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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Billionaire in disguise Episode 16 & 17

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(Search for Love💕)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

✍️ Episode Sixteen✍️



Have been sitting in the cafe for over some minute waiting for my business friend.

“Hey man”he walk in and we exchange greeting like Bros and he order for a drink.

“It been a while”he smile at me and I chuckled.
“So why do you need to see me badly”he asks.
“Camila”I smile immediately I mention his name.

“You aren’t giving up?”he raise his brows. How did Jayden know about Camila?.

I filled his ears with Camila name the first day I met her and he helped with some research.

“Gomez is involved and I got a deal that would make me own Camila”I smile and he just stare at me.


I swallow my throat before I sit in the front of the great Mr. Gomez who might swallow me anytime soon.

“Good afternoon sir”I bow and he just stare at me with an angry face and I wish I could just die than facing him.

he kept staring at me for a while before he busted into laughter making me sigh in relief.
“Am sorry if I scare you”he apologized and I just smile

“Are you wondering why you are here?”he asks and I just nod.
“Do you know Camila isn’t in Havard”he asks and my eye widened.

/> “I thought she went back to……”he interrupted.

“She is in Brittney going after that bastard Andrew and it fun she is living with my greatest enemy son”He smirk and I just sit lost because I don’t understand what he mean.

“She stays with the son’s of Williams”he said and I gasped.
“Mcay’s Enterprise”I asks and he nod.
“I know if I asks Camila to do it she might probably fail me so I have a mission for you instead”he smirk evily.

“I want to ruin them”he scowled and i didn’t know when my forehead became sweaty.
“But I can’t do it Sir”I tell him truthfully.
“I will marry Camila off to you if you can do it for me”he replied and my eye widened.

“But marriage should be Camila Choi…..ce”I stuttered.
“Okay”he stood up and walk to my side.
“Then I can’t let you go”he whisper into my ear.

“You are going to tell someone if I don’t eliminate you”I swallow my throat immediately he said it.

“I will do it”I replied immediately.
“Very good, all arrangements would be taken care of but I need you to watch over Camila she is my eye”he warned and I bow.
#The end of Flashback#

“Wow so we have to eliminate those four?”Jayden asks and I nod.
“Aren’t we going too far?”he asks.
“Jayden, have known you for a long time and your Job are always clean so don’t play innocent now”I scowled and he sigh.

“So who is going first”he asks and I smile.
“Andrew O. Brien”I replied and

his eye widened.
“But Andrew isn’t….”I interrupted.
“he lay his hand on Camila”I replied quick and he stare at me for a while.

“Consider it done”we exchange glance before we laugh.
“We will meet for the next victim”I warned and he shrugged.
“No probs”he said and I laugh before sipping my drink.

Jayden Is a notorious assassin I have as friends. We have work together for years before I started modelling after my Dad separated us.

I know Gomez during my time with him and giving me this job he must have a background check for me.

I can’t wait to have Camila as mine alone.


I enter the house and saw her eating with Zeke already I just ignore them and walk to my room snubbing her when she tried to greet me.

How dare her pick me over Zeke and go flirt with Zeke. Why did she give me false hope when she knew it was Zeke all along?.

Why Zeke!! I cried!.


Am going crazy in my inner mind but immediately I saw Jackson walk in my mood lighten up but the way he ignore me…….Did I do something wrong or his he mad at me for keeping the fake relationship he must have believe is real?.

I serve Zeke is meal before I turn to go check up on Jackson and also asks him why he just snub me.

“And where do you think you are going to”that voice I don’t want to hear because it gives me inner pleasure said and after a while of contemplating.

I turn to see his eye buried in mine already.
“Where are you going?”he asks like I told him I didn’t hear him the first time.

“To check up on Jackson”I tell him honestly and I was impressed with the fact I wasn’t lying like I always do before.

“Why?”he asks and I stare at me like a dummy before rolling it over.

“he seems to be angry”I replied.
“He is fine”he replied shortly.
“But—”he interrupted me by hitting the fork on the table making a bang sound and I flinched.

“How many times do I have to tell you, Camila Gomez belongs to me alone and you don’t have a business with any other guy because you are still on punishment for your first mistake and for hugging…….”he stopped and scowled and I was amazed at his new attitude and action.

“he is dangerous”Cassie warning ring in my head.
“Am sorry”I bowed immediately to avoid getting on his bad side the more.
“Am okay”he stood up and walk away pushing me off his way.

I thought everything is fake why does it all look so real especially when he claim me when I’m yet to be his.

Did he just say he is punishing me for letting another guy touch me?.

Zeke is been possessive just now.


✍️ Episode Seventeen✍️
(Not Edited)


After he left I do the dishes and went back to my room to do my homework before my phone beep and I reach for it on the night stand.

“A message from Manson….. whatever up with him?”I unlock my phone to read my message.

“Am having a pool party on Friday if you don’t mind will you come”.

“I can’t because am here to work and school not for parties”I texted back and he reply immediately.
“I will handle it myself”he replied and I just put my phone on the night stand and continue with my homework.

His he in is right senses:’ he just move in and he is already throwing up a pool parties in the house that was given to him by my father?. That guy has gut.

“What wrong with you”I heard a voice right in the front of my door.
“Oh it me now”he scowled.

I close my book and walk to the door and place my ear on it to hear well.
“You pretended like you hate her guts and now you are using her again”That Jackson voice.

“I told you I can handle things myself”Zeke replied.

“Stay away from her or I’m calling Mom and she would have no other choice than to move out”Jackson threatened.
“Why are you…… Don’t tell me you are in love with her”Zeke asks in surprise.

“It non of your business just stop using her and I brought her into this house so mind the way you touch her”Jackson said and I had footsteps fade away.

Jackson likes me!!. He didn’t say so but he didn’t even deny it when Zeke accuse him.
What that punk problem does he go supporting me in the front of the others and act all snobbish round me?.

“This is getting complicated”Zeke sigh in frustration before he walk away too. I went back to bed forgetting about my assignment as memories with Zeke keeps disrupting my thoughts whenever I try imagining why Jackson falls for me even without knowing my real identity.

✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️

“Arrrrrgh”I screamed out of my nightmare sweating profusely. “Why I’m I having this kind of weird dream?”.

“Is anything happening to Andrew”I wipe my face with my palm and reach for my phone.

It still 2:00am in the night so I can’t call him because he might get mad at me again even though he doesn’t know he sees me everyday in school.

I had a dream Andrew got shot at a party and before we could get him to the hospital he was dead and I started crying with my hand stained with his blood.

I tried sleeping back but I couldn’t so I just stood up and reach for my Rabbit flip flops and pick up my assignment book that was left undone and exited my room.

Everywhere seems dark so I just switch on the living room light and drop my book on the table and made my way to the kitchen to get myself some snacks to keep myself going.

I open the refrigerator to get myself a snacks or ice-Cream but it looks likes it been long since they stock the fridge it f**king empty except and the only thing there is a chocolate bar and milk.

“And what are you doing”a deep masculine voice startled me and I almost fall due to the fear that was catching up on me but he caught me before I could land on the floor.

“Zeke”I muttered staring at him and I gasped immediately I realize he was holding me by my waist and I quickly move away from him.

“Am sorry”I bow as I ran out of the kitchen but he stop me.

“Do you wear that to sleep”I look at my house and I gasped realizing I was wearing a revealing lingerie. I use my hand to cover my body and he smirk.

Did he just do smile right now. “I just couldn’t sleep so I came downstairs to finish up my assignment, Good night”I bow and ran out of the kitchen.

I sit on the floor near the table and started doing my assignment before I felt his present again and he just seat on couch so I ignore Him and Continue my assignment.

I can’t even solve a question anymore because I could feel his glare on me.
“Any problem with that”he asks
“I can help with that”he stood up and walk to my direction and sit on the floor beside me while I just watch him.

“Wha……t a…re yo…..u do…”I stuttered.
“Helping you”he pick up the pen and started scribbling something into my book while I just stare at his face.

Why didn’t I notice he was this handsome? he has a perfect jawline and a his lips remain pouted as he write and he had a pierce on his ear and his lashes are damn so long.

I find myself Lean in uncontrollable as I tried to touch his face but he turn his head Immediately and our lips met and my eye widened.

We just stare at each other intensely and surprised and I don’t even know what to do.
“Am sorry”I apologise quickly.

“For what”he asks and I was confused.

“Fo….r”Gosh am so embarrassed right now and I don’t even know what he thinks of me now.
“Why are you apologizing”he asks and again and I press my lips together.

“Am done”he push my note to me and I quickly give it a quick eye brief.
“Wow….you hardly attend any class and you were able to solve it”I giggled excitedly.

“Are you blaming me for not coming to class when girls won’t even allow me rest”he pouted and I suddenly felt like kissing him again but I fought myself.

“Whatever”I mumbled and kept checking if there is error until I felt his gaze were on me.

“What?”I asks and he just kept staring at me.
“Zeke”I called and he seems startled.
“huh”that was the only word he said.

“You seems lost, what are thinking?”I asks
“Nothing”he stood up and I’m still confused.

“You should go back to bed, there is school tomorrow”he said and walk away.
What wrong with him?, That weird and unusual.

I pack my book and went back to my room, I drop all my textbook on the floor and slam myself into my bed.

“Arrrrrgh”I groaned as I still couldn’t sleep. Zeke just made my insomnia worst.

My hand move to my lips and I recollect our accidentally kiss that Happened a while ago.

Do I like him?
Arrrrrgh……I’m so confused.



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