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July 30, 2021


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Billionaire’s baby mama batch 1

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Alison ran out of the church to the car park,her wedding dress trailing after her

She headed straight for her car,ignoring her mom and sister,who was trying to catch up with her

She stared in disgust at the decorations on the car and proceeded to tear everything off

Her mom caught her hand

“That’s enough,dear”she said”he’s not worth it”

“Let go of me mom”Alison said,her voice breaking as he jerked her arm off and started the car

Her mom and sister watched her go

“She’ll be fine”Julie said as she gently ushered mrs Kent inside

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Alison drove like a mad woman,nearly blinded by her tears.

She didn’t know where she was going but she still plodded on


4years of love and devotion to josh Emerson,but he took her heart and smashed it to pieces with a few measly words.

“Alison,it was fun.Now I gotta run with a real woman”

He had been cheating on her all over,with her best friend,Mitchelle sanders.

She wished they both rot in hell

It was nightfall when she stopped outside the twilight bar,her makeup running down in streaks on her face

She watched people,breezed in and out of the bar,then got off and went inside,her dress trailing after her

She slipped on a stool and the bartender stared in astonishment

“I’ll have bloody Mary”she said, “a bottle”

Alison had never drank anything stronger than tea but she figured the occasion called for it

Within minutes she was drunk as a skunk and started dancing wantonly to the music played at the bar as the patrons stared in amazement

A bride dancing in a bar

“Yea!”she yelled as she twirled,missed her foot and stumbled into a hard surface which happened to be someone’s lap

She rested contentedly on muscled chest because everything felt right.Slowly her face was raised and she raised her drunken eyes to meet whiskey coloured eyes,hair black as sin and a slow grin forming at the mouth

She was mesmerized and said the first words that came to her mind

“You are sexy”



Dennis smiled at the blunt remark

“I know”he replied”and you are just a little tipsy”

Alison shook her head so hard he feared it would fall off

“You are wrong”she said”I’m a lot tipsy”

Dennis smiled again and assessed the situation.

She was wearing a wedding dress.


But what was more weird was his body’s reaction to her

He realized the bar had gotten silent,trying to see how the Playboy would handle the bride

“Nice dress”he said

“Yea”alison replied”wanna see what’s beneath?”

Dennis was no fool and he was never one to look a gift horse in the mouth

At 32,Dennis overton,was one of the most eligible bachelor in town regardless of his scandalous reputation.

His lifestyle was nothing to write home about but he had built himself from scratch and made himself known both in the financial world and on bed

He was fascinated with seduction but quickly loses interest after the prey is caught

It doesn’t matter

There were many preys waiting to fall into his trap

He had a string if heartbroken girls as long as the Mississippi.He had never fallen in love and doesn’t intend to

Neither had he felt like this before as his traitorous body reacted violently as Alison began running her fingers all over him and saying seductively

“Now sailor,you saud, you wanted yo see what’s underneath my dress”

Somewhere in Alison’s mind, common sense thrashed about trying to get a hold of her but she refused.

She had never felt like this before,this heady feeling like power as Dennis trembled

She didn’t want it to end and gladly gave herself to the sensation that kept pulling,pushing and finally dragged her to that place where sweet sensations reigned supreme as her lips came up to claim his own



Sunlight streamed into the room in bright rays as Alison awoke from a deep slumber

She tried to lift her head but immediately fell back on the pillow

It felt like monsters were using her brain to play football

“Ugh!”she groaned as she tried to move but couldn’t

Wait,wat the fuck?

She was being held tightly by strong arms against a strong body

She glanced back and nearly screamed in terror

“Ohmigod”she swore”I must be crazy.I actually slept with a stranger!”

She tried to move again but Dennis sighed and moved away from her

Thankfully he was still asleep as Alison picked her naked limbs from the bed and grabbed her dress from the floor,hurriedly pulling it on

Within minutes she was in her car driving at top speed back home

How could she be so stupid? Her head was still pounding and she silently swore never to drink again

“Shit”she said as she sighted her mom’s car in her driveway.What was she going to tell her?

“Alison, thank goodness”her mom said as she hugged her immediately she came in through the door”you are safe!”

“Where have u been?”Julie,her sister asked,scrutinizing her”you look like a mess.What have you been up to?”

“Nothing”Alison answered, avoiding Julie’s eyes

Julie was a real lie detector and alison wasn’t ready to tell her family that she slept with a complete stranger all because her fiancé dumped her

“Shit”she groaned

“What?”julie asked,eyeing her closely

“Nothing sis”alison exclaimed”just let it go!OK?I was dumped by my fiancé and I’m not really in a good mood to share my feelings with you OK?!”

“She was just worried about you”her mom said”you kept us all awake last night”

“You shouldn’t have done that”alison countered”I’m a grown up woman who can take care of his herself”

She almost laughed at herself.

A grown up woman who acted like a slut all because her fiance dumped her

She didn’t know what she had gotten herself into but she was determined to forget it

Let bygones be bygones

Alison Kent will never love again





Alison glanced at the wall clock,shocked to see that it was already midday

She hadn’t even started working and her most important clients were meeting her today

The director of overton enterprises wants a new factory site and her real estate agency was by far the best in all consultations

She yawned,wondering why she was so tired lately

“Maybe because you work too much”she muttered

It was common knowledge that she had become the dreaded workaholic intent on her business only

Two months after her wedding saga,alison had buried herself in work,giving it all her time and determined never to waste it on a man to the concern and worry of all her friends

One of those friends was coming towards her now carrying some documents and a steaming cup of coffee

Alison stomach turned at the smell of the coffee and she rushed into the toilet to throw up

“Are you ok?”Tonia west,personal assistant and friend to Alison asked as she came into the room looking weak

“I’m fine”alison said weakly

“Are you sure?”Tonia asked again”when last did you get a good night sleep Alison?”

Alison shook her head and refused to answer because she didn’t know too

She knew she was becoming a shadow of herself but she didn’t care

“When exactly is my meeting with the clients from overton?”she asked instead and tonia sighed

“About time now”she answered”you had better get ready.I think they are here”


“Look alison,why don’t I just handle this?you ought to rest”Tonia said pleadingly

“What?”alison said in indignation”These are out most important clients. I’ve to….”

“Alright,alright”Tonia said and left her office

Alison took a deep breath as she heard tonia welcoming their clients and ushering them to her office.

She started walking towards the door as it opened and she stopped in shock

She knew that man!

Alison head reeled and she stumbled ,hitting her stomach on the arm of a chair

Pain as swift as lightning ripped through her and everything went black



Alison woke up to the smell of antiseptic. She felt her stomach turn but was too weak to even get up and throw up

Instead she moaned softly and someone turned toward her

“Alison,thank God”Tonia said as she rushed to the door”Doctor!”

A few minute later,a nurse appeared,followed by her parents and sister

What’s going on?Why was she in a hospital?

“Alright miss Kent,how are you feeling?”the doctor asked”still feeling any pain?”

Alison swallowed and shook he head

Suddenly she remembered.she had fainted because she had seen him

The thought made her groan aloud,making everyone look at her

How could the supposed bum whom she slept with be the director of overton enterprises?

Or perhaps…

It was a mistake.

It had to be

“Now are you absolutely sure you are fine?”the doctor asked,frowning concernedly”you ought to be”

“Girl we were so worried about you”julie put in

“And this is all because you work too much”tonia said reprimandingly as her mom sighed clearly agitated

“I’m ok”alison said weakly”but I still feel nauseated.i want to throw up”

“Yes that’s usual for women in your condition”he said”its nothing to worry about”

“My condition?”alison frowned

“What do you mean,doctor”?her mom asked”is my child dying?”

“No,mrs Kent”the doctor replied”but she ought to take care of herself. Its also usual for women in her condition to be very careful especially in this early stage”

“What early stage?”Julie asked confused”what are you talking about?”

“Well,she’s 9weeks pregnant!”the doctor said exasperated”any woman in her right sense would take good care of herself”

He looked round and suddenly realized the room had gone silent with everyone staring at him in stupefied amazement

“Didn’t you know?”the doctor asked”why,she’s pregnant and very lucky she didn’t lose the baby”

“W..who is p..pregnant?”Alison stammered in a whisper

“You,my young lady”he replied,then paused for effect”congratulations”

Alison quietly slid down her bed and she fainted again



“I want to know everything about her!”Dennis instructed his secretary as he walked into his office followed by his best friend and assistant director,Matt Lyon

Matt was smiling

He had gone with Dennis to the real estate agency and had seen the little drama played out

He had also seen the shock that crossed Dennis’s face and knew without a doubt that this was his mystery woman

Two month ago,Dennis suddenly changed.

He withdrew and refused to tell his best friend anything no matter how he asked

To his surprise, Dennis took a trip everynight to God knows where.He looked desperate

Matt later followed him and got everything out of him.

Dennis had no choice but to forget the lady in the wedding dress but lo and behold,they were in the same town

Matt laughed softly and dennis glared at him

“Do not laugh”he said”she was here all along, can u believe it?”

“Yea,and I thought you would be glad”

Dennis sighed

“Is she okay?”

“I called an hour ago and she was doing just fine”Matt supplied”she’s not awake though”

They both turned and looked at the secretary as she came into the office

“Here’s the information on Alison Kent”she said dropping the fils on the table

“Read it to me”he ordered for the sake of matt

“Alison Kent is 28 and she’s the head agent of Kent and co.real estate agency.She is one of the most reliable agents in town and it is widely known she helped in suggesting the site for the town park which has been really profitable”

“Is she married?”dennis asked and matt rolled his eyes

“She’s not sir”the secretary replied”rumour has it that she was jilted on her wedding day by her fiance and she had sworn never to love again”

“Wow”matt said as dennis kept quiet

So that was it.

She was a jilted bride and he was just someone to restore her self-esteem

Why else would she leave the next day?

“Oh and the doctor called”the secretary continued”miss Kent is awake”

Dennis stood up immediately,grabbed his jacket and headed straight for his car




“ok how about an explanation?”Julie asked as soon as Alison was able to sit down

Alison was as white as her bedspread

She was pregnant

And she just knew who the father was

What was she going to tell her family,not that she had to tell them anything.

She was a grown woman and she could mange her affairs but they would be so disappointed when they found out what she had done

“Was it josh?”her mom asked as she watch different expressions crossed Alison’s face

Expression of worry,disgust and anger

“Really,if its Josh’s baby, its ok”tonia said”we love you and we are going to love your baby too”

Alison laughed bitterly

She had always dreamed of having her own family but not this way

As far as she was concerned,the billionaire Playboy would not care about an offspring from a woman he just slept with once.

Well that was her fate

She really wasn’t going to love or get married now but she would love her baby and give it all her time

Never in her wildest dreams had she thought she would be involved with dennis overton.

His reputation was so scandalous

And here she was,carrying his baby

Alison groaned and put her head down, then lifted it again as the door suddenly opened and two men entered

Alison’s heart jumped and it was all she could do from running

There he was

How could she remember him so well when she was drunk that night?

He invaded the room with his presence and alison could not keep her eyes off him

She was aware of her family watching them in wonder but she could not help herself

“How are you doing miss Kent?”His assistant spoke up when the silence became noticeable”we were very worried about you”

Dennis face was calm and impassive as he stared at was Tonia who finally answered

“She’s fine,yeah”she said nervously”just a little dizziness”

Matt smiled and nodded at her as he glanced at dennis who was still looking at alison

Alison’s heart was beating so loudly,she was surprised no one heard it

God help her




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