🌺🌺🌺CHAPTER 22🌺




🖤🖤🖤🖤RICHARD P.O.V🖤🖤🖤🖤

Ever since I got back Ariana has been acting weird. At first she would speak to me but then as soon as we leave the office it was the minimal “yes” “no” and “ok”.

It has been like that for the last two weeks.

I threw my phone at the wall.


What the hell does she mean she won’t be home tonight?

Fine! It seems she needs some space and I will give it to her. I don’t even know why.

My mother came home and brought all the kids with her. Of course Andrea was crying for her mama.

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I wanted to cry for mama too but it was all my fault why she’s acting this way. I really thought she believed me.

I guess I should really start opening up to her if I really wanted her to trust me.

After putting the kids to bed and Ryan refusing to let me kiss him goodnight, I decided to ask my mom about Anna’s whereabout since she’s been ignoring my calls and texts.

Yeah, so much for giving her space.

“Mom, how are you feeling?” I asked warming up to ask her questions that I needed answers to.


“I am fine son. I am just really happy Ari gave me the kids for the night. I feel so good to hear them all calling me grandma. I am proud of you for making them. ” she said sincerely.

“Thanks mom. I love my family and I actually want more kids. ” I told her.

She laughs.

“Then you better make things right between you and Ariana because she seem very mad with you. ”

“What did she say mom? Did she say anything?”

I need to know what’s she’s thinking.

“Well, she told me how you really hurt her before the kids were born by sleeping with her and then sleeping with another girl in the morning. Then she tried to call you to tell you she was pregnant but one of your many girls received the call and hang up on her. She’s been through a lot richard. If you are going to be with her then treat her right or leave her alone!” She scolded.

I pulled my hand through my hair and sighed. Is that really what she thinks happened? That means she doesn’t trust me?

I need to see her.


“Where is she mom?” I asked.

“She went out to have girls night with her friends. ” she told me.

I called Daniel right away.

We had finally squashed our issues last week and were now back to normal.

📞”sup bro?” He greeted as he answered.

📞”Hey man, where are the girls tonight?” I asked.

“So Mr all powerful, I get what I want whenever I want it doesn’t know where his babies mama is? Wow, this is a first. ”

Why is he acting like Dennis right now?

“Come on D. Now is not the time, I need to find her. ”


“They are probably out falling over in people garden somewhere.” He laughed.

Oh, I remember. Erica and her garden bed!

“Not funny man. ”

📞”chill out man. They went to Charlie’s bar. You know there right? I sent them there with a driver and I put eyes on them.”

This is why I loved Daniel, always cautious and thinking.

📞 “Let me make a phone call to check if they are still there


By the time I got to the bar, Daniel was there outside waiting for me.

“You sure they are in there?” I asked not wanting to waste my time if they weren’t.

I especially want in the mood to look at half naked girls dancing in hanging cages.

I just needed my woman.

“Yeah, I’m sure.”

I nod and we head inside. A guy came over and gave D a manly hug. He then nod at me as he led us through the crowd and up the stairs. He then points to the right of crowd.

At first I couldn’t see what he was pointing at but then the moving spotlight landed on that side and I saw Anna in a tight blue dress, hands in the air and some drunk ass groping on her.


“Richard calm down, let me go and get her for you. ” D said trying to grab my arm.

” I suggest you let go of me D and go get your own woman.” He looked and saw that erica and their other friend were in the same position as Ariana .

He releases his hold and starts following me.

I walked up behind the guy.

“You might want to stop touching my wife. ” I warned.

He looked at her hand that was in the air as her back was turned and then back at me.

“She isn’t wearing a f**king ring! She’s fair game. I’m f**king this one tonight even if it kills me. You should see how hot this babe is!”


I heard bones crunching under my fist.

As he fell to the ground, holding his bloody nose, people started screaming.


I looked up to see Ariana looking at me.

I grabbed her arm pulling her.

“Let’s go!” I hissed.


“No” she shook her head.


I picked her up and threw her ass over my shoulder making my way out of the club.

She kept hitting me to put her down but it actually felt like a back massage.

I opened my car door and put her into the seat.

She attempted to get out of the car.

I pointed in her face “don’t.”

She sat back crossing her arms.

I got in the car and sped off.

Neither one of us said anything to each other.

I was still trying to calm down and get the image of another man touching my woman out of my mind.

As soon as I pulled into her driveway she ran towards her front door. Quickly opened it and locked it…..thinking she locked me out.

I pulled my key out and opened the door.


I smirked as I see the smug smile fall from her face as I walk through the door.

She runs into her bedroom and locked the door.

Okay, I didn’t think of that one.

“Anna, open the door! We need to talk! Stop acting like a child. ” I banged on the door.

“Go away richard!”

“No. Open the door. ” I kept banging.


“I give you until the count of five before I kick the door in.” I warned her.

She didn’t respond.




“Three and a Quarter.”

“Three and a half.”

“I hope you are not standing behind the door?”



The door flew open.


“Why can’t you just leave me alone! All you do is hurt and lie to me!” She said with a tear stained face.

“I’ll never leave you alone. We are going to be together forever.let me just explain to you.” I grabbed her and laid her on the bed next to me.

“Richard why do you keep hurting me? What have I ever done to deserve the way you treat me?” She asked in a small voice.

She was such a strong person on the outside but on the inside she was just as vulnerable as anyone else. She just wanted to be loved and I’m going to love this woman until the day I die.

“It’s all a misunderstanding anna. My mom told me what you said, it all a misunderstanding. I will never hurt you intentionally baby. Please let me explain.”

Oh man. Where do I start? I thought as she looked at me as expectantly, wanting an explanation as to what meant.




We made love and the next morning I woke up with her in my arms.

The best feeling ever.

She was still sleeping so I figured I could go get my morning laps done in the pool, while she slept.

As I made my way back inside, Dennis threw Nathalie on me and begged me to take her to her car because she was still hungover and her friend Becka needed help carrying her.

I walked them to Becka’s car and was trying to put nathelie in the seat when she all of a sudden threw her arms around my neck and plaster her lips on mine.

It was the most disgusting thing ever. Her mouth tasted like vomit.


She smirked and I thought it was at me until i turned around to be met by Anna.

She did it on purpose.

She instantly assumed the worst and refused to let me explain.

Who could really blame her though?

I did have a reputation of being a player.

I wanted to go after her, but figured out that she would be better off without me.

The look in her eyes broke me. I felt like shit knowing I caused her pain.

She deserved someone better than me, I just have to let her go.

The next day I went to her house but there was no one there. Erica later told Daniel that Anna moved away.

I figured that was a sign that I was to let her go because I was no good for her.

I’ve been secretly in love with her for a long time but she is so pure and innocent and I didn’t want to ruin her.

So I decided to let her go. Try to erase her from my mind🌺




I heard my phone ringing and stepped out of the shower to grabbed it but it stopped. But then I heard someone talking.

Who the hell is in my house? I thought.

Daniel and Dennis are still in north California hanging out and my parents were out of the country.

I walked into my room and saw the girl from last night with my phone.

“I told you to leave! Why do you have my phone?” I asked as I grabbed it from her hand.


“Who is Erica?” She asked with an attitude.

I know this girl can’t be serious. I don’t even remember her name and she thinks she has the right to question me. I grabbed her arm and pulled her downstairs and through the front door and closed it.

Not listening to her protest.

I checked my phone to see who it was that really just called.

Could she be talking about Ariana best friend and Daniel’s girl Erica?

There is no reason she would call me unless something happened to Daniel.

But that doesn’t make any sense because Dennis would have called,not her.

Maybe she was calling about Ariana. But its been months and I doubt she would ever want anything to do with me again. Could it really have been her?

No it can’t be.

The one true girl whom I ever had any feelings for was Ariana but I guess I didn’t play my cards right with her or she didn’t or used me.

Who knows!




She looked up at me after I told her my side of the story.

“Anna baby, I didn’t cheat on you that night at the graduation party or that morning. I’m telling you the honest truth. I messed around with a lot of girls because the girl I loved with my whole heart was too good for me! I thought I would never have a chance with you. I used to watch you walk to your locker everyday back then in high school. I would watch you in maths class as you would chew on those purple pencils you brought to school. In chemistry class I always sat behind you so I could watch you without you catching me. At lunch I would always watch as you lick the spoon after eating your vanilla pudding everyday or the way you would bite into your apple. I always admired you from afar. I’ve loved you Ariana since the first day at school. You were the most beautiful girl in high school despite your baggy dressing. You walked by me not giving me a glance like all the other superficial girls do. You were yourself and you walked with pride. I wish I could be like you. I later found out how smart you were and just knew I was no good for you. I was just the person everyone expected me to be. I was scared to stand up for you when they made fun of you. You deserved better than me.”


She smashed her lips to mine.

“Richard I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to keep the triplets away from you. I just thought you used me . I’m sorry I doubted you. I’ll try to start trusting you from now on. I will give you a second Chance which means a fresh start. That’s what I’m going to do. Let’s start over richard. ” she cried as she kissed me at the same time.

“No baby. It’s all my fault. Had I been a better man , this would have never happened. We would have been a happy family. Together. I love you Ariana. Thank you for another chance. ” I deepened the kiss as she climbed on top of me.

I only told her half the truth. Hopefully that’s enough to make her forget about the other night.



🌺🌺🌺CHAPTER 23 🌺🌺


🖤🖤🖤🖤Ariana P.O.V🖤🖤🖤🖤

I am happy that Richard opened up to me a couple of days ago.

It wasn’t easy hearing everything he had to say but it brought me great clarity.

I also felt bad for automatically assuming the worst but we made an agreement to leave the past in the past since we both came clean with each other.

We now planned to focus on the present.

Currently we have been working on Ryan. He seems to be very skeptical about his father for some unknown reasons. He says its because he thinks Richard makes me cry but I think it might be a little deeper than that.

Ryder and Rose loves richard. Its like I don’t exist anymore, only when they are sleeping then they will cuddle with me.

Ryan and Andrea are the complete opposite. It’s like Richard doesn’t exist. You would think Andrea would demand more attention from him but she seems as if she couldn’t care less when in my arms.

Its funny to think that just over a month ago I met her and she has grown on me in ways unimagined.

I don’t know if its strange to admit this but she’s starting to feel like my own. I don’t think I can possibly imagine living a life without her in it right now.

📞”Hello, this Ariana Harrison speaking!” I answered richard office phone cutting me from my thoughts.

“Hallo, I thought this was the direct line to Mr. Anderson?” A voice said in unfamiliar thick male accent.

I look towards the ensuite bathroom to see if Richard might have finished showering after just returning from his morning workout with his brothers.


There is no sign of him and I can still hear the shower running.

📞”This is his direct line but he is not available at the moment. Would you like to leave a message for him? ” I asked.

“Tell him Dagoberto Holzknecht called. It is urgent he sees me soon. Verstehen?” He replied.

“Okay!” I responded unsurely not understanding half of what he said.

I was still trying to figure out how to spell his name when he hung up.

I gave up and just wrote Dogbirth Holdneck on the paper so I wouldn’t forget.

What an unusual name!

I know that was not a Latin, French, Asian or Italian accent.

It sounded more rough than smooth.

Maybe Russian?

“Horsey! Horsey! ”

I look over to see Andrea spinning her toy horses in my chair.

“Mama! Horsey!” She giggles as they fall out of the chair.

“Oh no! Horsey! Oh no!”

She then became sad when she saw that they had an accident.

Its just so funny how she repeats everything I tell her.

The last time we were at the park and she fell and started crying.


I said “oh no! Oh no! Let me kiss the boo boo all better. ”

She forgot all about her bruises because she was too busy paying attention to my silliness.

Now when anything happens, the first thing she says is

“Oh no!”

I felt a tug on my skirt.

“Yes pumpkin?” I asked picking her up.

She holds her horsey out to me.

“Boo boo.”

I kissed the horsey.

“All better!” I smiled at her.

She smiled back and squirmed to get down.

I lowered her back to the floor and she ran back to the chair.


Oh man!

Please don’t tell me she is going to keep making the horsey fall so I can kiss the boo boo.

“Ouuuchh!” I can’t believe I just facepalmed myself that hard.

“Are you okay? Do I need to buy you an helmet? You are not going to start banging your head on the wall right now, are you?” Richard laughs as he walk towards me straightening his tie.

“No! I am not mentally insane yet. But if I keep kissing horsey boo boo, I might just lose my sanity. ” I grumbled.

Richard throws his head back and laughs harder.

“It’s not funny. And by the way some guy with a thick Russian accent called. I really couldn’t understand him. I wrote his name down. Dogbirth somebody. ” I looked at him to see if the name held any familiarity and noticed he was no longer laughing.


The lines in his face were no longer from laughing. They looked like tension lines.

“Do you know who that is? Are you trying to buy a company in Russia or something?” I asked wondering what could have changed his mood so fast.

Must be business.

He is always serious when it comes to business.

“Yes, something like that. What did Mr. Holzknecht want? Did he tell you anything?” He asked taking up andrea who was in his way and taking a seat in my chair.


“He just said you need to see him very soon because its urgent. ” I relayed the message to him.

“What kind of company are you trying to buy now?” I asked.

He pulled his hand through his hair. He seemed to have zoned out as Andrea tries to get his attention and he doesn’t realize, nor he answered my question.


“Richard!” I snapped dragging him out of his daze.

“Yeah, I heard you. ” he straightened up as if he was alert.

“Andrea has been trying to get you to kiss her horsey and I asked what kind of company you are trying to acquire in Russia ?”

“Boo boo dad” Andrea whines.

Still not fully paying attention to what she’s saying,he kisses her instead of the horse.

“I’m not sure what kind of company as yet Anna. There might be a couple. I’m just exploring my options and putting couple offers on the table. ” he explained.

“Up mama!” Andrea stretches to me.

Will I ever get any work done today?

I took her from his arms.

Richard stood up and held my chin in his hand.


“Hey if she is too much to handle just let me know. We can get some help.” He then kisses me gently and pull back.

“She’s my responsibility and I know she loves you, but I know you also deal with the triplets and you work,so it might be tiring. I don’t want her to be a burden to you. ” he tells me.

We tried bringing a nanny for her thrice including the old nanny and tried leaving her with her grandmother.

On all occasions she cried her eyes out until she was back in my arms.

The last time she cried so much she started to vomit uncontrollably and wasn’t breathing properly.

Turns out she has a mild case of asthma that was triggered because she wasn’t breathing properly.

“No. This little child can never be a burden to me. Don’t ever say that Richard. A child can never be a burden to anyone. They are blessings. You and I both know she won’t go with anyone else. It just that I have two project I need to start working on and I won’t be able to meet the deadline for the meeting if I keep kissing horsey butt every minute.” I sigh looking down at the little goddess in my arms who keep sticking the A*s of horse in my face for me to kiss .


She is going to drive the boys crazy. I feel sorry for all the guys who will be her friends or who will date her. They will have to deal Richard, Ryder and Ryan.

“Just take the rest of the day off, I’ll handle it.”

I wanted to protest but he held his hand up showing it was final.

“The kids are more important Anna. They come first, work second. Just take her and go home. She doesn’t need to be confined in an office all day, everyday at her age. Spare her the horror of what a job is like for now. ” he hands me my keys,hand bag and Andrea’s diaper bag before kissing us both and pushing us out of the door.

I stood at the door trying to figure out what to do all day.

I heard richard on the phone speaking loudly in a language I would assume is Russian.

That’s something new. I didn’t know he was fluent in such language. I scurried away from the door because of the heat that was burning in my cheeks.


He sounds so sexy and it was giving me ideas.

Naughty Ariana!

I went home and played with Andrea before I cooked and we ate.

I then laid in my bed, propping myself up with pillows with her laying on her back on my chest as we watched Barney.

Andrea loves it.

I hold the bottle in her mouth as she pulls on her pretty browny hair that was getting more blonde highlights each day.

A sleepy habit.

She fell asleep halfway through the show.

I turned her over and burped her. I then decided I would take a nap with her as well and wake up to go get the triplets from school.

I woke up to the feeling of the bed dipping .

I looked over to see richard laying next to me with his arms folded behind his head.

“Hey! Why aren’t you at work? ” I asked confused.

It must be late, I started to panic.

“Oh my god! What time is it? I haven’t pick the children from school! ”

“Baby calm down before you wake andrea up. I left early because I couldn’t concentrate after you left. My mind and my heart left with you. I called a couple of times but you didn’t answer so I became worried. I decided to come back home. The kids still have thirty minutes left in school.”


Richard had been staying here since we decided to start over.

We are taking it slowly for now. We agreed that the kids should be our main priority and focus, rather than us.

We had unintentionally started this routine of us working together since Andrea was always around me.

After work, we will both pick up the kids from school. I make dinner and assist Richard in bathing the kids. Richard helps them with their homework and puts them to bed.

At first Richard would sleep on the couch but after Ryder’s crying every night of waking us both up, complaining that he won’t be able to keep us safe from the sleep monster if we don’t both sleep in the bed with him.

I gave in.

So all three of us sleeps together, with Richard cuddling us both to him.

We drop the kids off in the morning and he heads home to change and then to the office.


I think him moving in full time would be a bit too much fast. I have to be mindful of the kids still. He still has the ability to hurt them. He may get up one day and disappear.

Wanting a less complicated life.

I also thinks he needs to get to know Ryan the more. Spend time with him because Ryan barely bonds with him.

He has weird instincts about people. It’s like he reads people.

Maybe he has a sixth sense.

Whatever it may be, there is something about Richard that causes him to hold back.

“Anna! Go back to sleep! You still look as if you are in your LA LA land. I’ll go get the kids from school. okay?” He asked rather than told me.

I nod.

“I hope Ryan won’t throw a fit.” I murmured.

“He can’t throw a fit forever. I’ll be back. Want me to grab some pizza on the way back? You look really tired. ” he asked in gentle voice as he run the back of his fingers along my face.


I lean into his touch and release a lung full of air and nod again.

“I love you. You know that right? I will do anything for you and the kids. I will die before I let anyone harm you or our children. Just know this baby, I will never ever let go of you forever. ” he kisses me ,grabs my bottom lip and nibbles on it.

He releases my lip and kiss me once more before getting out of the bed and leaving.

I let my head fall back on the pillow.

Where have this man been all my life?

He is swoon worthy.

Maybe I am crazy!

But I think I finally know the answer to Erica question.


Do I still love richard?

I will call her later.

After Richard got back with the kids,we settled into the same routine but for some reason his mood seemed off like earlier.

His intense brown eyes were black and all his smiles during the dinner with the kids looked strained.

We settled in bed.

“Why aren’t you sleeping anna?” His voice sounded so husky.

I turned to my side and face him.

“What’s bothering you? You know you can talk to me about anything. I thought we agreed not to keep secrets? Secrets are a deal breaker for me Richard. Please don’t mess this up. ” I begged him.

“It’s nothing babe. It’s just work. Its not easy to own a multiple billion dollar corporations and a zillion dollar empire. ” he sighed pulling me into him.

“Just let me hold you.”

So I let him. I felt his entire body relax as he held me to him like his entire life depended on it.


His breathing started to slow and even out.

I bury my face in the crook of his neck just inhaling his familiar Clive Christian cologne that smells like sandal wood and mandarin.it smelled so masculine and sexy.

I saw the bottle in his ensuite bathroom in the office. I sprayed it on my shirt lightly so that I could carry his scent around all day.

Crazy right?


But before I left I was curious what the cologne was. So I read the box. It was the most expensive perfume in the world with the finest ingredients originating from the 1880’s in a crystal bottle adorned with five karat diamond.

All I could do was to roll my eyes at the bottle, like really? This thing is more expensive than my truck! And it seems he has another one in his car, am sure he will have another one in his house too because he always smell like that.

I guess when you are a billionaire, a million dollar is nothing to you.

I wish I could say the same. Unfortunately I live in the real world,where bills have to be paid.

“Richie! Richie! Your phone is ringing!” I told him as I got out of his hold waking him up.

I felt bad for waking him up because he seems stressed. But this is the sixth time his phone is ringing.it must be an urgent call.


He got up and answered it and starts to talk in the same language he was speaking early.

He exasperated as he hung up and walk back to the bed. He sits on the edge of the side of the bed with back to me yawning and rubbing his face.

I slid up behind him,spooning him in between my legs. I wrapped my arms around his stomach and lay my head on his shoulder.

“What’s wrong?”

He turns his head and look me in the eye.

“I just love you so much baby. I love you with my heart, with everything I own. Please don’t leave me. I can’t think of not having you in my life. I will go insane. You and the kids are the only thing that makes me feel my life meaning and purpose.” He captures my lip and deepen the kiss.

He then swings me around so that I’m sitting on his Lap. Straddling him with my legs wrapped around his back and my arms locked around his neck.


He sits still just looking at me. Looking into my eyes but as if he’s trying to see my soul.

I had to look away.

“Baby I know I just got back into your life and the kids but I promise to be a better man for you and the kids. I have to leave the country for a while. It might take a day , a week, I am not sure when I will be back but things aren’t going well overseas. They need my immediate attention. I need to meet with dagoberto Holzknecht first thing in a couple of hours to see where I stand to start getting things in motion. I really don’t want to leave you now but I have no choice. They need me to be there personally. I know your mom want to keep the kids this weekend so you can have time with your friends. You can take Andrea to my mom so it won’t be a burden to your parents. I’ll call and check in with you and the kids every day. But I have to leave now.” He explained

I know he is coming back but I can’t help but to feel sadden by him leaving. I’m going to miss him. It’s pointless to even deny it. I lay my head on his chest.


“Mommy? Daddy?”

Richard looks up and I turned around to see a sleepy Ryder.

“Hey buddy!” Richard smiles at him.

I climb off his lap and back on top of the bed as he picks Ryder up.

“Daddy has to go back to work tonight so I need you to keel mommy and your brother and sisters safe until I return okay?”

I’m not sure he heard what Richard was saying because he looked half asleep but he still nodded his head at what his father said.

Richard kissed him and laid him next to me on the bed, telling him he loves him.

He changed his pajamas and put on his shirt. Then walked over to the bed and kissed me.

“Take the week off. You can’t work with Andrea. I’ll call you when I get there. I love you. ” he tells me.

He turns to walk away but I grab his hand.

“Please stay safe and be home on time. We are going to miss you. ” I said sadly with a forced smile.

He nods.

“I promise.”

With that he left my room. I heard him walking through the house for almost fifteen minutes before he finally left.

I wanted to see what he was doing but I couldn’t bring myself to say bye again.

I am never good at those.




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