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Billionaire in disguise 2 Episode 16 to 18

(Search for Love💕)
Written by: Authoress Ricky
………..Season 2 Episode 16_17
“I’m not leaving this place until someone tell me what going on”I yelled as everyone rush in and started packing their things.
“Can we talk about it later”Zeke said for the umpteenth time as [email protected] help me put my stuff in her bag too.
“Am done”She [email protected]£ out with a big luggage bag.
“Let go” Daniel lead the way and we all follow him and to my surprise there is a black Lamborghini parked outside the house.
“We need to divide each other into two”he said and we all stare at each other.
“Zeke, Camila obviously and Jayden”
“While, Jackson, [email protected] and I would be going in my car”he said we splitted immediately.
“Hey dude where are we going?”I asks.
“To your house”he shouted and the rest follow him while I went to my car.
“You don’t need to be scared”he k!ssmy hand before I start the car and drive off the compound.
“Can you explain things”I asks Jayden staring at him throu-gh the rear view.
“Manson is on his way to your house obviously w can get him there before he attack us here”he replied still going throu-gh his phone.
“What the heck is this”I pointed and the black car almost like fifteen cars were packed in the front of the Williams mansion”
“It time”Jayden alighted and I saw Daniel alre-ady at the front.
“Just stay here okay”Zeke face me and I nod before he alighted.
😋 ZEKE’S 😋
I follow the rest of the guys and to my surprise they were right Manson smiled immediately he saw us.
“I was wondering where the weak guy had gone but I see you got my best friend and this nob©dy”he washed Daniel but he just ignore him.
“I will break those mouth if you don’t keep shut”Daniel sputtered out.
“I can’t believe you fall for this…I got you right where I want all if you to be”he smiled.
“What do you mean”I said looking around although scared at the guns pointed at all of us.
“Where is my baby”he asks.
“Camila can never be yours”I fired back.
“You don’t need to shout okay, it going to be your end soon”he laugh evily.
“Daniel what going on?” I asks facing him.
“I think someone betray us”he hit his hand on his palm.
“Long time dude”Manson and Jayden exchange brotherly greeting and I don’t really un-derstand what going on.
“What going on?”
“Thanks”he sm-irk at me and Daniel brou-ght out the gun and Immediately Manson guard brou-ght out theirs too.
Manson signal them to all drop their gun and they did. “It unnecessary, you don’t have to get involve in this”he face Daniel.
[email protected] hand on them and I will break your skull”Daniel threatened and he laugh but short.
“Get them”he order and before I knew it we where fighting for our freedom from Manson gang.
“Put them in the car now”he shouted and they blindfolded us all.
“Zeke”Camila called struggling from the hvge guy hand.
“Let go off me”I struggle free but he was stronger than me as he carry me up and they put is in the car.
I heard the noise of a moving vehicle but I don’t know where exactly we are [email protected] because we were blindfolded.
✍️ MANSON ✍️
I immediately phone my Dad, I can’t believe they all think Jayden could betray me like that. He was also treated like a criminal when my Dad had to suffer un-der those two regime.
The money Williams actually thought Gomez took from him that made them hate each other guts was from me and my father with the help of Jayden.
📲 Yes sir
📲All of them?
📲We got all of them
📲I will meet you there *I hang up the call*
“Let me go”Camila cried and I was t©uçhed, even though her dad is a criminal I want to kill so badly I still have a soft sp©t for her after our first meeting.
“Let her go, I will take care of her”I order my guards and he let go off her and I forcibly took her hand and walk her to my car leaving the rest to my gang member.
……………Back to the kidnapping scene…………….
“Look like you got caught in your own web”My dad said sarcastically mocking Gomex who is now with us in the dark room but I still couldn’t see him or what he is doing.
“Just shut up okay”he yelled angrily and I flin-ched. This man must be a @[email protected] in his young age…Geez!!!.
“You should be the one to keep quiet after escaping with my money”My dad yelled back.
“What money?it the other way around you this scammer”
“What are you two talking about”It my mom talking on.
“Honey you can’t un-derstand”My dad replied calmly to my mom.
“No…I need an explanation”She insist.
“Can I say something”Vivian intervene.
“I think Conway got you two at the right place now letfu-cking know how we will escape before he comes back”she raise her voice angrily.
That was awesome…No wonder Jackson likes her so much back then. She is courageous.
“I think I’m free”Zoey said and I felt someone moving around.
“Who is that”I said scared it might be manson again or his gang members.
“It me”Zoey whispered as the whole room was bright and to my surprise Zoey is free.
“How did you do that?”When you were busy arguing I was trying to get myself free”he said and walk to me first and set me free.
I got a clearer view of where we are to my surprise Gomez was tied to my Dad.
Manson is crazy!!
These hate each other guts.
“Thank you”I said genuinely and went to lose my mom while Zoey went to Vivian and to my surprise neither of us made an attempt to lose the two of them.
“And what are you all doing”my dad asks and no one reply.
“Can someone lose this rope now”he ordered.
“What”he yelled.
“Can you st©p shouting and kid lose me now before they get back”Gomez order but instead we all just stare at them.
“We will do that on one condition”Zoey said and I exchange a glance with him and he sm-irk.
“Which is?”
“Apologise to each other and let settle things so we can find Zeke and the rest”Zoey said.
“You can’t keep on fighting, you need to forgive each other”My Mom added.
“That not possible”My dad said.
“Then you guys will wait till he gets back ND wipe you off”I said and walk away while the rest follow me and we were all searching for the way out.
“Lose me now”My Dad kept shouting but no one listen
………..Season 2 Episode 18
😌 ZEKE 😌
Daniel and I exchange glance and it looks like he is trying to tell me something I don’t really un-derstand.
“What”I whispered.
“Your phone”I re-ad hisl-ips.
“Ooh”I look around ma-king sure those guys weren’t looking at us before I [email protected] the phone to Daniel.
He was just typing someone Into my phone even though I couldn’t see it. he [email protected] the phone back to me and I check what he did on my phone.
I was able to do that because there is only on guard with us at the back and two are sitting in the front.
[email protected] and Jackson went in another car and I don’t really know what going on there but I can’t find my Camila.
I hope that bastard doesn’t do something stupid to her or I will break those hands with no hesitation.
I re-ad the message and it says; “The gun is at his back pocket, punch it and gr-ab it fast”
“What”I whispered.
“Just do it”he roll his eye.
“I can’t risk my life”
“Damn it”
“Hey”he called the guard and Immediately he turn he punch him right across the face which made him [email protected] and the car was halted and the ones at the front gr-ab their guns.
“What did you do”I yelled.
“gr-ab the gun now”he yelled and I quic-kly gr-ab the guy gun and [email protected] it to me.
He use the gun to hit the one at the front seat leaving only the driver.
“Now move”he pointed the gun at the one driving and he surrender and started driving.
“Be a good Zaddy”
“This is crazy, I know involving you was a wrong idea”I sigh in relief.
“Just shut up dude, should we just follow him like fool and get killed too,I need to save my boss”he replied.
“Do you realize he is my father too”I asks.
“You don’t care about him but I do okay”he shun me off and the got me.
If someone who isn’t even related to my father love him so well then why do I detest him so much for no reason.
‘he sh0t at Camila’ my subconscious yelled at him.
Yeah I know that but Camila forgive me even after finding so why am I still mad at him.
“Motherfu-cker, drive to the left or I will b!ow off your head”Daniel yelled bringing me back to reality.
“Wait…Why are we going throu-gh this way”I said checking the environment.
“Because it leads to your father idiot”he replied.
“I know this place…I think I know where Manson is hiding my family”
“What do you mean?”
“he is tricking us if we take the left, I think he know something is on”.
“Keep going straight and listen to me okay”I tap the driver and all he did was nod.
“Are you sure”
“Just wait and watch”I sm-irk.
“Call the CIA”I order.
“Hey…I’m a criminal and criminal Don’t do cops $h!t okay”he said and I frown at him.
“Fine”he surrender and gr-ab my phone.
✍️ ZACK✍️
“This is bull $h!t, there is no way out of this place “I hit my feet on the ground and the rest started gathering back in the same sp©t we left.
“I think there is only one way to get out”Vivian said.
“A secret door”Zoey shun her off.
“Yeah”She said and I roll my eye.
“That hiliarious”
“Can you kids untie us now”I heard my father voice and I remember I haven’t untie them truly.
“Did you guys settle your dispute”I asks staring at the both of them.
“Yeah, sure, we are friends now”Gomez said and I stare at the both of them suspiciously.
“What really cause the first”
“I thought he duped me of my share when we created a company together”
“You duped me Gomez”my father added and I stare at the both of them.
“This doesn’t looks like you alre-ady settle”I said and he rest nod in agreement.
“Okay fine, I thought he stole my share of money but I’m finding out now that Conway actually collected the shares and didn’t deliver it to us respectively and years ago because of the hatred we suddenly grew for each other we didn’t make enquiry about it”
“Then why is CONWAY with Gomez till [email protected]£” I asks.
“That bastard doesn’t want us to settle because it would create him doom so he choose one of us”Gomez replied.
“This makes s-en-se”
Can you untie us before that bastard come in here”My Dad asks.
Zoey untie my Dad while I went to untie Gomez.
“Geez my hand hurt”My Dad complained and my mom walk to him.
“Now there is only one place out of here”Gomez said really @ssured.
“Who have a phone here?”I asks.
“We need to text Zeke”I replied.
“Oh .sorry but we got nothing”Zoey Replied and I roll my eye.
“Are you guys coming?”Gomez voice interrupted us and we realize he far way from us and we all follow him Including my Dad.
“Where are we going”I asks.
“This is a old house and that simply means the door should be….”he raise a wooden stick up and surprisingly the wall squeak and open up revea-ling the envelope.
“How did you know….you must be a genius man”Vivian compliment.
“Come with me”he order and we follow up and I can s-en-se jealousy coming from my Dad.
This man should be Happy he got a wife which is my mom and she definitely compliment him everytime but this man here is a widow man for crying out loud.
A car drive into the compound and we all stood to our feet and to be honest I’m scared Manson and his gang are back for us.
“Dad”I heard Zeke voice and surprisingly he [email protected]£ out of the car with isn’t that Daniel?. he sh0t the driver and we all [email protected]
It was surprise to everyone when Zeke ran to my Dad and hvg him ti-ght.
“I’m sorry”he said and my Dad patted his shoulder.
“Daniel”Zoey [email protected] and finally got my attention.
“How did you find us”
“Find Conway”Zeke mimick a recording pen.
“Where are the rest”I asks.
“Manson is on his way”Daniel said and fear grip me again.
“Boss”Daniel smiled at my Dad and Gomez.
“This is amazing”
“Where is Jackson”Vivian asks.
“The rest are with Manson, the more reason we have to wait for him here”Daniel said and reset his gun skillful and I wish I could do that.
“Where is Camila”Gomez asks in his de-ep masculine voice shaking everyone off.
“Still with Manson”Zeke Replied.
“That bastard”he gr-ab a gun from Daniel and I [email protected] at how fast he rest his gun.
“Let end this old friend”he threw another gun to my Dad.
Where the heck did they see those guns from? I’ve never seen one my entire life.
“Zack take your mom, Vivian and Zoey to a save place”Zeke ordered and I roll my eye before doing it.
Can’t I join🙄….I don’t know why he treat me like a kid when I will be pla-ying @ssains creed real life😌.
✍️Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued…
Few chapters to go😌… Should I add Zack to the gun shooting because it like this guy wants to die🙄

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