Billionaire in disguise Episode 1

(Search for Love💕)
Written by: Authoress Ricky
✍️ Synopsis ✍️
“Who the hell are you to think you can just boss me around”
“Because am your boss and why would you think I won’t fall in love a girl in disguise at first sight?”
he pinned her to the wall and lean closer.
“I know a long time Mrs. Star model”he whispered on herl-ips
What happens when a billionaire daughter and a star model leave her house just to be a nanny to four arrogant sons of Mcay’s Enterprise?.
What is really her mission there? Why does she have to be a nanny to those evil brothers when her father is in money.
Camila is the only daughter and heir to ANNING COMPANY were her Dad had invest all his time in just to make sure her daughter doesn’t suffer.
After she went throu-gh so many break up even at her tender age. She is just Seventeen but she never experience true love.
Camila took a break from her father and travel to Las Veg@s where she met this Four annoying brothers in search for a nanny for their little princess Clara.
she still get a chance of going to college even though she is a nanny and that wasn’t a ha-rd task.
Camila seized the opportunity but what happened when it almost sl!pher hand again?. Yes? No? she went in disguise because she is know to be popular and a star model for different ambas-sador she couldn’t go like this.
Camila went in disguise that anyone could have mistaken her for a nerd or a pauper in nee-d of help.
Her main motive was to go to school that isn’t for the rich and no one would know she is from a rich family and experience true love with her Ex again but what happened when she collide with the first son of the Williams who doesn’t realize he was falling for a billionaire daughter.
Can Camila hold on with it for a long time?.
Will she accept him even after his flaws and mistakes?
Does he really deserve her?
What if Zeke isn’t the only one?😳
What happens if Zeke realize she is a daughter of a billionaire?.
Find out in this intriguing story you are about to re-ad.
stay tuned…….
✍️ Episode one✍️
Warning!!: Not edited, ignore all errors
“Don’t you think this would be perfect”I asks my best friend Cas-sie who just stare at me like an loosing my mind.
All my clothes are littering the floor and my room look messed up just because am yet to find the perfect dress to wear to my d@t£ tonight.
“Camila you nee-d to calm down; all the dress seems to be perfect you are just so overwhelmed about the whole thing”Cas-sie said for the umpteenth time and I refuse to listen.
Have pas-s throu-gh alot of emotional break up but this time seems to be different.
We’ve been d@t!ngfor the past one month and now he decided to go on a d@t£ with me; all bills on me though.
Since my father is so rich and a t©p star model I can’t be seen in a low clas-s restaurant and he told me he couldn’t afford an expensive restaurant.
I don’t him not to be bothered about it so am taking care of it.
Camila Gomez the only daughter and heir to MCAY’S COMPANY and a t©p star model is going to her first official d@t£ at the age Seventeen.
Even though she was still a teen she was so eager and in nee-d of a guy who would love her for everything and not just because she is rich and popular but because she is going to be the new owner of ANNING COMPANY soon.
Everyone seems to want her just because she is rich and popular that breaks her heart alot but since the day she met Andrew is Dad friend Son that just moved in recently and fell in love with her at first sight.
Andrew seems to be fond of her but when Camila proposed is love for him he couldn’t turn down because he felt the same too at first.
Their relationsh!phad been perfect even though Andrew seems to be acting all weird few weeks ago but Camila was too happy and blind to see it.
“Camila what if he is just d@t!ngyou for the same reason others did”Cas-sie tried to warn her about the pit she planning to fall into.
“Something about Andrew is different”she replied dreamily.
“Fine just call me when and gist me about your d@t£”Cas-sie stood up from her be-d and followed the now dressed up Camila to the door where Andrew await her.
“Enjoy yourself”Cas-sie pu-ll her into a warm hvg before Andrew took over and drive off his car out of the compound with beautiful Camila.
Andrew drive us to the restaurant I alre-ady made reservations, I blus-h anytime he steal a glance of me and then back at the road.
“You are looking gorgeous”he finally said and I blus-h.
“Thanks you aren’t looking bad either”I replied.
“Bad”he tease and I chuckled.
“You are stunning”I replied and he smile.
He drive into the restaurant yard and he alighted and c@m£ to open the door for me ma-king me blus-h ha-rder.
“Thanks”I said.
I might b!ow off anytime soon because I can’t seems to get enough of Andrew tonight.
He was looking different today in his black tuxedo and his hair were properly trimmed.
“Welcome ma’am”a young lady bowed immediately we enter and lead us to our reservation.
I order for Salad and chicken and he took the same menu with me ma-king me smile.
“So are you going to college after summer”he started a conversation.
“Yeah sure”I replied as I pick up the cutlery to start eating.
“So what school are you applying for?”he asks.
Why is he asking about my college or does he plan on going to college with me?!.
“Havard”I said proudly.
“Wow that great”he complimented and I smile.
“What about you?”I asks expecting him to mention Havard too.
“Brittney College”he replied and I raise one of my brow at him.
“Not Havard”I asks like I misheard him say Brittney.
“You know…..”he stuttered. “I can’t afford that you know my Dad is struggling with things now and I don’t want to make things more difficult am thinking of waiting for a year till things get back to normal but he isn’t I go so am attending Brittney I heard their tuition isn’t too much”he said.
I’m having a mood swings alre-ady not after hearing my b©yfri£ndis going to a low clas-s College although I heard rich people attend there but it can’t be compared to Havard.
“Are you saying we would be attending different college and won’t see each other for a while”I asks.
“Yeah just for a while but we can still call or do other things throu-gh the phone”he replied smiling like anything he was saying worth been happy about.
“What if I talk to my fa—”he interrupted me.
“I don’t want money from you Camila you nee-d to un-derstand I can’t keep using you and I want us to have this d@t£ for a reason”he said.
I went Mute waiting for him to say a clear reason he should be attending a different college with me.
“I want us to break up”the word hit me and I st©p breathing for a secs.
“You must be kiddin'”I laugh it off but he wasn’t smiling or laughing.
“Camila am serious you are above my clas-s and that made me feel a little bit off or out”he explained.
“That doesn’t matter—”he interrupted again.
“Camila this is not a relationsh!pI want with you”he said.
“What do you mean by that”I asks.
“We can’t go out together Everytime because you are either in a shoot and if it not that you think highly of yourself; I don’t want a rich restaurant were my girlfriend pay the bills instead of me”he sputtered.
“But…..I can change it if you don’t want”I pleaded.
“Am sorry Camila if I ruin things this way but am leaving to college where we won’t be able to see each other again”he replied.
“I don’t care we can just talk on phone like you said earlier”Tears were beginning to roll down my eye.
“Camila I don’t want to hurt you so it better if we end it this way”he stood up and walk away.
“Andrew”I called but he alre-ady left.
Tears roll down my eye as I watch him leave and I couldn’t do anything.
Have lose another one again! why are they all ma-king silly excuses just to abandon me.
Some say am too rich, some says am proud; some says am too beautiful for them.
Is it my fault!!!.
I stomp out of the restaurant it was then it Dawn to me that I c@m£ here in Andrew car.
Tears roll down my eye as I squ-atted and bury my face in my l@ps weeping quietly.
To be continued…