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May 16, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Billionaire crush Episode 8 & 9

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💗💗💗Billionaire’s Crush💗💗💗

💘💘💘💘Love me without lies💘💘

🌹🌹Chapter 8🌹🌹



That was 5 years ago.

5 years since I have seen Richard.

5 years since I gave birth.

5 years since my life changed and I became a whole new person.

Today is royals birthday and they are so excited to be turning five.


After the babies were born I lived with my and Erica had moved in as well to help whenever she wasn’t at school.


I was able to finish my degree and graduate last month, march. It wasn’t the easiest thing to do online with three kids, a job and no sleep most of the time.


After they were born I got a job at a shipping company working the night shift as a shipping clerk, since my parents and Erica were busy during the day time but were free at nights.


They were understanding with me and my hours and up until today, I still work there because the pay is great. Now that I have my degree I finally want to go into finance and since the kids will be starting school I need to earn Money. I think it’s the perfect time.


Perfect because, won’t need my mom to watch them everyday anymore and I can put them to bed more often.


They were suppose to wait until September to start school

because they have a early birthday. But my mom was able to get them into school on time. They had to pass a test in whivh they surprisingly did well so that made their admission easier.


They would be attending an elite private school for gifted children, all my parents idea. After I had applied for public school, and when tested they saw that Ryan IQ score was beyond average.


Ryder and Rose was above normal as well, but they were taken back by Ryan. What can I say, his favorite channel is discovery kids and he loves to read, even if he can’t read the story in the book, he invents his own, which is normally really good.


My dad determined that they deserve the best education and he would pay their tuition, after I refused to let him….well I tried.


During the days while at home with them when I had school work to do, I would sit them all at the table with me. I gave each one a book whether to color or match the numbers or alphabets. I would call it school time and they loved it because they thought they were grown ups, getting to do what I was doing.


They’re so silly.


Ryan also made me take them on nature walks to explore outside, he loves insects and reptiles.




He wanted a snake for a pet but I refused. I would have had nightmares for the rest of my life. I hate anything that crawls that isn’t a baby.


But now

I see that it was a great idea because they learned so much.


I am just glad they will be starting school now because it would take some pressure off me and I would be able to work during the day and be there for them at nights. Especially for Ryder, he tend to sleep all day because he’s restless at nights when I am not at home.


My parents and Erica also needed a break.


I know they love them but they can drive anyone crazy. Mostly Ryder, I just know that boy was going to be a terror even though at times times he can be a sweetheart.


This year I had to buy three separate cakes because of last year’s disaster. When we told all three to blow the candles out, Ryder pushed his brother and sister aside and blew them all out and then looked at me proudly while Ryan and rose threw a tantrum.


So this year I have three small cakes, a pink princess,red race car and a green dinosaur. I am sure I don’t have to mention who each cake belongs to.


I walked into the living room with two of the cake and put them down where my mom, dad, sabrina and both set of grandparents were sitting.


My grandparents were always supportive of the triplets and I. Grandpa John and Grandma Theresa,my dad parents, still live in north California and drives up often to visit. Growing up, I would spend the weekends at their house and they would buy me whatever I couldn’t get my mom and dad to give into. The triplets have also mastered that.


My moms parents, Gemma known as GG and Ronald known as pappy are the less nurturing and more materialistic because they are always too busy off traveling but regardless they never missed the triplets birthdays, even though I approved their gifts because they tend to get out of control.

Both of my parents have no siblings so everyone enjoys doting on the triplets.


Erica came and put the third cake down and I left and went to their rooms to get them.


Ever since I started working, I had been saving for a house where the kids could have space to play, their own room, well at least rose had a backyard to run around in.


I moved to Westchester where I found a small three bedroom house that was foreclosed on.


It was pricey because of the area and needed renovations but I loved the huge yard in the back. I couldn’t pass it up seeing that decent size backyards were hard to find in new York, especially this close to the city.


“Ryan and Ryder,come on babies time to go blow out your candles and open your gifts. ” I yelled as I passed their door seeing them building Lego’s and went to Rose’s room. She was dressed in a ruffled purple top,pink tights and pink tutu, with her crown on top of her head. She said she’s a princess and I wouldn’t dare disagree.


“And who are you supposed to be my fair lady?” I asked picking her up and brushing a lock of her blonde hair behind her ear.


“I’m punzel mommy.” She said looking at me like I should already know.


Sometimes when I look at them I feel the urge to cry. They look so much like their dad. It’s just crazy. If he ever saw them, there would be no doubt that they belonged to him. They had all his warm caramel brown eyes and blonde hair.


Ryder acts just like Richard in every way, his ability to manipulate anyone and knows how to get his way. He can charm his way through any scheme. He bosses his brother and sister around like he is so much older. He’s very friendly and outgoing.


Ryan can be a charmer as well, but he is not as outgoing as his brother. He is very smart, quiet and observant and more as a good boy like his mom.


Rose acts nothing like me, she loves to dress up and acts like a princess all day long. She is so girly unlike me. She’s her own little person.


“I knew that. How could I not know you are Rapunzel. ” I laughed as she held her head proudly.


A habit I guess she got from her egoistical brother Ryder, who I think got from his dad genes, because I remembered Dennis acting the same way when I first met him.


As I neared the living room, I heard my mom yelling at Ryder to take his finger out of the cake. I just shook my head because that boy is going to be the death of me.


I walked out and saw him still putting his finger in the cake even though his grandma told him to stop. He just doesn’t listen to anyone. Well, except for my dad when he speaks in a serious tone, yeah it still worked on me too.


“Ryder if you stick one more finger in that cake I will give your gifts to Ryan. ” I threatened and that’s all it normally took.


“Awwwh, mom. It taste so yummy.” He whined sucking the finger off that he just stuck in the cake.


I looked around for Ryan and saw him sitting on my dad lap, flipping through his favorite book.


They are all identical, even though rose is smaller. But they each had totally different personalities.


If all acted like Ryder I would have had to leave them on the highway because I would be so mentally unstable.


When Ryder and Ryan decided to be trouble some together, it’s bad, really bad. Sometimes they would drag their sister along, but she is not always involve.


The last time my mom was watching them while I was at work, they both went to the bathroom and flooded it, saying they were trying to make a huge bubble bath. Wet toilet paper was thrown all over and the bathroom was full of bubbles. My mom almost had an heart attack.


“OK, everyone come on. Let’s sing Happy birthday for these babies. They are growing so fast. ” my mom started to tear up.


“I am not a baby Nana! I’m a grown boy. That’s what mummy said when I ate all my veggies last night. ” Ryder boasted poking his little chest out.


We all started laughing. Leave it up to Ryder to remember everything mummy once said.


We all sang Happy birthday, then told them to blow their candles out and make a wish.


“What do you all wish for?” Sabrina asked


“I wished for a pony and a castle and to go Disney world and….” Rose listed.


“That’s stupid girl stuff. I wished for a bike and a dinosaur” Ryan declared.


” hahahaha you won’t get anything because you are not suppose to say what you wished for. It supposed to be a secret that’s what GG said!” Ryder taunted them.


He then stuck his fingers into both Ryan’s and Rose cake and then run out of the room.


My dad put his arms around my shoulder pulling me close.


“I don’t know how you do it my Angel but I would have been insane already with that little one if I were you. He will be a force to reckon with once he gets older. ” he chuckled.


“Dad please don’t remind me. It’s hard enough not dropping him off somewhere at this point. ” I groaned.


“You are doing a great job Ari. You are a great job and I’m very proud of you. You will forever be my baby girl no matter how old you gets and how many kids you have. ” he kissed my cheeks.


“Awwwwh thanks daddy. It nice to hear that from you. ” I said.


I gathered the triplets and had them open their gifts and cut their cake.


Everyone then left after so I could put the kids to bed because they were starting school tomorrow and I had an interview at a huge finance firm in the business district.


I tucked the kids in and went and got ready for bed. I loved my babies and I was happy but at times I still felt lonely and missed Richard because they were a constant reminder of him.


Maybe I didn’t really miss him, but missed the idea of him.


I got into bed and grabbed my pillow and hugged it to my chest.


Many guys have asked me out before but it just never felt right. There were no Sparks. Furthermore, I love spending all of my free time with my kids, so I never had time to date.


I kept thinking about my life over the years as I normally do before I drifted off into sleep.



♠️♠️CHAPTER 9♠️♠️


My alarm went off and I opened my eyes.


I smiled.


The first thing I saw was my baby’s face.


Ryder was secretly such a mama’s boy and a big baby. Every night after I put them to bed, I would wake up to him cuddled next to me.


I woke him up.


“Wake up my cuddle bug.” I kissed all over his face until he opened his eyes.


He cuddled up into my chest and whispered


“More minutes mommy.”


He is so silly . I am mom to him when he wants to complain and I am mummy to him when he wants something. Kids are just too funny.


I laid there playing with his blonde hair giving him five minutes more.


“Ok cuddle bug. You have to go to school today and mommy has a big job thingy to take care of. ” I tickled him and he jump up laughing.


“If you go wake up your brother and sister, I will pay you a dollar. ”


I didn’t even have to wait for an answer before he ran out of the room and into his room yelling at Ryan and Rose to get up.


I got them dressed and made breakfast, leaving them to eat while I got ready really fast because I don’t trust them by themselves.


I took a shower and straightened my hair ,then put on a skirt suit and light make up. I packed my bag and the kids backpacks and lunch bags and we all headed out to my old 2000 ford SUV. I bought it right before the kids were born because that was the only way I was able to transport them around.


I opened the back door and they all jumped into their booster seats. I made sure they were buckled in before I got in and head out of their school.


They were all quiet. I guess they were nervous. Something they have gotten from me. I pulled up to the school and got all their stuff. I opened the door and let them out,handing each one their belongings as they got out.


Some of the parents stopped and stared,which could only be because of two reasons, either they’ve never seen identical triplets before or they were wondering what a twenty three year old like myself was doing with three kids.


I’m so used to it.


“Ok guys let’s go, because mommy has to get going.”


Ryan and Rose held my legs shaking their heads and started to cry while Ryder just stood there.


Please not today.


I begged looking up to the sky.


I look at them and gathered all three of them in front of me.


“Listen up,mummy needs your help. Can you be big kids for mommy today? If you can I promise, we will go to chunck cheese this weekend.” I bribed them.


“Okay. Only if you promise to buy us pizza and let us eat soda.” Ryder negotiated.


Some days I just want to put a sock in his mouth.


“Fine! Fine! You can get whatever you want as long as you promise to behave well at school today. If I get any complains, you will not like what I will do. ” I said seriously.


“Now let’s go. ” I walked them to their class and kissed each of them before they went into the class.


Ryder was the last to go. He hugged me and kissed my cheek when it was his turn.


“Don’t worry mommy, I will take care of them.” And with that he went running after the others.


I was quite worried he said that, that could be a good thing and a bad thing. He loved to make his brother and sister cry, but he hated when anyone else made them cry, in his be eyes it was only okay for him to do that.


I tried to put the triplets setting the building on fire out of my mind as I hurried down town.


I made it just in time and check in with the receptionist.


“Good morning, welcome to world market financial Group. How may I help you?” The receptionist greeted.


“Good morning. My name is Ariana Harrison. I am here for an interview with Mr. Maxwell.” I told her.


“Okay. I see that you have been scheduled for a ten o’clock. Here is your visitors pass. Take the elevator up to the 29th floor and the secretary on that floor will be there to assist you. ” she said giving me a smile after checking the computer.


“Thank you.” I said taking the pass as I head to the elevator. I got to the 29th floor and there was another huge desk with a lady sitting behind it. As I walked to her desk,she got up and came around and shook my hand.


“Hi, you must be ms. Harrison. Mr.maxwell is ready for you. Follow me this way please.” She said.


I followed her through a long hallways filled with offices and cubicles until we got to the last door, where she knocked and after being told to enter,opened the door, shooed me in and closed it behind me.


The chair turned and there sat a very handsome but serious looking man in his early thirties I assume. He introduced himself then looked me up and down and gave me the Cheshire smile.


Pervert, I thought to myself.


I took a seat as he began telling me about the question and asking me questions. OK maybe his serious face was a facade because he hasn’t stopped smiling at me since I sat down.


“I decided to interview you myself, ms. Harrison after reviewing your resume with the HR department. They brought it to my attention that you graduated top of your class at NYU with a perfect is not everyday that we see these GPA come through the door for entry level positions. So tell me about yourself, why you have never had an internship before graduating and why you consider yourself fit for our organization. ” he spoke as he leaned back in his big black comfy chair with the view of other skyscrapers behind him.


I looked him directly in the eyes so he would know that he was not intimidating me with his handsome face, open jacket showing off his physique and rubbing of his chin. I must admit he’s attractive.


Ok, focus here Anna.


I answered all his questions but avoid mentioning the twins.


Don’t get me wrong, I am very proud of my children. They are the best thing that ever happened to me and they made me who I am today but some people can see three kids and no father as too much responsibility and may feel I will not have the time it would take to commit to the job.


So I have learnt from my past interviews to avoid it in any interview.


After we were finished, he told me the HR department would get back to me at the end of the week because they still had a couple more candidates to interview.


I thanked him and took my leave but not before he commented on my beauty.


I did blush even though it was a very inappropriate comment for such an environment. I hope there won’t be a problem working with him if I got the Job.


Sometimes being a mother of three I tend to forget about myself . I am so used to walking around with puke all over me or baby food or something. Always in comfy clothes and bed slippers walking around the house trying to not step on blocks and Lego’s. My hair always wild from the kids pulling on it. It makes it easy to forget myself and age.


The way he looked at me made me feel young, vibrant and beautiful. Not that I needed to hear it from him but it didn’t hurt to hear it. It only reminded and reaffirmed me.


As I was walking back through the hallway my phone started to ring bringing me back to earth. I answered it to find out it was the kid’s school.


Turns out that Ryder got into a fight and was now throwing a tantrum because they tried to put him in time out.


“Seriously Ry. It’s only been two hours. ” I mumbled as I left the building and drove back to the school.


I was so mad at him until I got to the school and entered the classroom and he ran to me and held on as tight as he could.


Ryan and Rose came running too as well begging to leave with them.


The teacher explained to me what happened. I told her I would just take them the rest of the day and would deal with Ryder myself.


I wasn’t ready to go home so I decided to take them to the the children’s museum of Manhattan,since it was too cold to go to the park.


We went inside and I sat on the bench and pulled Ryder on to my lap and told rose and Ryan they could around but had to stay where I could see them.


Ryder wrapped his arms around my neck and buried his face into my chest.


I rubbed his back.


I loved him so much even though he was so mischievous.


“Ry, mommy’s cuddle bear?” I softened him up so he would tell me the truth without thinking I would be mad.


I’ve learned that when they think you are mad, they lie. So I opted for the truth.


“Want to tell mommy why you pushed Jake down and sat on him after you promised me you would be good?” I asked him trying to get him to talk to me.


He always worries me when he’s quiet.


He still didn’t move his face but mumbled in my chest.


“Jake was calling Rose names and made everyone laugh at her. He was making my sister sad mommy. I told him to stop it but when he said I was a big baby and I pushed him and he fell. But he was still making her sad so I sat on him. ” he explained.


“Did you tell this to your Ms.Chris?” I asked.


“Yes mommy. But she still made me stand in a corner and not Jake. ”


I felt his tears dropping on my shirt. Haaaa. He is working really hard not to be punished.


“I tell her that if I stand in a corner,jake will also stand with me.”


I tried to contain my laughter.


“I told her that when Ryan and I did bad you will make both of us go to time out. ” he sobbed


“She didn’t want to listen so I told her I wanted you and she refuse to get you for me so I started to cry. ” he said.


All I could do at this point was to laugh. I couldn’t hold it anymore.


“Baby, mommy won’t be able to come to school every time you have a problem. Next time be a big boy and don’t fight but instead, go and tell ms. Chris. ” I kissed his head.


“But mommy is so proud of you, for being a big brother for your sister. ” I kissed him and squeezed him.


“Now that you know I won’t punish you, you can stop hiding in my jacket and go play with your brother and sister if you want. ”


And of course he jumped off my lap and ran over to a toy car where Ryan and rose were playing.


It was hard to believe that he was just shedding crocodile tears all over me.


I took my phone out and snapped couple pictures of them.


We walked around for an hour before they started begging to go to McDonalds.


A bad habit my mom started.


But I gave in because I was hungry myself.


We went and ate and ran about in the indoor playland.


By the time they got back into the car and I started driving, they all fell asleep.


When I got home, I didn’t want to wake them out when after the other, taking them inside and laying them on my bed.


After I took them all inside,I took off their jackets and shoes.


I learned a Long time ago to sleep when they are sleeping. So I will just take a nap as always.


I went to the bathroom and changed into some yoga pants and Richard’s T-shirt that I wore out of his house that morning.


I really don’t know why I kept it but it had the ability to give me a sense of comfort.


Weird, I know.


After cleaning the light make up from my face, I went to lay next to them,pulling a blanket over all of us. I fell asleep with three little bodies snuggled against me reminding me of just how treasured I really am.




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