🌟🌟CHAPTER 42🌟🌟



🎼🎼Let me get this straight
You don’t want to date
You just wanna be someone I can always turn to
Right until the end Can you say that again?
I’m sorry, I just wanna make sure that I heard you🎼🎼





After we all kissed and hugged Elena and Daniel Bye, the bags were loaded into the cars and we were off.

Dennis claims there was no need for him to go back to the hospital since he already saw Camilla yesterday and he would just give us space.

I thought he was acting weird.

The boys wanted to go with their uncle Dennis, so he took them with him and Erica straight to the jet that was waiting.

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Rose didn’t want to let her daddy go and of course Andrea was going no where without her mama, so here we are at the hospital with Richard carrying Rose with his one good arms since she’s heavier and me trailing behind them with Andrea going to Camilla’s room.

“You sure you’re ok?” Richard stops and ask me.

I smile reassuringly.


” yeah I’m fine.”

He kissed my lips.

“I kissy too Dada!” Andrea goes trying to kiss him with her slobbery mouth since she was sucking on her fingers.

He kissed her and she smiled.

She’s too cute for her own good.

“Ok come on” richard said and we entered her room.

I followed Richard over to her bed.

Her eyes are closed.

To say that her and Andrea look alike would be an understatement.

Camilla is a beautiful girl.


She has strong facial features, caramel skin like Andrea and the same long soft curly hair.

She looks really mature for her age. And after the hand that life dealt her, I’m she acts mature as well.

“Mommy what’s wrong with her? Is she hurt like my foot?” Rose asks looking sad.

I was about to answer her when Camilla opened her eyes.

“Hey” she said looking at Richard but then she eyes glances on to Andrea and froze.

“Omg!” She sits up really fast in the bed still looking at her.


Richard starts to look unsure.

“Camila we can leave if this is too much!”

“No! Please don’t do that! I’m just blown away at how fast time flies. She’s so big already. Wow!” She then looks at Rose and then at me.

She smiled at me.


“Hi!” I waved at her.

“I’m Ariana!”

“I know who you are. You’re even prettier in person. Those pictures Richard showed me don’t do you any justice.”

“Thank you.” I look at Richard and blush.

He’s been walking around with pictures of me?

That’s cute.

” You’re very beautiful as well.” I compliment.

It is the honest truth.

“Yeah right.” She snorted. She then look back at Richard.

“Can I hold her?” She asks.

“Sure!” I walk over to pass her Andrea.

“Mama no! Andrea don’t wonna go!” Andrea screams as I was trying to put her down into Camilla’s arms.

She wouldn’t let me go.

“I’m sorry Camilla. She tends to be shy sometimes.” I told her sadly.

I know she must of probably felt hurt.

“It’s ok Ariana. I totally understand. She’s still a baby, she doesn’t know me, so I can’t expect her to come to me.” She says.

“Well I hope we can change all of that very soon.”

“I would really like that!”
Richard clears his throat and we all look at him.

“Camila, you will you always be a part of this family. My mother and Daniel will stay back with you to make sure your ok until you’re discharged. She told me she already spoke to you. I’m leaving, I need to take Anna and the kids home, they been here long enough. The boys are dying to be back and to see their friends. I have to do whatever it takes to keep them happy, I hope you understand. So don’t think I’m abandoning you, because were not.” He explains to her.

“Richard! It’s ok! I understand. And I really like your mom, she’s awesome!” She laughs.

“Ok, I’m going to go speak with your doctor before we go.” He places Rose in the chair next to the bed and I put Andrea next to her so I wouldn’t have to keep holding her.

Richard thinks me carrying the kids will arm the “babies” but he can only carry one because his other arms is in the cast.

“How are you feeling?” I ask Camila once Richard is out the room.

“I’m fine, I’ve been better though!” She answers.

“Camila, Richard told us everything and I really sorry about all that you have been through. I’ll always be here as an extra ear if you ever need someone to talk to or if you need help with anything. Your sister would be proud of you! You’ve made it further that most people in your situation ever would have. I couldn’t even think about living beyond that day, but you did. Always look at that as an accomplishment.
Andrea is a wonderful little girl, I love her like my own and always will. She’s in good hands I promise.” I squeeze her shoulder.



“I know!” She sniff wiping away a tear that fell.

“Tatiyana told me, she said even in death, she’s forever indebted to you and Richard.”

“What do you mean she told you?” I ask.

“I saw her.” She smiled sadly.

“I saw my big sister and she told me not to cry for her because she is happy, I am alive and her baby girl is getting all the love in the world. She told me she’s been watching over all of us, you included since you came into Camilla’s life, and your a better mother than she could ever be and she’s happy you and Richard are Andrea’s parents.” She wiped away another tear.

“Omg Ariana, she looked so happy and pretty. The memory of her that haunted me for so long was the hole in her head, now its replaced by a beautiful angel. She wants me to move on, live my life and find love. I am going to do just that.”


I couldn’t help it.

I hugged her to me.

She’s stronger that she even realize.

“Hey! What’s wrong?” Richard ask coming back into the room.

“Oh nothing! Just girl talk and hormones!” I fan my face laughing.

He hugs me to his chest and kiss my shoulder.

“You ready?” He asks.

“Yeah. Take us home!” I tell him.

“Camilla, we’re about to leave. Call me if you need ok? Your doctor said you should be out by the end of the week if all goes well.” He tell her picking up Rose.

Andrea got of the couch and held my hand as I reach for her.

“Get well soon Camilla! We’ll see you when you get back!” I hug her and the kids told her bye and we left.

That went better than I expected.

I slept out most of the plane ride back home.

I was just ready to be back in my bed and the kids back in school.

I missed my parents and Sabrina.

“Babe?” I open my eyes to see Richard standing over me.


Ughh that sleep was so good.

He laughs!

“We’re here. The bags have already been loaded in the car and Erica and dennis took the kids to get them get pizza and ice-cream.”

Oh wow!


I slept through all of that!


I got up and got all my stuff and I was ready to go.

The driver opens the car door for me and I got in, he follows as well and close the door.

The car ride was quiet to say the least.

Richard kept fidgeting.

“Are you ok?” I ask him as he kept wiping his palms on his pants.

“Yeah I’m fine.” He smiles nervously.

We pull up to the house and Richard opens the door and I slide out behind him.

I was looking for my old beat up ford explorer.

I almost forgot I live here when I saw the expensive trucks in my drive way.

I still need to talk to him about respecting my things too.

The driver got out and starts taking the bags from the trunk.

I walk to the door and notice richard is still standing by the car door rubbing the back of his neck and staring at me.

“Come on! You know your welcome to come in right?” I ask him.

He’s being so weird right now.

He moves to walk up to me and I open the door.

I go to hang my stuff on the rack by the door but there’s nothing there.

The entrance table is gone, and so are all of our shoes and kids backpack that were by the door.


It’s completely empty by the entrance.

I turn to run back through the door and bump in to Richard!

“I think someone robbed us!” I grab his good arm and pull him to the door.

“Look all the stuff by the door is gone!”

He doesn’t say anything.

I walk around the corner and come to a complete stop.

“Ryder?” I ask.

“Hi mommy!” He turns around a sign that read


I’m a bit confused.

What’s going on?

“Hi mommy!” Ryan walks over and stand next to his brother turning around a sign that say


“Richard what’s going on?” I ask knowing this had his name written all over it.

Ryan and Ryder walks over to me and took my hand pulling me to the dining room.

Where are all my furniture?

My house is completely empty!

They stop and I look in front of me seeing Rose and Andrea sitting next to each other with a sign each.

Rose read


I look at Andrea’s and it read


I look up at the wall and it’s covered in post it notes spelling out


oh my god!

I have dreamt of this day all my life and words can’t even explain how I feel.


“Richard…” I turn around and he’s right behind me on one knee holding up the most beautiful ring that I have ever seen.

“Ariana, I could kneel here all day and tell you how much I love you or how happy you make me but we’d be here for eternity. Will you do me the honor of becoming my partner, my lover, my best friend, my wife?” He asked.

This is why he was so nervous?

I didn’t see this coming or I would have told him not to do it.

How do I let him down without breaking his heart?

He took my hand and I tried to pull it back.

He put the ring on my finger.


“Richard I didn’t say yes, I….”

“But you didn’t say no. Please don’t say no, just wear it and think about it. I knew you might not be ready because you said you wanted to take it slow and be able to trust me again and I respect that. I just can’t wait to make you mine in every way possible. But I’ll wait for you Ariana, I’ll wait for as long as it takes.” He got up and kiss me.

“Richard I’m sorry. I’m just not ready, its just too soon after everything that happened. Let’s just move in together and see where that takes us first.” I ask him.

I feel so sorry that I can’t say yes.

But if I say yes I want it to be for all the right reasons and right now it would not be.

I could tell he was not happy but I won’t say yes just because of that or because we have kids.


Marriage is built on honesty and trust and there is not enough trust to build a house upon, but enough to lay a foundation and that’s what I plan to do.

“It’s ok babe. I knew the possibility of it being too soon when I asked.”

“Ok. So now tell me why my house is empty?” I asked him.

“I can show you better than I can tell you!” He winks.

“We’ll show away then!” I told him.

“Ok let’s go.” He grabs my hand.

“Woah! Wait! What about the kids?”

Is he crazy enough to forget them all, not to mention all the noise they are making.

It’s kind of hard.

He laughs.

“Erica and Dennis is outside waiting. They are taking them to your parents house for the night. Your mom apparently can’t wait until tomorrow to see them.” He explains.

We kiss all the kids bye and went out the front door.


Erica and Denis are sitting on the door step.

“Congrats Bro and new sis!” Dennis pulls Richard into a hug.

“Aarrrrrrrhhhhhh! Omg! You said Yesss!!!! We’re going have strippers and big p*nis lollipops at your bachelorette party. We’re going to VEGASSSS b*tches!” She yells jumping up and down excitedly.

“I have to call sabby right now!” She pulls out her phone and starts to dial.


She asks as I yank it from her hand.

“I didn’t say yes!” I say sort of embarrassed.

“B*tch what! Are you crazy. Then why are you wearing that ring that looks like it worth and weighs more than my car?” She asks hands on hip.

“It’s just not the right time.” I say looking at both her and Dennis who were looking disappointed.

Richard is quiet.

“So when will be the right time Anna? Sorry to Burst your bubble, but you know you’re not getting any younger right?” She asked.

“You have a man willing to give you the world, you’re both in love with each other and not to mention those four billy goats in there tearing the house apart and one on the way. What else could you possibly be waiting..”




🎼🎼You’re the light,
you’re the night
You’re the color of my blood
You’re the cure,
you’re the pain
You’re the only thing I wanna touch
Never knew that it could mean so much,
so much

You’re the fear,
I don’t care
‘Cause I’ve never been so high
Follow me through the dark
Let me take you past the satellites
You can see the world you brought to life,
to life

So love me like you do,
love me like you do
Love me like you do,
love me like you do
Touch me like you do,
touch me like you do
What are you waiting for?

Fading in, fading out
On the edge of paradise
Every inch of your skin
is a Holy Grail I’ve gotta find
Only you can set my heart on fire,
on fire Yeah,
I’ll let you set the pace
‘Cause I’m not thinking straight
My head spinning around,
I can’t see clear no more
What are you waiting for?

So love me like you do,
love me like you do
Love me like you do,
love me like you do
Touch me like you do,
touch me like you do
What are you waiting for?
❣-ɛʟʟɨɛ ɢօʊʟɖɨռɢ-❣️




“Mommyyy!! Andrea bit me!” Ryan runs out the door.

“Go tell your sister I said no biting and tell them to get ready to get to Nana’s house.” He went back inside and Dennis went with him.

Before he left he hugged me and whispered that he still loved me.


“Erica why don’t you talk to Anna later, we’re about to leave. Thanks for helping and dropping the kids off for me.” Richard tells her.

“Fine and your welcome.” She told him.

She then hugs me, and I hug her back.

“Your lucky that I love you, or I would have killed you for ruining my p*nis party high!”

We both share a laugh before she went in to help Dennis get the kids ready to drop them off.

Richard clicks the fob for the range rover and opens the door for me and help me in.

This car is really nice.


He then climbs in and backs out the driveway.

“Where are we heading?” I ask him.

“Just like how I’m going to have to learn to have patience, you’re going to have to do the same.”

“Are you trying to use my words back on me Richard?”

He laughs.

“All I’m saying is that today I learned that patience is Essense. I was just simply trying to share my lesson with you.”

He thinks he’s funny.

I stuck my tongue out at him.

We made small talk and joke around for what seemed like two hours but was only an hour.


Its like we just went from hood to the neighborhood I thought as I saw the enormous houses we pass by.

It was a beautiful area.

It had a beautiful lake and a golf course surrounding parts of it.

The gardens and landscaping were to die for.

These are fairy tail places.

Things you dream about but know will never happen.

We continue past it all and turn down another road.


Richard pulls up to a keypad and punches in some numbers, and the huge black metal gates in front of us swung open.

Oh holy hell!

I think I’m about to meet bill gates.

But I thought he said he was going to tell me what happened to all my furniture.

I guess he forget.


There is a fountain in the driveway and we pull up around it.

That’s weird, there are no other cars here I look around trying to figure out what’s going on.

Richard gets out and come around and open my door.

“What are we doing here? Whose house is this?”

He just laugh and walk up to the front door opening it with a key.


I’m still standing in the same spot dumbfounded!

This place looks like it cost Billions and I haven’t even seen the inside yet.

He turns and look at me and starts to rub the back of his neck.

A dead giveaway that he’s stressed or nervous.

“Uhh…welcome home?” He asks.


I can’t live here, this thing looks so expensive.


He takes my hand and pull me inside.

Just the foyer alone is the size of my house.

“Look!” He says as I walk further into the house too amazed to even speak.

I look at what he was pointing it and saw my living room furniture in a sitting area.

It’s obvious that my furniture weren’t fit for a place like this.

They looked so out of place and small.

As I walk around downstairs I spotted all of the stuff from my house in here.

The kitchen is marvelous.


It’s like a mini restaurant.

There’s a gym, indoor pool, theater room, two offices, an empty studio room and two guest bedrooms downstairs.

I walk to the back door and just had to go outside.

There was a long infinity pool over looking the lake that ran behind the house.

A tennis court, basketball court and an area filled with sand that had a volleyball net.

There’s also another area filled with sand that had an entire little Kiddie park ensemble.

I checked out the guest house next and it had 3 bedrooms, 2 baths kitchen, dining area, and living room.

It was bigger than my house.



I stood there just trying to wrap my mind around it.

“Wanna see upstairs he asked?” Coming behind me and wrapping his arms around my waist.

“Richard? This is really our house and pool house?” I ask unsure.

This is unbelievable.

Normally I would complain about not respecting my personal space and asking me before doing things that affected me and the kids, but for one, I already didn’t accept his marriage proposal, two I already agreed for us to move in together, three, our family needs a bigger house and five, this house is perfect.


“Yeah babe. I’m sorry I didn’t ask you and get your input but I wanted to surprise you and our family needs more space. I figured it was a win win.”
I turn around in his arms and look him in the eyes.

“I love you Richie!” I seal my lips to his.

He grabs my butt and pull me closer.

I could feel his erection.

“I thought you were going to show me upstair.” I say once I break the kiss and pull away.

“I’d rather show you downstairs!” He smirks.

“I’ve already seen it” I hit his chest.

“sure you don’t want to see it again babe? it’s very big, I don’t think you’ve seen all of it!”



Double meaning.

“Pervert!” I laugh and we went back inside and went upstairs.

The first door I open was a cream colored guest bedroom.

It had my bed and bedroom furniture from the house in it.

I think it’s thoughtful that he brought my stuff.

They may not be expensive but I worked hard buy them.

The next room was another guest bedroom.

It had a neutral green wall, really light that the green barely shows.


It had a nice white matching bedroom set and decor.

The third door had “RYDER” written on it in red.

I open the door and it was a white room with red decor.

It had cars animations all over, a huge cars bed, a huge walk in closet and a connected ensuite bathroom.

I walk through the connected bathroom which was done in blue, red, white and green pirate decor.

There were two separate sinks and toilet on each side and a huge garden tub and shower in the middle to share.

I walked into the next connecting room and it was painted light blue with green dinosaurs everywhere, it even had the cutest dinosaur bed that I had ever seen.

Definitely Ryan’s room.

I turn to look at Richard.

“The boys are going to be out of their minds with this one.” I tell him.


“I know. I just wanted them to have the room of their dreams, even though they will probably sleep with us more than they will in their rooms.”

We both laugh because that exactly what will happen.

I look across the hall to the next two door and see that one had Rose on one door in pink and Andrea on the other in purple.

Richard is going to spoil these kids rotten.

I already see that I am going to have to be the one to put my foot down.

I enter Rose’s room since it was the first door.

Oh my.

It’s like someone threw up pink in here.

There was pink and crown everywhere.

Her bed had a huge gold crown over it and a pink veil extending from it.

It had the same huge closet like the boys and an adjoining bathroom as well.

This bathroom was just like the first but it was painted pink and purple and had princesses and butterflies everywhere.

Andrea’s room was painted purple, green and white with colorful butterflies and flowers everywhere.


Her crib was broken down into a bed with butterfly bedding.

They are going to love this.

I couldn’t help the tears that fell.

My children are going to be so happy, they will never want for anything.

“Baby stop crying!” Richard hugs me.

“I’m just happy. There were days when I felt like a failure and that I wouldn’t be able to provide for my kids needs but here you are giving them the world. I’m just happy.” I wipe my face.

“You will never have to worry again in your life. It is my daily mission to make sure that you and my kids needs are supplied.” I smile at him.

“I have another surprise for you.” He pushes the loose strands of hair out of my face and tuck it behind my ears.


“Really? I don’t think I can take anymore surprises today.”

” I think you will really like this one.”

“Ok fine! Take me to it.”

We walk out of Andrea’s room and there are three doors left.

I look into the first one and its another bathroom decorated with flowers.

The second door had a question mark on it.

I glance at Richard.

“Open it!” He says with excitement.

I push the door open and look at Richard crazily.

I pull my phone from my pocket and start dialing a number.

“Who are you calling?” He asks confused.

“The mental hospital, so they can come and pick you up!”

He takes my phone away and pulls me into the room.


“Just accept it Anna!” He smiles.

“I will not! I am only having one baby this time and this is the last one. Why do you have 3 cribs and three bunk beds in here Richard?”

“For the babies Anna! I’m sure the other two are just hiding like Rose did.”

“Yeah keep on dreaming!”

The room was done in soft yellow.

It had safari animals all over.

Its adorable not to mention the unique built in bunks on the other side.

it has a huge play area in the middle.

I walked around touching stuff.

There’s even baby boy and girl clothes in the dressers.

This man is crazy.

“Let go see the master bedroom!” He grabs my arms and pulls me.

He’s having way too much fun.

We come to a stop a two huge double door at the end of the hall.


He open the door and boy oh boy, not even the penthouse was this nice.

The room is decked out in sky blue and gold decor, it had a huge bay window and balcony overlooking the lake and back yard.

The closet was the size of one of the kids bedroom and their bedrooms weren’t small.

It had tons of shelves, sofas, vanity, and a huge 360 mirror.

The ceiling was made of glass and held a huge chandelier.

There were tons and tons of designed and shoes and clothes hanging on each sides color coded.

“Richie! If I die tomorrow, please bury me in this closet!”

“I’ll never understand a females obsession with closets!” he shakes his head.

“It’s not for you to understand dumbo!” I pull his ear and ran into the bathroom.



There’s a huge glass stall with multiple showerheads, a door that lead to a sauna that was mind blowing, a massage area, an enormous garden tub and a jacuzzi which sat right by a small bay window with the lake view.

“Ok I change my mind. I think I’d like to be buried in the bathroom. Better yet just burn me and sprinkle my ashes throughout this house and I promise I’ll never haunt you.”

“No. You haunting me means I would still get to see your face, so no can do.”

We went back to the bedroom and I just sat on the bed thinking about all the decisions I’ve made hoping I wouldn’t regret any of them.

“Give me your feet!”

I scoot up on the bed and felt like I was on a cloud.

I gave him my feet and he started to massage them.

“What are you thinking about?” He asks.

“Just trying to make sure I don’t end up regretting any of my decisions.” I tell him looking him in the eye.

“If this is about the proposal. Don’t rush it, I’m not going anywhere. Take all the time you need. I love you Ariana and that can never be measured, not with time or even a ruler.”

” I love you too and I love the house. The kids will love it too. But we will need to make it child proof.”


“Yeah I know! I already started childproofing it. I left the family room and that stuff for you to decorate how you would like. You can change whatever you want. This is now our kingdom, and you’re the queen, I will forever be your humble servant or you can be the slave and I be the master!” He licks his lips.

I smile.

“I really want to make some more babies with you right now, so bad. But I guess we will have to wait until you see the doctor tomorrow and he clears you for me to devour.”

“How are you going to make more babies if I’m already pregnant Richard?”

He’s so silly.

“You said there’s only one. So I’m going to make sure I add two more. You know I have that miracle sperm babe.”

“I know you didn’t just say that?”

“I did!”

We both fell onto the bed laughing.

Life couldn’t get any better than this.




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