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July 23, 2021


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Billionaire in disguise Episode 18 & 19

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(Search for Love💕)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

Listen to Someone You loved by Lewis Calpidi and thank me later 😋.

✍️ Episode Eighteen✍️



🤒 ZEKE’S 🤒

I groaned as my alarm rang for a new day. After last night I find it hard to sleep because I couldn’t stop thinking about her.

I don’t know why I was even staring at her like that but all I know is I’m just taking responsibility of her because she is Clara Nanny.

‘No she is more than that’ Subconscious again!!.
I brush my teeth and did my normal morning routine before picking up my bag pack and exited my room.

I was almost at the living room when I had a sound of people laughing and talking and I know it either Camila trying to be funny or Zack and Zoey pulling each other leg.

I took the last step and my fist clenched when I saw Jackson touching her cheek with his hand.
What wrong with her or she doesn’t understand English or something?.

Did he really fall in love with her?. This is the first time Jackson actually is in love with someone and I don’t want to hinder that but she is mine no matter what.

“Good morning”I sit down and Camila stop talking immediately she sighted and just eat her food quietly and I dish mine and the table became quiet as f**k.

They don’t like my presence or what? because just before I walk in here they were laughing, entertaining each other.

I each quietly and I don’t know why I kept stealing a glance of her and I think she did too.
“What wrong with you too”Zack asks as he look from Camila to me.

“Nothing”Camila Replied with a fake smile.
“You kept quiet immediately he walk in and you both kept stealing glance of each other”Zoey added and I just ignore them and kept eating.

Have I ever made mention of this that Camila is a great cook and her cooking skills are amazing.
I thought all this billionaire daughter are always rude and lazy but she is an exception.

“I have watch something like this in a movie and what actually cause if”Zack tried recollecting someone.

“They accidentally kiss”Zoey added and Zack gasped and Camila and I exchange weird look.

“Hey comm’n man you don’t have to be like that just apologize or probably just say the word”
“I love you”Zack and Zoey said in unison and they laugh.

“Am off”Jackson angrily drop the fork on the table and pick his bag pack before existing the table.

Camila tried following him but I stop her.
“And where do you think you are going”I raise my brow tentatively and she sit back with her eye following Jackson till he left.

“You guys should sought things out between each other”Zack pat my shoulder and he exited with Zoey and now I’m left with Camila.

After a minute and nobody is ready to talk I raise my head a bit to get a clearer view of her and notice are thumbs were moving on her lips.

I remember last night having the urge to kiss her but I don’t want her noticing my vulnerability.

“I warned you not to allow anyone touch you”I scowled so I can stop thinking about it.

“Huh”She drop her hand off her lips Immediately.
“Don’t pretend like you didn’t allow Jack touch your cheeks just now”I fired at her.
“Zeke”she called sweetly and that really affected me.

“This is all a fake thing why are you taking it serious”She replied.
“Don’t test my possessiveness Camila, I mean it or………”I replied and drop my cutlery before picking up my bag pack.

I was almost at the door when I notice she isn’t following me.
“Aren’t you going to school”I asks and she quickly pick her bag pack and follow me.


I contacted Jayden and he told me Andrew had a tight security home and the only way is to throw up a party and make him come then finish him up.

I want Camila to be there too because it would feel so good to know she is definitely mine at the end.

I threw my phone on the bed angrily after she told me Zeke won’t allow her come. I think Zeke should have been the first person I should eliminate but no need for the rush.

I have plans too.

I dress up for School after uploading the party flier on the group chat and everyone seems to be excited about it.

I drive into the school and scan the park to confirm if Zeke is in school but when I couldn’t find it I sit on my car bonnet and await for him.

Since Camila can’t attend the party because of Zeke then Zeke must come to the party for Camila to be present.

He drive in not too long and Immediately he stop the car Camila alighted and ran away from him.

What wrong with her? Did he do anything wrong to her. I suddenly because angry as I clench my fist.

“Hey dude”I wave at him but he choose to ignore me and kept doing what I seriously don’t know; Seriously I’m meant to be mad but I choose to let go.

“What’s up with you”I asks again and he raise his head up then back to his backpacks.
“Am f**king talking to you”I hit my hand on the car bonnet.

“Hitting my Car costs alot you should mind what you do with your hand”he replied and I clench my fist together.

“There is a party at my house, I seriously need Camila presence so you better bring her there”I scowled before walking away.

That guy got gut so much….It won’t take me a sec to finish him but I want a gradual process that would leave no sign.

My phone rang and I check the Caller ID…..”A private number?”I pick it up and place the phone on my ear.


📲 Are you even up for the task I gave you *Angry*

Omg………Why is Gomez Calling me himself.

📲Am sorry sir but things……..*Got interrupted.

📲You are busy having good time when you are meant to kill those Bastard

📲Am sorry sir

📲15 days or I will kill you myself *He hang up and it was like my heart skip a bit.

Why is this man Stressing me or did he think I’m doing all this for him alone?.
I smirk before I sighted Camila at her Locker side but she walk away after she sighted me.

“Huh…. That weird”I turn to saw the annoying guy coming.

Is that why Camila couldn’t come close to me?.

“Hi Zeke”a sweet female voice called and……


✍️ Episode Nineteen✍️


“Does his daughter Still live in that house”I asks my personal assistant.

“Yeah”he replied.
“Execute all plans on Friday and make sure there is no traces”I gave my order and he bow and left.

Gomez……. Just let watch and see.


I was having a nice time with Jackson, Zack and Zoey after a sleepless night and a huge eye bag but I did a little make up to touch the part and also my short wig now look rough but I have no choice but to wear it.

After a while of Zack and Zoey spilling rubbish completely making me lost my appetite.

Those two are really something I just don’t understand and I might refuse to understand.

Not again………those Crazy feelings are coming again and it was more intense and uncomfortable sitting and eating together when every one left.

Do I really like him or it just a normal feelings?.

I need to do something I can’t be having feelings for Zeke he is way out of my league and obviously not my type of guy.

‘You kiss him last night’
‘it was an accident’.
‘But it look likes you both wanted it and he didn’t accept your apology’

That true why didn’t he accept the apology instead he said it was useless…..I need Cassie right now.

I don’t know when my hand stupidly went to my lips again and I think he notice it so I quickly drop it down feeling embarrassed.

😑 ZEKE’S 😑
I was going to the party before why is he overreacting like it compulsory to attend parties when she doesn’t feel like.

It glad to know Camila is now obeying my rules.

I followed him into the school but I stop half way when I saw Camila, she was about to wave at Manson but immediately she saw me she just walk away.

I will actually prefer that because it hurt badly knowing fully well someone else can touch her but I don’t want to make a fuse about it.

After Camila left he turn and his gaze landed on me….What is this idiot doing here because I don’t understand him anymore.

The more I see him the more I know he is evil and he is here for a different motive apart from the fact he is actually here to protect her.

Wait….Pause….Rewind….he is the idiot that kiss her that day.

I clenched my fists hard but before I could punch those lips I heard my name.

“Zeke”I turn to see Mia walking my way….As usual, short leather skirt, black heels and a black leather jacket and a dye red hair making her look like a complete badass bitch.

“Zeke….She Walk to my side and kiss me roughly
before she pull me into a hug and the idiot smirk.

“What wrong aren’t you happy to see me”She pull my jacket and pouted like a kid.

Mia doesn’t pout funnily all she does is S*x guy but trying to act cool is something strange or is it because of Manson?.

“What are you doing?”I push her away from me with no force.
“Zeke”she frown.

“I have a girlfriend now”I replied and she laugh.
“You are kiddin’ right”She chuckled and she finally notice Manson and gasped.

“Am Manson Conway….hmmn you must know me since I’m the popular type”he stretch his hand our for a handshake but Mia just stare at it.

“Do I know you”I chuckled immediately Mia said that.

“Manson Con….”She pretended not to know him and I chuckled.

“Are you seriously saying you don’t know me?”he asks again.

“Okay I know you but what’s up with you and why would a celebrity be in a school like this?”She asks.

“Because of queens like you”Manson flirted.
Mia smile before walking close to him and I don’t know what he Whisper to him but he smile.

Am not surprise probably for a night stand because that what Mia enjoy the most. Camila can’t been seen with someone likes Manson he is a trash.

“See you later”She kiss Manson too before he walk away.
Mia Is such a bitch….She f**k anything that interest her and doesn’t even care.

Can you imagine she just kiss me and now another guy in my front but it isn’t my business because the only person on my head and heart now is Camila and I don’t know how she f**king did it.

After getting to know her secret and even before that I don’t know why I’m attached to her and sincerely I don’t think it about the fact she is Clara Nanny anymore.

I clearly told Amy, My aunt to babysit Clara because I really want to get to know Camila for who she is.

I can’t believe a model can be that humble even after all the insult she doesn’t seems to be moved by it.

I really wish I know what type of life she lives before and why she remain here after Andrew ditch her.

Those disguise aren’t helping it because anytime I see her the only thing I can see is the real Camila Gomez and not a disguise one.

I wish you Could take it off and be mine alone and stop clinging around guys making me jealous for no reason even though she isn’t aware of what I’m capable of.

This isn’t fake………I think I’m for real
Did I fall in love?.

“Won’t you introduce me to everyone”She enterwined our hands together bringing me back to realistic but I let go off my hand and took a step backwards and she watch in awe.

“I seriously have a girlfriend now Mia and she is a jealous type”I replied and her face describe no emotion.

“Who is that?”She asks.
“I will introduce you to her during lunch and I hope all this stop”I walk away from her and headed for my first class.

Am sorry Mia….I can’t continue a friend with benefits agreement again because I think I’m in love.



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