Billionaire crush Episode 38 & 39

🌟🌟There’s no shadow You won’t light up
Mountain You won’t climb up Coming after me
There’s no wall You won’t kick down
Lie You won’t tear down Coming after me
Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending,
reckless love of God
Oh,it chases me down,
fights ’til I’m found,
leaves the ninety-nine
And I couldn’t earn it,
I don’t deserve it,
still, You give Yourself away
Oh, the overwhelming, never-ending,
reckless love of God, yeah🌟🌟
-Cory Asbury-
🌹🌹🌹DANIEL P.O.V🌹🌹🌹
I watched my mother as her eyes kept going from Richa-rd to the exit every second.
Then they st©p and focus on the exit.
She looks like a person who is about to bolt out of here.
I don’t blame her.
This is a lot.
Now her husband didn’t r@p£ a minor but instead he had cons-en-sual se-x with her?
I don’t even know which is worst.
She got up and took off in the direction of the door to head inside.
Only thing is she tr!pp£dover the foot of the chair and fell onto dennis.
“Mom! Are you ok?” Dennis asked holding her up right.
“What are you doing, are you trying to kill yourself?”
I picked her chair up and placed it back on its four feet.
She looks at me.
“I know what you’re trying to do. Just sit down mom. At some point we have to face reality. This is reality.” I patted the seat for her to sit down.
She sat.
“This is killing me.” She mumbles sadly.
I wish I could tell her to go, but she nee-ds to hear everything Richa-rd has to say just like we all do.
Our world of oblivion as we all know it is alre-ady over.
Welcome to the cold world.
“So let’s clarify something first that we all failed to asked. I know she had to have been a minor for you to have adopted her, but how young are we talking about here?” I ask Richa-rd .
“Camila is now 18 years old, she will be 19 come fall. I adopted her when she was 16.” He answers.
“Damn she looks so much older.” Dennis mumbled now looking embarras-sed.
I hope that teaches him to control his hor-mones.
Looks are deceiving.
I’m surprised he hasn’t learned that yet.
Mom looks like she wants to cry again as she sat quietly.
“So dad was smashing a 16 year old, and got her pregnant?”
I can’t believe this.
I drop my face in my hands.
Erica is ru-bbing my back in support but I think I nee-d more than a back ru-b.
“Will you all just st©p!” Richa-rd yelled and I sat up in bewilderment
“I told you all not to interrupt me and let me finish. The as-sumptions you are drawing are not correct. If I’m interrupted again I’m leaving. It’s ha-rd enough sitting here trying to rehash every details to you.” He continued.
“Ok. I promise to be quiet until you’re finished no matter what.” I told him.
Everyone else agreed as well.
I’m so confused about this entire thing.
If he didn’t r@p£ and the se-x wasn’t cons-en-sual, then what the hell happened.
Richa-rd ‘s P.O.V.
“Anyways like I was saying. I got involved on the day Andrea was born…”
I think back to the beginning as I tell it to them, not missing a detail.
I still can’t get the pieces of those images of Ariana out of my head no matter how ha-rd I try to move on, knowing that I’m no good for her.
I’m too messed up.
What do I tell her if she gets close enough to see the scar that runs down my back.
I never want to open that door again.
So, I have one night stands.
I don’t ever give anyone the opportunity to know me better!
To know my secrets.
It would be selfish to seek her out and bring her into this life that torments me.
I saw the white dress as it flowed with each step, the dark brown hair to go with it swayed as well.
It was her, I knew it in my heart. I st©pped daniel and pointed. The woman next to her turned around in the elevator and Daniel went rigid before he yelled out “Erica”. But it was too late, the door closed.
I took off running pushing people out of the way rudely.
I took the stair to the lobby knowing that was the only place they could have been heading.
It was eighteen flights of stairs later and I was standing on the curbs watching them drive away in a cab.
I felt my heartbreak all over again.
She was the only girl I ever loved and I never got the chance to tell her.
The images haunted me everyday.
It was the worst day of my life. Not when my father c@m£ home drun!kand smashed his fist into the back of my head hurt this much.
There was a knock at the door.
“Come in I yelled!” My as-sistant walked in dragging me from the thoughts of her.
“Sir. All the board members are here, I have seated them in the conference room.” She told me.
I nod, picked up my jackets off the back of my chair, shrugged it on and went to the conference room.
Now or Never.
Since the scandal with the prostitutes leaked a week ago my father was f0rç£d to step down.
I took over and today I would be having a meeting with the members to make it all official.
“Gentlemen!” I greet as I walked in.
Some responded verbally while others made gestures.
I took my seat at the head of the table.
Mr. Lidell the spokesman of the board spoke up.
“Richa-rd , we have all met up earlier this week as you requested and have gone over all the necessary paperwork with the lawyers. We have all accepted you position, however, it won’t be official until your father signs over his rights to you as there were many sti-pulations drawn up in the contracts he did.” He explained.
That bastard I thought.
He went missing after everything blew up in his face.
All he said was that he was tired anyway and in nee-d of a long vacation before he took off.
“Will that be all gentlemen?” I asked.
“Yes”. They conceded.
“I would like to thank you for your time and your efforts. I will get that taken care of as soon as I am able to locate my father.” I told them.
I went to my office and shut the door behind myself.
I sat down and slammed my fist on the desk.
I have worked at Anderson Corp. since my freshman in college.
My mother and grandfather wanted me to work with the bastard so I could one day take over my mother’s family companies as well as this one.
I didn’t want to, but how would I have hidden the past if I objected.
According to my grandfather, I was the only one child stable enough, smart and had my head on my shoulders to take over.
I didn’t argue knowing the twins were lost and trying to find themselves.
Furthermore, I dreamed of taking over.
But now, I graduated college and I no longer have to shadow the man who ruined me.
He left and I felt great.
The greatness is now ruined with having to go and find him.
Hopefully he stays away after he signs everything, well first he would have to sign everything.
I called my as-sistant and had her find me Doug’s number.
“Hello?” He answered as I called him from my cell phone.
“Douglas this is Richa-rd !” I tell my college mate, whom upon graduating two years before me I got a job at Anderson Corp as a security.
He trained and worked his way up and is now one of my fathers personal b©dyguard.
“Yes Mr. Anderson, how may I help you?” He asked.
“Cut the formality bullcra-p Doug, this is personal.” I told him.
“Ok…well in that case, What’s up Richa-rd ? Looking for your old man? You know I can’t give out the info unless he approves right?” He asked jokingly.
“Yeah yeah. Where is he? Let me talk to him, it’s urgent. He hasn’t been answering his phone since he left.”
“Ummhh…Let’s just say he’s in a meeting and its the kind of meeting that I wouldn’t want to disturb.” He said.
“So you’re basically saying he’s with one of his many women and they are shagging at the moment.?” I asked.
He laughed.
“You were always a smart one.”
“Just tell me where he is, I will be in and out! You owe me one Doug! I un-derstand you signed a contract but I’ve looked out for you many times, just do me this one favor and let me know where he is.” I begged.
I wish I could just mail the do¢v-ments to him to sign but I alre-ady know I will have to persuade him, so I will have to go in person.
“Ok look, I’m on the job but I can text you the info. Just don’t let it be know that I was the one who told you and we’re even!”
“That works for me. Thanks Doug.” We hang up.
My phone then beeped.
I checked and seen it was a text from Doug telling me his exact location in Frankfurt, Germany.
The bastard is in Germany?
Why Germany of all places.
Well it explains why no one knows where he is.
I called the pilot and had the jet re-ady to go.
I told everyone I was going on a business trip to meeting with potential investors.
As soon as I landed in Germany the following day, I had a car waiting for me.
I told the driver the name of the h0tel in which my father was occu-pying the penthouse.
I got to the h0tel and I was pointed to the direction of the penthouse elevator by the bellhop.
There were two of my father’s guard by the elevator who immediately recognized me and punched a code in opening the doors for me.
I stepped in and it took me to the t©p.
As soon as I got off in the foyer.
I saw Doug and another guard stationed by the door.
“Hey Douglas!” I greeted.
“Can I go on in?” I asked.
“Well see the thing is, he just got another important guest and I doubt you would wan-”
We heard a scream.
The guards took off running and I followed.
🌟🌟CHAPTER 39🌟🌟
🎼🎼🎼I’m curious about everything
How’s your day
Oh tell me (oh yah oh yah, oh yah oh yah)
What makes you happy?
Oh text me (oh yah oh yah, oh yah oh yah)
Your every picture
I wanna have it by my pillow
Oh bae
Come, be my teacher
Teach me everything about you
Your 1 your 2
Listen my my baby I’m
Flying high in the sky
(With the two wings you gave me back then)
Now, it’s so high up here
I want you tuned in to my eyes
Yeah you makin’ me a boy with luv
Oh my my my, oh my my my
I’ve waited all my life
I want to be with you for everything
Oh my my my, oh my my my
Looking for something right
Now, I kinda get it
I want something stronger
Than a moment
Than a moment love
I have waited longer
For a boy with
For a boy with luv
From the moment I met you ya
My life was all you ya
You’re the star
That turns ordinaries into extra ordinaries.
One after another, everything is special
The things you’re interested in, the way you walk or talk,
And every little trivial habits of yours
Everyone says that I used to be so little and now I bec@m£ a hero
(Oh nah)
I say that something like destiny was never my thing
(Oh nah)
World peace
(No way)
A great order
(No way)
I’m just gonna keep you safe
Boy with luv
Listen my my baby I’m
Flying high in the sky
(With the two wings you gave me back then)
Now, it’s so high up here
I want you tuned in to my eyes
Yeah you makin’ me a boy with luv
Oh my my my, oh my my my
You got me high so fast
I want to be with you for everything
Oh my my my, oh my my my
You got me fly so fast
Now, I kinda get it🎼🎼
BTS Feat Hasley
“Go and see her first, it’s better if she sees a familiar face then we will come in if she’s up to it.” I k!$$£d him and he left and went into Camilla’s room.
“Let just sit in the waiting room until he’s finished.”
We all moved to the waiting room.
I was a bit nervous to meet Camila.
Even though Richa-rd said nothing happened between them and he’s more of a father figure to her more than anything, I still sort of felt insecure.
Maybe it’s my pregnancy hor-mones.
Let me st©p thinking too ha-rd , I nee-d not to be stressing so I don’t harm my little angel.
At the thought I ru-b my stomach.
It’s so crazy.
I’m not even thirty and I’m having my fourth child, well I have five actually and who knows what will happen with Camila.
I got cut from my thoughts by Daniel ringing phone.
“Hey babe! Everything ok?” He answered.
Must be Erica.
She stayed back to watch the kids since Elena wanted to come and Daniel c@m£ to make sure Dennis got his hand looked at.
His received three stitches before we c@m£ up to Camilla’s floor.
He was now just here sitting quietly and kept looking at his hand.
I think he’s still pretty pissed.
“Mmhh. Do you nee-d me to come back and help you?” He asked Erica and looked at me.
“What’s wrong?” I got up worried something is wrong with one of the kids.
Daniel put his f!nger up telling me to hold a minute.
He then handed me the phone.
“What’s wrong Erica?” I asked.
There were screaming in the background.
“Anna I’m sorry. I thought they were still asleep, so I went to find something to clean up the blood and glas-s before they got up and step in it. I was in the kitchen when I heard screams, I ran to the living room and say Rose crying. Seems she stepped on some splinters. I took them out her foot, but one went a bit de-ep. She’s all bandaged up but she won’t st©p crying for you and Richa-rd . She’s turning really red from screaming and is starting to breath funny. I’m not sure what’s wrong with her.” She explained as Rose kept screaming.
“Oh god. My poor baby.”
I’ll be right there.
I shoved the phone at Daniel and gr@bb£d my purse.
“I’ll see you all back at the h0tel. plea-se tell Richa-rd Rose is hurt and I have to go.”
I didn’t wait for a response as I went down stairs and out to one of our waiting cars and had the driver take me back to the h0tel.
I started to cry.
I think I’m being a little over dramatic but no one will ever un-derstand being a mother until they become one.
She sounded like she was in so much pain.
I hurt when my children hurt, I smile when they smile.
It seems like my s-en-ses have been heightened a great deal since I’ve been pregnant.
I cry ha-rder.
“God I love my jelly bean, but I’m not re-ady for more multi-ple babies” I whisper ru-bbing my stomach.
I’m really wondering if I’m pregnant with more than one baby again why I’m so emotional.
But it’s weird because when I was pregnant with the triplets there weren’t that many sign, and ha-rd ly any mood swings, just a lot of weird cravings.
We pu-ll up to the h0tel and I hoped of the car and went upstairs as quic-kly as I could.
“Erica!” I yelled running inside.
Rose was still crying because I could hear her screams coming from Erica’s room.
I ran that way.
Andrea was on Erica’s be-d crying and Ryan was ru-bbing her back.
Erica walked out of the bathroom with a crying Rose in her arms.
She jumped into my arms as soon as she saw me.
Such a good thing that I was paying attention or she would have been on the floor.
“I’m sorry Ari!” Erica said looking out of her mind.
“It’s ok!” I smiled at her as I held Rose who buried her face in my n£¢k.
“Could you get Andrea for me though plea-se, I don’t think Ryan can handle her!”
She walked over to get Andrea and I left with Rose going to the master be-droom.
“Your ok! Your ok! Mommy’s got you. It’s gonna be ok.” I rock her ru-bbing her back as I walk to my room.
She’s still crying but she’s not screaming her head off anymore.
I kicked my shoes off and climbe-d into the be-d with her.
I l@yher on my che-st after inspecting her to make sure she’s ok.
She seemed fine and her foot was bandaged up and not bleeding anymore.
I k!$$£d it for her and she quieted even more.
She had her hands gripping my blouse was just laying there looking as she sniffles and hiccu-mpped.
Sniff sniff
“the glas-s hurt me.”
Sniff hiccu-p.
“It hurt me mommy!” She starts to cry again.
I hvgged her closer.
“It’s ok sweet girl. Mommy won’t let the glas-s hurt you anymore! Bad glas-s!”
She nods her head.
“He’s bad!” She says.
I think its funny how kids give objects life.
Their imagination is uncanny.
“Little dog little dog mommy.” She told me while calming down as I rocked her.
“Ok.” I k!$$£d her nose.
🎹🎹” What did you do today, little dog?
What did you do today?
“I went for a run on a rabbit trail.
I barked at the postman who brou-ght the mail.
I yipped and I yapped, and I wagged my tail,
And that’s what I did today.”
Good night, little dog. Good night, little dog.
You have done everything right, little dog.
And now it is time to sleep ti-ght, little dog,
For you’ve had a busy day.
What did you do today, little cat?
What did you do today?
“I purred so ha-rd that my throat got so-re.
I cleaned up a spill from the kitchen floor
I got in a fight with the cat next door,
And that’s what I did today.”
Good night, little cat. Good night. little cat
You have done everything right, little cat.
And now it is time to sleep ti-ght, little cat,
For you’ve had a busy day.
What did you do today, little child?
What did you do today?
” I pla-yed in the car while we rode downtown
I pla-yed in the park till the sun went down
I pla-yed in the bath till the wash rag drowned,
And that’s what I did today.”
Good night, little child. Good night, little child.
You have done everything right, little child.
Now I will snuggle you ti-ght, little child.
I sang the lullaby that I sing to her most nights when she’s scared.
She had st©pped crying now.
“Feeling better now?” She nods but still holding onto me.
That means she was probably still hurting or scared.
“Hungry?” I asked her.
She shook her head no.
“Want to watch cartoons?”
She nods.
I reached over and turn on the TV fli-pping throu-gh the channels trying to find her something to watch.
“Elsaaa!!!” She screams sitting up.
I should have known.
I go back two channels and leave it on Frozen.
She smiles and starts to sing.
🎹🎹”Let it go let it go.” She starts moving her arms getting into the song.
🎹🎹”Turn away and slam the door!” She sings swinging her hands all over the place for effect until she accidentally hits me.
“Sorry mommy!” She lays back down on me embarras-sed.
I laughed.
“It’s ok pumpkin. Mommy is just happy that you’re ok.” I said.
I wanted to be there for Richa-rd and Camila, especially to feel the situation out for myself, but that can wait, my kids come first and always will.
♥️Richa-rd ‘s P. O. V.♥️
I walked into Camilla’s room and saw her laying there looking at the TV.
“Hey!” I said as I walk over to her be-d.
She looked my way and smile.
“Hey pops!”
It was a relief to see all the wires running from her mouth and nose gone and she was connected to less machines and all the wires connecting to her head are gone.
She’s alive!
I hvg her.
“I’m so sorry! I should have took better care of you Camila, I’m so sorry. I’m such a fv¢k up, but I’m going to do better! I don’t know what I would have done if I lost you.” I told her.
“Awwhh pops don’t tell me your crying?” She joked as I could hear the laughter in her voice.
It’s been a while since she’s called me pops, name she started calling me after I adopted her and she started talking again.
At first it was weird but then it grew on me as I as-sumed the role.
I let her go and stand up wiping my eyes real quic-k.
“Nope, just dust blew into my eyes!” We both shared a laugh.
“You know I’m like a cat! I got nine lives. First I tried to kill myself and it didn’t work. Strike nine. Now this car accident. Strike eight. So good look, you’ve got seven more times before you nee-d to worry.
she doesn’t know how good it really feels to have her back.
“But really though Richa-rd you may not be perfect, but you’ve been the perfect angel to me. You saved me when I nee-ded saving, held me when I nee-ded comfort, talked to me when I nee-ded a friend and most of all loved me when I hated myself. I couldn’t as even as god for someone as good as you. I felt he gave me more than I deserved and I forever grateful for you!”
She took my hand in hers.
“I’m at peace with it now.” She smiled brighter than I have ever seen.
“I can finally move on with my life. I saw Tatty. She was happier than ever and smiling. She looked beautiful. She told me to tell you thank you for all you do for her child. She told me it’s ok to move on with my life and st©p feeling guilty that I couldn’t save her. She told me to be strong for her baby because one day she’s really going to nee-d me. She said I nee-d to face my fears one at a time and see that there will be nothing left but love. I want that, I want acceptance, I want real friends, I want a family, I want to be a lawyer, I want to follow all my dreams, I want love. She told me she will always be watching over you, to never be afraid again, because I am never alone, even when I feel like it. I feel free!”
I wiped the tear that fell from her eye.
You could tell the difference.
These were happy tears.
“I’m happy for you Camilla!” I told her.
“Ok! Enough of this sappy moment! When can I get out of here? The food su-cks.” She points at the unt©uçhed tray next to her be-d.
“Let me go and find your doctor so I can see! Oh and the family is here if you want to meet them?”
“Why now? I look all ban-ged up! I look like Fiona from Shrek!”
“You look fine silky girl, well fine enough to be a hospital patient.”
She hits me.
“Oh cra-p! Sorry I didn’t Even realized your impaired!” She laughed at my cast.
“Ha ha funny!”
“It would be nice to meet them, will you stay with them here? I know I just talked about fighting my fears but I’m kind of scared, what if they don’t like me? Will you help me fight this one last fear?” She asked.
“I’m always here. I’ll help you fight anything.” I k!$$£d her forehead and left to go tell everyone they could see her.
“Where’s Anna?” I asked as I walk into the waiting room.
Dennis sighed looking guilty.
“Son she left because Q
Erica called and said Rose hurt herself. I guess she went to take care of it.” My mother told me.
“Dammit! Why didn’t she tell me? She doesn’t nee-d to be stressing. I don’t know what I would do if she lose my babies!” I pound the wall.
“Babies? Is there something you two are not telling us?” Mom asked.