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Billionaire in disguise Episode 14 & 15

(Search for Love💕)
Written by: Authoress Ricky
✍️ Episode Fourteen✍️
Camila [email protected] me angrily and I knew what she might do so I st©p her before she could move but alre-ady did the deed for her by punishing that son of a bastard.
“Camila”I called her name as I wra-p my hand round her.
“Let go off me”She yelled but I didn’t loos£n my grip so she gave up.
“What wrong with you”I scold her.
“That son of a bastard”she grinned as she tried walking away.
I look around and some students coming from the cafeteria alre-ady started murmuring things to each other.
“Come with me”I drag her arm and I took her to a more quiet place in the school before letting her go.
“You shouldn’t be doing this, what if someone find out you are”She interrupted me.
“I don’tfu-cking care anymore”She push me off the way but I pu-ll her by her wrist but I notice her eye wi-de-ned.
Not for me? But…..I turn to see a guy I saw with her at the principal office.
“Zeke”She muttered and my fist clenched immediately.
I made an eye contact with that so called Zeke for a long time before his eye went to Camila.
He took her by her wrist and wanted to pu-ll her away but I st©p him by holding her left wrist.
“And who do you think you are”I fired at him but he just ignore me and try to pu-ll her away from me but I ti-ght£ñed my grip.
“Tell him to let go”he said to Camila and I sm-irk.
“How dare you” I was about to punch him but Camila interrupted.
“Let go”She said.
“Huh”I face her.
“Let go off my hand”She yelled and I let go of her hand immediately.
“And you too”I smiled with the look on the j£rk face when she walk away from the both of us.
We exchange glance before he walk away and follow Camila and I spat out.
“I guess it won’t be easy as I thought”I brou-ght out my phone from my pocket.
📲Hello boss
📲Dreamtel tonight
I hang up before I left to my [email protected]
I drive into ANNING COMPANY and alighted and [email protected] my car key to the guard to pack it for me.
I stare at the company for a couple of hours before finally walking in.
Wondering why the great Manson is scared of facing the Gomez?.
ANNING COMPANY isn’t just any company you joke with and except from that the owner of the company is the most dangerous man in Las [email protected] and not only that he is a former Mafia boss so no one toy with him.
I heard is only weak point is his precious daughter and he could do anything for her. My father is in support of my relationsh!pwith Camila because of that he need a big contract from ANNING and it can only be possible if I get married to Camila.
Don’t get me wrong I like Camila at first sight but finding who she is actually is also tempting.
“Manson Conway”a young lady walk up to me with a excitement tone.
“Yeah”I replied.
“Come with me, we expect you a long time ago”she replied and lead the way.
What does she mean by they expect me a long time ago?.
She open a hvge door revea-ling the only devil in disguise have been scared to meet.
Charles O. Gomez, a Mafia boss who run the whole [email protected] and a billionaire Company.
#Flashback to be continued#
Why is Manson interfering into something that isn’t it business and Zeke the cold hearted guy seems to care about me all of sudden.
My wrist hurt badly and I had no choice but to yell at the both of them.
I know I’m in a big trouble since Zeke is involve.
He is your boss! My subconscious kept screaming at me as I walk throu-gh the empty hallway with Zeke Calling me name asking me to st©p.
I didn’t hear any footsteps following me again so I turn to check if he actually left but a hand pu-ll me to a corner and my eye Zeke.
Why is he still here? and we are so close.
“What are you doing”I push him away from me.
“Just quit the pretense and tell me who the hell he is”he raise his voice at me for the first time and I flin-ched.
Zeke mood swing is really bad!. he is arrogant, fierce and even proud but when he is angry I guess it bad.
His eye darkened and fear erupt into me and all I could do was stare at him in fear.
“Camila”he called my name but this time in a soft tone and my eye blink.
“Who the hell are you to think you can just boss me around if you don’t like me”I yelled at him wondering where the courage [email protected]£ from.
“Because am your boss and why would you think I won’t fall in love a girl in disguise at first sight?”
he pinned me to the wall and lean closer and myl-ips [email protected] a bit and his eye went down to myl-ips.
“I know a long time Mrs. Star model”he whispered on myl-ips which s£nd shiver down my spine. My b©dy yearn for them immediately.
Camila!!!. Whaaaaat!! I should have known he knew about it alre-ady but why all this drama?.
Hisl-ips brush mine but before he could k!ssme I push him away from me again.
“plea-se don’t tell anyone” I bow down immediately.
When I raise my head up to look at him he had that evil sm-irk on.
“On a condition”his sm-irk de-epen.
What is this per-vert planning?, why is all this drama happening just in a day?.
I know going to that [email protected] was a bad idea but never knew it would turn out like this and why didn’t Zeke expo-se me immediately?.😒😐.
“I will do anything”I replied foolishly.
“Really?… anything”he asks in surprise and I nod.
“You are………….”

✍️ Episode Fifteen✍️
🤗 ZEKE’S 🤗
I stare at her for a while to know if she was really joking or she meant it when she said she would do anything.
“Really?…… anything”I raise my brow suggestively.
“Yes”She replied quic-k.
Is she that desperate to keep her secret but since I’m the only one who knows about it her secret is save with me.
“You are going to be my fake Girlfriend for public purpose”I said and her eye wi-de-ned.
“You can’t do it”I asks almost laughing at her reaction but I bit myl-ips to st©p me from actually turning everything into a joke.
“But I’m not even up……. to your standard…… .and it would make people b©dy shame me”she stuttered.
“We both know you are up for that task or I should just leave and tell them”I pretended to leave but she gr-ab my wrist immediately and I smile.
Zeke’s why are you doing all this? My subconscious yelled at me.
“Because she got drun!kat the [email protected], keep a secret from me and even allowed Jackson t©uçh her”I replied in my mind.
“Aren’t you been possessive over her”
“No”I yelled and turn to face her with a sm-irk on my face.
My eye went to my wrist she was holding and she let go immediately.
“I will do it”She replied and I smile.
“Do you really know why you are doing it”I asks and she just stare at me like a dummy.
“Can’t you talk”I raise my voice a little and she flin-ched.
“No”She replied quic-k.
“Mia is resuming school tomorrow and your and Job is to never let her around me”
“I don’t want her clinging to me all the time so you as a suppose girlfriend would get to do the fight for me”I smile at her.
“But”I interrupted her.
“Prepare for tomorrow and last warning, I don’t want to see you near any guy or allowing them to t©uçh you because you are mine henceforth”I declare and she just nod before I walk away.
Why does everything feels so real to me and not just a threatened.
“Do I like her”I asks myself.
“Yes!! youfu-cking like her and i see a future for you too because you just claim her like when an Alpha claim his mate”My subconscious Replied quic-k.
WTH….why can’t I breathe around him?, his he serious about the fact I was going to be his girlfriend henceforth.
I definitely felt something when he said to my face that he owns me.
Arghhhh…..I can’t fall for Zeke, he is my boss and the way he treat girls is so bad.
I can’t even stand up against Mia at the [email protected] and he wants me to do it in the school where Mia herself is so popular.
“Hey Camila”[email protected] pu-ll me by my arms and we started walking to the [email protected]
“What are you doing?”I asks and she place her f!nger on myl-ips.
“We have biology practical now, I will give you the h0ttest gist in town”
School finally [email protected]£ to an end after the lot of drama I [email protected] throu-gh.
It hell been a celebrity in disguise.
I was walking alone to the car park after [email protected] bid me goodbye and telling me all version of how someone beat Andrew to plump.
I wasn’t surprised, I know Manson can be crazy sometimes. I was still lost in my thoughts when I felt a hand round my [email protected]!st s£nding shiver down my spine.
There is only person capable of doing that and also s£nding those feelings. Zeke!!!!.
“What are you doing”I turn to face him.
“Claiming you”he smiled and we started walking to his car with his hand still on my [email protected]!st.
I notice different glare from the student but Zeke isn’t bothered so why should I be?.
“Are you two [email protected]!ng”Zack asks while Jackson just stare at us with a dark eye.
“Non of your business”he sit me in his car and went to the driver seat.
“Are we going for Clara”I asks as he drive home.
“Clara can stay at my aunt place since they love each other so much”he replied.
Zeke is talking to me!!!; “So why do you need a Nanny then”I shrug.
“I asks Clara to stay at my aunt place so you can have more time for me”He smile.
His smile and taking me to another fantasy directly, why is he so cute and have never noticed?.
He drive into the compound and park the car properly before he turn to me and my heart skip a bit again.
He lean over with his eye never leaving me. Why is he treating me like this?.
“Don’t t©uçh me”I wra-p my hand my che-st when he was only few inch away from mine.
“Dream big”he muttered and un-hook my seat belt before he open the car door and I alighted [email protected]
You are so foolish Camila!
I arrange my hair properly and ran into the house heading to my room Immediately.
I need to think; I shut the door behind me and started moving to and fro in my room.
“Are you crazy? why would you agree to be his gf?, his he taking advantage of me……..Arrrrgggggh, where are my [email protected] when I actually need them?”I was [email protected] heavily while talking not taking a break to catch my breath until I slump into my be-d.
“Zeke”I shouted as I pu-ll my fake hair out but a knock on my door bring me back to my s-en-se.
“Who is there”I sit up waiting for an answer.
“Can you open the door”It Zeke, I know that voice and recognize it even when I’m slee-ping.
I took my time in reaching for the door before opening it and myl-ips [email protected] immediately I saw him shi-tless and my eye went down and he is just in short.
Why are you punishing little Camila…. My b©dy yearn for if and I wanna t©uçh and trace those abs so bad.
“You know my face is right here”I can hear sarcasm in his voice and I raise my head up to look at him.
I didn’t even notice it all this while that he is pretty taller than me.
“You should st©p calling me whenever you are hor-nyI might not be able to resist you and am starving come prepare something”he sm-irk before walking away and I just stood there like someone who had just receive a bad news.
Why is Zeke punishing me?

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