Billionaire crush Episode 44 & 45

Chapter 44
💗💗Camila’s P.O.V💗
“Ti Ti!” The kids scream attacking my legs as I walk throu-gh the door.
Everyone agreed that it was for the best for the kids to just think I am their aunt so that it doesn’t confuse them or Andrea in the long run.
Erica gave me the name tia which means ‘aunt’ in spanish, since they call her ti ti.
“Hi you little Rugrats!” I bend hvgging them.
“So no Hi for grandma?” Elena asks standing behind me as the driver brou-ght the luggage to the door.
“Grandma!” They scream running to hvg her as well.
With the exception of Ryder who is still standing in front of me with his hand stretched out.
I laugh di-pping into my purse and then ruffling his hair.
“Here you go sir!” I hand him a pack of Haribo gummy bear.
“Yes! Your the best tia ever!” He hvgged my leg once more and ran off so he didn’t have to share his candy.
The only person he shares with if he does is Andrea.
“Me! Tia me me!” Andrea whined.
I laugh at how spoil she is.
I’m just happy to be ap@rt of her life.
I picked her up and k!ssall over her face as she giggles.
“Happy birthday MarMar! How old are you now?”
She puts up all five f!nger on her right hand smiling brightly.
So silly.
“Wow! You’re a big girl now!” I put her back down.
I took out three more candy and gave one to each of them.
They thanked me and ran off with each other, Andrea in the back as always trying to keep up, thinking she’s the same age.
“You are going to spoil those kids rotten. They have been waiting for you all morning because they know you won’t disappoint them when it comes to their favorite candy.” Ariana says holding the door open for us.
“Too bad the soccer pla-yer in your tummy can’t eat candy yet or I would have brou-ght five packs.” I win-ked hvgging her.
“Look at you. Your so hvge since the last time I saw you! What are you feeding my grandchild?” Elena asks hvgging her as well.
We walk into the living room of their mas-sive house, more like a kingdom and see caterers and tons of flowers, bu-tterflies and hello kitty decoration everywhere.
“The p@rty will be starting in an hour incase you two want to go get freshen up before.” Ariana tells us taking a seat.
She is suppose to be due tomorrow, which was obvious since she looks like she will pop any moment.
So it works out perfectly since we had to be here today for Andrea’s birthday.
“No! I missed my grandbabies. You go and l@ydown until it’s time, I will watch them along with that poor nanny over there who looks like she wants to drown herself in the pool and ensure everything gets done.” Elena told Anna.
“Your an angel.” Anna smiles.
“Yeah. I think I will go change out of these sweatp@n-ts.” I said heading up the stairs behind Ariana.
She st©pped at the door to the guestroom that I always use when I stay here.
“I am really happy that your here and is ap@rt of her life Camila. She growing up and one day she will have questions about her real mom and your family.
I just hope you will be around then to help her un-derstand and to help answer questions about the Taylor History that we won’t be able to.”
A tear fell from her eye, but she was smiling.
More tears started to fall.
“Oh don’t mind me, I am just emotional! My hor-mones are really of the charts these days.”
We both laugh and embr@ce in a hvg.
“I promise I will be here for as long as you guys nee-d me.” I say still hvgging her and she hvgs me ti-ghter.
“ouch!” She said letting me go and holding her stomach.
“Are you ok?” I ask now really concerned.
Maybe I should call Richa-rd .
I know he told me last night that he wouldn’t be here in the morning but would make it back before the p@rty starts.
Since both him, Daniel and dennis had to be in the meeting, he said he would had hired caterers and decorators so that anna wouldn’t put herself in harms way or overwork herself with the baby.
He also had the driver pick us up from the airport instead of doing it himself like always.
“It’s fine. The baby just kicked really ha-rd . I am going to go l@ydown.” She smile ru-bbing her tummy.
“Ok, well just call me if you nee-d me, I’ll be right here.” I told her as I watch her walk to the end of the hall way and disappear behind the hvge doors.
I walk into the guestroom I use when here to find it just the way I left it.
That made me smile.
After all these years, I finally feel like I have some major stability in my life.
I have people who love me and welcome me with open arms.
I flop back on the be-d and pu-ll out my phone, seeing that I have a new message from my b©yfri£nd.
I smile and open it.
📧West: Hey bae. I hope u made it safely. Well I’m sure i did flying on a pri-vate jet. lol I miss u like crazy alre-ady. School su-cked w/o u today! TGIF turn up
I start to text him back.
📧Me: lmbo ur stupid! but yeah I’m here. I miss you more. The kids were happy to see me, that made my day!
📧West: Well that’s good babe 🙂 What’s the plan for today?
📧Me: It’s my niece bday. So we’re having a p@rty for her.
I hit s£nd and sit up as I hear my door open.
“Tia?” Rose asks peeking around the door.
“Hey princess! Come here!”
I guess she was just looking for an invitation as she ran and climbe-d onto the be-d next to me.
“What’s up princess?” I ask her using the nickname she demands we all call her.
My phone vibr@ted again signaling that I had another text but I ignored it
“I drew you a picture.” She hand me a paper from a note book with five stick figures drawn in pen.
“wow! this is nice!” I told her.
“This is me, you” she points to the tallest stickman.
“Ryan, Ry and andy eating candy!”
“I love it! I am going to put it in my room when I get home.” Her eyes lit up.
“Really Tia?”
“Yup! Promise” I said and we pinky promise.
“Ok! I gotta go tell mommy!” She hopped off my be-d and ran out of the room.
I wasn’t lying when I told her I am going to put it up in my room when I get home.
I have an entire section of the wall in my room where I hang all the stuff they make for me.
Elena thinks I am crazy for saving them all but I love them.
I smile with comfort at that word.
South Carolina is home with Elena.
Her dad is there too but rarely as he’s always off traveling.
He’s a really nice man.
She told me her mother pas-sed away a couple years back and her father has been traveling all over doing the things he likes as a coping mechanism.
Ever since I cam back from Germany that has been my home.
The first couple days I c@m£ back before having to go back again, we stayed in New York and I started to bond with anna and the kids.
Now we have an awesome relationsh!p.
Elena is like the mother I never had and Ariana is like the big sister I lost.
I went back to Germany for the trial, just Richa-rd , Elena, daniel and I.
Dennis stayed with Ariana because she was on be-d rest, this has not been the easiest pregnancy for her.
The trial was bad, but not as bad as I thought it would be, maybe because I had people to lean on for support.
Elena held my hand the entire time.
I didn’t have to relive the entire thing by testifying as he changed his plea and pled guilty.
He looked remorseful and was crying.
He kept telling us he was sorry as he got taken away.
Edward was charged with one count of first degree murder for killing Tatiyana and one count of attem-pted murder for trying to kill Andrea.
He is now facing life with the possibility for parole in 30 years.
I try not to think about it anymore and leave it in the past so that I can move on..
Elena felt it was best to move on and take my mind off of it by keeping myself occu-pied and getting a positive social life.
Yeah, I refuse to ever do drug again or hang with that crowd, I don’t know what I was thinking back that.
I applied to a couple of college and got into most of them.
However, I chose to go to University of South Carolina and commute.
Elena was happy with that choice even though she said she would have supported any decision I made.
We have become closer than ever and I didn’t want to be away from that safety net as yet, so I chose not to live on campus.
Elena bought me car and encouraged me to have a social life.
I started summer school right away so that I could get caught up to being a sophomore, I am not trying to be a freshman forever.
I made one really good friend during summer school, her name is Shantel and we’ve been hanging out.
The fall semester started in August and joined a couple of organizations.
I joined the student government as-sociation and that’s where I met Wesley, he’s the President and a s£nior.
He asked me out a few times before I finally gave in.
Richa-rd and dani doesn’t know that I have a b©yfri£nd.
They are very overprotective of me, it gets annoying sometimes when were out in public and guys stare at me.
They always end up scaring them away.
I turned 19 last week.
Elena flew me and Shantel to New York.
Ariana, Erica and Sabrina took us out for a spa day and dinner.
It was amazing and Shantel was out of her mind with how wealthy they are.
Sometimes I’m still in disbelief myself.
We had a small get together at the house and I got gifts.
Everyone stayed for a couple hours except dennis.
He gave me a br@celet he bought in Greece since he had just got back from business there.
It was beautiful.
It was gold with small diamonds going around it.
It had some inscription on the inside but the only think I could re-ad that was in English was the word ‘Eros’.
I asked him what it meant and he said ‘Eros’ is a Greek god and the other p@rt means ‘the strong survives’.
Richa-rd and Daniel looked at him weird and he got up and left saying he had a d@t£.
I never really see much of him, I don’t think he likes me very much.
Even though he doesn’t like me and I have a b©yfri£nd, I still have a crush on him.
I thought being with Wesley would subside it, I am sure it will if I try ha-rder.
But who doesn’t have a secret crush these days? I just won’t ever let anyone find out.
I don’t think it’s appropriate, but I can’t help it.
I finally introduced Wesley to Elena when he c@m£ to take me out to dinner for my birthday last week.
She adores him and thinks we’re perfect for each other. I still think it’s too early to tell.
Ariana’s P.O.V
I close my eyes feeling really tired and worn out as I l@yin the be-d.
I snuggle up to Richa-rd ‘s pillow and inhale his scent.
I know he has only be gone for maybe four hours, but I miss him alre-ady.
Over the last seven months, I have to say, our relationsh!phas grown stronger than ever.
I never thought I could be more in love with someone but he amazes me each day.
He tries his best to be home each night to tuck the kids in or to be able to pick them up from school.
He takes them to school each morning.
He gives me mas-sages that I never ask for, ru-b my feet, is there for all my doctor appointment and is super attentive to all the kids, even our jelly bean in my tummy.
This baby will be a daddy’s boy or girl. Every time Richa-rd start to ru-b and talks to my tummy, its the baby couldn’t be any happier, kicking like crazy.
He or she knows her daddy alre-ady.
I think it’s so cute.
We decided to wait until the baby is born to know the gender since Richa-rd is overly obsessed that we’re having another set of triplets.
I hope not.
The doctor said there is only one baby in my tummy and it nee-ds to stay that way, even though I seem really big to be carrying one baby.
I think it’s a girl, a really little chubby girl.
She will probably look like her big sister Rose, just a beautiful.
Rose is very smart, humble, quiet sometimes and likes to be left alone in her own world.
She’s only really demanding when it comes to getting attention from Richa-rd , maybe because he wasn’t always around.
Ap@rt from that she’s always hanging around me when she not at school. Ryan and Ryder are very lazy when it comes to cleaning up and helping, but Rose is mommy’s little helper.
She likes to be in the kitchen with me when I am trying to cook and she helps to keep Andrea occu-pied.
She’s a awesome big sister.
I love her and Andrea both equally but I have a stronger bond with Rose , I feel like she carries my soul.
.. She reminds me so much of myself.
But let me not pretend that she doesn’t have her moments when she reminds me that there is three of them and not two.
She gives her fair share of trouble as well.
“Mommy! I draw Tia a picture of my brother’s and sissy eating candy and she loves it mommy! She said she’s gonna take it home and put it in her room.” Rose yells climbing on the bench and jumping on the be-d.
Speak of the devil.
I catch her as she falls next to me on the be-d and pu-ll her closer.
“Good job princess. Mommy is so proud of you! High five!”
We high five each other and she giggles.
“Are your brother’s and sister with Grandma?” I ask.
“yes! But I want to stay with you mommy.”
What’s new.
“Ok. You can stay but first go and tell grandma, so that she doesn’t look for you.” She clim-bs of the be-d and go to my door.
“GRANDMA I’M WITH MY MOMMY!” She runs back, climb on the bench and gets back in the be-d with me.
“You know Rose, I don’t think your grandma heard you.” I tell her trying not to laugh.
“Uhhh huh! She did!”
I shake my head.
She stands up and clim-bs on the pillow behind me pu-lling my head back in her l@p.
“Mommy can I comb your hair?”
“Yeah, let me go and get the brush for you.” I tell her as I get up from the be-d.
“Mmmhh” I m0@n as the baby kicks even ha-rder this time.
I st©p walking as I wait for the kicking to st©p.
I ru-b my stomach trying to get her to calm down.
As soon as she does, I continue to the bathroom and return with the brush.
I return back to my previous position with the pregnancy pillow and Rose behind me.
“re-ady mommy? I give you pigtails like me!”
“Ok hunny, I am sure I will love it. ”
Sometimes I feel older than 23 years old.
I smile thinking back to my birthday and how richa-rd made it memorable.
I was off be-d rest but I was still warned to relax mostly.
Richa-rd would let me go to the office with him most days but other times he claimed he nee-ded to stay in be-d.
But I would still work from home.
On my birthday, I thought he had forgot as he didn’t say anything to me or wish me happy birthday.
I went into the office with him and we worked all day while the kids were at school and Andrea was with the nanny.
At the end he told me the car would take me to get the kids and then home, he had to stay late for a meeting.
I got home and went to my room to have a bath and there were candles and rose petals everywhere.
I followed trail of rose petals to the bathroom and the tub was filled.
There were chocolate covered strawberries on a platter on the side with a bottle of apple cider and a glas-s.
It smelt like heaven.
Taking off my clothes to get in the tub I saw a note and a velvet box un-der it.
I re-ad the note:
You thought I forgot your birthday didn’t you? Well sorry to disappoint you my love. Enjoy your bath. Love Richa-rd .
I put the note down and took up the velvet box and opened it.
“Wow!” I said out loud as saw the most beautiful silver locket, embe-dded on the front was a heart covered in diamond.
I opened it and saw a picture of all of my babies.
I don’t know who took this picture.
But it was a picture of me in the family room with Richa-rd ‘s arm around me.
He had his other arm around Ryan and Andrea in his l@p. My baby bu-mp was showing, Rose was sitting in my l@p facing me as we were talking and Ryder was cu-mddled into my side.
My beautiful family.
I soa-ked in the bath for thirty minutes eating the fruit and drinking the cider until the water started to get chilly.
I got out and dried off going to the closet.
When I tuned on the light I saw a hvge white gift box with a hvge red bow around it.
I opened it and there was a note on t©p:
A dress fit for a queen.
You are my queen Anna.
Put this on and there will be a car outside waiting on you.
I fanned my eyes.
I pu-ll-ed dress out and it was beautiful.
A long blue Versace dress with a split starting above my knee.
I put it on and admired myself in the mirror.
I pinned my hair up not wanting to waste time flat ironing it or curling it.
I was too anxious to get to Richa-rd .
I went outside and the car was waiting.
We drove for about twenty minutes then we pu-ll-ed up to World Market Group, the building that ruchaed owns, where I just left earlier.
I was esc-rted from the car and towards an elevator in the back.
I was so confused about what was taking place. The driver hit the bu-tton “R” and ti-pped his hat telling me to enjoy before the doors closed.
Once the doors reopened, Richa-rd was standing in front of me in a new suit.
He took my hand and led me out of the elevator.
We were on the roof.
The most breath taking view of New York City that I have ever seen.
I didn’t even know this place had existed.
There were candles everywhere, a woman pla-ying a piano and singing, a table set up with two chairs and servers.
I was beyond shocked.
After dinner he took me for a ride around the city.
And lets just say, when we got home, I couldn’t keep hands off him no matter how much he told me to slow down.
I guess that explains why I was placed back on be-d rest.
But that day and these last couple of months showed me many things, things I wasn’t able to see before.
For his birthday, the kids and I made him breakfast in be-d, I lit some candles and gave him a mas-sage, he went to work and when he c@m£ home, we had a surprise p@rty for him.
My gift to him was a book of redeemable coupon for my services at anytime, I won’t say what the coupons deemed redeemable and getaway for just the two of us after the baby is born and no longer brea-stfeeding.
“Mommy! I’m finished. Now you look just like a princess like me.” Rose got up from behind me.
“Let’s go look in the mirror mommy!”.
I got up slowly as a sharp pain pas-sed throu-gh my back.
“Mommy your peeing yourself!” Rose jump backwards away water gushed down my legs un-der my dress.
Another sharp pain pas-sed throu-gh me.
“Rose go and get your Tia and tell her to call daddy.” I said breathing in and out as the pain hit once more.
“Mommy..” She said look scared.
“It’s ok princess. Just go and get your Aunt Cammy.”
This time she nod and ran from the room.
I went to the closet and got a fresh pair of un-derwear and another sweater dress.
“Babe! Ariana baby where are you?” I heard Richa-rd voice yelling from the room.
“She’s in here.” Camila said as she walks into the closet.
“Are you in Labor? Rose said you peed yourself?”
“Anna! Oh thank god.” Richa-rd said coming in the closet and hvgging me.
“Is the baby coming?”
“Yeah my water just broke. But I don’t think the baby is coming yet. My contraction aren’t that close together. I’m just going to change out of these we-t clothes and then we can go.”
I’m in pain but I’m just happy Richa-rd is here this time around.
🎼🎼Picture perfect, you don’t nee-d no filter
Gorgeous, make ’em drop dead, you a killer
Shower you with all my attention
Yeah, these are my only intentions
Stay in the kitchen, cooking up, got your own bre-ad
Heart full of equity, you’re an as-set
Make sure that you don’t nee-d no mentions
Yeah, these are my only intentions
Shout out to your mom and dad for ma-king you
Standing ovation, they did a great job raising you
When I create, you’re my muse
That kind of smile that makes the news
Can’t nob©dy throw shade on your name in these streets
Triple threat, you a boss, you a bae, you a beast
You make it easy to choose
You got a mean t©uçh I can’t refuse (No, I can’t refuse it)🎼🎼
🌹ʝʊstɨռ ɮɛɨɮɛʀ🌹
♦️♦️RICha-rd P.O.V♦️♦️
Today is Andrea’s birthday and were throwing it at the house.
I had it all set up so that Anna wouldn’t have to worry about doing anything.
The end of October is pretty chilly in New York, so her p@rty will be inside, we have the space for it.
There will be a little petting zoo set up outside for the kids and well as Halloween decoration.
I really didn’t want to work today but this is a deal that I have been waiting months for and it went well. Mr. Cheng is retiring and is selling his company, a company I have been looking to invest into for a long time, but why invest when I can just buy the damn thing and fl!pall the profit for myself.
Now I just nee-d to head home.
I have about forty minutes before the p@rty is suppose to start.
“Mr.Richa-rd , always, it was a plea-sure doing business with you.” Mr. Cheng said.
“Like always. You have a safe flight back and look forward to me s£nding over contract once my lawyer reviews it.”
We shook hands and my as-sistant saw him and his people out after they exchanged goodbyes with Daniel and dennis as well.
“Alright, I’m leaving. I nee-d to go and get Erica from work and then we will be over.” Daniel says getting up.
“Ok, I nee-d to head home now anyways so I can be there to help anna. Mom and Camila should be there by now anyways, but I know Anna can be stubborn, I nee-d to go and make sure she’s not trying to decorate the place herself. ” I tell them.
At the mention of Camila’s name I noticed that Dennis bored posture now looked amused as he got up and looked about re-ady to go.
I shake my head.
Dennis is not a child and neither is Camila, I have four kids at home and a pregnant fiance, well I hope soon to be fiance at home.
I am done having time to be watching these two every second of the day.
I really think dennis is too old for Camilla, will hurt her with his womanizing way, I refuse to see her become another statistic of his one night stands, or watch it end badly between the two of them and cause problems within the family.
“Richa-rd I’m ri-ding with you since I was planning on going straight to your house.” Daniel says.
Sure he was.
The driver drops us off fifteen minutes later and we head inside.
As soon as I open the door I see Rose running down the stairs crying and screaming for my mom.
She didn’t even see us.
I caught a hold of her as she missed a step and almost fell.
My mom appeared around from the family room with the nanny.
“Rose slow down. How many times must mommy and I tell you guys no running on the stairs. You could have hurt yourself.” I hvg her to me.
“Now tell daddy what’s wrong?”
“Something wrong with mommy.” She said.
oh $h!t!
“Here Dennis take her so I can go check on anna.” I tell Dennis handing him Rose.
I took the stairs two at a time running to our be-droom.
“Babe! Ariana baby where are you?” I yell into the empty room.
I see Camila come out of the bathroom and walk to the closet door.
“She’s in here.” Camila said as she walks into the closet.
“Are you in Labor? Rose said you peed yourself?”
“Anna! Oh thank god.”I say walking in behind Camila.
“Is the baby coming?” I ask.
I know I’ve re-ad a lot of books and went to a few child birthing clas-ses with Anna but Right now, I really don’t know what to do.
“Yeah my water just broke. But I don’t think the baby is coming yet. my contraction aren’t that close together. I’m just going to change out of these we-t clothes and then we can go.”
“Ok. I’ll help you.” I turn to Camila.
“I’m going to nee-d you to stay here with Mom and Dennis so that Andrea can have her p@rty. It’s only set to last for four hours anyways. After that you can bring the kids to the hospital. She will probably still be in labor then. You got this?” I ask her.
“Yeah, no don’t worry about it. I will make sure she have a good time. Hurry and go have the little soccer pla-yer. Remember, Camila Tahlia is a pretty name.”
Ariana laughs as Camila leaves the room.
“Are you in pain?” I ask her as I kneel down and let her hold onto my shoulder and take her un-derwear off.
She handed me a fresh pair and a damp towel. I wiped her legs off and then pu-ll-ed up her un-derwear.
“Not right now. They are not consistent. But the baby is kicking really ha-rd , I think she’s re-ady to come out. I really want to take a shower, I feel so dirty. Yuck”
“It’s not she’s re-ady to come out, it’s they. And I don’t think that’s a good idea.” I help her put another dress on with a sweater and some boots.
“Let’s go. There is alre-ady a baby bag in the car. Dennis alre-ady had the driver pu-ll back up to the front. I’ll text Daniel and sabrina right now and we can call your parent’s from the car.”
We got to the car and checked for the extra baby bag and it was there.
We call her parents and they said they would meet us there.
So did, Daniel, Erica and sabrina.
I wanted to tell the driver to step on it as her contractions were coming fas-ter but at the same time I didn’t want him to start driving carelessly.
So I did the breathing exercise with her that we learned in one of the clas-s.
As soon as we pu-ll up to the ER there is alre-ady a nurse outside waiting since I had called ahead to let them know we’re coming and that the doctor is here.
She’s wheeled into a room and the nurse helps her change into a go-wn.
Two hours later after several cu-ps of ice, her parents, Erica,sabrina and daniel showing up, and her swearing she’s never having anymore babies, it’s finally time to push.
Everyone left the room except for her mother and I.
“Ariana I am going to nee-d you to push on the count of-”
“Errrrhhhhh!” She pushes not waiting for the doctor to finish counting.
Her mother is holding one leg, while another nurse is holding the other.
“Again!” The doctor said.
“You can do this baby.” I wiped her forehead and k!$$£d it.
“de-ep breath.!” I tell her as she’s squee-zing all the blood from my hand.
But I’m a man, I can’t complain.
“Errrhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!” She push long and ha-rd this time.
This went on a couple more time before I heard the loud cries.
A tear just fell from my eye.
Even though the baby was covered is blood and all sort of nas-ty looking fluids, I was a proud man, a father once again.
“You did it babe.” I k!ssherl-ips. “I’m so proud of you!”
“It’s a boy! Congrats you two.” The doctor says.
“Richa-rd do you want to cut the cord?”
“Ummh what about the other two babies?” I ask.
I really believe we’re having triplets.
Both her and Ariana’s mother laugh.
“That’s it, only one baby.”
I cut the cord and then watch as the nurse cleans my son up and weighs him.
She then walks over and hands him to Ariana’s.
“He’s 8lbs 3ounces.” She smiles.
No wonder she was that big.
I guess since he had all that space to himself, he just grew like there was no st©pping him.
“Hi baby boy!” Anna said k!ss!nghisl-ips.
“Do you want to hold your son daddy?” She looks at me.
I nod and she pas-ses him to me.
“Remember to support his head.”
I took him and I love all my kids, but this feeling is one of a kind.
I feel like I don’t ever want to let him go.
I just stood there examining him and memorizing every p@rt of him.
He looks like anna.
His eyes are still closed.
“Let me hold my grandson now before they take him.” Ariana’s mom said.
I hand her the baby.
“We did good. He’s beautiful just like his mother!” I tell anna k!ss!ngher once more.
“Thank you Ariana, I feel like the luckiest man alive right now. Five down, Seven more to go until I’m at a dozen. We can be a football team by the dozen family!” I laugh and look at her mom but she wasn’t smiling.
“Ariana Harrison! You agreed to have 12 children? Richa-rd are you trying to kill my one and only child?” She asks.
“Mom just ignore Richa-rd and his crazy notions. Sure I’m having a dozen kids, just like how I just had triplets.” She tells her mom.
She’s going to have 12 kids and she doesn’t even know it.
They took the baby to go do a hearing test and all that good stuff and for Ariana to deliver her placenta and get stitched up.
As soon as they were finished they brou-ght the baby and put him in Anna’s arm.
But she wasn’t even looking at him, she was looking directly into my eyes.
“Are you re-ady to name him before the rest of the family and the kids come in?” I ask her.
“Yes!” She said still looking at me.
“What do you want to name him?” I ask.
“Yes!” She answers.
“You want to name him Yes?”
I’m confused.
“No Richa-rd , I’m telling you Yes! Yes, I want to marry you!”
“You…. You-…. You mean your saying yes? Your re-ady? You want to marry me?” I ask totally off guard.
“Yes Richa-rd , I’m re-ady. This is it, this is us, your in for me richa-rd . I love you.”
“I love you too babe. You honestly don’t know how happy you have made me. I promise you will never regret it.” I k!ssher and k!ssour son.
“You can name him since I got the opportunity to name the triplets.”
“How about we name him together. What about the names we agreed on that we liked Allister, Tristan, Keethan, Daxton and Romero.” I ask her but this time she’s no longer looking at me, she’s looking at the baby.
“No none of those fit now. He has an older sister, Andrea. Let’s name him Andrew. Just like how the triplets have the same alphabets in their names.”
I thought about it for a second.
“Nice.I like it, he fits right in. Why not we give him a middle name…umm…. Rush. That sounds just like our boy.”
“That’s it richa-rd ! omg your better at this than you think! Andrew Rush Richa-rd . I’m in love.”
“It seems you two have a name figure out, it sounds very unique, would you like to make it official before all the visitors come in?” The nurse asks entering the room with some paper.
“You sure?” I look at her and she nods smiling.
“Yeah we’re sure.” I tell the nurse.
“Ok go ahead and spell it out and I will fill out this form and you two can sign it.”
” A.N.D.R.E.W” Anna spells his first name.
I like the way its spelt, I would have never guessed.
“R U S H……R I C H A R D” She finishes.
After that we signed the form and the nurse left.
I went and got ever one.
“Dadddy!!!” Rose screams running into my arms.
I pick her up.
“Hey Princess!” I k!ssher cheek.
“Is mommy ok? The baby come out of her tummy?”
“Yeah mommy is fine! Are you re-ady to go and meet your new baby brother?”
“Yayyy!! I got more brothers!” She cheers.
“Yayy!! Brother’s” Andrea joins not knowing what Rose is even cheering about.
We all laughed.
“I wanna see the baby daddy!” Ryan said pu-lling my hand in the direction I entered from.
We all get to the room and see Ariana singing to the baby.
She st©ps when she sees us and smile.
I put Rose on the be-d next to her and andrew. I lift Ryan so that he can see.
Everyone is gushing over Andrew.
“Where is Ryder?”
He’s too quiet for his own good.
“He’s right here?” Ariana’s dad says.
I look to see Ryder with his face buried in his leg.
He looks at me.
“You don’t want to see your baby brother?”
“No! I don’t want a baby! I want a puppy!” He yells and runs from the room.
“Oh god. I’m a terrible mother!” Anna starts to cry.
I put Ryan down and go after Ryder.
I found him sitting in the waiting room sitting on the chair swinging his legs with his head down.
I stoop in front of him.
“Hey bud, what’s wrong?”
“You and Mommy won’t pl@ywith me now, she has a new baby! I want my mommy!” He started to cry.
I sat in the chair next to him and pu-ll him into my l@p.
“Ryder, mommy and daddy loves you very much and we will always pl@ywith you and have time for you, just like we do now. You can always sleep with us and protect us. Your mommy and I aren’t going anywhere. You will just have another brother to love and pl@ywith. He’s going to nee-d you to protect him from the monsters and keep him safe. Can you be a big boy and protect your little brother?” I ask drying his tears with my shi-t.
“I gets to protect him from the monsters too?”
“Yes bud, you get to protect him too.”
“okay. Can I see him now?” He st©pped crying.
“Yeah and I think mommy nee-ds a hvg and a k!ss.”
“Okay daddy.”
I walk back to the room carrying him.
Dennis is holding Andrea, my mother is sitting in the chair next to Ariana’s be-d helping Ryan to hold Andrew.
I walk over to Anna who is hvgging Rose and looking really sad as her father is talking to her.
“Babe!” I say getting her attention.
“I think someb©dy wants their mommy.”
“Oh Ryder. Come here!” I put him next to her and she hvg him and Rose to her.
“I love you both so much. Another baby doesn’t mean mommy and daddy don’t love you. Ok?”
“Okay mommy.” They both answer.
“Can I hold my brother now? Daddy said he nee-ds me to protect him from the monsters, can I mommy?”
She mouths to me
” thank you”.
“Yes, Andrew is going to nee-d his big brothers and sisters.”
I took Andrew from Ryan and mother mother so that Ryder could hold him.
As soon as I took him up, his eyes opened.
I st©p moving, my own eyes are staring back at me.
“Anna, I think you have the best instinct, he open his eyes, and I see fire in them. They are as intense as Ryder’s but they burn even brighter. He’s going to be one fierce chubby little boy.”
I hand him to Ariana as she and she let Ryder hold him as everyone bec@m£ excited about him opening his eyes.
“Hi! I’m Ryder your big brother and I’m going to Protect you from the monsters.” Ryder said talking to the baby.
I smile at my boys.
“Everyone, Ariana finally said yes to becoming my wife. We’re getting married and having seven more children!'” I say excitedly.
“Congrats Bro!” Daniel and dennis hvgged me.
“Congrats Richa-rd ! I’m proud of you Anna!” Sabrina says.
“About freaking time!” Erica yells.
“Congrats rich…-” Camila was cut off by Ariana’s dad.
“You’re having seven more what?” He asked.
“Oh no Mr. Harrison, I was just joking. We’re getting married, that’s it.” I ru-b the back of my n£¢k.
Call me a wuss but he will not be punching the lights out of me today, he looks like he’s been in prison lifting weights.
“Oh. I didn’t think so. But you better marry my daughter having her pop out all these chil-”
Ariana’s mom sl@pped him in the back of his head.
“This is not the time or place for your rant about what Richa-rd should and shouldn’t do to your baby girl. Lord knows I am not trying to hear it today.” Mrs. Harrison tells him.
“Yeah whatever woman.”
He walks over to Anna.
“Let me hold my grandson before the next one comes.” He mumbled taking the baby mumbling all sort of stuff to him.
He can say whatever he likes, I am getting seven more babies even if I have to risk him killing me.
I look at my boys, my girls, my kids, my family.
After what I felt today with Andrew, I can’t wait to have a ton more.
🎼🎼Alre-ady pas-s, you don’t nee-d no approval
Good everywhere, don’t worry ’bout no refusal
Second to none, you got the upper hand now
Don’t nee-d a sponsor, nope, you’re the br@nd now
You’re my rock, my Colorado
Get that ring, just like Toronto
Love you now, a little more tomorrow
This how I feel
Act like you know that you are
Picture perfect, you don’t nee-d no filter
Gorgeous, make ’em drop dead, you a killer
Shower you with all my attention
Yeah, these are my only intentions
Stay in the kitchen, cooking up, got your own bre-ad (You do)
Heart full of equity, you’re an as-set (Uh huh)
Make sure that you don’t nee-d no mentions (No mentions)
Yeah, these are my only intentions (Only intentions)
(That’s all I plan to do, ooh)🎼🎼🎼
🌹ʝʊstɨռ ɮɛɨɮɛʀ 🌹