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Billionaire in disguise Episode 6 & 7

(Search for Love💕)
Written by: Authoress Ricky
✍️ Episode Six✍️
Listen to: Beauty sing by Tatiana while re-ading it and thank me later👊.
Am still not comfortable with the way [email protected] had been clicheing around me since morning and spilling about her former best friend who is also Camila and it turns out am the one standing in the front of her.
I still haven’t had a [email protected] with Andrew and this is the third [email protected] today.
Thank God I had no encounter with those four guys I live with.
The bell rings and the [email protected] dismissed and that indicate it the school break.
“Camila”Someone shouted my name and it got some people attention but they just ignore a seconds after.
“Hey [email protected]”I wave at her. This reminds me of our first meeting during high school too.
She was so obsessed about me and called me her friend the first day saying I look like an angel but am not an angel anymore and she is still all over me.
We went to the school cafeteria together and took a sit near the window.
“Is that your favorite”She asks and I stare at the food I ordered.
“Yeah”I smiled.
“Wow this is strange but Camila love this too”She [email protected] and I just smile.
“Your friend must be really nice and beautiful”I replied and she nod.
“Yeah she is the popular star model Camila”She giggled and I smile.
“Wow I wish I could meet her too”I replied.
“Sure but she is in Havard now but we can just have a video call with her”She replied.
What am I going to do now?.
“No it not necessary”I said.
“But you wanted—”
“Don’t worry”I interrupted and she nod before focusing on her food.
“Do you know where those four brothers eat because I haven’t seen them since morning”I said still staring around trying to find Andrew.
“Four brothers?”She asks.
“Oh sorry you are a newbie too”I smile.
“You mean Zeke and his brother right?”She asks and I stare at her for a sec before nodding.
“They don’t eat in this kind of restaurant, they have a special place where they see everything we do in [email protected], their father is so rich that he planned everything for them”She replied.
“Oh I didn’t know about that”I replied.
“And I don’t really un-derstand this disguise”She frown and I raise my head and her frown turn to a smile.
“Just kiddin’, you are cute”She smile.
“Oh someone with a big google and a short hair is beautiful are you kiddin’ me”I said.
“Camila”She called and I raise my head to look at her.
“Why are you here?”She cross her hand round her che-st.
“I don’t un-derstand”I replied.
“Hey I recognize my best friend that even when I perceive her I know she is the one so quit all this”She roll her eye.
“What are you talking about”I was confused of how she is able to recognize me so easily.
“Camila just quit it alre-ady”She frown.
“I don’t know—”she stood up and drag me by my arm out of the school cafeteria and threw me into an empty [email protected] then shut the door.
“What wrong with you”I frown.
“That exactly what Camila would say”She took a step close to me and pu-ll of my wig immediately,I [email protected] at her action.
“We need to talk”She sit on the desk with my wig still in her hand.
“About what”
“Why are youfu-cking damn here”She asks.
“To watch over Andrew and check whether he would love me without my money this time”I replied honestly and her eye wi-de-ned.
“Where do you stay”he threw back another question.
“Am a nanny at the four h0t guys I saw on the magazine that day”She [email protected] when I said it.
“You like with JZ”she asks.
“Who is JZ? all I know it I live with them”I replied honestly.
“Camila are you sick”She walk to me and st©p at the front of me.
Now she is going to do something crazy. “plea-se don’t tell anyone”I begged but instead she just watch me.
“Are you crazy”She started shaking me by my shoulder happily.
“What the heck”I tried to st©p her.
“You are living with Demi-gods and you are going after than poor, little, in matured Andrew?”She st©p.
“What are you saying”I asks.
“Don’t tell me you aren’t drooling over one of them or even all”She said and the memory of the drive with Zeke this morning flash in.
“Are you thinking about Andrew again”[email protected] [email protected] my arm.
“No”I frown and use my hand to rub where she hit me. it kinda hurt.
“Are you coming?”She asks.
“To where”
“Tonight freshman [email protected] at Louisa Villa”She hand back my wig and I fix it back.
“No, I will need to babysit Clara”I replied.
“You mean their younger sister”She asks and I nod.
“Do they like you”She sm-irk.
“Who would love me in disguise”I laugh.
“Seriously isn’t there any cover up just make sure you come, I heard it a way of meeting the sophomore and also your course mate. No one want to be left behind”She said and I nod.
“Have you seen Andrew today”I asks.
“Like seriously just forget that guy, he isn’t for you”[email protected] roll her eye.
“Then maybe I will be single for life”I roll my eye.
“Definitely this year would be different. I see a handsome, cute and lovely b©yfri£ndcoming your way that would accept you with your flaws and would fall in love with your disguise short hair”She said and I laugh knowing it would never happen.
“So how is Zack”She asks and I roll my eye disgusted at her dreamy eye.
“Those guys are too Cold hearted except from Jackson, Zeke is the worst”I shiver like a kid when I mention his name.
“I heard Zeke is the eldest and the coldest one, no one get a chance to even talk to him. Today is his first day and him and his brother are alre-ady popular”
“I will advise you not to cross paths with him, someone told me he is dangerous and I made some research about him, he is cruel and his anger isn’t the best thing you want to see”She added.
“he definitely doesn’t even like me so what the point”I roll my eye.
“And why are you so noisy”a de-ep masculine voice have heard somewhere talk and [email protected] and I look at the direction.
“Zeke”I muttered.
I’m so dead😭😦
✍️ Episode Seven✍️
Listen to: Turn around by OST while re-ading this episode and thank me later 👊
“Is my name a answer to my question or you are one of those girls fans now that won’t let me rest”he fired at me.
Wasn’t he listening to our conversation? how come I didn’t notice someone is in the [email protected]? Or is it because it so dark in here?.
“How long have you been here”he took his eye from me to [email protected] then back at me.
“Did you hear anything”[email protected] seems to be lost but when he pointed at the headset he probably take everywhere I sigh in relief.
“We are sorry”I bow and left the [email protected] pu-lling [email protected] with me.
“What just happened there”She asks.
“I don’t know”I started ma-king my way to the bathroom to get my makeup fixed and the wig that must be in a wrong place now.
“Doesn’t he recognize you as his sister nanny or you’ve been lying to me”She sh0t at me.
“I told you he is just to cold- hearted and the deal is I shouldn’t act like I know them in school”I replied fixing my wig in the front if the mirror.
“Are you really sure he didn’t hear anything”She asks.
“Of course can’t you see his head had been buried into the desk and his headset is probably too loud for him to hear”I adjusted my Sk-irt and [email protected] follow back to my next [email protected] before we separated since we are having different [email protected]
I enter the [email protected] and scan around and my eye met Andrew expecting my heart to skip a bit but no! he and a girl her eating each other face.
Gross!! his this what Andrew meant by we need to break up?.
I took a sit very far away from them, they st©p immediately the teacher walk in and we all pay ra-pt attention to the lecture.
The bell finally ring aloud for the day is over and I was able because it hurt seeing Andrew with someone else the tears were gathering up but I fight it.
I don’t want to be labelled the crying baby in the [email protected]
“What wrong with you”[email protected] walk up to me as we walk throu-gh the busy hallway to the park were I guess my ride is.
“I saw Andrew”I replied and she scoff.
“So?”she shrug.
“He alre-ady move one”the tears I was holding roll down but I wipe it quic-k so it won’t ruin my face.
“That son of a bastard”[email protected] cuss.
“But how do you know he alre-ady moved on in this a day?”I asks.
“He was k!ss!nga girl at my English [email protected] today”I replied.
“It okay”She pat my back.
“That guy doesn’t deserve your tears neither your heart”She said and we finally got to the park.
“We is giving you a ride home”She smile and I turn to my head what I was seeing.
Jackson was sitting on his car punching something into his phone.
Zack and Zoey where discussing about something and Zeke probably in the car because I can’t see him.
“I have to go with Zeke we need to pick up her sister”I replied.
“Okay see you tomorrow”She hvg me before waving at Zack who clearly didn’t see her.
“Hey Camila”Jackson got down from the car and wra-p his hand round my shoulder and I don’t know how that attract attention but people are alre-ady murmuring things.
Are we still in high school or what all this?
“Do you want to come with me since Clara is staying with our aunt and she alre-ady pick her up”he asks and I look at Zeke car then back at him.
Sincerely I would prefer a ride with Zeke who sincerely won’t care about my mood and I can go with my uninterrupted thought.
“Okay”I was about to enter the car when Zeke [email protected]£ out and walk to us.
“Get into the car”he ordered.
“We are going for Clara”he replied.
“But Clara is with Aunt”Jackson interfere.
he look at Jackson for a while before dragging me out of Jackson car and pu-ll to me to his own car and shut the door before going to the driver seat.
“I can sit at the back”I muttered.
“Am your boss I give orders”he stated and drive off.
As usual it was damn to awkward in his car and I’m just few inches away from him and I don’t know why am always like this around him.
“He is dangerous”I remember [email protected] word and just st©p staring at him but at the road now.
Freshman [email protected]!!!.
“Can I asks a question”I stuttered but he gave no reply. “Can I go to the freshman [email protected] since Clara isn’t around”I continued.
He didn’t even reply instead he kept driving and I just shut up since he wasn’t replying.
He drive into the compound and I alighted immediately he park.
I went to my room straight, th other guys are back since their car are outside. I change into something casual and brush my hair before going downstairs to prepare something for everyone.
“Hey”Jackson walk Into the kitchen and sit on the counter.
“What are you preparing”he asks.
“Lasagna”I replied pouring the Vegetables into the oil.
“Wow smell nice”he smiled and I return one before continuing.
“Are you coming with us to the [email protected] tonight”he asks.
“Zeke didn’t give me the permission”I replied.
“What thefu-ck is wrong with Zeke”he frown.
“It okay I can just stay home”I replied.
“No”he replied shortly.
“I will talk to him”he walk out of the kitchen and I concentrated on my food ma-king.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
It been over an hour after having dinner with them that was clearly silent except from Jackson who had f0rç£ me into a conversation I don’t want to be.
“So who do you clearly like among the four of us”Jackson asks and I almost choked on my food.
Is this guy giving me a death wish? When I look around everyone was staring at me clearly waiting for a reply.
“I haven’t thought about that before”I replied and I could see disappointment on their faces except from Zeke”
“Okay who is the best so far”Jack asks again.
What’s up with this guy?
“Hmm……..”I look round the table and my eye landed on Zeke.
Did he just sm-irk!!???
So he has another face except from frowning?.
“Can you pick alre-ady”Zack asks and Zoey hit him.
“Don’t expect her to pick you she is clearly going to pick Zeke like those girls fans do”Zoey said and Zack laugh.
“he look pretty tired because he couldn’t stay in [email protected] just because they won’t let him rest poor Zeke”Zack joked and Zoey laugh.
Was that the reason he was in that empty [email protected]?. he look pretty tired but that handsome face isn’t saying anything instead he just continue eating ignoring his clown brothers.
“What are you thinking, just choose”Zoey bring me out of my thought.
“Jackson”I said and Zack spill out his food.
Zeke eye met mine for the first time and Zoey drop his fork while Jackson just walk up to me and gave me a ti-ght hvg.
“Am okay”Zeke stood up and left the dinning room Immediately.
“You are coming to the [email protected]”Jackson said and Zack and Zoey just watch the both of us.
Why is Zeke overreacting?

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