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Billionaire in disguise 2 Episode 19 & 20

(Search for Love💕)
Written by: Authoress Ricky
………..Season 2 Episode 19
“Zack do it”Zeke yelled as he sight Manson and his members coming their way.
“Okay”Zack took the others into the building back.
🍇 ZEKE’S 🍇
“Wow…See what we have here”Manson alighted as he walk in with Camila struggling from his grip and my fist clenched.
“Let her go”I said and he just stare at me for a while.
“I can’t believe you still care about her instead of yourself”he walk away from his car a bit and to my surprise.
Conway himself is also here alre-ady but I didn’t see him in the car the other time.
“Gabriel you shouldn’t be doing this, you pla-yed us alre-ady so what the point”My dad said but the man just have an evil sm-irk pla-ying on hisl-ips.
“Long time no see”he said as he approach us.
“You should stay out of this kids”Gomez warned as us and we all step back a bit.
“You two fooled me and [email protected] for years”Conway blasted.
“You misun-derstood us and we can settle this amicably and my family doesn’t have anything to do with this”My dad said and I just watch him try to settle a fight when thousands of guns are pointed to us right now.
“Dad, he tricked us all and that won’t work”Jackson Interfered and the first time in my life, I agree with the idiot that act over matured than me.
“You have smart son”Conway face my brother and all gun were directed to him.
“What going on?”I said a bit scared.
“I love the smartest person and should be the first one to die”Manson added and fear grief me.
“Manson you should st©p this and you are hurting her”I said and he push Camila towards me immediately.
“Are you okay”I asks and she hvg me ti-ght crying and I pat her hair.
“You shouldn’t be doing that with my daughter because I didn’t even give you the permission”Gomez yelled as us ma-king us separate.
“You can’t be with Gomez daughter son”My dad added and I scoff.
“Shouldn’t we be doing something about me”Jackson yelled and I realize there would be h0t holes on his b©dy any minute.
“What do you want from us?”My dad directed his question at Conway.
“Have been waiting all my years for you to asks me that question”he said and we all stare at him.
“I want all you have and I mean both of you”he said and I [email protected]
“That impossible you know I can’t”My dad said and Immediately a gun was fired and we all shouted Wondering who had been sh0t between us only to realize it Jayden.
“Why did you kill him”I yelled.
“He is no longer needed”Manson shun me off and I take a step back with Camila’ still at my back.
“Now if you don’t agree, your son is the next”he said in a more serious tone.
“Let settle this another way”My dad tried to negotiate.
“No”Daniel yelled as he push Jackson off and he was sh0t in his arm ma-king a loud grunt.
“I don’t waste my time”Conway replied and we all [email protected] in fear.
“Then let the game begin”My dad gr-ab a gun and I was shocked when they started shooting including Daniel.
“Go inside now”I yelled at Camila who seem to be adamant about staying with me.
“No I’m not leaving you to die”
“I’m not dying just go in and I love you so much to die”I gr-ab her face in my palm.
“Go”she nod and started running while I went to get the other.
“The Conway are escaping”I yelled and Jackson and I started running towards them.
“Did you call the cops?”Jackson asks as we hide at the back of the car door trying to aim at Manson.
“They should be any minute, note no bloodsh0t”I warned and he nod before pu-lling the trigger and start shooting to buy time.
The siren of the cops attracted everyone attention as we all st©p what we are doing.
“Drop your guns everyone”a police officer said into his megaphone.
“Who call the cops”Manson yelled as he ran back from the upcoming police car.
“Game over”Daniel gave me a thumbs up for afar and my Dad and Gomez just stood in a place.
“You should drop your gun now”a police officer and his mate walk up to us while some position themselves in case anyone make an attempt to escape.
“Thank you for coming, arrest this hoodlums”Conway tried to act smart with the police officer.
“Oh…You are un-der arrested Mr.Conway for depriving the Williams from their right of freedom and also an attempt to murder”
“Handcuff the now”he ordered and the police took Manson and his father away while the hoodlums surrender and things were settled.
“I’m proud of you son”My dad said and I pu-ll him into an hvg.
“I guess my job is done here”Daniel said and I sighted Zack coming out with [email protected] and my mom and Camila ran up to me giving me de-ep k!ss.
“I said you two aren’t going to be together no matter what”Gomez yelled.
“Dad”Camila shouted.
“Can we get out here first?”My Mom asks.
Throu-ghout our drive back to our house, Gomez and dad won’t just st©p fighting and cussing about our relationsh!pbut one thing for sure is we don’t care anymore.
Billionaire in disguise is really a luck to me.
………..Season 2 Episode 20
Everything has just been perfect. Well [email protected] from the fact Zeke is been over protective over me and did I tell you his a bit clingy too and won’t let me go for a sec.
One month [email protected] by and I can’t wait to resume Brittney today again and not in Disguise but I’m going to Camila Gomez today and with my heart de-sire Zeke.
After the incident and all that happened, I doubt if my dad can even reconcile with Zeke father but one thing I’m happy about is the fact they didn’t come into our relationsh!p, just business.
“Good morning sweetheart”Zeke gave me quic-k pe-ck as I make scrambled eggs for the guys.
Yeah….The guys I now live with them again and not a nanny to Clara but as family and happy Manson and his father won’t be living that prison anytime soon.
“Morning”I smile on hisl-ips and he pu-ll back and sit close to me on the dinning table while the guys settled and I serve them all.
“Good morning sweetheart”Jackson drag his feet to the dinning table and walk to me and gave me a quic-k pe-ck on my cheek but Zeke push him off Immediately.
“You know, I got to tell Vivian your feelings so you can st©p flir-ting with my girlfriend” Zeke sit me down on his [email protected] and I giggled.
“What are you guys talking about”Vivian walk in alre-ady dressed up and [email protected] show up behind her too.
[email protected] and Vivian live next door now but they spend most his time here and we all live happily and my joy is going b!ow off soon I guess.
I giggled at my words until I find Zeke staring at me and I look away shyly.
“Are you doing that on purpose”he whispered into my ear and I was confused a bit until I felt his [email protected] press on my bu-tt.
“I didn’t do that”I defend myself Immediately.
“You won’t st©p giggling I can’t help it”he whispered back and I blush really [email protected] even though I hide my face in my palm.
“Hey loverbirds, I just asks a question”Vivian frown at us.
“Nevermind”She said shyly and sit beside Zoey who look at her in surprise.
“Gosh…I can’t believe we are the only single soul here Zoey”Zack whined ma-king me laugh.
[email protected] is available”I said jokingly but I guess he didn’t buy it.
[email protected] is still trying to get over the fact Jayden died even though he betray us, she still couldn’t get over the fact he is sweetest guy she ever made.
“Enough of this let go or we would be late for the new semester”Jackson pick his bag and went to drag Vivian beside Zoey and they exist the house ma-king us laugh.
“Someone is jealous”I shouted ma-king the rest laugh.
“I’m jealous too”Zeke whispered into my ear.
“St©p smiling at another guy that isn’t me”he said.
“Zeke”I called out and that got everyone attention.
“I guess we should leave”they all started leaving one after the other and I scoff.
“You are too…..”
“I just don’t like sharing what mine”he interrupted and I frown and stand up from his [email protected] and went to gr-ab my bag.
“I’m driving you to school”he said as I pack my things on the couch.
“Whatever”I turn only to realize he was at my back and we are so close to me and my heart skip a beat definitely.
“Are you mad at me?”he asks, is he serious right now?. Does he know how his clos£ness is affecting me.
“N_o”I stuttered.
“Thank Goodness”he k!ssme.
“Will you go on a [email protected]£ with me?”he asks and I just stare.
“I guess that a yes”he smile.
“Can you move back a bit”I finally got the mouth to talk.
“Ummmm”I don’t want him to know how his clos£ness is affecting me do bad.
“Why?”he repeated.
“Fine!! you are driving me crazy”
“Our clos£ness”I explain properly and he smiled and close the little gap left and now my b00bs are pressing [email protected] on his che-st.
“I Love you”he said and I blush.
“We are getting Late Zeke”I tried to cajole.
“More reason I love you”he replied.
“You care about school”
“What are you doing Zeke”I couldn’t break eye contact with him no matter how [email protected] I tried it just too intense.
He lean slowly and I shut my eye but after some secs and I still didn’t get hisl-ips on mine and I open my eye to see that mischievous smile on hisl-ips and I know he is about to do something crazy.
“You said we are late”he pu-ll away and walk away and I just stood there with jaws down.
“Zeke”I shouted angrily as I gr-ab my bag and follow him.
“We are late”he shouted and shut the car door while I turn to sit at the front seat beside me.
“You definitely owe me something I scoff as he ignite the car and drive off to school.
“j£rk, punk, idiot, why do I even care, Gosh, no he didn’t just trick me”I kept blabbering and I believe he is hearing all that.
“I’m right here you know”he said as he park his car into the school car park and he switched off the engine and alighted.
“Zeke”I thought he was coming to open the door but instead he was walking away.
I scoff and alighted and alighted before trailing behind me.
“You are definitely going to pay for this”I whispered as we walk throu-gh the busy hallway and people won’t take their eye off me and some are gossiping probably about my disappearance or something but I’m mostly concerned about the fact I fell for Zeke trick this morning.
“St©p acting Childish”Zeke smiled and I frown.
“You are the childish one”
“If I k!ssyou, would be st©p this”he said and I swallow my throat.
he stood and turn to look at me. “Will you?”he asks as he cover the gap between us.
“What are you doing”I stare around Wondering if no one is watching but obviously everyone is still surprise to see me in Brittney again.
“Let me claim you finally”he lean closer and k!ssme and I heard student [email protected]
His hand went round my [email protected]!st and pushed me closer to him, which I didn’t realize it was possible.
I move forward slowly to meet him in the middle. I close my eye as I feel hisl-ips on mine.
I move myl-ips against his as I bring my hands up his n£¢k. Ourl-ips move in sync, and just when I thought he would pu-ll-ed away.
I felt his ton-gue l!çk!ng my bottoml-ips asking for entrance. “Zeke not here”I said into our k!ssand I felt him sm-irk.
“Sure after school”he gave me a quic-k pe-ck them enterwined our hands as we walk to our first [email protected] together.
“I love you”he said
“I love you too”I smile.
“Enough of your couple stuff in school”I heard a female voice and I [email protected]
“Mia”I pu-ll her into a friendly hvg.
“Guess someone miss me”She joked and we both laugh.
“Sure I do”I said.
“You know first [email protected] are important”Zeke voice interrupted us and I smile.
“Sure let go”Zeke enterwined our hands back ma-king me blush and we head to the [email protected] with Mia gisting me about her summer.
I heard the best summer break too😂…Or didn’t you?

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