Billionaire in disguise Episode 2 & 3

(Search for Love💕)
Written by: Authoress Ricky
✍️ Episode Two✍️
Cas-sie was a life saving friend; it was late in the night but she didn’t care Immediately her phone beeped and she heard me cry and cuss on the phone she hang up and drive into the restaurant compound in less than fifteen minutes.
“It okay”she pu-ll me into a hvg and pat my back slowly.
I asks Cas-sie to drive me to her house because I don’t want Dad worrying about me seeing me with him.
“Why do everyone hate me”I cried.
“It okay Andrew is the j£rk for not seeing what he is about to lose”she replied.
“No he is right”I re-lease myself from her arms and wipe my tears even though it alre-ady ruin my makeup.
“Camila”She called slowly but it obvious she is thinking I might do something bad.
“Do you have alcohol”I asks and she raise her brows at me.
“It time to celebr@te a new break up”I staggered and walk to her kitchen.
“Wow”I g@sped at the sight of alcohol stuck in her fridge.
“Do you drink all this”I asks.
“You are not the only one that is pas-sing throu-gh ha-rd time”She shrug.
“Let drink together”I smiled evily and I know she is getting more scared because I must be looking all weird with my makeup ruined by my tears.
Cas-sie and I wasted each other drinking even though she didn’t drink too much saying she had to go to her parent place tomorrow to spend the night and won’t want to go there reek of alcohol.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
“Arrrrrgh”I yawned opening my eye slowly but shut them back with the light Ray coming from the large glas-s window struck my eye.
“Good morning”Cas-sie greet; I wryly my face and open them slowly to realize she alre-ady dressed up unlike me.
“You ended slee-ping on the floor but I made an hangover stew just drink it and plea-se keep my place clean before leaving”she said struggling with her heel.
I gro-an ed as I try standing up even though I staggered a bit but regain my balance. I’m having the worst hangover right now.
“When will you be back”I asks walking into her bathroom to get my face washed.
“Tomorrow”she replied.
“Can I stay here till you are back?”I asks walking into the room cleaning my face with a towel.
She raise her head and stare at me for a while.
“What”I asks.
“Am jealous of your face”She pouted.
“Are you crazy I hate it”I roll my eyes; that childish habit that I would never st©p.
“Whatever”She adjust her Sk-irt in the front of the mirror.
My hand reach for a magazine on the table.
“Who are this”I asks staring at the four h0t guys in the magazine paper.
She walk to me and peep into the paper.
“Don’t tell me you don’t know them”she g@sped.
“What”I roll my eyes.
“They are the Four h0t brother I heard they attending Brittney for college and a lot of crazy girl fans are now struggling to attend with them”She explained and I sigh opening the boom page staring at the first one who seem to be the oldest.
“I don’t know why they are so rich yet they want to attend Brittney but thank God have gotten my admission there so I can get to see my crush”She smile crazily at her self and I raise one of my brows.
“Why Brittney is the school special I asks really curious because Andrew mentioned it too.
“You won’t wanna Miss”She giggled before walking out of her room and I trail behind her.
“Be Good”I smile before she drove out of the house.
Cas-sie has her own house where she lived alone and am jealous of that.
I want to be on my own too; I walk back in and throw the magazine on the table and walk to the kitchen to find something to feed my tummy.
I made cereal because that the fastest food I think could make me feel better but I nee-d the hangover stew.
I pour it a bowl and pick a spoon before walking back to her table.
“So h0t”I frown at myself so drinking it directly.
I roll my eye and it landed on this h0t guys picture again; My eye scroll down.
“h0t guys nee-d a Nanny for College resumption”I re-ad aloud.
What do a guy like them nee-d a Nanny for?.
OMG…I have an idea; should I take a break and become a nanny for this guys. I conveyed folding my hand together.
“Damn it they would recognize me so easily since am a popular star model for my Dad Company”I sigh in frustration as I sit on the couch back.
I finish taking the stew and help Cas-sie with dishes before heading back to the living room.
I should go take a bathe and call Dad am fine he might be worried.
I switch on the television before existing the place for a wash. After taking my bathe I settled for Cas-sie dress and let my hair undry.
I walk into the living room and settled down on the couch before texting Dad.
“Am at Cas-sie house I couldn’t make it home last night but am fine”I text and immediately he replied.
“Are you okay”Dad is always so overwhelmed about anything that concerns me.
“Yes have a nice day”I text before throwing it on the couch.
“Arrgh”I ran my hand into my we-t hair.
I broke into tears again remembering what Happened last night.
“This is crazy is it my fault”I yelled at myself.
“Celebrity Alex Morgan went in Disguise to her Ex- husband wedding but someone tend to have seen her and now she is still yet to make a—”
“Disguise”I repeated.
“Yeah….. Disguise”I smile at myself.
Perfect plan😉.
(Search for Love💕)
Written by: Authoress Ricky
✍️ Episode Three✍️
“Camila it can never be possible”Dad rejected my offer immediately about going in disguise to Brittney College and also a nanny to those four h0t guys at least till I get myself back and come home.
“But Dad I don’t want to go to Havard, Cas-sie is attending Brittney too”I pleaded with him.
“You are different from them Camilla”he replied.
“What makes me different? is it the fact I had been dumped by different guys or was it desperation?”I cried.
“You are my daughter and that what makes you different”he replied.
“Dad been your daughter is actually the reason am like this; I can’t go to places or the news would be about me the next morning”.
“I can’t go to Mom favorite place again; I can’t even go to student camp Cas-sie always talk about”I cried.
“Camila you wanted to be a star model I didn’t choose that for you”he said and sniffed using my hand to wipe my tears.
“Dad it what I want and I can’t keep on with self-deprecating”I replied.
“Camilla—”I interrupt him.
“Fine I would go to Havard mingle with people of my league and one day commit sucide when I can’t hold it anymore”I walk away from him.
“Camila”he called and I st©pped immediately and turn.
“You can go but plea-se in disguise and if something happens just call me I would be of an help”I smile at him and he sm-irked.
“Thanks Dad”I ran to him and pu-ll him to a hvg.
“Just be a good girl”he pat my hair and I nod.
“I promise Dad”I smile.
No matter my age; I end up acting like a kid anytime am with Dad.
✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
The Cab drop me off in the front of the hvge mansion am staring at.
Am looking like a nerd in Short wig and a big spectacle to t©p it and am putting on a less expensive cloth and a white sneakers.
They won’t get suspicious because even the Can driver couldn’t recognize me even though he has my picture plastered on his car. Maybe he is a fan too.
Dad alre-ady made arrangements for my resume in Brittney it only left to this guys to agree with me to attend the same school with them.
They must have spend a lot on it but sincerely Dad house is more big than this; I drag my luggage with me even though I haven’t even done my interview am so sure I would start my work so fast.
I was allowed in by the guard after showing him my ID and Job applicant. He help me into the house where a little girl c@m£ running to me and hvg my leg.
I don’t really un-derstand but I love kids and the way and soft hand t©uçh my leg. I squat a little to be on the same level with her height.
“What your name”I smiled.
“Clara”She giggled and I laugh.
“Am Camila”I smiled as I rise back to my feet the guard seems to be amazed by the little girl reaction.
Was I meant to use my name?.
“Clara”a young male voice called and I turn to see a Greek god staring directly at me.
He look better in real life than picture; myl-ips p@rted as my eye hit his muscular b©dy because he was shi-tless.
He look really attrac-tive Tousled brown hair, hazel eye and a jawline that could grate cheese and in addition hisl-ips.
“Who is this ugly lady here”he looked at me with so much disgust.
Me!!! ugly is hefu-cking kiddin’ me?.
“She is here for the Nanny job”the guard explain.
“You should be a college students and the notice says someone who would be available for her”he sit on the chair gr-abbing the TV remote on the table.
“I can do it and I just gain an admission to Brittney I really nee-d this Job to keep myself in school”I pleaded.
Wow! Camila you are a good actress how come I didn’t discover this so soon?.
“Do you think I will consider that”this guy is really strict.
“Get her out of here”he ordered and the guard offered to help me out but I decline. I can’t give up I just turn down Havard for a stupid reason.
“plea-se you can give me a chance or probation I promise to do my job well”I pretend to cry.
The little girl walk up to me and stand beside me.
“Clara to your room”he order the little girl.
“I want her to stay”she held my hand I smile. His eye went to our hand and he sigh.
“Where is this noise coming from here”a guy in Blue T-shi-t and a headset round is n£¢k looking super cute with his dark brown hair.
“Oh who is she”he asks immediately he sp©t me.
Guess it won’t be ha-rd for them to sp©t me.
“The new Nanny”he replied and he scan me looking at me with so much disgust.
“She is ugly Clara would be scared of her”he sputtered and I frown.
Only if I could re-move this ru-bbish wig and tell this rude j£rk am Camila the t©p star model but I really nee-d a chance to find love in a different world and they are the key to that right now.
“Seems Clara like her”the first guy said and he look at me before turning to his brother.
“Suite yourself”he place the headphone on his ear and walk away.
“Take her in”he gestured the guard and I can’t st©p smiling.
“Thank you”I wipe my tears that are alre-ady drying up.
“Follow me”the guard gestured for me to let him lead the way and I step aside.
We were about to take the stairs when he called back.
“Sir”I bow.
“What your name”he asks.
“Camila”I replied quic-k.
“Come downstairs after settling in so I can introduce you to everyone and most importantly your role; I can’t just accept a stranger into the house without proper check”he said and walk away and I just stood there staring at his back side.
What does he mean by proper check I hope am not expo-sed.
“Camila”the guard call and I quic-kly join him and he lead me to my room.