Billionaire in disguise Episode 8 & 9

(Search for Love💕)
✍️ Episode Eight
I have less work to do since I don’t have much work to do since Clara is not around.
I search throu-gh my luggage for a p@rty dress.
Am still yet to unpack finish since I started work Immediately.
I was contemplating on which one to wear between the red dress and black. They are too short but I’m going to this p@rty to get Andrew off my mind even though am not giving up on him yet.
I’m definitely going to the p@rty to search for him and let him have me again.
He told me he wasn’t going to d@t£ me because am too expensive for him, then maybe if I’m on a low-key he would.
“Zeke”I Muttered.
Wtf!!! why am I muttering his name🙄. The guy is worst and I don’t even want to have anything to do with him. He doesn’t even care when I choose Jackson over him so why should I care.
I apply a nûd£ makeup and perfect my disguise the more.
“Camila”Jackson knock on my room door.
“Am coming”I gr-ab my phone and open the door.
He look surprised seeing me, or is it because of am not wearing the big goggle that would have make me look worst tonight but I did the makeup properly so am safe without the big glas-s.
“Can we go”I asks almost blu-shing with the way he was staring at me.
“Sure”we walk downstairs together.
“You look beautiful”he whispered and I blus-h.
“Thanks”I replied.
I guess it only Jackson that doesn’t see me as an ordinary Nanny and I think I prefer his personality among the four.
We finally arrive at the big living room, Zack and Zoey are alre-ady dressed up but Zeke is nowhere to be found. Who cares 🙄.
“Wow”Zack muttered and I smile.
I guess am even beautiful in disguise, Camila you are too good 😜.
“Isn’t Zeke going”I asks. Camila why do you care!! my subconscious scold me and I shake my head to get it off.
“He isn’t coming so I get the chance to ride you there”Jackson said smiling and I return since it contagious.
“Sure”I replied.
We head to the car park, it so dark outside and cold and I started regretting why I didn’t pick a Jacket before coming out.
Jackson open the door and I smile at him before getting in but I st©pped when I heard someone call my name.
“Not again”I muttered.
“Zeke”Jackson look surprise to see him after he decline going to the p@rty.
“I thought you said you aren’t—”
“And where did you think you are going”he ignore Jackson remark and face me immediately.
“She is going to the freshman p@rty with us or do you have a problem”Jackson asks.
“She has a mouth”Zeke replied and Jackson scoff.
“Clara isn’t here so there is no point in going with you”I said nervously.
“Get into my car”he ordered. What wrong with this guy, why do I always feel like punching him anytime I see him.
I was about to go to his car when Jackson st©p me by my wrist.
“And where do you think you are going”Jackson asks. What wrong with Jackson too or is he deaf when Zeke asks me to get into his car?.
“Zeke you didn’t give her the job so you aren’t the only one to boss her around”Jackson sputtered and I just stood there watching the both of them.
“Am the eldest and I have more right”Zeke replied and Jackson huffed again.
Their stare are deadly and it getting weird.
“I will just go with Zack and Zoey”I walk away from them but before I could reach Zack and Zoey car a hand pu-ll me and drag me to another direction.
“Hey”I tried to free my hand but Zeke wasn’t letting go. he open the car door and sit me inside before going to the driver car and driving off.
I didn’t say a word I just watch him drive off to a destination because sincerely I don’t even know where the venue is.
Zack and Zoey race pas-s us before Jackson drive pas-s us too. Why is he going too Slow?.
My phone ring and I took my eye away from Zeke to check the caller ID.
Why is Dad Calling me in this kind of situation? is he trying to implicate me or what.
“Why aren’t you picking it up”
“I hate noise”I scoff at his remark and cut the call then buried the phone into my l@ps.
He look at me before he turn back to the road.
I was laying on my be-d in my room with my headset on my ear. I can’t believe a cheap nanny would go for Jackson over me but I sincerely don’t care since she isn’t my type.
I prefer people with her stature but definitely not her face. She apply too much make up and I wonder why that is necessary since she seems to be a nerd and a clumsy person.
The p@rty? What if she get drun!kand someone take advantage of her or Jackson use the advantage because he knows she has a crush on him and use her?.
Different thought were flowing on my head that I didn’t even know when I started getting dressed.
Don’t misun-derstand me I don’t like her a bit but since she is Clara nanny is my responsibility as the eldest son in the house. What if something happens at the p@rty and she refuse to come home.
Who will take care of Clara?. When I got downstairs I found out they all left, I wanted to return to my room before I heard Zack and Zoey Voice.
I ran outside and was happy to find them at the park but as have though she is going with Jackson and that won’t happen on my watch do I f0rç£ her into my car.
The drive was silent and am glad she isn’t spilling anything out of her mouth because I might puke.
Her makeup is just too much or is she covering a scars for the world?.
Her phone ring and I peep to check the Caller ID. “My sweet Dad”I Muttered lowly that she couldn’t even know I was saying something.
“Why aren’t you picking it up”I asks concerned but when I notice she might think I have some feelings for her just like the way girls of nowadays think or even think I’m also concerned about anything that is happening to her.
“I hate noise”that sounds more bossy and better. But I was not happy when she didn’t pick the car up but instead she cut the call and bury the phone into her l@ps.
I had the urge to asks her but I don’t know why am finding it ha-rd to asks.
I finally decide to leave my pride aside to asks her.
“I think it this place”She seems excited we’ve gotten to the p@rty so I just let it aside and park the car into the compound.
✍️ Episode Nine✍️
This p@rty su-cks as hell, I remembered when I will go clubbing with Cas-sie and we will dance the hell out of us and flir-t with guys older than us but here am sitting in the midst of strangers and ugly people.
I left the place to get myself a drink before I notice another circle formed in a corner.
I walk closer and saw the four brothers including Zeke sitting with a little bit-ch I guess who was all over him but he wasn’t paying more of an attention.
When they saw me, Jackson signal for me to come sit beside him and I did.
“Are you drinking that”he pointed to the glas-s of jui-ce I was holding simply because I don’t want to get drun!kand someone taking advantage of me.
“Yeah sure because this p@rty su-cks”I raise my voice since the sound of the music was so loud.
“Who is this”the girl sitting on Zeke l@p turn her head towards me.
“Am Camila and you?”I replied politely even though I don’t know why I had the urge to go pu-ll her away from Zeke.
Zeke!??? again why are you on my head and mind?.
“Amelia but just call me Mia bit-ch”she replied me but rudely so I ignore her and face Jackson back.
“I didn’t see you during the exam time”she continued.
What wrong with this girl.
“Because I don’t want to be there I alre-ady plan things ahead my Dad isfu-cking rich that I don’t even nee-d to be here” that was all in my head I didn’t say it out.
“I c@m£ late”I lied and she stare at me for a while before going back to eating Zeke face and I nearly had the urge to sl@p her again.
“Let pl@ya game”Zack screamed and before I knew it some people started coming to our sit to Join the table and even Cas-sie was there.
I wave and smile at her and she return it but when I notice Andrew the happiness in me die down. He is with the same girl that he was k!ss!ngagain.
“Truth or Dare”
“Am not interested”I quic-kly say and everyone head to turn to me. I hate been noticed now that am in disguise.
“Why?”that Jackson asking me.
“I don’t like been dared to do what I don’t want to do”I replied.
“You can just take a sh0t if you don’t”Andrew said and I roll my eye before looking back at the rest.
“Let do it”Cas-sie said giving me a deadly glare and I roll it.
“I will start”Zoey said.
“Mia Truth or Dare”he asks.
“k!ssme”he sm-irk and Jackson chuckled before wra-pping his arms around my shoulder.
I noticed Zeke eye was on us but I just ignore it. I hate that guy with pas-sion 🙄.
Mia k!ssZoey and I roll my eye. She just k!sstwo guys I mean brothers in my front definitely she has no shame.
It Mia turn…..” Camila truth or dare” this girl must be joking, why does she have to call my name.
“Truth”I replied plainly.
“Are you a vir-gin”She sm-irk at me and I notice everyone attention were on me.
It would feel stupid if I say yes when it obvious they are all expecting a No!.
“I go for dare”I replied and I notice Cas-sie sm-irk at me and I roll my eye.
“That was a simple question Camila”She fired back. “I said I want a dare or I quit”I replied.
“Wow….I dare you to make out with Jackson”She sm-irk.
I know this game is just letting you do what you don’t want to do or saying what you don’t want to say.
I pick up a sh0t and surge it down my throat, it burn my throat and I end up displa-ying my mouth in disgust.
“Sick”She muttered.
It my turn!??? who should I pick?.
“My chance”
“Andrew truth or dare”I asks.
“Dare baby”he seems so sure of himself.
“I dare you to pu-ll of your p@n-ts”I chuckled at my own dare.
The people g@sped and he now look embarras-sed, payback time🤣😂. But my eye went wi-de open when he stood up and start unbuckling his belt.
“St©p”I yelled immediately he was about to pu-ll it off and I notice Zeke sm-irked.
Andrew turn…… went off like that till it got to Zeke.
“Zeke truth or dare”it was Cas-sie turn.
“Wow he is acting all Innocent”I muttered and roll my eye.
“Do you hate him that much”Jackson asks and I realize he must have been hearing me cuss at his own brother.
“No”I replied shyly.
“Who do you find pretty here on the table and simply can’t get your eye off her”Cas-sie asks and my gaze turn from Jack to Zeke and found him alre-ady staring at me.
Does he found me attrac-tive even with my Disguise!?????.
“Mia”he sm-irk at me and I roll my eye.
“Idiot”I cuss again his eye wi-de-ned probably because he can re-ad myl-ips and heard what I say but soon enough he turn to a smile.
Zeke smile? Have never seen him smile, is face are always ha-rd asfu-ck.
I put my thought somewhere and get up from the now boring game and went to get myself a drink but this time I nee-d a Vodka.
I can’t take it anymore, seeing Andrew change into a different person, Zeke stupid glares and Cas-sie annoying sm-irk.
I surge down the sh0t again and went for another one. When I had almost Like five the bartender st©p giving me and I scoff before walking away.
My head was spinning badly and I was so ti-ps or drun!kprobably. This is my first time drinking something this high. I attend p@rty but I never drink.
I made my way throu-gh the crowd and also moving away from guys who want to take advantage of me till I got to four guys again.
I can see them but my head is spinning until my gaze landed on Andrew k!ss!nganother girl again.
“You son of a bastard”I cuss and walk close and gave him a h0t sl@p that even made my hand sting. The other g@sped at my action.
“Wtf”he cuss too.
“You son of a bastard”I kept hitting him but I know everyone would see me as a crazy person.
“Are you crazy”he push me away and I fell on my bu-tt on the floor but I stood up again and started hitting him.
I know everyone must think am crazy or drun!kbut I really wish I could kick his ba-lls right now and I definitely did because he gro-an ed.
“Youfu-cking k!sssomeone else again and I will cut it off”I yelled and people attention were now on us.
Before I could hit him again, I felt someone lift me from my ground an his hand on my bu-tt!!! as he carry me away from the crowd even though I kept struggling to free myself.
“Are you going to take advantage of me”I screamed.
“Something like that”his de-ep masculine replied.