Billionaire in disguise Episode 22 & 23

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✍️ Episode Twenty- Two✍️
“And why would you nee-d my help?”
I walk quietly in the midst of the crowd and everyone eye were on me.
“Isn’t she Camila Gomez”
“What is she doing here”
“What going on…I knew it was her the first day I saw her”
“fuc-k no wonder Zeke went for her”
“I heard her Dad isfu-cking rich and a Mafia boss”
“Wow she has the best b©dy figure”
“Wow…She is pretty”
“I want to be like her definitely”
I was walking beside Mia and she held my hand ti-ghtly. Mia plan was to get her to Manson.
She told me about her stupid feelings for Manson after they had a night together.
I didn’t know bit-ches also have feelings sometimes but I thought Manson was someone I could run to when everything get worst but he had been laying with girls without me noticing.
“Idiot”I muttered and our plan work, Manson is approaching us now and Mia ti-ght£ñs my hand and it hurt a bit but I just bit myl-ips.
“Hey girl”his eye eat me up and I felt uncomfortable, this isn’t the first time a guy just after me but I’m in Bikini!!! it annoying.
“per-vert”I hit him by his arm and he laugh.
“I’m sorry but you look damn too h0t and I won’t mind taking you right now”he flir-ted.
“Shut up and plea-se can you accompany Mia I nee-d to go see the guys”I said and push Mia to him.
“Sure”he wra-p his hand around Mia immediately and my eye wi-de-ned.
He doesn’t even mind doing it in my front. “Something interesting might happen tonight”he was flir-ting with Mia but his words are directly to me before he walk away with Mia.
“What does he mean by something interesting and where the hell is Zeke”
“Right here”I felt a hand round my w@!st s£nding shiver down my spine.
He is here!!!.
Did I just call his name aloud?! I thought it was in my mind.
“Oh… didn’t know you are”I turn and he claim myl-ips immediately.
“Zeke”I tried to say but he de-epen the k!ssand I can taste fresh alcohol but ended up k!ss!nghim back after much trial of getting free from him.
Is Zeke drun!kbecause we don’t nee-d to fake anything since Mia doesn’t care anymore.
💫 ZEKE’S 💫
I stood at a corner waiting for Camila to come back from the restroom with Mia before Jackson approach me.
“Hey man”he pas-s me a drink but I took it and drop it back on the counter.
Am not going to take any alcohol tonight because I have a confession to make and this is my last chance.
I sighted Camila and my jaws dropped. I suddenly felt like sa-vouring her Immediately.
She isfu-cking h0t.
“You shouldn’t mess up this time or I will never forgive you”Jackson said and gulp down is drink before walking away.
Wait… Jackson isn’t really mad at me for having feelings for the girl he likes? Do he truly love our brotherly love.
My fist clenched immediately I saw Manson wall up to them and it so obvious he is flir-ting with her and I don’t know why I was so angry but I gulp down the drink and made my way there Immediately Manson left with Mia.
“What does he mean by something interesting and where the hell is Zeke”
“Right here”I wra-p my hand round her expo-sed w@!st and she shivered in my hand.
I smile knowing fully well I’m the only one that give her those tingling feelings or probably not.
I grazed myl-ips with hers and she su-cked in a breath.
“Zeke” She whispered and I k!$$£d her.
I started out slow and sweet and all of a sudden the pace changed.
I wra-pped my hands around her w@!st and drew her closer, she wra-pped her hand around my n£¢k and her legs around my w@!st.
I buried my f!ngersin her hair and k!$$£d her with all the pent up pas-sion and frustration. I k!$$£d her like my life depends on it probably who knows if it would be our last.
She called my name breathless andfu-ck if that wasn’t a turn on. I pu-ll-ed back and pe-cked her swollenl-ips.
“I have been waiting forever to do that” I said.
She smiled “And why do you have to….”
“You have no idea what you do to me, Camila.” I whispered placing my forehead against hers.
“Is there something you want to tell me”I ca-ressed her cheek.
‘Gosh Zeke just say it!it doesn’t hurt…it the right time’
“What are we doing, Zeke?”she asks
“I have no idea, Camila. All I know is that I am willing to see where it goes.” I said.
“I guess I have to see where this heads too.” She said warily. I k!$$£d herl-ips lightly.
“Are we kinda in no fake relationsh!panymore and dat….ing”She stuttered and I could help the smile that form on myl-ips.
She just so cute when she is shy. “Yeah and I….”a sound of a gunsh0t ruined everything and I pu-ll Camila hand to a cover.
“What going on”She seems frightened.
“it fine…..We are fine”I pu-ll her close to me.
“Just stay here”I k!ssher forehead before standing up and where everyone was hiding foolishly the killer was escaping and I ran after him.
“St©p there”I ran after him and did I forget to tell you I was good at athletic.
While I was chasing the guy in black I heard another gun sh0t and it wasn’t from the one in my front but it coming from the p@rty.
“fuc-k”I cuss as I watch the killer go and I had to run back to the p@rty.
“Camila”I shouted but she was in the pool of her own blood and Andrew is……….
“Can someone called the ambulance”I Yelled and Jackson quic-kly call and I watch Camila lose her breath and my heart shattered.
Everyone just watch and some guy pu-ll Andrew from the pool and we found out he is…….
✍️ Episode Twenty- Three✍️
“Sir this are the files from Edward Enterprise and you have a scheduled meeting in 30 minute from now and the project pres£ntation is……”My phone rang and I asks my P A to hold on while I get the call.
“There was another hired as-sas-sin there and he got the wrong person but I think it was for Zeke your son”he said and I stood up Immediately.
“What do you mean by that”I yelled.
“I think Gomez is pla-ying 1-1 but I sh0t at her arm she might survive but Gomez act fas-ter”
I hit my hand on the table.
“I said no mistake”
“Am sorry sir”
“You better do the nee-dful”I hang up and face my PA.
“Prepare my flight I’m going home and call my wife to let her know we are leaving tomorrow morning”I order and she bow before walking away.
I nee-d to get back to town and shake that evil man. Does he think he would go away with the fact he blackmailed me and bec@m£ the best selling company in the town.
💫. ZEKE’S 💫
“Someone call 911″I yelled and they flin-ched.
Camila was rushed to the hospital that night and she still with the doctors for over two hours now.
I think Andrew is been operated too but whatever happened last night, Ifu-cking damn nee-d to know who want Camila dead. I won’t spare whosever is behind this.
“Where is my daughter”I had a de-ep masculine voice and the more dangerous man I heard of walk into the hospital with a lot of b©dyguard following him.
“Where is my daughter or I will burn up this place”he yelled at the nurse.
“Who is your daughter”the nurse asks shaking.
“Camila Gomez!” he said and my eye wi-de-ned.
This is Camila Father!. The Gomez I knew is Camila Father?. My father rival is Camila Dad?.
The one man my Dad use to tell us betrayed him and even made him suffer for years is Camila Father.
I just watch the scene in fear until his eye met me and he ignore the nurse and walk to me.
“And who are you”he looked at me.
“Hunnn…….”I tried finding the right word to say but to no availiable.
“Camila friend”I said and he looked at me.
“Call the cops”he ordered and my b©dy clenched.
“The cops? for…….”my phone rang and I brou-ght out my phone to check the caller ID.
“Dad….Who is your Dad”he asks and he must have peeped into my phone.
“Nob©dy”I ignore the call and shove the phone back to my pocket.
“Where is my daughter”The doctor in charge c@m£ out and I quic-kly ran to him.
“How is she”I asked and he sigh de-eply.
“Who are you to her?”
“I’m her father”the man said and I press myl-ips together.
“The bullet pene-trated de-eply into her and thankfully we are able to re-move the bullet but she is yet to wake up but let hope”he said and my heart break.
“Are you saying my daughter would be Coma and might never wake up”the man said and I turn to the doctor to listen to his response.
“Like I said let just hope”he excuse himself.
“Who the hell have the gut to shoot at my daughter?”he fired.
“Sir….”I tried to say something but he snap his f!nger and his b©dyguard started coming towards me.
“What”I tried to move but the hvge one carry me up and before I knew it we were heading to the exit door.
“Don’t ever come back her kid if you love yourself”he put me down and I tried to go back in but he st©pped him.
“Hey lover boy, Don’t get yourself involve it might be bloody now go back to your parent”he sm-irk before going back inside.
What? I won’t be able to see Camila again?.
My phone rang and it a call from Jackson and I remember Dad called me so it might be related so I pick it up.
📲 Where are you?
📲At the hospital and you really nee-d to see Camila fa… *Interrupted*
📲 Dad and Mom is coming home tomorrow morning and you nee-d to be here because I think I have an idea
📲Okay I will be home shortly *Call cut*
I drive as fast as I could to the house hoping Camila is save and if she truly love me her father won’t st©p her from coming to me but first let investigate myself and why is Dad coming home all of a sudden after years?.
“Hey”I walk into the house and Zack and Zoey just stare at the space while Jackson was moving to and fro the house.
I check the time it still 4:00am in the morning. how was Camila father able to get here so fast when he isn’t even in country?.
Zack and Zoey stood up Immediately they saw me.
“How did it go?”Zoey asks.
“Camila is still unconscious but they got the gun but something is wrong somewhere”I sigh de-eply.
“What do you mean?”Zack asks.
“The real Gomez we know is Camila Father and he looks dangerous than Dad describe”I said and that got Jackson attention.
“Why do I have a feeling that the reason Dad is coming back home?”Jack said and I stare at him trying to get the point.
“Have anyone heard from Manson?”Zoey asks.
“Why are you concerned about Manson”I asks.
“Hey he threw up a p@rty all of a sudden after he resumed school”
“He confronted saying Camila nee-ds to be there”I added.
“And he was nowhere to be found few minutes before the gun was sh0t”
“But Andrew was sh0t too and the second bullet was for Camila by another as-sas-sin”I added.
“Oh Gosh….how did you know”Jack asks.
“I ran after the first one and that gave them access to Camila”I replied.
“Did you see the as-sas-sin”Zoey asks.
“Yeah and it crazy I think I know him from somewhere”I slam myself into the couch.
“So how is Andrew”I asks because I remember vividly he was taken to the same hospital but I didn’t hear about him.
“Andrew didn’t survive”Jackson said.
“Omg…..this is a mystery”
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
Tell me it a lie…. Andrew is dead😭😭….I will miss him😢😢