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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Billionaire in disguise Episode 20 & 21

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(Search for Love💕)

Written by: Authoress Ricky.

✍️ Extra Episode( After Nineteen)✍️




I ignore Zeke stare throughout the class and Mia won’t stop staring at me with disgust eye.
I can’t believe I have to start my work today even though I already plan on leaving by Friday.

After the class ended and everyone dismissed for lunch I quickly pull Cassie and we made our way to the cafeteria.

“What wrong with you?”She asks immediately we took a seat by the window side.

“I can’t stay here for too long….I quit”I bow my head sadly.

“Why”She seems surprised.
“Everything is messed up and I think I’m in love with Zeke and I wish our fake relationship is real”I said almost tearing up but all she did is smile.
“Why are you smiling”I questioned.

“I saw this coming but you can’t just quit Camila… already stake college”She replied.

“Dad would sought it out”I replied

“So what do you plan on doing”She asks and I sigh.

“I can’t stand against Mia and even Continue this fake thing because I will go insane over him and he would dump me once he is done like others”I wipe my tears.

“Camila you can’t leave”She said.

“Am leaving on Friday night after Manson party don’t spill it out to anybody”I warned and she just stare

at me.

“Understand”I stole one of her fries and she frown.
“Sure”She replied.

“Hey girlfriend”I heard Zeke voice and my heart skip a beat and Cassie smile probably she notice how I got uncomfortable.

“Hi”I replied but my face went down Immediately I saw Mia.

He lean in closer and kiss my lips which earn a gasped from the student.

I tried to conceal my shock and smile warily at him.
“What are you doing”I muttered.
“Just act along”he frown at me.

“Like seriously Zeke? you stoop so low to her level?”She said and I frown.
“Mind what you say”I replied and she roll her eye.

“Can I join you guys”Zeke asks.
“Sure”Cassie Replied quick and I scoffed.
We were all eating in silent and Zeke won’t stop feeding me or even kiss my cheek that turns red immediately.

💫WTH…she is dating Zeke
💫I hate her
💫I knew something was fishy after he took her home on Freshman party
💫They actually look cute.
💫I have crush on him.
💫She is a nerd and doesn’t even have a love experience.

I’m not deaf I can actually hear what they say but Zeke doesn’t even mind because he kept feeding me.

“So when did you guys started dating because nothing was on during the freshman party”Mia said and I almost choked on my food.

“That same day I realize I’m in love with her”Zeke said with his eye on mine and gosh it feel so real.

“Are you saying we can’t continue…”Mia was interrupted by me.
“I need to use the restroom”I excuse myself

and walk away from them all.

This is Crazy….I can’t stand against Mia.
‘Camila are you that weak’

I stand in the front of the mirror in the girls restroom and watch myself.

My hand went to my lips and I recollect our his lips fit perfectly into mine.

After school that day, Zeke drive me home and probably he notice my mood so he didn’t say anything because he saw I was really in a very bad mood.

I ran upstairs and strip my self naked immediately and went to the bathroom to take a quick shower have been dying to have since lunch.

I stare at my reflection in the mirror for a long time

“Am not weak”I Muttered and took of my fake wig and use my hand to brush my long hair down.

“I’m not weak”I wipe off my fake makeup with the wiper and wash my face then clean it with a neat and dry towel and it feels so good to stare at myself in the mirror.

“Am Camila Gomez no one messes with me and I’m never going to be weak anymore”I pick my pyjamas and change into it.

I slam myself into my comfy bed and pick up my phone.I need to leave this place quietly.

I dial my Dad number and he pick it immediately like he was expecting the call.

📲Hello Dad
📲 Camila *Surprised
📲Dad*I bursted into tears


Episode 20



It Friday already and today I’m leaving Brittney immediately after Manson party.
I already inform Dad he is really eager to see me and he even told me if it possible for me to leave before Friday but I told him it fine.

I just kept acting along to Zeke damn fake relationship and successfuly Mia stop clinging around him and she didn’t even do any shit to me.

That confirms the fact she doesn’t love Zeke before so she just move on with Manson Conway who clearly doesn’t even have my time anymore but he is acting all strange.

Anytime he seems me he just smirk or muttered sarcastically “You are mine”.
I can never have anything to do with Mason because I enjoy the fact we are just best friend and no string attached.

I don’t want to hurt Jackson, Zack and Zoey feelings even though Zeke already know my true identity but I call for all them this evening before we leave for the party to tell them the whole truth and also I plan on telling Zeke how I feel before existing Brittney and going back to here I actually belong.

“Gosh….What is so Important that you wanna tell us”Zack asks as he walk in with Zoey and Jackson followed except from Zeke and I wait patiently for him to arrive.

He must probably know I’m about to burst the bubbles and also let the cat out if the bag.

“I don’t think Zeke is coming just say it, I need to look good for the party I really need a lay tonight”Zoey said.

“Fine…if he is not coming”I shrugged and fold my hand nervously.
“I hope you guys are able to take this immediately I say it”I sigh deeply and their attention were on me.

“Am Camila Gomez, the popular one and I came here for……”I explain everything and I left the part where I fell in love with Zeke and the accidentally kiss too.

“Are you done”Zoey asks and I nod.
“Why aren’t you guys surprise”I look from Zack, Zoey and Jackson because they weren’t even surprised at all.

“Seriously I wonder why you told only Zeke and not us but I’m glad he found out himself like we did”Zoey sigh deeply.

“Are you seriously leaving tonight”Jackson asks and I nod.
“Wait….How did you guys find out”I acted all cool with them.

“During breakfast…Zeke Voice was damn so loud when he claimed you and even call you your full name and we made some research ourselves”Zack replied and my eye widened.

They heard that? So it wasn’t only Zeke that knows my real identity; they all did and kept it.
I guess I was wrong after all they all loved me and care about me.

“Thanks You guys”I smiled.
“So are you and Zeke really dating”Zack asks.
“No it just something to get Mia away”I replied and Zoey eye widened.

“Gosh….it felt so real and I’m surprised Zeke kept a secret for you”Zack added.

“What do you mean”I asks.

“he should tell you himself”Zoey Replied and Zack sigh and that was really strange.

“So…….I will miss you guy”I shrug and Zack smile.
“You caught feelings didn’t you”Jackson asks.

“You caught feelings”he repeated.
“What do you mean?”I asks curiously.

“You like Zeke, no pretense he isn’t here just tell me”Jackson said and others got interested.
“I…… not really important”I replied.

“Gosh”Zack roll his eye.
“You like him don’t you”Jackson seems pushy.
“Yes….I like him and I can’t stay here any longer because of him”I replied fast.

“Why can’t you stay here because of him?”Zoey asks.
“I go crazy anytime I sees him and this fake kind off relationship is pissing me off. I need a real one with him, it crazy but I didn’t know how I fell in love with someone like him”I almost cried again but I hold it back.

“Wow”that was the only word that escape Zoey mouth and Jackson and Zack just stare at me with bewilderment.
“But why can’t you just go it”Jackson said and I was surprise.

Isn’t Jackson catching feelings for me too and fight with Zeke just because he thought we are dating so why is he matchmaking us together.

“I got over mine because he is my brother and I love him too”Jackson Replied like he could read my mind.

“So why do you…..”I interrupted.
“He is too Cold hearted and won’t even talk to me and when I talk he just listen and won’t give me a reply…..he doesn’t even like me”I shrug.

“Since you are leaving why don’t you just tell him and things would be settled at least you would be gone in case there is rejection”Zoey added and I sigh.

He is right. I can do it!.
“Then I will do it at the party”I replied and they all smile at me.

I should have get close to them all instead of Zeke and Jackson. They are f**king damn friendly for my liking.


💫 ZEKE’S 💫

I was taking a long shower after I return from school. Camila called for everyone but I decide not to go because I know what she is about to do.

Her mood throughout the week says it all. The jovial Camila became so cold hearted and she doesn’t even allow me kiss her again.

Don’t get me wrong. She allow me kiss her in the front of others but…. Gosh what I’m I thinking.
I walk out of the bathroom and grab a neat shower rope and slip into it then put on my flip-flops before walking out.

“Are you seriously leaving tonight”Jackson asks and I stopped at the stairs.

She is leaving? So soon?

“Yeah”She replied and my heart shattered. I didn’t wait to hear all and went back to my room shutting the door with a loud bang.

Why does she want to leave so soon?. I’m not even yet brave enough to confess my feelings to her and she is leaving.

‘Then confess to her at the party tonight at least she might wait after your confession’ My subconscious yelled at me.

“Yeah….. Tonight” Maybe that would keep her here and by my side.


✍️ Episode Twenty- One✍️


Staring at my reflection on the mirror for a long time contemplating on whether I use a disguise or be myself tonight.

‘Just be yourself, no one is concerned about the fact you are Camila Gomez’

I put on my best bikini since it would be useful since it a pool party and every girl would be fluttering their underwears and sexy body but I don’t want to so I pick the one that cover my body a bit before I put on a big T-shirt to cover it.

I brush my real – waist length hair down and apply some lip gloss and I was make up free.
I stare at my parked luggage before rolling them to a side and the room look completely empty since I already arrange my things.

The driver my Dad sent to me would be around by 4:00am tomorrow morning so I set things up and I promise myself am never going to drink in a party again.

“Camila let go”That Zack voice and I smiled before picking my phone and I exit my room.

Zack was in short and same as the rest except from Zeke because I haven’t set my eye on him since we got back from school.

They all stare at me in amusement but I just ignore it. I know it hard for them to still believe I use them to execute my futile plan here and even cook and do chores for them.

“Where is Zeke”I asks.
“I don’t know but I can give you a ride”Jackson offered.
“No I will just wait for him”I replied friendly and he just shrug.

“Fine but you can call me if he decide not to go”Jack said and I nod.

“Bye guy”I wave at them and they all exit the house one after the other.

Now back to my question. Why is Zeke hiding since we got back from school.
I followed the stairs to his room and sigh deeply immediately I got to the front of his room.

“Camila just go back”My subconscious warned.
“Yeah! I shouldn’t be doing this”I was about to turn when the door went wide open and my eye widened.

His eye met mine in surprise and I went numb immediately because I don’t even know what to do at that particular moment.

“What are you doing here”he asks.
“Ummmm……The guys left so I was wondering if”I got interrupted.

“I will down in a few minutes”he replied and I nod before walking away.
“Camila”he called and I turn back again.

“Ummmm”he seems nervous about something because he just scratch the back of his head.
“Never mind”he replied and I frown before walking away.

Jerk! Pervert! Annoying! Why can’t I hate him!.
Why can’t I just love someone else but not him?.
I was going to fro in the living room until I heard someone coming down the stairs.

“Can we go”I turn and I gasped using my hand to cover my mouth. This isn’t my first time seeing a guy have great abs so why I’m I freaking out.

“Take this it might be useful”he threw me a Jacket and I caught it.
“Thanks”I muttered shyly and he ignore me and walk away and I followed him immediately.

The drive to Manson house was an awkward one thanks to the song he played that killed some tension in me.

I’m going to say out my feelings to him today but I’m f**king damn nervous. How am I going to face Zeke Williams?.

We arrive at the party and it funny there is no noise coming from the house. We enter the house and it was f**King quiet.

“What going on”Zeke and I exchange glance.
“Zack and Zoey car are outside so where is the party taking place?”I asks and he didn’t reply me instead he was towards a door and I follow him.

“Zeke”I called nervously and he turn and stare at me while I swallowed before I mustered the courage to finally talk.

“I have a confession to make”I said and he just stare at me with no emotion and that even freak me out the more.

“Hey what are you guys doing come with me and Camila you should take off those cloths it won’t be necessary once we get in there”Manson interrupted and I groaned.

Perfect timing because he just ruin my confession and I doubt if it would be easy to do it again.

I turn to face Manson with a frown and he gasped when he saw me.
“What are you doing”he asks looking from me to Zeke.

“What do you mean”I shrugged.
“You revealed your true identity?”he asks and I smile.

“Yeah….they know already and it useless and it won’t be necessary staying here too because I’m leaving tonight or tomorrow morning”I replied and his eye went to Zeke.

“Is it because of him”he walk to Zeke.
“Manson stop….No but it not necessary staying here because Andrew doesn’t want me here again”I replied and he stopped.

“But Camila…..”
“Manson where is your so called pool party taking place”I change the topic and he glare at Zeke who doesn’t even seems concerned about what just happened.

“Let go”Manson lead the way and we follow him behind.

“Wow”the word escape my mouth when I saw the huge pool and different people from our school and I frown when I saw Andrew with the same girl he follow up and down.

“We need to talk after this”Manson said and pass me a drink before walking away.

“Sure”I shouted but he already jumped into the pool.

The music was freaking loud and I could barely hear what people are saying.
“Wow. ….. Zeke you didn’t tell me you are coming”That voice belong no other person but Mia and she sway her ass to our side.

“Hi”I wave at her but instead she stare at me T- shirt unlike her with the perfect bikini that fit perfectly on her curvy and Sexy body.

“I can help with that”She smirk.
“what”I stare at myself.
“Zeke I should help your girlfriend right”Mia asks and I was still confused.

“Sure”Zeke smiled before walking away.

“What going on”I asks.
“Come with me”she pull me by my hand and I found myself in the restroom and Mia is trying to rip off my T- shirt away from my body.

“This is a pool party for crying out loud not a sleepover”Mia rolled her eye after countless times of trying to pull off my cloth.

I stare at her or a while and sigh. “Don’t worry you would be fine Mrs. Star model”she smirk.
“It seems everyone knows my true identity and refuse to talk”I smirk and she smile.

“Actually I figured it out at the party anyway but don’t worry we are friends right”She smirk and I return a smile.

“Thanks you”I replied.

“You are save her tonight because everyone would find a hard time recognizing you and you need to get that idiot turned on tonight”Mia smirk and I chuckled because I know she is referring to Zeke.

“Can I asks a question”I asks and she nod pulling of my cloth revealing my underwear and she gasped.

“You wear expensive things don’t you”She said and I smile.
“why are you helping me?”I asks and she stare at me.

“I need your help too”


✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued….

What is Mia up to again o?.

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