedroom and was surprised to see it empty

Where was he?

She walked to his study and saw him fiddling with something


He turned sharply and she saw he had something in his hands

“Oh shit”he said quietly and smiled as he saw her face register with surprise when she saw the ring in his hand

“Dennis?”she called again tentatively this time and Dennis stretched his hand and drew her to him

Carefully he sat her down on his lap as he took his seat also

She was still staring at the ring which was lying on black velvet and there were markings on the side of the little box

“It was my grandmother’s”David was explaining as he took the little gold ring with a huge diamond at the tip”she was one of the most beautiful woman I knew and I’m sure she would want a beautiful woman to wear her ring too”


Dennis was going to propose to her

“Do you,Alison kent,run away bride,stealer of this Playboy’s heart…”

Alison laughed lightly inspire of the tears filling her eyes

“Take Dennis overton,playboy turned father,lover of this beautiful mother of his child,as her lovely wedded husband?”

Alison gulped back her tears and answered

“I do”

Dennis slowly slipped the ring on her finger and kissed it

“Good”he continued”and if the reverend asks the same question,what will be your answer?”

Alison laughed joyfully as Dennis picked her up in his arms effortlessly and she knew that’s exactly where she ought to be

“I do”




Mitchell choked on her coffee and continued coughing,using her hand to cover her mouth as she stared in disbelief at the newspaper in her shaking hands

The headline on the front page clearly stood out


What the actual fuck!

She hasn’t even moved yet and begun her plan,these two were already getting engaged

She clenched the paper so tightly ,her knuckles turned white then flung it across the room in anger

So Alison was getting married


This time,to a more better man,better than that loser who calls himself josh Brandon

Wait a minute

She smiled nastily as a thought creeped into her head

She knew what to do.

Naked,she sashayed over to the bathroom where a hot bath was waiting for her

30mins later,having fully washed her body,she came out with a towel wrapped around her chest and another on her head like a turban and proceeded to cream her body

She opened her closet and finally decided on a short black sexy number that revealed almost….well everything

That done, she slipped into her heels and walked to her car, intent on her plan

30mins later,she parked in front of Josh’s home and walked right in like she owned the place

The smell of alcohol made her stop and close her nose


She knew he was going to do this,drowning himself o instead of fighting his own battles

She walked over to where he was snoring loudly,lying face up on the couch

She looked around and found a pitcher of water so cold it was sweaty on the sides and dumped it on his head

Josh awoke with a loud gasp,gulping for air and looked around wildly

Mitchell flung the newspaper at his face and he stopped gasping,instead his face contorted with rage as the headlines swam in front of him

“Yep,josh”Mitchell said,as she walked round and round”while you sleep and kill yourself with alcohol,your lady is getting how do you like that?”

Josh sighed and placed the newspaper aside.His face showed pure defeat

“Whatever Mitch,I’m done with her”he said and made to lie down n while Mitchell watched him in disgust

“Surely,you don’t mean that”she continued”you know you can’t get her back…”

Josh frowned at her

“You are not worth half of Dennis”she continued

“What’s that supposed to mean?”he asked angrily

“It means exactly what I said!”Mitchell yelled”you are such a loser,going down without a fight.are you willing to live in the same town with them being happy ever after?”

Josh remained silent

“If so,good for you”she said standing up”I would have given you a proposition that would have settled you for life but seeing your clumsiness I’d rather go”

She walked to the door and smiled in triumph when josh called her name

She turned and allowed his eyes to travel the full length of her

“So”she asked”what do you say?”




Alison walked down her driveway to her car,feeling extremely happy and gorgeous inside

She stopped to glance at her wristwatch then smiled

She had a meeting with the girls,tonoa and Julie,to shop for a wedding dress, not just anyone one,a magnificent one

“I don’t care about the dress,love”Dennis had said”o know you’d look good in a paper bag”

But she really cared about the dress just as she cared about the wedding

She wanted it to be the most perfect happening in her life….

Alison stopped and looked back

She felt her hair at the back of her neck stand up in fear


It felt like someone was watching her

“No,I must be going crazy”she muttered as she climbed into her car”just wedding jitters”

She took a quick look round her surroundings and nodded satisfactorily at the quiet,empty neighborhood

She drove down the street,making a mental note of her daily activities

She wondered what she would get for her bridesmaids and immediately began thinking about it when suddenly the car made a grinding sound

Allison was busy thinking about the color theme she was going to use and paid no attention to it

She wondered if they would like pink,or blue or pur….

The car made a grinding sound and jerked

This time she Paid attention and reached for the brake

It didn’t work


“Something’s definitely wrong”she thought in fear as she frantically tried to stop the car to no avail

Alison gripped the steering with both hands till her knuckles turned white as she sped down the road

Her purse was on the seat next to her

if she could just get her phone and reach for help,it would be OK but by this time she was on an highway and she was scared to let go of the steering for even a minute

“Arrrgh!”she screamed as she bumped into a truck and her vehicle was thrown off the road into some kind of side road

It was empty and Alison was almost relieved because she wouldn’t be hindered by other cars

Until she saw the “NO TRESPASSING”sign which signaled that the road was cut off

‘Oh God, oh God, oh God”Alison muttered feverishly as sweats glistened on her forehead and trickled down her face to mix with the tears running down her face

She was going to die

She desperately tried the brakes again all to know avail as the car neared where the road cut off in a deep hole and veered into oblivion

There was only one thing to do

Her hands still on the steering she reached over and opened the door,taking care to remove her seatbelt

The hole was getting closer

She let go of the steering and slowly placed one leg outside

Immediately her entire body followed and Alison found herself thrown several kilometers before rolling to a stop

A minute later,she heard a tremendous crash as her car landed in the bottom of the huge ditch

She tried to stand up but couldn’t

She had landed badly with one leg thrown out in an awkward angle

She tried to move her body again but pain moved in her instead and she gasped loudly and fainted





something’s happened guys

looks like someone is trying to kill our dear Alison

well,let’s find out together,what happens next

stay tuned

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