Billionaire crush Episode 6 & 7

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💘💘💘💘Love me without lies 💘💘💘💘
🌺Chapter 6
Sabrina left and went back to Texas after the break and Erica and I went back to campus.
The school was allowing me to keep my scholarsh!pand take the rest of my clas-ses online for the spring semester.
I was relieved for that but I was still unsure.
How would I be able to care for the twins, work and keep up with my school work? I had no freaking clue!
I have been re-ading what to expect when expecting but knowing and actually doing something is not the same. I’m going to be a terrible mom.
I didn’t really get a chance to make friends. I was so sick in my first trimester and tired that I mostly stayed in my room when not in clas-s. I was too pregnant to go p@rtying and do everything else that normal freshman year students do.
Yeah I talked to people in the clas-s but that was all. I had more important things to worry about now than fun.
I guess that was the first step in growing up.
*Getting your priorities right*
Erica mostly gave up her social life for me, regardless of my protest. She just kept vowing to be there for me because she couldn’t even imagine how I was feeling.
Which was true.
I blame it all on those breakdowns I tend to have but I just think its my hor-mones that’s ma-king me so emotional.
When I’m not crying about being a terrible mom, my children being fatherless, or losing them, I am crying about my broken heart.
Yes it been months so I should over him, but it clearly didn’t seem like that was going to happen. I still loved but u hated him more than anything. It like I just couldn’t choose one of those feelings.
I hated him for how he treated me and other women but I loved him. He was my first and mostly because he helped to create my babies.
Even though I was drun!kthat night, I really did put my heart out there for the first time. It got shattered,but it seems I never got all the pieces back. So how am I going to even begin to put it back together?
I tend to wonder where do broken hearts go?
Anyways, Easter cane around and my dad c@m£ out to visit just for the weekend and so did my mom’s parent. My dad parents promised to visit when the babies were born.
My dad was still disappointed but beyond that I could see the love for me in his eyes and my babies when he would ru-b my stomach and talk to them.
That alone would bring about a sea of emotions,when I think about the fact that Richa-rd should be the one doing that.
My dad was upset when I told him what happened when I tried to contact Richa-rd and how he still never tried to call back. He told me that Richa-rd was an irresponsible as-s and he would not be responsible for his actions if he ever la-id eyes on him. I knew he wasn’t joking.
My mom however felt I should keep trying to tell him, at which point her and dad got into an argument about my wellbeing and Richa-rd being no good for the babies and I, because he would only break me beyond repair and then I wouldn’t be in the right mind to care for the babies so it would break them also.
I agreed with my dad, I had to be well and strong for my babies and protect them. Of course I wouldn’t be able to keep them from all hurt that I would try my damn ha-rd to.
My dad just kept yelling at mom that if Richa-rd c@m£ back into my life he would break me. Clearly he didn’t realize that I was alre-ady broken because of the facade I put on for him.
But I was happy all the same that my dad was there for me because that means he was happy as well and would be ap@rt of our lives, I love my daddy.
Behind the ha-rd exterior, he was just a soft sweet soppy man who would go to any lengths for me and mom,even though are divorced.
I’ve also noticed them exchanging weird looks but I dared not to get involved. They will figure it out in time or not.
We had a great holiday,despite the circu-mtance that brou-ght us all together.
Erica and I went to this p@rty,She was invited to at a penthouse in time square across from where the ball drops takes place.
I felt like I was about to pop at any moment but I still went, dying to get out of the house.
We took a cab and were in traffic forever. It was a good thing we left early. When the cab driver st©pped at the towering building. I figured that whoever was throwing this p@rty must be wealthy to afford this.
We got on the elevator and went up after Erica showed the security invitation.
When we walked into the penthouse, it was beautiful not to mention the view. I was in awe!
People where everywhere, most where miling about with either a champagne glas-ses in their hand or plate of a piece of chocolate cake.
A couple of people turned around and looked at me. I guess its ha-rd to ignore a humonogous waddling woman as I made my way throu-gh the crowd so I could sit and enjoy the view while Erica went and greeted her friends that invited her.
I told her to go without me, even though I attended the p@rty, I was in no condition to be walking around on my swollen potato feet.
“How far along are you?” The lady sitting next to me smiled genuienly and asked.
“I’m 39 weeks with twins. ” I smiled back at her and the baby kicked.
I giggled and ru-b my belly, which will always cause him to kick more. But then I felt a sharp pain but it was gone as quic-k as it c@m£ so I put it in the back of my mind.
“That’s awesome. Oh my name is Anita and congrats! Is the baby kicking? Do you minxe if I feel it? I’m in my first trimester and I’m so excited. ” she told me.
“Congrats as well. My name is Ariana by the way, and sure you can feel it.” I took her hand and placed it where they were kicking up a storm.
She started laughing.
“Oh my! It’s like a soccer match in your tummy. Are they always that active ? ” she asked.
“Yes.” I told her laughing and ru-bbing my tummy proudly.
“Do you know the S-x of the babies?” She question enthusiastically.
“Well I name them baby X and baby Y. Baby X is a boy, we can’t tell of the gender of baby Y. Either baby X is blocking the way or baby Y is hiding. Ever since my first sonogram, baby X took over the monitor with his legs wi-de open looking right at us. I’m going to have my hands full with that one. My doctor jokes and say that baby Y is a girl and baby X is protecting his sister. Or she’s shy so she is always hiding. ” we both laughed at the doctor’s conclusion.
We sat chatting for a while and Erica c@m£ to check on me twice and brou-ght some water and plate of fruits and cheese. The last time she c@m£ by to check on me, I excused myself from Anita and wished her the best with her pregnancy. I asked Erica to show me where the bathroom was located. She followed me and I went in as Erica waited at the door for me.
All of a sudden she bur-st in and closed the door, pressing her back against it and looked at me wi-de eyed. I knew then something was wrong.
“Daniel, Dennis and Richa-rd just walked in! I’m so sorry Anna, I had no clue they will come to this p@rty. Come let’s leave before they see us. ” she said but all I heard was Richa-rd then water was gushing down my legs before another more pronounced sharp pain hit me and I held my stomach.
“Uhhmmmmh…..I definitely think we nee-d to leave now. I think my water just broke, either that or I peed on myself. ” I said to Erica throu-gh clench teeth.
“Damn it! ” she said and started to panic.
“I’m going to call an ambulance. ” she started to reach for her phone and I gr@bb£d her hand.
“No!” I yelled at her.
“That will draw too much attention to us. My contractions aren’t that close right now. Just get me out of here and we can get a cab and then call my mom to bring my stuff to the hospital. ” I said trying to calm her.
You would think she was the one in labor.
“OK! Let me just check that they aren’t by the elevator. ” she went out and c@m£ right back.
“Are you sure you can walk, Ariana? ” she asked worriedly.
“Yes, let go. ” I said walking as fast as I could to the elevator.
Another pain hit me on the way but I couldn’t st©p for my babies sake. I had to protect them. We made it to the elevator just as a group of people were getting off.
They looked at me a we-t with my dress sticking to my legs and stepped aside. I didn’t even bother explaining, I just had to get out of there.
We got in the elevator and I let out the breath of air that it felt like I was holding forever…
“Whatever you do, do not turn around until this elevator door closes. Daniel and Richa-rd are looking right at me. ” Erica bit out when I heard someone yelled her name and she start jamming the bu-ttons even ha-rder until finally the door slid closed.
“I’m sorry Anna. If I knew that Richa-rd will be here as well as Dennis and Daniel, I wouldn’t have attend this p@rty not to talk of bringing you along. I’m so sorry ariana. I’m such a failure. I was the one who dragged you and encouraged you to go talk to Richa-rd but see where it lead to. It’s all my fault.” She started crying.
I was about to console her when another pain hit me as the elevator door opened in the lobby.
The security looked over and saw me holding my stomach crouched over. He rushed over and helped Erica hold me up and brou-ght us out and put me in a cab,after asking many times if I would like him to call an ambulance and me declining.
The normal time to get from here to city hospital where my doctor would be on call was eight minutes on a regular day. But right now, we were in a bu-mper to bu-mper traffic which was moving really slow.
Twenty five minutes later, we made it to the hospital.
My contractions were getting closer and I wanted to rip someone ap@rt. It hurt so bad.
A nurse c@m£ out with a wheel chair and they pushed me inside and into a room. I saw my mom filling out papers. I am sure she rushed right over when Erica called her.
“It’s going to be okay honey. Just breathe. ” she said ru-bbing my hand.
I looked for Erica and saw her standing there with her face white as ever. She seemed to be in shock now that this was all happening.
I got on the be-d with the help of my mom and the nurse after I was put in a hospital go-wn.
Another wave of pain hit me and I screamed. This one was stronger and longer.
The doctor c@m£ in, checked me and said I was 7 centimeters dilated and that it wouldn’t be before long because my contraction were coming fas-ter and stronger each time. She said she would be back in an hour to check again.
After breathing and screaming and yelling at my mom for an hour, doctor Victoria returned again to check on me. This time I was nine centimeters dilated. She said I still have to wait until I got to ten centimeters before I could start pushing….
“I’m going to have the nurse get the delivery room re-ady for you and come to prep who ever will be in the room with you. ” with that she left .
“I….owwwwhh….want both of owwhhh…you with me. ” I said throu-gh the pain radiating throu-gh me.
“I don’t know Anna. I think it might just be best if only your mom goes with you. ” Erica said looking scared.
“NOO!! I can’t do this without you both. ” I cried.
“Just relax and breath honey! It will be over before you know it and you will be holding those beautiful boys. ” my mom said as she continued to ru-b my back.
This went on for another thirty minutes, and I was being wheeled into the delivery room. My mom held me in one hand while Erica held the other.
The doctor had asked if I wanted a sh0t of epidural. I declined at first because I had re-ad that some women had died from it as a result of being injected wrongly in the spine. But after the pain bec@m£ too much, I gave in. The pain was still intense but not as much as before.
“Okay, are you re-ady to push?” Doctor Victoria asked.
I shook my head as I tried to breathe. I was so scared but I was so re-ady to meet my little babies.
“Ariana! If you don’t push and let me see my grand children you won’t like what I will do to you. ” my mom yelled at me getting mad.
I thought people were suppose to be nice to pregnant women. I guess mom was too excited to meet the babies to care.
I clenched my teeth,leaned forward and pushed as ha-rd as I could for as long as I could. Then fell back out of breath.
“Again! I can see the head, you’re doing great!” The doctor yelled from below.
I got up and pushed again and again. Then I heard a cry and my whole world melted.
“It’s a boy! Baby X, born at 12:08 a.m weighing 7 Ibs 3 ounces, 50.6 cm long. ” a nurse declared taking him to go clean him up and check him further after weighing and measuring him.
“OK Ariana. One down ,just one more to go. You can do this,just push.” Dr.Victoria coached.
I took a de-ep breath and started to push again.
It’s like baby Y wanted to stay in mommy’s tummy. At one point the doctor thought she would have to do a C-section because baby y wasn’t re-ady.
Finally I started pushing again, when I heard another cry. As much as I hated Richa-rd , I truly loved him at this moment for these blessings.
I la-id back and close my eyes as I heard the doctor announced baby Y.
“Another boy! Baby y. Born 12:36 a.m, weighing 7 ibs 3 ounces, 50.6cm long. You did great! We’re going to have them cleaned up and checked and then you can hold them. In the mean time I am going to stitch you…
” mmmmmmhhhh arrrrrghhhhhh.” I stated to scream and push again.
“What’s going on?” I shouted at the doctor ,Who looked alarmed.
“Get another cart. I think we have a baby Z coming. ” the doctor declared.
“Are you sure?” Erica asked.
“Wow! Three babies? I never expected that at all. I just figured twins because Daniel and Dennis are twins but triplets…..” She trailed off.
“Just shut up and hold my hand! ” I told her as I pushed and pushed until I wanted to pas-s out.
Soon I heard a cry of a baby.
“Congrats mom. Baby Z is a girl, 6 ibs 8 ounce and 49.8 cm long. Born at 12:48 a.m. ”
I let the darkness consume me, too tired to fight it anymore.
🌺Chapter 7🌺
I sat up in be-d and my mom walked over and hvgged me with tears in her eyes. Erica was sitting in the corner with her face in her hands.
I started to panic.
“Mom what’s wrong?” I ask nervously.
I was really excited to see my babies since I pas-sed out after giving birth and didn’t really get a chance to see them. But now I’m starting to think that something must be wrong because my babies weren’t here and my mom looked like she had something to say to me but just couldn’t come out of it.
The door pushed open as I was about to ask her again why she was crying.
Two nurses c@m£ in walking in pushing two cart with two babies wra-pped in a blue blankets. So baby y did happen to be a boy, I was expecting him to be a girl.
I thought I had a third baby though, I must have been hallucinating.
The babies were slee-ping as they pushed them over to me.
My mom stood up and let me out of the hvg and one of the nurse looked at her and asked.
“Is she okay enough to attend to the two babies? They nee-d to be fed.”
“I would love to hold and feed them if you show me how. ”
I mean I have never fed a baby before, so it would only be fitting that the nurse instructed me on the proper way to do so.
The second nurse took the baby out of the cart marked baby y and handed him to me. I don’t think I could have smiled any wi-der at how precious he was.
But then something struck me as unusual.
“Why wouldn’t I want to Feed my children?” I asked the first nurse who was giving me a sympathetic look.
Erica had her head down and my mom was still silently crying.
Okay what the hell am I missing here!
“Hunny, I’m so sorry. The third baby did not make it. She was soooo beautiful…..I’m sorry Ariana. ” my mom started to sob loudly.
I felt my world shatter. I didn’t even miss her before but now that I knew of her, it was like my world was shattered. How can I miss something or someone I never knew I had? It does matter now. I just did.
I opened my eyes to the sound of a baby crying and looked over and saw that I was in a room with three carts. Erica was holding and rocking the crying baby. My mom had the other two resting in her arms as she sat in the chair rocking.
I let out a breath of air I had no idea I was holding after I saw that all three babies were okay.
It was just a bad dream.
Omg! I really had triplets.
I started to cry. I’m so happy thet are okay but how on God green earth am I going to take care of three babies on my own? What If they hate me? What if I end up not being a good mom?
The more I thought, the more I cried!
“Hey st©p all that crying and take a look at your daughter. She looks like you but she hasn’t st©pped crying. I think she wants her mummy. ” Erica said as I sat up a little and took my little angel.
She was beautiful. I was in awe that I made her. I don’t care how I will take care of the three of them, I just know I would….I had to. She was truly and really a miracle. They all were.
“Hi angel! Mommy loves you so much. ” I k!$$£d her bu-tton nurse and started talking to her and she instantly st©pped crying, looking into my eyes. She knew my voice. It made my heart swell and I start to tear up all over again. She knew exactly who her mommy was.
“Here go the other two bundle of joy. Thank God they have these tag wrist because I would have surely mixed them up by now. All three are identical, but at least with the baby I can tell the difference even though I find myself checking her diaper to be sure. They all look so much alike, it sI confusing. ” mom complained walking over with the boys.
The entire time she was looking at them with so much adoration. I knew she was only pla-ying with being frustrated.
I handed the girl back to Erica and she started to fuss again but I had to see my other two babies. I took baby X and baby Y both from my mom and k!$$£d their cheeks each. They were all so beautiful! They looked just like Richa-rd . This was going to be ha-rder than I thought seeing little Richa-rd ‘s running around for the rest of my life, but I loved them anyways.
There was a knock and the nurse walked in smiling.
“Congrats dear. They are adorable! Are you re-ady to name them? I think your mom and friend here are tired of calling them baby X,Y and Z. ”
I giggled at what she said.
“Yeah I think I’m re-ady.”
Surely I didn’t expect three babies but I a list of names that I liked in my head. I just figured when I saw them I would know exactly what I wanted to name them.
I looked up at baby X.
“Ryder Allen Richa-rd ,no longer baby X. ” I k!$$£d his cheek.
“Right Ry?” I smiled at him,remembering how the doctor predicted he would be a trouble maker but protective of baby Y because of how he was throu-ghout the pregnancy.
Let’s hope she was right about only the protective portion. It would alre-ady be ha-rd handling three children,but to have two and a troublemaker all at the same age sounded like a suicide mission especially for a person in my predic@m£nt.
I mean hello! Single mother here!
Then I turned to baby Y in other arm.
“Ryan Arnaldo Richa-rd ,no longer baby Y. ” I said nodding my head as confirmation to myself that it’s perfect for him.
I looked over at my princess in Erica’s arm still crying a bit calmer.
“And as for my princess who hid so well Rose Athena Richa-rd ,no longer baby Z” I finished.
“I think the names are just beautiful as they are. You did the right thing giving them their fathers name. I am so proud of you. ” my mom said k!ss!ngmy forehead.
When is she ever going to st©p being team Richa-rd , I wondered.
I gave the boys back to my mother and took rose since she was still crying. The nurse showed me how to br£@st feed and burb her. I must admit, I did great considering this was my first time and I had no clue what I was doing. After I burped her,I lulled her to sleep and gave her back to Erica,who went to sit with her. She seemed to be much in awe than I was because she couldn’t tear her eyes away from her if she wanted to.
The nurse left after I told her I was able to manage feeding the other two without her help. I know have Ryder in my arms, who was staring at me just as rose was but his eyes were so much more intense just like his dad. You could get lost in them, just like the ocean. Oh man he is going to be a heart breaker. I guess I should start praying for that little girl who would fall in love with him in advance. I fed and burped him also, but he didn’t seem intent on slee-ping. Just staring at me as if I held some secret.
I placed him back in his cart, but not before k!ss!ngall over his face and earning a smile.
I took Ryan as my mom la-id him in my arms and went to go take Ryder back up. Yep, she was definitely going to spoil them.
Ryan was slee-ping and I put my f!nger in his hand and he closed his little f!nger around mine. My heart was instantly pierced back together.
The day rolled around for me to leave the hospital after being discharged by the doctor. My parents were suppose to take us home. My dad flew in the day after I gave birth on the first flight he could get.
He stood there with rose in his arms talking to her about God knows what. My dad could be weird sometimes.
My mom got all my stuff packed and dad handed me rose as he took all the things from my mom to go put in her car. Mom took Ryder in her arms, Erica took Ryan and I had Rose as tgs nurse pushed me to the exit with the others following behind.
“Mom, are we going to fit in your car? ”
My mom had a BMW sport car, it was a sedan but still I don’t know if we could all fit in.
“Uhhmmm well…..” She trailed off as we walked outside and saw my dad standing next to a hvge SUV parked at the entrance.
“Dad whose truck is this?” I asked looking skeptical, seeing as how he flew here, unless he rented it.
“I bought it for your mom. Traded in her car this morning since she kept complaining that she didn’t have enough space for the triplets. At least, we can all go anywhere if you are not there with your truck.”
Wow he is taking this grandpa role seriously.
He still acting like a husbabd to my mom instead of a Ex-husband and what’s up with her being quiet. I definitely see them getting back together. What a pointless divorce!
I got out of the wheelchair and thanked the nurse. Dad opened the back door and I got in and looked at the second roll, which had three seats. Two green safari themed and the one in the middle, a pink princess theme. So adorable.
Dad stayed for two weeks, taking off work. He had his own construction company. Before he left he told me that he and my mom are working on getting back together and he will be moving in soon,so he could help me since his work just nee-d him to supervise construction sometimes.
Erica was back in school, but no longer lived on campus. She lives with us fulltime to help me also. My mom was able to only take a week off,seeing that she had a demanding job. Being the personal as-sistant to a CEO of fashion company here in new York. They apparently had some fashion show and a new clothing line being re-lease and she was un-der a lot of stress, but she loved her job. I wouldn’t want to stress her the more, she was alre-ady helping me financially what more could I possibly ask for?
Well a lot more. This is the first time I am being left alone with the triplets and I think I feel postp@rtum depression coming on.
“Wahhhh Waahhhhhhh Waaaahhhhhhhh Waaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh……!!!” This has being going on for the past twenty minutes.
All three started crying at the same time. I fed, changed, rock, sang to them… name it and I did that but they just couldn’t st©p. The only one way to st©p the cry was if I held and rocked him/her but as soon as I put him/her back down to do the same to the other,they would start again.
OMG! How am I to hold three kids at the same time!
I always have mom or dad or Erica here with me helping.
I knew it was ha-rd to one kid, I don’t know why I thought I could raise three by myself. Even worst, I have a test due online today at 5pm for my macroeconomics clas-s, but at this rate, with them all cry and me sitting in the corner of the nursery, hvgging my knees to my che-st with tears running down my face, I just know it won’t get done.
After another five minutes I decided to st©p feeling pity for myself and st©p blaming Richa-rd since i didn’t really give him much of a chance to be here. I got a bright idea. I knew it would work with Ryder for sure,since it was easy for him to go to sleep each night as long as I took him to be-d with me and cudd-lehim on my che-st. He would sleep throu-gh the night, only waking to feed.
I first took rose to my room and she st©p crying once I held her, but as soon as I placed her on the be-d she started to wail again. I put two pillows around her and rushed back to the nursery and took up both Ryder and Ryan , one in each arm. Something I learned to do and hurried back to the room and putting them next to their sister.
I br@csd two pillows up on my headboard. I first took both boys and put them on either both side of me then I took, Rose and la-id her on my stomach and covered her with blanket,where She settled and st©pped crying. I then covered both boys with their blankets and then slid one arm un-der each of them and pu-ll-ed them into my sides, they both settled as well and all three started to droop close.
What the hell!
This was all my parents fault.
I told them that I re-ad the baby book and it said not to hold your children all day long or they would always want you to hold them constantly.
My parent’s were constantly holding them and always telling me to be quiet because they raised a child before.
I am going to have to be more firm with them as you can see the situation I’m in.
I thought that they were crying and I was a terrible mother because they nee-ded something and I couldn’t do it for them.
An hour pas-sed as I la-id there as a human mattress. I was happy that they nee-ded me and I could calm them like this but my stomach was grumbling, I really nee-ded to pee and my arms were falling asleep.
I tried to sl!pmy arm from un-der Ryan’s b©dy but he only started to whimper in his sleep. I tried with Ryder and got the same result.
I looked at the clock on my night stand and saw it was now three pm.
One more hour, you can hold it. I keot chanting inside my head. Just one more hour before Erica would be home and I would be able to move, I kept chanting to myself.
So, an hour c@m£ and pas-sed and these babies were still sleep and Erica wasn’t home.
I loved my children and really didn’t want to disturb them but at this point I don’t think it would benefit any of us to be laying in a pool of urine.
I detached them all from my b©dy and of course they all woke up and started wailing again. I ran as fast as I could to use the restroom . on my way back to the room, I remembered Sabrina bought me a baby carrier for twins,when we went shopping before they were born. I ran to my closet and pu-ll-ed it out.
I attached all the stra-pped and buckles according to the paper on the back of my package.
After ma-king sure it was done securely, I walked briskly to the be-d and picked up Ryder and Ryan,placing them both inside. I then picked up Rose and held her in between her brothers and swayed my b©dy gently singing ‘Hush little baby’.
I went and sat at my desk in front of my computer and brou-ght Rose bas-sinet along with me. She had fallen back to sleep, so I la-id her there hoping she won’t wake up.
She started to whimper but I instantly ru-bbe-d her back to let her know I was still there and she st©pped.
Now the other two were just staring at me. I giggled. They are sooo cute.
🎶🎶 She works the night, by the water
She’s gonna stress, so far away from her father’s daughter
She just wants a life for her baby
All on her own, no one will come
She’s got to save him (daily struggle)
She tells him “ooh love”
No one’s ever gonna hurt you, love
I’m gonna give you all of my love
Nob©dy matters like you (stay up there, stay up there)
She tells him “your life ain’t gonna be nothing like my life (straight)
You’re gonna grow and have a good life
I’m gonna do what I’ve got to do” (stay up there, stay up there)
So, rockabye baby, rockabye
I’m gonna rock you
Rockabye baby, don’t you cry
Someb©dy’s got you
Rockabye baby, rockabye
I’m gonna rock you
Rockabye baby, don’t you cry
Rockabye, no (Rockabye-rocka-rocka-rocka-bye) (oh)
Rockabye, yeah, yeah (Rockabye-rocka-rocka-rocka-bye)
Single mom what you doing out there?
Facing the ha-rd life without no fear
Just see and know that you really care
‘Cause any obstacle come you well prepared
And no mamma you never shed tear
‘Cause you haffi set things year after year
And you give the youth love beyond compare
You find the school fee and the bus fare
Hmmmm more when paps disappear
In a wrong bar can’t find him nowhere
Steadily you work flow, heavily you know so you nah st©p
No time no time fi a jeer
Now she gotta a six year old
Trying to keep him warm
Trying to keep all the cold
When he looks her in the eyes
He don’t know he’s safe when she says
“Ooh love”
No one’s ever gonna hurt you, love
I’m gonna give you all of my love
Nob©dy matters like you
So, rockabye baby, rockabye
I’m gonna rock you
Rockabye baby, don’t you cry
Someb©dy’s got you
Rockabye baby, rockabye
I’m gonna rock you
Rockabye baby, don’t you cry (Bidda-ban-g-ban-g-ban-g, alright then)
Rockabye, no (Rockabye-rocka-rocka-rocka-bye) (Oh)
Rockabye, yeah (Rockabye-rocka-rocka-rocka-bye) (yeah)
Rockabye don’t bother cry
Lift up your head, lift it up to the sky, yo
Rockabye don’t bother cry
Angels around you, just joy your eye
Now she gotta a six year old
Trying to keep him warm
Trying to keep all the cold
When he looks her in the eyes
He don’t know he’s safe when she says
She tells him “ooh love”
No one’s ever gonna hurt you, love
I’m gonna give you all of my love
Nob©dy matters like you (stay up there, stay up there)
She tells him “your life ain’t gonna be nothing like my life (straight)
You’re gonna grow and have a good life
I’m gonna do what I’ve got to do” (yeah)
So, rockabye baby, rockabye (Rockabye-rocka-rocka-rocka-bye)
I’m gonna rock you
Rockabye baby, don’t you cry (Rockabye-rocka-rocka-rocka-bye)
Someb©dy’s got you
Rockabye baby, rockabye (Rockabye-rocka-rocka-rocka-bye)
I’m gonna rock you
Rockabye baby, don’t you cry (Bidda-ban-g-ban-g-ban-g, alright then)
Rockabye don’t bother cry
Lift up your head, lift it up to the sky, yo (Rockabye!)
Rockabye don’t bother cry (yeah yeah)
Angels around you, just joy your eye (Rockabye!)
Rockabye don’t bother cry
Lift up your head, lift it up to the sky, yo (Rockabye!)
Rockabye don’t bother cry
Angels around you, just joy your eye🎵🎵🎵
I kept swaying in the chair while I did my exam as quic-kly as I could before the deadline. I had three more questions left when the boys started to cry again and my time was almost up.
Grrrhhh. I just hit the submit bu-tton hoping I did well. As much as I didn’t want to spend the rest of my life trying to get a degree, my children were now my priority before anything else.
I wouldn’t trade them for anything else and would sacrifice my life for them but at this moment all I could really think is,
fv¢k my life!
I don’t know why I was given such a miracle and I won’t question it.
I do believe that God give you what you can handle. I believe that he helps you handle what you have been given even if you think it is more than you can handle.
I saw myself being a great mother to these amazing children and I would be damned if I didn’t try my best to be.