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April 19, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Billionaire in disguise 2 Episode 1 & 2

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……………Season 2 Episode one(24)……………….



(One month Later)…..

💫 ZEKE’S 💫

It been over months now and everything went back to normal and it funny that the case of what happened at the party died down and no one is talking about it as if someone sealed their mouth.

My brother and I quit anything called investigation after my Dad gave us a serious warning and there is something that was off it.

We now have bodyguards that are always on duty 24hours and even follow us to school and anywhere we go.

It annoying but I can’t tell Dad. He was angry at me for visiting the hospital in the first place. I sneak out of the house every evening to go check up on Camila but I wasn’t allowed in.

My heart are shattered to pieces because I can’t see her anymore. I miss her touch, lips, smile, laughter and even when she frown at me or even cry because of my stupidity.

I regretted ever going to that party that night. Why can’t I see what was coming to her and I can’t believe no one investigated Andrew death and he was buried the second day of the incident.

The whole college did a candle night for him and that was how everyone forget about him and everything went back to normal but my love didn’t go back to normal.

Am dying inside me because I’m still curious

of why anyone would want Camila dead and even it hurt anytime I feel Andrew took a gun for me.

I sneak out of the house and headed to the hospital to check up on her but when I got there I found out she has been discharged along time ago and her father took her away instantly after she recovered.

Camila is gone?.
I won’t ever see her again?.
Someone tell me this is f**king not true!!!!.

I slam myself back into my bed and I did the impossible. I cried!!!!.
“Zeke”I heard my name from the door and I quickly dry up my tears.

“Come in”I ordered after arrange my room and all my brothers came in staring at me.
“What?”I asks looking from one to another.
“How is she?”they asks and I was confused a bit.

“Who?”I asks pretending not to know what they are saying.
“Camila, we know you sneak out if the house every day and do you think it that easy we distract the guards for you”Jackson said.

“Oh….”I sigh deeply.
“What wrong”Zack asks.
“She left”I said and I didn’t know when I started crying again.

“Omg”Zack sit beside me and pat my back.
“Her father won’t even let me see her”I said and Jackson and Zoey shared a glance.

“You should stay away from her….Gomez is a dangerous man”Jacket said.
“Who cares”I spat out and walk away from them all leaving them in my room.

“Zeke”Jackson called trailing behind me but I didn’t stop as I go down the stairs.
“Zeke you

need to stop Camila father is totally out of it”he yelled and I turn to face him even though we maintain a lot of distance.

“You can never understand”I replied.
“I understand all because you foolishly push her away and just because a kiss doesn’t mean she truly love you so quit it”Jackson yelled.

“And it non of your business”I sputtered.
“She doesn’t love you okay she said it herself or do you think she would like you after all you did to her”

“What do you mean”
“Zeke you used her”he was coming close.”You made her stay here horrible, she cries every night because of your stupidity Zeke, you send her away to the dark”.

“Zeke you don’t f**king deserve her so let her go”he pat my shoulder.
Sincerely his words hit me, Camila hates me. She did everything because I command and order her and even misuse my ability over her.

“Exam is in weeks time so get your head straight and we are traveling back for summer”he walk away and I just stood there with brain numbed.

“We are going to California? like seriously Dad wants us to spend the summer break with him?”I yelled but he didn’t answer.

“Get yourself into the game and forget about her”Zack walk pass us.
“We are going out for lunch if you mind just join us”Zoey walk pass me.

*SYDNEY, Australia*


“Get back here you little pumpkin”I ran after Manson, who turn to be my boyfriend according to what I was told he is the one I was dating before I got into an accident that made me lose my memories.

Manson remind me of someone I don’t really think existed probably in my imagination.

I don’t know how it happened but alot had changed about me and Manson and I are really into each other but clearly my heart seek someone else.

I don’t really know what happened but I can’t seems to remember something even when I fell I remember all.

I’m forgetting someone special to me but anytime I asks Dad he just make up stop for me.

But the question is Why can’t I remember? because Dad told me I got into an accident.

“Come here”Manson pull me close and brush his lips on mine making me smile.
“So where are we spending our Summer break”I asks.

“Hmm…… California baby”he smile and I chuckled.
“Don’t you like it?”he asks.
“Of course I do”I replied and he smile.

“California here I come……”I screamed and he laugh.


School resumed for the final semester exam and things already change because everyone in the school had forgotten the guy who died in a pool party.

Everyone can’t remember a girl got shot that night and got covered in the pool of his own blood.

No one is concerned about the guy who disappeared after what happened in the pool party he organized himself to execute his evil plan.

Zeke couldn’t find his heart again and ended up going back to his normal life after the hurtful words Jackson told him that night but does that mean he truly doesn’t really love her?.

Was it completely Lust and obsession because he showed that kind of a sign too?.

(Search for Love💕)

Written by: Authoress Ricky

Listen to any song you flow with for this chapter



……………Season 2 Episode two(25)………………


We walk into our apartment that we booked to spend the Summer and Manson helped with the luggage.

“Wow”I gasped at the beauty of the house before my phone rang bringing me back from my fantasy.

📲Hey Dad
📲How are you doing?
📲Dad!! *She squeak*
📲His Manson with you?
📲Yeah but outside getting the luggage
📲 I’m coming to California tomorrow for a business dinner party so I can get to see you.

📲Dad I left today
📲 Don’t blame me
📲Can I join in the party?
📲That son of a bastard would be there but you can come and inform Manson

📲Oh!! have an nice time and don’t forget to call me if anything happens or you have hard time with your……
📲Dad I’m fine….I’m hanging up now *She hang up and sigh deeply*

Why is Dad always over protective over me?.
“Hey who is that”Manson walk to me and hug me from behind.

“Dad. he is just asking if we arrived already and we have a dinner party tomorrow and he would be there”I smile as he bury his chin on the crook of my neck.
“So where do you wanna visit first”he asks pulling away from me.

“A beautiful rest”I replied and he chuckled.
“Okay darling”he said sarcastically and I smile as I headed to the stairs.

After washing up and having a great day and finally dinner with Manson. We both lay on the couch and my head was on his laps as we watch my favorite movie.

He brush my hair gently and I can’t stop blushing anytime our hand brush over each other.
I didn’t know how I drifted to sleep but the last thing I remember I heard was.

“Good night Camila”.

We arrive our family house and Mom was so happy to see us and I was happy to see her but not my Dad though.

I’m still solving the puzzle about Andrew death secretly but I got a link Dad is involved but I don’t want things suspicious and I don’t want Zeke shattered in his front.

I lied to him about the fact Camila doesn’t love him because I don’t want Zeke to go back been the Zeke I Know.

Camila changed his personality, attitude and everything about him and she even steal his heart.

Camila currently stay in Sydney, Australia. I got the information from the internet but I didn’t mention to Zeke that Manson is currently Camila boyfriend and they even made it public and even open an Instagram account for themselves.

Zeke hasn’t been using internet neither a phone after what happened at Manson incident. It surprising with the way Camila father gave out Camila immediately after she recovered and doesn’t she remember Zeke?.

She was shot in her hand not her brain. Until I solve the puzzle I warned the other guys not to mention anything to Zeke since Camila is happy with Manson now and have forgotten the guy she once loved.

No one is saying anything as we all ate quietly because Dad is presence and we all know he doesn’t tolerate shit from anyone even if you are his son.

“So how was your exam”Mom asks when we were having dessert.
“Fine”I replied for everyone and my eye met Zeke who is obviously out of this place with the way he stare at the huge cake in his front.

“We have a business dinner coming up tomorrow and you are going to represent me and make me proud and that son of a bastard would be there so you better don’t try shit”Dad clenched his fist and I know something is Wrong.

Who is the son of the bastard he is referring to again?
” Am done”Zeke said coldly and walk away.

Mom isn’t really happy but she knows her limit too when it involve my Dad.
“No one walks away until I’m done”he yelled and Zeke stopped walking.

I know Zeke and Dad aren’t on each other good side so things might not look so good. I need to do something.

“Wow”Zeke muttered clearly.
“Get back here and you leave only when I’m done”he scowled and I know it really won’t end well.

“Save that for yourself and I’m not going to your stupid party for any reason”Zeke stomp away and Zack and I exchange glance including Zoey.

“You better talk to him before I disown him”Dad drop his fork and walk away.
“I will talk to him”I stood up and follow Zeke immediately.

This guy is ruining things the more can’t he just let go of the fact he can’t be with Camila and stop pushing everyone away.


I made sure she was fast asleep before I went to lay her on our bed and grab my laptop before going back downstairs.

I sit on the dinner table and insert my password before going through the files I arranged for Jayden the last time.

Gomez is really a man of his words even though I made a silly mistake I shouldn’t have done.
After what happened at the pool party he took care of everything and he was really mad about the fact someone wants his daughter dead and he suspect Williams so our next attack is on him.

Camila was flew to a more better hospital in Australia and we made a pretend like she was still in the hospital just not to attract people and we are yet to know who attack her at the party and Jayden was so stupid to have allowed Zeke see him.

He is waiting patiently for the best time to strike again and to my own benefit Camila hit her head hardly on the floor when she was shot which gave her concussion and lead to memory loss.

Although the doctor said she might regain if she remember something special to her or something so I stick around her and even made sure she never return to Las Vegas because the only person that can do that is Zeke and I will make sure I kill him before he comes close.

I already ordered Jayden to invade those guys in Las Vegas and hide cameras in their house so I can know their actions and plans.

I dial Jayden number and he pick at first ring.
📲 How was it?

📲I think they moved




✍️ Authoress Ricky ✍️
To be continued….

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