Billionaire in disguise Episode 10 & 11

(Search for Love💕)
Written by: Authoress Ricky
WARNING: Not a Chapter( After Chapter nine)
🍒 ZEKE’S 🍒
I wasn’t comfortable in the p@rty ever since Jackson hand were around her but it non of my business anyway so I don’t nee-d to be bothered.
Zack brou-ght up the truth and dare game but I wasn’t interested.
When Mia dare her to make our with Jackson my heart almost popped out but I was glad she just took the sh0t and walk away.
I didn’t want to p@rticipate but that would only cause attention so I didn’t I just sit there and Mia was all over me.
Sincerely nothing is going on between me and Mia just something like friends with benefits. I know her since high school and she asks me out but I turn out down but we agreed to act like couples for her own benefit and reputation.
We act all cliche outside but that just the end of it but lately she had been acting too extreme for goodness sake but I don’t want to hurt her because we are friends for a long time.
After Camila excuse herself, I could see Jackson eye following her bu-tt and I felt like punching those eye immediately but I control my anger.
“Isn’t she drinking too much”I muttered watching her gulp down some sh0t until the bartender refuse to give her again.
Why is she drinking so much? is it about the call she received before we got here? is she going throu-gh alot than I thought?
Why am I thinking about her so much? She is an ordinary Nanny so it isn’t my business but she isn’t meant to be drun!kChloe is bringing Clara tomorrow and it won’t be good if she find out we acquire a drun!kard to babysit Clara.
When she started walking back towards our direction I look away and Mia started k!ss!ngme again until I heard a sound of……wtf!!! Mia pu-ll away and our attention was now on Camila who just sl@p Andrew.
Why did she sl@p Andrew? Do they know each other? She started cussing and when Andrew push her to the floor I didn’t know when I stood up.
I pu-ll back when I saw her stand up again to hit him but before Andrew could push her again. I lifted her up and carry her away.
I know people attention are now on me probably because am saving an ordinary nanny and leaving my suppose girlfriend in the p@rty.
“Are you going to take advantage of me”she screamed.
“Something like that”I replied chuckling.
Does she think every guy go after what un-der the Sk-irt or what?.
I put her down and sit her into the car before moving the driver seat and drive off the compound.
“That j£rk really think he can lie to me and go Scott free”She kept talking to herself.
“That j£rkfu-cking left me in my own self-disorder for days!”she yelled and I flin-ched a little.
“Can you st©p”I said but it was useless, she is drun!kand overconfident now.
She can now disobey me since she can’t even remember I’m her boss but she is going to pay for all this once she is back to her s-en-se tomorrow.
Firstly for allowing Jackson t©uçh her, secondly for yelling at me and thirdly for getting drun!kin the freshman p@rty.
“Do you know why I’m here”She is now talking to me. “Yeah to get your college fee”I replied because that the only s-en-sible reason Jackson allowed her to stay and work.
She laugh like a crazy human being when I said so. Is she having a PTSD?
“No”she objected.
“Then why?”I can’t believe am talking to a drun!kgirl but I heard people say the truth only when they are high.
“Because Andrew dupe me and I heard to turn down Havard and diguise myself and even become a nanny and people now call me ugly when am a star model”I pu-ll the car over and park before to her.
“What!!!?”I yelled but she just laugh.
“My real name is Camila Gomez, Annning Company”She kept laughing stupidly.
That why I felt she looked familiar the first day? but what if it all a lie?.
“Camila”I called but I guess she alre-ady fell asleep. “Is she for real?”
Her phone started ringing and I look at the Caller ID.
“My Sweet Dad”I pick up her phone and quic-kly save the number on my own phone. I will make a search later.
The popular star model Camila Gomez was on her wallpaper. Maybe is just a crazy sick fan too but I unlock her phone.
I don’t know why I’m doing this but if all this isfu-cking true…….Wtf!!!!!.
A picture of her and Andrew!!! is she really saying the truth about Andrew dumping her.
I start the car back and ignite the car and drive home.
No one was home and she is stillfu-cking slee-ping and I had to carry her to her room.
“Zeke”She called my name with her eye still close.
Is this girl crazy? she beat up a guy some minute ago now she is calling my name from her sleep!.
I was about to switch off her light when my eye met her on the be-d.
She can’t sleep in that!!!.
I walk close to her and pu-ll of heels…….”Gosh”I almost puke when I took the wipes and started cleaning the overdo make up she always wear.
I change her cloth with my eye close probably 😂🤣. That a lie her b©dy is tempting, why would a star model b©dy not be killing me for crying out loud, thanks God she is wearing an un-derwear.
Since she is keeping a hvge secret from me😐, am going to be pla-ying a game too. I walk out of her room and shut the door behind me before heading back to my room.
I pu-ll of my t©p before slamming myself into the be-d. She is Camila!! I can’t st©p thinking about what just happened.
Am not going to scare her away, she would be so desperate to know who dress her up since she isfu-cking drun!kand can’t remember.
Not too long I drifted off to sleep thinking about her.
✍️ Episode Ten✍️
My stupid alarm won’t st©p ringing so I reach for it and switch it off before I gro-an ed and stretch still on my be-d.
I sit up and place my hand on my forehead and I felt a sharp pain around my head. “Wtf”I yawned as I gro-an ed in frustration again.
Omg!!! the p@rty! what happened and I don’t remember drinking yesterday. Clara!!!. I quic-kly pu-ll the duvet away it was then I notice I wasn’t in my p@rty dress and I g@sped.
Did someone take advantage of me last night?. But I don’t look that way so I just ignore all thought running throu-gh my head and headed to the door when I glance at myself in the mirror and g@sped.
My makeup!!! Who clean it, am bur-sted 😭. I tried my best Lord😢. I quic-kly redo my makeup in case am still save who knows if non of them even remember yesterday event just like me.
I exit the room after ma-king sure I look the best and also put on my glas-s now to cover up my brown eye.
“You are really wasted last night”Zack said and Zoey chuckled immediately.
“You are really popular now”Zoey added and I just ignore the two and walk away.
I was relief when I realized am still save in the house.
But who brou-ght me home last night?
And why are they all acting like they don’t know my real identity now?.
Are they pla-ying games with me too just like I did🤷.
I walk down the stairs and just ignore them and went to get a water and gulp it down.
I was relieved a bit even though I still have the biggest hangover ever.
“Good morning”Jackson walk into the kitchen and all I could do is nod at him.
What if he is the one that brou-ght me home last night?. “Did I do something crazy last night”I finally asks him after contemplating so much about it and he stare at me for a while before chuckling and I frown.
“You did nothing wrong”he replied and I sigh in relief. “You don’t remember anything do you?”he
sm-irked at me and I remember Zeke smile at me or did he sm-irk at me last night😳, why can’t I remember clearly.
“Are you messing with me”I frown.
“You sl@pped Andrew last night during the game and he almost hurt you but Zeke took you away and after that I don’t know”he said and walk out of the kitchen and I stood there shocked.
Zeke brou-ght me home last night!!! I sl@pped Andrew?. Hope I didn’t say anything stupid. I was lost in thought until a voice startled me back to reality.
“What are you doing”he asks and I turn to Zeke shi-tless and just in his short.
I quic-kly cover my eye. “Don’t you have a shi-t”I yelled angrily.
“I don’t think an ordinary nanny should tell me what to wear in my house”
It hurt……it hurt……he just called me an ordinary nanny but why am I so pained hearing that?.
“Whatever”I was pissed off alre-ady so I raise my head.
“Have seen alot of guys shi-tless so I’m not moved by it”I roll my eye.
“You simply mean you like what you see”he tea-sed and I swallow my throat before talking again.
“Clara is coming by noon and I don’t want my aunt seeing you like this you better go dress well and you didn’t apply the make up well and also your dad kept calling last night you should talk to him”he took a step close to me and st©p exactly at my front.
Where is the cold Zeke? did last night p@rty change him? Why does he even care about my makeup and why is he so close to me or does he have PTSD(mental disorder)?
I raise my head little and saw him staring at me suddenly a sm-irk form on hisl-ips.
“Can you move”he asks and I realize I was standing in the front of the fridge so I took a step away immediately and ran out of the kitchen but I heard him chuckled.
That so embarras-sing!!!…..he should have just let me move instead of moving so close to me.
He said something about my make up. He didn’t even talk about last night.
I probably didn’t do anything wrong, I shrug and walk back to my room.
I dress up for school and adjust my make up like the annoying Zeke said before leaving my room.
I saw alot of missed call from Dad but I choose to ignore it.
I might not last here if I pick them up for sure.
I prepare breakfast for the whole house and as usual Everyone separate into their various car and I enter Zeke car before Jack start fighting with him again.
I waited for a while before he enter the car and stare at me for a while. “Why are you here”he asks and I was short of words.
Didn’t he say I shouldn’t go with anyone except from him?. “I’m…….”I stuttered but he interrupted.
“Clara isn’t here so can you get out of my car”he said harshly that I bow my head in disappointment and walk out of his car and he drive away and I was left in the house because the rest alre-ady drive off before he enter the car.
“Are you doing this on purpose you son of a bastard”I stomp my foot on the floor like a child.
I brou-ght out my Phone and typed Brittney College on my map and started walking to school.
“Isn’t she the girl”I can hear some student whispered as I get close to school. I ignore it because am so exhausted after trekking a 20minute journey all thanks to that arrogant son who seems not to be trained properly.
“She is the one”they are now pointing f!ngersat me and I’m curious of how I bec@m£ popular overnight.
“Camila”I heard my name and I turn to see and unfamiliar person walk towards my direction.
Am sofu-cked up, I hide my face feeling embarras-sed.
✍️ Episode Eleven✍️
“Camila”he called again when I tried to walk away he st©p me and pu-ll my wrist then drag me into the school.
Everyone is staring at me and I felt like punching Andrew wrist alre-ady but I can’t do it.
Did he know am his ex-girlfriend?.
He finally let go of me at the hallway and it obvious he wants everyone to see what he is about to do to me.
Or probably tell everyone I’m Camila Gomez they all know but instead I felt a cold water run throu-gh my hair and down to my n£¢k.
Andrew emptied his water bottle on me!!.
“What the hell”I yelled.
“Don’t pretend like you didn’t know you sl@pped me last night”he yelled and some students flin-ched.
“I was drun!kand I wanted to apologise”I fired back.
“You still have the gut to say something”he hit me and I fell on my bu-tt.
Wait! pause! rewind….. Something like this have happened before right?.
I stood up and dust my bu-tt. “Am sorry”I was now fighting the tears from coming. I did everything for you Andrew!, why do you hate me so much and why are you revenging when I only did that to take my anger and tears away.
I should have listened to father. “This isn’t the end”he pointed f!nger at me.
“I alre-ady said am sorry”but he motion to sl@p me again and I close my eyes and use my hand to dodge a little but instead of a sound of a sl@p I heard someone gro-an ed.
I open my eye and saw someone have never met.
“Omg!!! he is h0t”the student muttered to each other.
“Mason Conway!!!”
I definitely know him but he doesn’t know me because I’m in disguise.
We alre-ady work as an ambulance together for T-Trip Organization and he turn out to even be my male model that day and we got along so well.
How can I forget him so easily when I was drooling all day over him.
What is he doing in a school like this?.
“Arrrrrrrrrgh”Andrew gro-an ed and I watch him squee-ze Andrew hand ti-ghtly.
“You don’t treat a girl like this especially the special ones”he let go of Andrew who ran off the hallway immediately.
Did he just call special or I mis-heard him.
“Shall we”he held out his hand for me with a smile on his face. Am lost!!!.
I just kept staring at his hand still trying to get what is really happening before he swept me off my feet and the student g@sped.
I didn’t do anything stupid, I just watch him carry me to the car park probably his car.
it was the same model with Zeke just that Mason love red.
He put me down beside his car and stare at me for a while before he sigh in frustration and sit on the car.
“Like seriously Camila, you let that $h!t bully you”he scold me like I’m a kid.
“Wha…..t do y….ou me…”I stuttered.
“Hey don’t even start with that, are you stupid”he fired at me.
“Why would you turn down Havard just be here and even let a low-life guy bully you in the front everyone. Where is the Camila I know”he sputtered and my eye wi-de-ned.
“How do you know all this”I asks curiously.
“Is it something I shouldn’t know? when you st©p picking your Dad call”he shrug and I gro-an ed in frustration.
“Dad s£nt you here?”I asks and he nod.
“Like seriously, I told him I would be fine on my own”I frown at him.
“Just like what I saw there”he replied and I raise my brow suggestively.
“You c@m£ here for Andrew”his eye wi-de-ned a bit.
“Yeah but after what you saw there I regret everything”the tears had been holding back roll down my cheek and Mason pu-ll me into a hvg immediately and pat my back.
“It okay, I’m here now”he said and I cried like a baby in his arm.
Instead of Mason cologne why do I smell Zeke around? Is he here?.
I pu-ll out of Mason arm and look around but I didn’t see him.
“My shi-t are ruined and your dress are ruined what do you think about skipping school”he gave me a mischievous smile and I pouted.
“Let go”he smile and k!ssmy poutedl-ips before going to driver sit and I just stood there like someone who just got a shocking news.
“Are you coming”he screamed and I c@m£ back to my s£nd and enter his car.
Where he comes from do friends k!ss?.
The smell of Zeke is really strong on my nose and I kept looking around but still can’t find him.
I Shrugged maybe it one of my imagination.
“Where are we going”I asks but he lean close to me and I g@sped.
What wrong with this guy? Did dad s£nd him here to come all ro-mantic with me.
He stare at me for a while before reaching for the seat belt and fasten it for me.
“Thank you”I muttered and he sit back before igniting the car and drive off to somewhere I don’t even know.
“Where are we going”I asks for the second time.
“My house”he replied and I g@sped before wra-pping my hand around my b©dy and he laugh.
“Nothing like that is never happening but someone might recognize you if we go to a boutique or somewhere your makeup alre-ady smashed”he replied and I use his front mirror and almost yelled.
The water Andrew pour on me alre-ady wash a side of my face thank God my shoulder fake length hair is covering it.
“Thank you”he took a turn before he finally drive into his ap@rtment I guess.
“Are you the only one staying here?”I asked staring around admiring the interior design of his living room.
“Yeah, a gift from your Dad”he replied and slam into the couch and I sit too.
“j£rk”I threw him a small pillow on the couch.
“What”he yelled.
“You aren’t offering me anything”I replied.
“The way to the kitchen is there”he pointed at a direction and I scoff before standing up from the couch and went to get myself a water.
“Where can I change”I asks as I walk back to the living room with Bottle water in my hand.
“You can change right at my front you know”he sm-irked and I frown my face.
“Are you crazy”I yelled.
“For You”he smiled and I pout myl-ips.
“St©p ma-king that cute face or I would k!ssyou again”he smile.
“Am calling Dad immediately to s£nd you back from wherever you c@m£ from”I yelled at him.
“Don’t pretend like you don’t like me here”he sm-irked and that it.
I pick up the couch pillow and threw it at him but he dodge it so I kept throwing it and everything was in futile because non of it hit him.
“You can change upstairs, I brou-ght some of your clothes with him in case you decide to move here when those arrogant guys provoke you”he walk pas-s me and left me p@n-ting heavily after using all my strength to throw an ordinary pillow.
Damn it!!! Dad just made it worst 😑. Why would he s£nd Mason here to complicate things?.
Zeke!! I must be in school back before school closes or I’m dead.
I ran upstairs immediately to get my messed close off.