Billionaire crush Episode 40 & 41

🌟🌟CHAPTER 40🌟🌟
🎼🎼Love is nothing stronger (I want it)
Than a boy with, than a boy with luv
Love is nothing stronger
Than a boy with, than a boy with luv
I’ll speak very frankly
Sometimes I was a little stuck up
Elevated sky
Expanded hall
Sometimes I prayed let me run away
But your pain is my pain
When I realised that, I vowed to myself
With the wings of Icarus you gave me
Not toward the sun but toward you
Let me fly
Oh my my my, oh my my my
I’ve waited all my life
I want to be with you for everything
Oh my my my, oh my my my
Looking for something right
Now, I kinda get it
I want something stronger
Than a moment, than a moment love
Love is nothing stronger
Than a boy with, than a boy with Luv🎼🎼
😚RICha-rd P.O.V😚😚
“No. She doesn’t know yet, you know that. I just hope we have another set of triplets and I get to be there for the entire process.”
“But come on. Camila want to meet you guys!” I told them turning back in the direction of her room.
I went and stood by her be-d and everyone walked on.
“Oh hunny I’m so sorry.” My mother hvgs her.
As soon as she let’s her go and st©p smiling I introduced them.
“Everyone, Camila! Camila this crazy lady here is my mother, Elena and these are my twin brothers, daniel and dennis!” They all exchanged greetings.
” it’s really nice to meet everyone! I’ve heard so much about y’all.”
She seemed comfortable so I guess now was the time.
“Camila, I know I told you I would stay, but Rose is hurt and Ariana is in no condition to be stressing herself because she’s having a high risk pregnancy. I have to leave. But I’ll be back tomorrow! I promise!” I told her.
“Go son, she’s in good hands!”
She looked at my mother and smile before looking at me.
“Congrats! Go to your family! I’m fine!” She Smiled.
“You’re my family too, this is your family, this has been your family! Get used to it now little bird, they’re not going anywhere!” I fli-cked her nose and left.
As soon as I got back to the penthouse, I saw Erica cleaning up the glas-s with paper towels and plastic bags.
I immediately call the front desk and told them to s£nd someone up to handle it professionally.
I pu-ll-ed her back.
“Hey! Leave all that! You’re going to hurt yourself.” I told her.
“I just wanted it up before one of the other kids stepped in it. Rose alre-ady hurt herself.” She told me sadly.
“Its ok, the cleaning staff is coming up to handle it. Where anna and the kids?” I asked.
“The kids are in their room watching TV. You might want to check on Andrea. She kept crying but Ari is taking care of Rose, she’s in the master be-droom.”
I walk and into the kids room.
“Daddy!” Ryan and Ryder jumped on me.
Andrea was running towards me sniffling.
I picked her up while Ryan held onto one leg and Ryder held onto the other.
“You two been behaving yourselves?” I asked in a serious tone.
“Uh huh!” They both go at the same time.
“Good! Proud of you both. I’ll be right back, let me go and check on your sister.” They both said ok and went back to watching spiderman.
“Hey baby girl!” I k!ssher cheek.
She lays on my shoulder with her index f!nger in her mouth.
I walk to master be-droom and stand at the door.
I admire my beautiful soulmate as she lays there with our daughter la-id in her arms, stro-king her hair.
Andrea finally turns in my arm and sees Ari.
“Mama!” She yells and pushes for me to put her down.
I put her down and she runs to Ari.
I walked over and help her get on the be-d.
She cu-mddled up next to Anna.
“Hey daddy’s princess!” I took Rose as she stretched her arms out to me.
“You ok?” I asked her.
I felt her head nodding on my shoulder.
“The glas-s hurted me.” She said.
“Awhhhh my poor baby. Do you want daddy to k!ssyou boo boo?”
She looks up at me and pokes her l!pout giving me the sad eyes.
I sit her back on the be-d and k!$$£d all over her left foot.
“Does it still hurt?” I ask her.
She nods really fast.
I look up at anna,
“think we should get her for checked babe?”
“I looked at it and it was de-ep but didn’t seem that bad to take her to the ER. Well just have to clean it and watch it to make sure she don’t get any infections and she might not be able to walk around for a bit.” She told me pu-lling andrea on t©p of her.
“You sure you should be lifting up the kids and stuff and having them l@yon you? What if it hurt the babies?”
“WHAT BABIES?” She asked.
I laughed.
“I was hoping for another set of triplets but I guess I can settle for just one until next year.”
She reach for her purse on the nightstand and takes out her phone.
“What are you doing?” I asked.
“Looking for the number for the closest mental institution because homeboy you are out your f-r-e-a-k-i-n-g mind!”
“Freak!!!” Ryan yells.
I look to the door and he’s standing there smiling.
“Ryder!” I hear Erica scream.
Anna started to get up.
“No babe, relax. I’ll go handle it.” I told her.
“Go l@yback next to mommy, daddy will be right back!” I told Rose, laying next to Andrea.
“You!” I gr-ab Ryan by his shi-t tail as he was about to run out the room.
“Go sit with your sisters!”
“Ahh man!” He whines.
I walk out to the living room and find Erica holding her head as Ryder was n-ked with his un-derwear on his head and a jui-ce box held to his lower p@rts, spraying it all over the white tile like he’s peeing!
He looked at me, dropped the box and froze.
“Erica I got this!”
“You better! I was just about to tell you that I quit! I’m about to raid the bar and drown in the tub. I love my god kids, but I’m never having kids!” She glares at Ryder.
“Apologize to your aunt for being n@ûghty right now!” I tell him in a no nons-en-se voice.
“I’m sorry for being n@ûghty boy Aunty Erica” He says looking at the floor.
“Apology accepted. But I really quit for the night Richa-rd .”
I laugh
“yeah it’s cool. I think I really nee-d to think about this football team, or maybe not!”
“You’re crazy!” She tells me shaking her head and leaving.
“Come on! Let’s go get some paper towel! You’re going to start cleaning up your own mess! I bet you will get tired of ma-king them.”
I really hope the next set of triplets are nothing like Ryder, or I might have to f0rç£ myself to give up my football team dream!
I smile walking behind Ryder to the kitchen thinking about all the babies Ariana will have.
As soon as we are finished cleaning up his mess.
I took him to his room to have a bath.
I fill the tub up.
“Take off your clothes and hop in little man.”
I took the wash cloth and started to clean all the jui-ce and washable paint off him.
“Why were you giving aunt erica so much trouble Ryder? I thought you were going to behave for daddy?” I asked washing him.
“But I just wanted to make red pee pee! And I tried it on the carpet but I couldn’t see it so I tried it on white! And guess what daddy! I saw it! I made red pee!” He said excited.
“Ryder your pee is not suppose to be red and I want you to keep your clothes on and st©p pla-ying with your pe-nis! Ok? Next time you do it, I’m going to punish you!” I scold washing him off.
“Ok daddy.”
I got up from sitting on the tub to look for a towel for him.
“Yes bud?” I answer.
I hold the towel out for him, and wra-pped him it in and took him to the be-d, slamming him down pla-yfully. He laughs as I tickle him.
I st©p and go get his pj’s.
“I’m hungry daddy! Can I have str!ps?”
I got him dressed and he jumped on my back for a back ride back to anna.
I get in the room and let him slide off my back onto the be-d.
I took off my shoes and climbe-d in next to Anna.
Rose was laying in her l@p and she was hushing her.
“What’s wrong with her?” I asked.
“I think she forgot about her foot for a minute and tried to stand on it.” She told me.
She looked tired.
I picked Rose up and placed her in between us, I then moved Andrea from out of her side and put her on my che-st.
Ryan was knocked out in the couch by the window and Ryder was sitting up in the middle of the be-d.
“Are you hungry?”
“Yeah, I think this little monster is for sure. I could go for some southern barbeque ribs.”
“Ariana I don’t think that is good for the babies!”
“Keep it up and you’re really going to wake up in a mental institution.”
I took up the phone on the nightstand and dial one.
📞”Room service.” A woman answer in German.
I ordered for all the kids, Myself and Ariana.
She told me it would be up in twenty minute, I thanked her and hung up.
I put my arms around anna and she leaned her head on my shoulder, running her f!ngersthrou-gh princess’s hair.
“Why are you here Richa-rd ? Aren’t you suppose to be seeing about Camila?” She asked.
I put my f!nger un-der her chin and pu-ll her face to look at me.
“I heard my daughter was hurt, and all I could think about was getting to her and you. You and my children will always come first. Legally Camila is mine as well, but she’s grown and she’s fine. You and my babies and unborn are my number one priority. Everyone else comes after. The kids have been out of school long enough and I know you’re re-ady to go home and see your parents and Sabrina. I’m taking us home tomorrow.”
“What about Camila! You can’t just leave her here alone!”
” I know! I will get mom to stay with her. I’m sure she will be re-leased soon. But I’ve made you guys go throu-gh a lot, it’s time I took my family home. I have to come back next week for trial, it was suppose to be the day of the accident, that’s why we were heading to my lawyers office that morning. They reset the hearing to next week because of the accident. So Camila and I will have to be here next week.”
“Furthermore, Were moving in together. I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. I’m not taking no for an answer and I want to wake up to you and my kids everyday. You nee-d to relax and not stress and I nee-d to be around to ensure that.”
I was scared to look at her thinking I over did it but I did anyways.
She was b!tt!g herl-ips and blu-shing.
“Are you taking charge Mr. Anderson?” She asked with a purr.
What the hell? She just went from hungry, to angry thinking that I was leaving Camila by her self to se-duc-tive.
Mmhh I’m not complaining.
She didn’t deny my request.
Seems like her being pregnant is another way to get what I want.
Another reason for my football team.
I gr-ab my cell phone and scroll down in my call log and hit call.
📞”Hey Erica, can you watch the kids for thirty more minutes?” I begged.
📞” We’re sorry, but the number you have reached is not in service at this time. plea-se check the number or try your call again later. Thank you. Good bye!”
The phone went dead.
I guess dinner and be-d it is.
I’m definitely hiring a Nanny when we get home.
Let’s hope she won’t be mad about what I did when we get back.
🌟🌟CHAPTER 41🌟🌟
“Don’t be scared of us.” Ms. Elena tells me as soon as Richa-rd leaves.
“He’s right you know, we are family. I’m really sorry for how I behaved even though you were unconscious and probably don’t remember but I was a bit irrational if I may put it that way. I wish we had learned of you and all the secrets earlier but the past is this past! Let’s move forward and not dwell on it.”
” I would would really like that Ms. Elena!” I said.
It feels truly awesome to be accepted for who you I am, secrets, past and all.
“Oh no darling. It’s just Elena!” She puffs her hair up and bo-ob s.
“This single old bird is about to get her groove back” she wi-nks.
“Ok mom st©p! That’s just sick.” Daniel complains.
Dennis was still just standing by the door looking at me.
I felt unraveled un-der his gaze.
“What will be sick is when I bring home a new daddy for you boys! So you better hush. The first one wasn’t man enough, I hope the second will be and if he isn’t well the third one will just be a charm.”
“Well this is tea some really good!” I said in a drinking motion with my hand and mouth.
“What tea?” Elena ask really confused.
“Well that’s just what people say when someone says something that’s none of their business.” I explained.
“Well you nee-d to throw that tea away because as far as I’m concerned you’re my granddaughter, that means he will be your granddaddy. Its all of your business.”
She is crazy, but I like her spirit.
She’s not letting what her husband did keep her from living.
I wish I had her strength.
“Mom!” Daniel whined.
“Ok fine! But Camila, I think once you get discharged it will be best for you to come and stay with me. I have a hvge house and no company. I think we could be good for each other and help each other heal in ways others will never un-derstand since this secret will only be told for the last time next week in court, then we are free of it.” She tells me.
“I don’t know Elena, are you sure that you’re going to be fine with that?” I ask unsure.
“Yes child! It’s settled! I will speak to Richa-rd about it. He has a lot on his plate and I’m sure he has a room for you at his house, but he’s unstable right now trying to find a footing with Ariana and the kids. So it’s best if you stay with me.” She smiled.
“Ok. Thank you Elena, I really appreciate it. I’m sure it will be nice.”
They stayed for over two hour, Daniel and Dennis talked to me the entire time about any and everything, I felt so at ease with them and the conversation just flowed.
Dennis still just sat there pla-ying with his bandaged hand and staring out the window.
“I’m hungry. I think I’m about to go gr-ab some food. You guys coming or do you want me to bring you back something?” Daniel asked them.
“I’ll come because I’m not sure what I want.” Elena said getting up.
“Dennis?” Daniel asked.
“No, I’m cool!”
That was the first time I heard him speak.
His voice had that base that even catches even a dog attention when he speak.
“Dennis are you sure that’s the best idea?” He asked.
“Chill bro! I said I was ok.”
“Fine but remember what Richa-rd said!” He then turned back to me.
“What would you like us to bring you back Camila?” He asked me.
“Some soup or pasta would be good. My throat still feels weird. Thanks Daniel!” I thank him.
“Ok no problem, we’ll be right back.” He looks at Dennis with the evil eyes then leaves.
What’s wrong these two?
I wonder.
Daniel is so adorable and sweet, unlike his twin who seemed dark and dangerous.
An attrac-tive kind of dark and dangerous that is.
We both just sit here in silence for maybe 10 minutes.
“How are you feeling?” he finally asks.
That voice made me swoon.
Oh snaps.
That’s my uncle!
God plea-se forgive me!
I am an abomination!
I just had thoughts about my uncle.
“I’m feen..” I stutter..
“I mean I feel fine.”
I’m sure my cheeks are red.
He’s just staring at me while he flexes his f!ngerson the hand that’s wra-pped.
He then nods, get up and leave.
I took a de-ep breath.
What the heck was all that?
I nee-d to st©p this, I’ve always been attra-cted to people and things that have been no good for me.
I can’t possibly see how being attra-cted to my adopted uncle could be any better.
“One more fv¢k up, way to go Camila!” I scold myself.
Maybe I nee-d to go back to rehab and stay there.
I started fli-pping throu-gh the channel, most were in German, I had no idea what the hell they were talking about.
I finally kept skipping until I found Oprah.
Well damn, this woman is everywhere and it’s in English.
Shooot well more power to you Oprah.
I la-id back and watch today’s episode.
“I am not African American! I am American!” Raven Symone tells Oprah.
“$h!t well me neither girl!” I say.
I’m sick and tired of labels myself.
Growing up it was always, the little black girl, the poor girl, the daughter of a crackhead, dopeboy daughter, the mixed chick etc.
It’s funny how because you have black in you, you’re automatically black.
My mother was Puerto Rican and my dad African American.
I have my mother’s skin tone and hair, everyone called her Hispanic or Rican but because my dad is black I’m black.
Shake my head.
I’m proud to be who I am, that’s never an issue, I just hate labels and how they are given.
By the time the show was ending, Elena and Danidl walked back into the room.
“Where’s Dennis?” Elena ask placing what look like chicken Alfredo in front of me.
“He left like thirty minutes ago, I haven’t seen him since.” I told her gr-abbing a fork and digging in.
“Hey! Where are you?” I saw Daniel on his phone.
“Ok, why didn’t you just wait for us to go back to the h0tel?……whatever Den, just be sure to s£nd the car back!” He hangs up.
“He’s back at the h0tel? Why did he leave? Is he feeling okay?” Mum asked.
“Yeah he’s fine mom. He’s about to have dinner with Richa-rd and the kids and then watch the kids for a while.” He tells her.
They seem like they all have such a beautiful family and bond.
I want that someday.
But first I gotta get those eyes staring back at me out of my head.
💋Dennis P.O.V.🧡
I walked in her room and just couldn’t go any further.
I’m glad she’s ok, but I’m still filled with rage.
I want to kill the son of a bit-ch name Edward.
He ruined my brother’s childhood, he hurt my mother beyond repair, killed Andrea’s mother and ruined Camilla’s life.
My mother can act all she wants to right now saying all this stuff to Camila but I heard her crying all night last night, I see her for who she really is when no one is looking.
Yet she stands here and try to be strong for another victim.
I love my mother.
Until I find a woman with similar traits, I will never settle down.
I just stood at the door looking at her but then I saw Daniel eyeing me.
I’m not in the mood to argue with him so I just look at everything but her.
As soon as they leave the room, I focus my eyes back on her.
I don’t know what it is, I just feel this strong nee-d to protect her, she has this pu-ll on me.
“How are you feeling?” I finally ask her.
“I’m feen..” She stutters..
“I mean I feel fine.” She starts to blus-h.
I just stare at her, flexing f!ngerson the hand that’s wra-pped.
What is this girl doing to me?
I don’t have to leave, but i just can’t stay right now.
I nod, got up and left.
If I thought she was beautiful in a coma, she’s even more radiant now.
She’s your neice Dennis, she’s your niece. I tried to tell myself.
Not technically, myself thought back.
Awee hell!
let me get out of here before I do or say anything stupid.
As of now, I nee-d to stay clear from this girl.
By the way she was blu-shing, there are not many ways it could end and I’m not even trying to go there, maybe when she’s older I sm-irk.
I went back to the h0tel and had dinner with , Erica,Richa-rd ,Ariana and the kids.
“Den, can you watch the kids for a bit for me? I’m going to put them to be-d in a minute but I just nee-d you to keep an eye on them in case they wake up, Erica’s mouth keeps s£nding me to voicemail.” Richa-rd asked me.
“Where are you going?” I asked him.
I love my nieces and nephews.
I never miss an opportunity to spend time with them.
They might be the ones to take me out this funk.
“No where! I just want to spend sometime with Anna before she goes to sleep.” He tells me smiling like a sixteen year old vir-gin.
“Your so dumb! Was that the best excuse you could come up with?” We both laugh.
“So are you about to help your little brother out or what?” He asks.
“Yeah sure! fine! But I better not hear the walls ban-ging and screams!”
“Richa-rd are you blu-shing?” I started looking all around.
“What are you looking for?” He asks.
“My ever so serious little brother! You know him?”
“Nope! Don’t know what your talking about!” He said calling the kids.
“Sure you don’t. He seems to be stuck up inside of Ariana’s”
“Ok ok ok! Don’t even finish that.” He said getting mad.
I laugh.
“I was just going to say-”
He cut me off again.
“I said don’t finish it Dennis!”
“Room!” I said putting my hands up.
“You have such a dirty mind little brother!”
He shook his head and left with the kids to their room.
Twenty minutes later he was back in the living room.
“Rose is asleep. She might start crying about her foot, if she does you can bring her to me. Andrea has her bottle, she should be out soon. Ryan and Ryder are both still up, but they shouldn’t last too much longer, Ryan might because he took a later nap, but he shouldn’t give you any trouble.” He told me.
“It’s ok! I got this!” I wave him off.
“Thanks Den!” He says and walks off.
“Hey Richa-rd !” I st©p him before he could turn the corner.
“Is Anna suppose to be having se-x after what happened?” He looks stuck.
I laugh at him.
Guess little brother never thought about that.
I got up and went to the kids room.
As soon as I walk in Andrea reaches for me.
“Doodlebug!” I said k!ss!ngher cheek.
“Uncle Den! Are you staying with us?” Ryan ask.
“Yup!” I got into the middle of the be-d with them, put a bunch of pillows behind me and la-id Andrea on me.
I stretched my arms out on both sides. Ryder la-id on one and Ryan the other.
“Will you tell us another cool story!” Ryder asks.
“Sure!” I said thinking of another childhood story of Daniel and I doing something crazy.
“Yayyy!” They both chaired.
“Yayy!” Andrea pu-lls her bottle out her mouth following her brother’s chair and we-tting me with milk at the same time.
I put the bottle back in her mouth.
I guess it’s me and my favorite little people tonight.
I hope they are enough to distract me from the face stuck in my head.
♥️♥️ARIANA P.O.V.♥️♥️
I can’t believe I didn’t argue with richa-rd about moving in.
It has been helpful having him around, to say the least, the kids are happier when he’s there and so am I.
So why lie to myself and pl@ystupid games?
With Richa-rd is where I want to be and I won’t deny it.
I love him.
However, I want to take things slow.
I want to be able to trust him again to a certain extent.
I un-derstand why he lied, but it still doesn’t erase how it made me feel.
I got up and went to go take a shower since Richa-rd
Went to get the kids re-ady for be-d.
I was in the bathroom for a while, I felt so arou-sed.
I’m wanting Richa-rd .
I let the h0t water mas-sage my b©dy as it had multi-ple showerheads.
I heard the door open and saw Richa-rd standing there with a towel.
“re-ady to get out?” He asks.
I nod and turn the water off.
He wra-ps me in the towel, dries me off and then lifts me up.
I held on to him as he carried my bridal style to the room.
He la-id me on the be-d. I start to feel shy.
What is wrong with me?
“Are the kids slee-ping?” I ask.
“Rose is, but dennis with them.”
” ok.” I respond.
He goes to the bathroom and comes back with a bottle of lotion.
“What are you doing?” I ask.
“Taking care of my priorities!” He sm-irks.
“Which is?”
He squee-ze some of the lotion in his good hand that’s not in the cast.
He walks over to me and takes my arm starting to mas-sage the lotion into my skin.
“You!” He k!sses myl-ip.
He then does the same with my other hand and then my legs and feet.
Yes! He can definitely move in with us if I get this kind of mas-sage everyday.
His hands are to die for.
They feel like silk moving across my b©dy and at the same time kneading the stress away.
He clim-bs on the be-d and gets in front of me.
He opened my legs and re-moved the towel.
“Richie..” I breathe.
Yes I want whatever I was about to get so bad.
Pssshhh a woman has nee-ds.
Especially a pregnant one.
He gr-abs the back of my legs and pu-ll-ed me closer to him.
“Hey daddy babies!” He bends and lotions my stomach, mas-sing it.
I rolled my eyes at “babies”.
He then went up and started mas-saging my br£@st one at a time.
They’re so tender that it causes me to m0@n and whimper at the same time.
” Richa-rd ..”
He mouth was then on mine.
He then starts ni-bbling on my ears.
“I love you Ariana. I love you so damn much baby.” He told me before he starts to k!ssalong my n£¢k, leaving a trail as he go lower.
He then lays on his stomach in front of me.
“Richa-rd …what are you doing?” I ask as he wra-ps his arms around my th!ghs and bring me closer to him.
I could feel his breath fanning on my cookie machine as he spoke.
“I alre-ady told you baby, daddy is taking care of his priorities.”
_ _____________
RICha-rd P.O.V.
Even though we didn’t have se-x last night, I feel happy because she’s satisfied.
That’s all that matter’s to me and ever will.
That my family is happy.
I la-id there in be-d just looking at her cu-mddled in my arms.
This woman is my life, I will do anything for her, anything to make sure she’s always happy.
“Mommy! Mommy!! Mommy!!”
There was knocking and whining at the door.
I got up careful not to wake her.
It was six in the morning.
I opened the door and Ryan tried to run by me to Anna.
I caught him and picked him up exiting the door.
“What’s wrong buddy?” I ask him.
“I want mommy!” He whines ru-bbing his eyes.
He still seems sleepy.
He Probably stayed up all night with Dennis and now he woke up cranky.
“Mommy is slee-ping. Come on, you and daddy are about to l@ydown. Ok?”
He didn’t answer, just put his arms around my n£¢k and la-id on my shoulder.
I ru-b his back as we walk.
I la-id on the couch with him still in my arms and gr-ab the remote with my no good arm.
I turned on the tv and the only thing that seems to be on was a European cartoon of a pink pig running around.
At the sounds they were ma-king he turn his head to watch and just la-id there with his eyes drooping.
Might as well get some business done.
I started typing up several emails that I nee-ded to respond to and to make sure everything is in order for us to head back today.
I didn’t realize how long I was there doing business on my phone until I heard “daddy!”
I look at the time.
It was now after 8.
Ryder was standing next to me ru-bbing his eyes.
I scoot over on the big sectional couch and he la-id next to me since his brother was still slee-ping on me.
His eyes were still dropping as well.
What were they up doing with Dennis all night?
I figured business could wait.
I ru-b his back so he could go back to sleep.
I might as well just join them since I’m the human pillow.
When I woke up there was a bunch of chattering and Ryan was no longer here.
Ryder was still slee-ping.
I shift to re-move him off my arm and he woke up.
“Morning bud!” I smile at him.
“Morning daddy!” He said cudd-ling into me.
“Something smells good” I say sitting up.
I saw Andrea laying on the other couch with Anna, her blanket and a bottle, watching Tv.
“That’s breakfast sleepy head!” An a smile.
She’s glowing this morning.
“We alre-ady ate. It’s after 12. Ryan just woke up and he’s eating now. The rest is for you and Ryder.” she tells me.
“Thanks babe.” Come on bud, let’s go brush our teeth, wash up and have some breakfast. Were going home today!”
“Really?” He asks now wi-de away.
“Yes!” I tell him.
“Ryan! We’re going home!” He runs off yelling.
“Where’s princess?” I ask noticing that one of the team member is missing.
“Your mom is cleaning her cuts and getting her re-ady. I alre-ady gave Andrea a bath after she covered herself in breakfast.
I just nee-d to get the boys re-ady.
Everything is all pack to go.” She tells me.
“Ok. You relax. I’ll handle the rest. And I hope you don’t mind, but I want to st©p by the hospital before we leave.”
“That’s fine. I didn’t get to meet Camila yesterday, I would love to meet her before we leave.”
“Is everyb©dy else packed?” I ask.
“Your mom is staying so Daniel is staying with her. Erica and Dennis are packed. Erica has to go back to work and Dennis claims he has business to handle in the office.”
What business is that?
I thought he had everything un-der control there?
Maybe he’s just been away too long from his life as a one night stand bachelor.
Yup that has to be it.
I went to brush my teeth and take a shower.
As soon as I was dressed.
I went to my mother’s room.
The door was open and Rose was sitting on her be-d as she help her out put on her shorts.
“Morning mom.” I k!$$£d her cheek.
“Morning princess!”
I then k!ssmy daughters forehead.
“Morning!” They both responded.
“How’s her foot?” I ask my mother.
“It will heal with time. Just nee-d keep it clean and carry her around for a while. She won’t be able to walk on it for now.”
“You ok princess?” I ask Rose.
She nods ma-king he ponytail swing up and down.
I smile at her. She beautiful just like her mother.
We make beautiful babies.
Another reason to have more.
“Richa-rd I told Camila she can come and stay with me.I know you and Ariana are trying to work things out, I didn’t think it was the time to add someone else to equation. I think it will be good for the both of us. Once she’s discharged, I will take her back to New York with me until the court hearing but after that I’m going back to the family house in South Carolina, I’m going to spend sometime with your grandfather and I’m taking her with me. I had only stayed in California to help you out with Andrea but you have Anna now and you two are building a life together. I’m always only a phone call away if you guys nee-d me.”
” yeah I think South Carolina will be good for her. Mom thank you! This really means a lot to me but I know it means a lot more to Camila .” I hvg her.
“She’s family richa-rd , and its the least I can do, especially after how I treated her.”
“Are you sure you’re ok staying?” I ask my mom.
The last thing I want to do is put my responsibility on anyone else.
“Yeah I got it son. She’s a nice young lady. Just like you, I also feel the nee-d to ensure she’s ok.”
I hvgged her again.
I couldn’t have asked for a better mother.