Billionaire crush Episode 26 & 27

🌺🌺🌺CHAPTER 26 🌺🌺🌺
🖤🖤🖤🖤ARIANA P.O.V🖤🖤🖤🖤
The week continued in the same fashion, I kept finding notes all over from Richa-rd . There was one on the toothpaste in the cabinet that re-ad
📝📝I love your smile📝
One on the toaster that re-ad,
📝you melt my heart. 📝
One in the spoon draw wra-pped around a spoon.
📝i miss spooning you. 📝
And another one on the washer,
📝I only wanna do you.📝
Those notes kept me going because I ha-rd ly heard from Richa-rd as well as everyone else for the rest of the week. Ap@rt from two text messages that he s£nt me.
It’s been three weeks now since he’s been gone. He doesn’t call anymore, only a text, maybe every 3 days and his phone is always off when I call.
I don’t know what to think.
I miss him a lot so does the kids.
My parents completely adores Andrea and it’s funny that out of everyone, she takes a liking to my dad. She will actually let me leave her with him.
She calls him
“Paw paw.”
Richa-rd ‘s mom likes to take the kids for the weekend, this past weekend she cut their sleep over short because Andrea kept crying for me.
Daniel and Dennis loves to visit with Erica and sabrina.
I think Dennis might have a crush on sabrina but who knows, he’s a pla-yer, so I might just be delusional.
Erica and sabrina decided they wanted to have drinks and catch up. Daniel and Dennis decided to watch over the kids since its their uncles day.
Andrea seemed fine with them so I snuck out and went to go meet the girls.
“Hey girls!” I said sliding into the booth with at Applebee’s to enjoy happy tour.
“Hey ” they both smiled
“You’re glowing!” Erica exclaimed.
She scooted closer to me and whispered across the table.
“Must be that baby ma-king magic stick that have you looking so glorious.” She sm-irked and her drink she alre-ady ordered before I got here.
“Whatever!” I giggled.
The waitress c@m£ and I ordered MOSCATO Cha-rd ONNAY wine.
while sabrina turned some of it into her glas-s.
“So what’s been going on with you two?” I asked looking at sabrina.
I remember the looks she shared with Dennis the other night.
“Are you and Dennis messing around? I thought you were serious about Larry!”
She spit her drink out, probably shocked that I caught on.
“You dirty bit-ch! I always knew you were a freak.” Erica laughed.
“So?” I looked at her while she tried to wipe up the drink she spilled.
“OK fine.” She said waving the white napkin in the air drawing attention to us.
“I surrender!” She giggled.
“Omg!! You didn’t? Poor Larry the cable guy!” Erica started laughing all over again like a Hyena.
I swear she’s so embarras-sing.
Sabby rolled her eyes at erica.
The waitress handed us our drinks and left.
I sipped my drink and felt like hurling.
That’s weird.
This is my favorite drink.
I ignored it and kept drinking it.
“Larry is not a cable guy and Dennis was a one time thing. Well I hope he is, he was kind of good, more like great, like the biggest mayo shooting h0tdog gun ever!!”
My eyes wi-den at what she said because this was so unlike her. She is always the s-en-sible one talking s-en-se into us.
“You mean a one eyed snake?” Erica continued laughing getting louder.
“No more like a six eyed anaconda.” Sabby corrected.
That’s sound nas-ty. I wonder how long they’ve been drinking before I got here. I just sat there listening to them go back and forth while I sipped my drink.
“Heat seeking moisture missiles.”
” purple headed yogurt flinger ”
” meter long king Kong dong ”
” wo-mb broom ”
” Weapon of a*s destruction ” Erica yelled.
People turned to look at her. I don’t want to know what she’s been doing.
I tried to make them to st©p but they just kept going waving me off.
“Mr sniffles.”
“AIDS baster.”
“Dora the explorer.”
“Crotch vomiter”
“Puff the one eye dragon.”
“Tiny Tim.”
” Woody wo-mb pe-cker. ”
” Danger the one eyed ranger ”
” Poka-her-hontas ”
” Rumbleforeskin ”
” V*ginal depth detector ”
” Blue veined Junket pumper ”
” Ralph the fur faced chicken. ”
” Nightcrawler ”
” Fertile fetus ”
I covered my mouth and ran to the bathroom. I ran into the stall and re-leased my stomach in the toilet.
I heard Erica call my name but I was too busy barfing to answer.
I felt her pu-ll my hair back and started to ru-b my back.
After I was done I felt exhausted and still felt like I could go another round.
Sabby helped me up and I rinsed my mouth out.
“Are you ok?” She asked.
I nod as erica handed me a paper towel.
I ran back to the start and barfed again.
After I was done erica figured she ought to take me home. I think she was too drun!kto be driving but I really didn’t have the energy to complain.
I closed my eyes, willing the ill feeling to go away.
I felt us st©p moving but I was too busy concentrating on calming my stomach to see where we were. Erica left and c@m£ back in a couple minutes and we started moving again.
“Hey! Your home.”
I lifted my head to see sabby opening the door for me.
Erica was at the front door with Daniel. He looked at me worriedly walking up the driveway.
I went inside and they kept asking me if I was okay, but before I could answer…I ran to the bathroom in my room, puking again. Erica and sabby c@m£ in with me.
I flu-shed the toilet seat and sat on it, wondering how I caught this nas-ty bug.
I look up to see erica shoving a brown paper bag in my face.
Mmmhhhh must be medicine.
I opened it and pu-ll-ed out the box.
“I’m not pregnant!” I said shoving it at her.
She crossed her arms.
“Ummm Ari, sorry to break it to you but it seemed like the woody the wo-mb pe-cker vomited all in your next to the bu-tt nut hut.” Sabby said giggling.
“Are you guys drun!k? What time did you both really start happy hour?” I asked suspiciously.
“When did the happy hour start again?” Erica asked me back.
I shook my head, They have been drinking since 3pm.
That’s explain a lot.
“Anyways like I was saying before you rudely interrupted me, I think the purple headed yoghurt flinger flung yoghurt in your ru-bber rimmed romber room.” Sabby said looking actually serious.
It didn’t take a minute, her and erica ended up on the floor holding their stomachs.
I gro-an ed.
Here we go again.
“No! Ha! Its a masturbation contingency plan

“Texas tunnel.”
“Bearded clam.”
“Elephant eye if there is hair.”
“Monkeyl-ips if she’s bear.”
“Judge Judy.”
I just sat there, staring at them.
“That was not funny. You ruined it! Judge Judy is a show dummy. ” erica hissed holding onto the tub standing up.
“Ok, ok. What about this ? Hmmmm? What did the p*nis say to the v*gina?” Sabby asked.
Erica rolled her eyes. They say these same jokes every time they are drun!k.
“Don’t let me come in there.” Erica answered laughing before she ended up back up on the floor.
They were now both la-id out at my feet rolling around and snorting from laughing hysterically.
I can’t believe I let them drive me home!
The door bur-st open, Daniel stood there with his arms crossed staring at erica and sabrina on the floor. They didn’t even see him.
Dennis was laughing behind Daniel but grew serious once he looked at me.
I then realized that he was looking at the pregnancy test in my hand.
“I . am . not . pregnant!” I yelled frustrated.
“Well, why don’t you pee on the stick?” He asked.
“Fine! Everyone go out. ” I said.
Daniel picked erica up and dennis dragged sabby into my room.
I peed on the damn stick and place it on the counter for them because I know its just a bug.
I opened the door and they were all standing there.
“It’s on the counter.” I said walking into the kids room to check on them.
They were all slee-ping. I’m sure they really had fun with their uncles. I hope they ate before slee-ping.
I walked back to my to my room to see Erica sitting on my be-d with the result along with everyone else.
“Uhhmm… Danny did the kids ate before slee-ping? ” I asked
“Yep, After we left the restaurant they sle-pt off in the car. I and dennis had to carry them to their rooms.”
I sighed. That’s great.
“You were right, its just a bug.” Sabrina said.
I smiled knowingly.
” I told you all its just a bug, but you didn’t believe me.”
Erica got up and walked towards me.
“Yeah, that’s true. You are pregnant!” She said handing me the stick.
One line and a plus.
Hl❤🌺CHAPTER 27 🌺
🖤🖤🖤🖤CAMILIA P.O.V🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤🖤
Its been three weeks that we’ve been here in Germany now and I’m emotionally drained.
Ever since Richa-rd c@m£ into my life it’s been nothing but an emotional rollercoaster that I don’t think I will ever be able to get off.
As much as our situation is fv¢ked up, it’s ha-rd letting him go.
Him and Andrea are all I have.
He’s been here for me from the start and has saved me so many times from myself.
When I am down, he picks me up and brushes me back off. He helps me to lift my head up again. He’s the most wonderful man I have ever met.
At this point I am really dependent on him, I don’t know how to stand on my own anymore.
I damn sure plan to try, the other attempts only landed me back in rehab but hopefully this trip with Richa-rd will give me what I nee-d to do so.
Last night was one of those nights where I just felt so weak.
i woke up and looked into Richa-rd ‘s slee-ping face knowing that any woman he planned to marry will be so lucky. His heart loves like I have never seen before.
I pushed out of his be-d and went to get re-ady in my room since we had to go and meet his lawyer this morning.
I put on one of the many dresses he bought me and a nûd£ heel after showering. I straightened my hair and put my earrings in.
As soon as I am finished, I gr@bb£d my purse and walked into the foyer of our pent house.
“Morning, re-ady to go?” He asked walking out of his room trying to fix his tie.
We walked into the elevator.
“Here, let me fix that for you.”
It seems he was fumbling trying to fix his tie this morning. I can un-derstand why.
Bad nerves.
Like I said, we’re both on this rollercoaster together. We try to keep it that way because the less people to get on this ride, the less people that will get hurt.
But it ain’t easy, trust me.
“Thank you.” he k!$$£d me on my forehead.
“You look good this morning.” He smiled and it warmed my heart.
I was really trying to keep myself together, especially around him. He’s the last person I will ever want to disappoint again.
He’s always been there for me.
He’s done so much for me.
Whether it was out of guilt, or pity, or some other reasons, I was more than grateful, no matter the reason.
He’s actually thinking about taking me to new York and letting me have Andrea for a day out of the week.
I really hope he means it, I don’t think I can take another plunge in my life as strong as I may try to make myself seem right now.
I’m ba-rely holding on.
Who knows where I would have been without Richa-rd Anderson.
He told me everything that is happening in his life.
He showed me pictures of the triplets and Andrea. They were all so adorable. The triplets were like little minions of him, especially the one that has eyes that looked like they could see right throu-gh your soul.
He told me all about their mom and how andrea calls her mama.
It broke my heart.
I cried so ha-rd .
That was last night.
And he held me down throu-gh it all.
But I can’t be mad that she’s getting the motherly love she deserves.
She seems like such a happy baby, her life could have been worst or non existent, so I’m happy that she’s being loved unconditionally.
Even if it isn’t by her real mother.
He talks about them all day of everyday when he’s not busy.
They make him happy and I want that for him. I won’t hold him back or interfere.
Even if that means staying away and not seeing andrea anytime soon.
I love her.
But I am not selfish.
I am not able to care for her like Richa-rd and his girlfriend can.
I have too many issues, it would be selfish to take her away.
Not that Richa-rd will let me anyways.
We walked out of the h0tel and the driver opened the door for us to get into his car. I slid in and he slid in next to me.
As we were driving he pu-ll-ed a box out of his pocket and opened it.
The biggest rock I have ever seen was staring back at me. I was in awe.
My eyes misted at the sight of the the ring.
“Richie….oh my God! It beau…..arrrrghhhhh!” I screamed as my b©dy j£rked forward.
I felt glas-s piercing throu-gh my skin and we-tness running throu-gh my face.
I tried to move but I felt tra-pped.
The wind was knocked out of me.
“Ric…richa-rd ..” I croaked out trying to see if he’s alive.
plea-se God, I pray he is alive.
There was no sound in the car from either him or the driver.
I heard people yelling but it all just kept sounding muffled and echoing throu-gh my br@in.
I smelt smoke.
I started to panic more.
But I couldn’t move.
I nee-d to check on Richa-rd that was the only thing going throu-gh my mind.
I tried to move but my b©dy wasn’t cooperating.
I was being held in place by something ha-rd .
I couldn’t see around me because my face was buried in what I as-sumed to be the back of the front of pas-s£nger seat, I’m just lucky I had space to breath a little.
But my breathing was now becoming shallow as i tried to move to help him, it was pointless.
I couldn’t even move my hand.
I heard sirens and prayed that they would save us all on time as I closed my eyes and accept the sleepy state that was pu-lling me in.
🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸DENNIS P.O.V 🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸🩸
“No, you nee-d to go. You knew what you were getting into when you met me.” I said laying back in my be-d like a king as I try to her rid of one of my other one night stand.
Being single is better than being lied to, cheated on and disrespected.
Oh don’t forget about being used for money or fame!
Yeah,I’m never settling down.
Commitment is bull$h!t!
Everyone cheats or uses you.
I used to worsh!pthe ground my father walked on.
Always wanted to be like him!
D and I were his favourite, for some reasons he was never as close to Richa-rd .
Richa-rd was a mama’s boy. He never really cared of dad much either, now after mom explained about Daniella I see how scre-wed up it really was.
He couldn’t get past losing her and accepting another child.
But anyways, I’m surprised he handed his companies over to Richa-rd .
I guess maybe because Daniel and I weren’t interested especially after I found out what a cheater he was.
Yeah, he kind of scre-wed me over.
At that time my ex girlfriend that I had love so much tried to cheat on me with my twin brother!
I considered myself 18 and stupid back then.
When girls tell me that all men are dogs, I believe them after that and turned into one myself.
“Hey, what the hell are you doing? Don’t try to get back into my be-d again. I alre-ady wh!pped creamed your a*s twice alre-ady, I nee-d my beauty rest.”
“Whatever, I’m leaving!”
I sm-irked as she put her clothes on and left slamming the door on her way out.
“Damn!” I said just getting ha-rd again by watching her bu-tt jiggle as she walked away.
Yup! Black women are my weakness, not the loud mouth ‘ I will cut you’ crazy ones but the ones that had something going for themselves and of course the b©dy of an Egyptian goddess.
As much as a weakness any woman can be, I never speak with them again after I get what I want! All women become clingy after that if you keep communicating with them, no matter the race.
I know because I have been throu-gh them all.
📞”Hello!” I answered my phone, irritated at whoever was calling me at 3 in thefu-cking morning while I am thinking about what I just did to that b**ch.
📞”Hello, Mr Dennis Anderson, are you there? ” the person on the other side repeated.
I could sl@p her right now for disturbing me with her stupid accent.
📞”yes!” I said irritated getting re-ady to hang up.
It better not be that model from Switzerland that I took home the other night that couldn’t get a clue.
📞”I am calling from klinikum Frankfurt Hochst in regards to Mr
.and Mrs. Anderson. Your number was listed as the emergency contact in his wallet along with a Daniel Anderson. They were involved in a fatal car accident. The driver’s heart crashed on the way to the hospital, they were not able to resuscitate him. Mr and Mrs Anderson were brou-ght back to surgery over an hour ago. His wallet was just retrieved and brou-ght in so the family could be contacted. At this time, this is the only information that I have. It will be ess£ntial for the family to be here for further information to be re-leased.”
📞 “My mother? My mother isn’t in Germany. Are you talking about Edward Anderson? ”
I wouldn’t be surprise if that bastard got married again and didn’t even divorce mom.
📞”no sir, his name is Richa-rd Michael Anderson according to his driver’s license. You do know of whom I am speaking of right?” She asked.
📞 “Yes…yes. He is my little brother. I will be there right away. Thank you.”
Germany? I thought Richa-rd was in Russia investing?
He had only text and s£nt emails to his as-sistant and us to handle certain stuff.
What the hell did this idiot get himself into?
The Mrs. Anderson p@rt had to be some mistake.
After remembering the word fatal, I jumped out of the be-d and dialed the pilots number telling him to get re-ady to go right now with the big jet because I know once Ariana hears about this, she will be coming along with the kids. I also have to tell daniel.
I really hate to have to be the one to call my family with this news.
Especially mom.
Richa-rd is her baby! How will I tell her?
I guess someone else have to tell her because I can’t!
“fuc-k! ” I slammed my fist throu-gh the door.
That’s my little brother.
He has to be okay.
He must be okay.
Richa-rd you can’t die now.
Life is so messed up, I just went from dropping loads to dropping tears In less than ten minutes.