Billionaire crush Episode 20 & 21

💫💫💫💫CHAPTER 20💫💫💫💫
🖤🖤🖤🖤RICha-rd P.O.V🖤🖤🖤🖤
“Where is my baby? You white boy must think I’m pla-ying with you! ” she blew her cigarette in my face as I stood at her ap@rtment door.
“Let me in Camilla! I don’t have time for your games today. I think you’ve pissed me off enough for one night. ” I pushed the door open and brush past her entering the hole in the well ap@rtment.
What the hell is she doing with all the money I gave her?
“Where is my baby nigga? I know you don’t think I will let you take my baby just like that because you are rich! ” she yelled closing the door and followed me to the couch that looked more like it belonged in a dumpster.
The ap@rtment was small, the kitchen had old Chinese take out cartons all over it and empty bottles of vodka. There were plates piling over in the sink, designer clothes and shoes thrown all around the living room and cigarette bud and ashes all over the coffee table and floor.
The TV was on but the only thing that kept moving across it was a notice for the cable bill to be paid .
I held my breath thinking how to sit on the filthy couch without catching an STD. I nee-ded to deal with her for the sake of everyone.
I regret leaving Ariana and the kids with no explanations but how was I to explain this? I couldn’t, it would ruin my family.
After Anna and I both fell asleep, my phone started ringing and I tried to ignore it but I didn’t want to wake Anna up.
I got it and left the room only to receive a text.
📥Camillia : bring me my child or the world will hear your dirty secret. You got 5 hours. Can’t wait to see your S-xy as-s.
I panicked.
First thing I did was to delete the text.
Not show of what she’s capable of. I threw my clothes on , hopped in my car and was in my jet on my way to Atlanta, Georgia in less than an hour.
She walks into the area she call a kitchen.
“You want some water?” She asked pu-lling a dirty glas-s out of the sink.
Oh hell! She is going to kill me.
“No thanks!” I scrunched up my nose just thinking about all the c0ckroaches that shifted in that glas-s.
“What do you want Camilla ? We both know you don’t care about the baby! Do you even know her name Cammy?” I asked looking at her seriously hoping she would cut the bull$h!t and get to the point what she was really up to. She looked at me stupidly.
“Of course, I know my baby name dude! How would I not know my own flesh and blood name? She’s much as my baby as she is yours! St©p saying nons-en-se” she waved her arms before taking a puff from her cigarette ash falling all over the floor as she ignores it.
“Ok, so what’s her name?” I asked knowing she’s a terrible lier.
“Her name is baby. That’s what everyone calls her duhhh! Everyone knows her name is baby!” She rolled her eyes like she just made an obvious point.
“What a bit-ch!” I mumbled because of how much her ignorance was ma-king me angry.
She must be high for her to talk like this.
“Well Mr rich guy, sometimes being a bit-ch is all a woman nee-d to be. ”
she then struts towards me ru-bbing her hands all over her bo-ob s covered by her ratty t_shi-t and her h!ps covered by her jeans shorts l!çk!ng herl-ips which showed her yellow teeth.
“If I had Money like you do, I will be a rich bit-ch” she win-ked coming closer.
This whole s£dûçt!vething she was trying was a total waste of time. Where was she the other night when I was counting trees?
Her dark Caramel skin was pale, she smelled like I don’t even know but it wasn’t good, her hair was a ratty mop of black curls. She’s a curvy woman and was very beautiful the way she carried herself a couple years ago before everything fell ap@rt. Now She looked like a one cent prostitute.
She c@m£ closer and pushed me back into the couch causing something to poke me in the back.
I really don’t want to have to get physical with this woman.
I reached behind me and wasn’t shocked when I gr@bb£d a syringe and large ru-bber band.
When I held my arm out to her face and open my hand her face went blank.
She moved back and folded her arms after fl!çk!ng the still burning cigar on the floor that I had to stamp out before it caught the place on fire.
“Camilla I can’t help you if you keep rel@psing! You promised me you would get your life on the right path after I s£nt you to rehab six months ago!” I yelled at her.
The entire time she was high on drugs. It is a good thing I didn’t un-derestimate her and c@m£ right away. She’s clearly not in her right mind.
“Why are you living here? I payed for you to go to college and get a good education so you don’t end up like your sister! What happened to even the condo I leased to you? ” I asked looking around the room as I pu-ll-ed my hair out.
Is it possible to get gray hair in one second?
“I nee-d money richa-rd !” She looked at me smiling.
I should have known since I entered this place that she was out of her mind.
“What happened to the hundred dollars I gave to you? The deal was to give you the money so you could get out of our lives! Yet you still c@m£ back as a drug add!çt. I s£nt you to rehab, got you into a good school and gave you a place to stay. I even gave you another hundred dollars and told you not to ever contact me. Now you are here to pl@ygames? With who Camila? Me? Richa-rd Anderson? I have a family Cammy and an empire to run, I don’t have time for this!”
I am highly pissed.
“I bet you will have time when I call the Atlanta press. ”
“Are you threatening me? Do not push me Camila. I have been nice to you because of the baby and all what you have pas-sed throu-gh. But don’t un-derestimate what I can do.” I threatened her back even though I know I can’t ever harm her after everything she’s been throu-gh.
I just nee-d to keep her quite for everyone benefit.
“Okay, I will give you any amount of money you nee-d but you nee-d to promise me that you will stay in rehab and get clean and then stay clean. Go to school, graduate and get a good job. I will help you find one if you can’t find any. We nee-d to fix your life camila. Seriously Camila, is this what you want andrea to grow up and remember you? Do you want to die an overdose before she’s old enough to remember you? I promise, once you get clean you can visit her. If not for anything, do this for Andrea plea-se. ” I pleaded trying to get throu-gh to her.
She must not have been that strung out or was alre-ady coming down from her high because I saw the tears leak from her eyes.
“I am trying Richa-rd . I really am. Its just that its really ha-rd sometimes. I don’t blame you for what happened. It’s not your fault. I called you because I felt so lonely, it just Like no one cares about me. If you didn’t come I could have killed myself. I wanted to see my baby before I kill myself . my life is useless. I have nothing. I have no one. ” she cries.
She pu-ll-ed a string in my heart.
“Shhhh, you have me and Andrea. We will never you but you have to get your life together. I whispered as I cradled her head to my che-st.
I sat down on the couch and pu-ll-ed her beside me. She la-id her head on my che-st and I wra-pped my hand around her.
“How do I have you if you won’t let me p@rt of your life?” She asked throu-gh sniffles.
That’s damn a good question. She is right. As far as I am concerned she will always be a secret. Even though I brou-ght her around, I will never reveal her true identity out of fear of the things it could possibly unravel.
“Just know I will be here for you! Will you go back to rehab now?” I asked.
“Yes. I promise. I’ll go in the morning if you stay with me tonight. I don’t want to be alone. I’m scared of what I might do to myself tonight. ” she continued to cry.
As much as I would love to be in be-d with Ariana right now, I had my duty to stand by camila at the same time.
“Okay. Just go to sleep.” I swept some of her soft knotted curls from her forehead aside out of her face.
Her and andrea looked so much alike. From the soft curly black hair to the beautiful eyelashes. The only difference was Andrea’s complexion was much lighter.
Its such a shame to watch Camila throw her life away. It really hurts me to know that I can’t do anything to help her. I’m trying my best for Andrea’s sake.
Soon enough her breathing evened out and she was asleep. I took my keys and phone out of my pocket and placed them on the coffee table getting comfy as I la-id my head back and closed my eyes thinking about what I should do.
Camila wasn’t dangerous enough to make threats unless she was high on drugs or something. So I nee-d to figure out how to keep her clean at all times.
I felt something we-t on my che-st and looked down to see camila drool on my shi-t.
I must have had fallen asleep thinking.
There was light seeking throu-gh the ba-rely there blinds.
I shook her awake.
“Cammy, get up. We nee-d to get going! I still nee-d to get to new York. ” I really should have thought about texting Ariana or call her so she wouldn’t be suspicious or thought anything crazy when she realizes I’m gone. I mean andrea is still there, that should mean something. Well too late now….I better come up with some excuse.
“Are you going to drop me off? ” she asked.
“Yes. So hurry and pack, I nee-d to get going. Where is your bathroom by the way?”
She pointed to the door next to one that was obvious it was her room.
I got up and went to re-lease my bladder while she packed.
It looked like she really tried to pu-ll herself together when she walked out of the room. She actually smelt like something fruity, her hair was swept into a neat bun and she was in a blouse and jean.
“re-ady?” I asked.
“As re-ady as I’ll ever be to go to rehab.” She laughed and it felt refreshing to know there was hope for her.
I returned the key to the rental office or like a old drun!kman be-droom and told him to keep everything in it even though that didn’t ever go well with Camila.
By the time she will be out I would have her condo sorted back out or it might be beneficial for her to go and live on campus while she took her courses. She wouldn’t be so lonely then.
“Sir, all electronic must be left at the front desk as well as your belts and keys. This is high risk facility. We do our best to take precautions based on previous experiences. ”
This might just be the perfect place for her. I nod at the no nons-en-se woman at the desk who had a guard standing by her.
I placed all the items on the counter and signed in . I was esc-rted to a room where Andrea was going to be staying.
Patients have to be processed differently where they were str!pped search.
The no nons-en-se woman c@m£ into the room with a form.
“If you sign her in today, only you can sign her out before the doctors feel it is safe to discharge her. The program is for six months. If she cooperate and shows major improvements, she will be re-leased before then. If you both agree to the terms sign the dotted lines where indicated. ” she handed me the cl!pboard with the form attached.
I took the pen and was about to sign until Camila gr@bb£d my hand.
I looked down at her.
“I’m scared.” She said with tears in her eyes.
God knows I wanted to take all the pain away that she felt.
I knelt in front of her as she was sitting on the small twin sized be-d.
I pu-ll-ed her face to look into her eyes to reas-sure her as much as I could.
“I promise everything will be fine. I really nee-d you to be okay. Not for me, but for yourself and Andrea’s sake. plea-se. ”
She nodded.
“Okay. I trust you Richa-rd son. ”
She took the form and signed it before giving it back to me.
“Will you give her a k!ssfor me and tell her how much I truly love her? She’s all I got. Here, take this. Give it to her. I want her to remember me.”
She climbe-d onto the be-d and got un-der the sheets before pausing to look at me.
“I promise.” I k!ssher on her forehead and took the small ph0to of herself that she gave me.
She looked beautiful and was smiling in the picture. I’m sure Andrea will look just like her when she gets older.
She nods and turn over to face the wall pu-lling herself into a ball with her back to us.
We exit the room and I talked with the doctor who will be in charge of her, requesting upd@t£s every week and to give me a call if she nee-ds anything.
With that I head back to the pri-vate str!p and got on the jet to head back to new York.
During the entire flight what I kept thinking about was how do I lie to the one I love.
I haven’t even checked my phone to see if she called or not.
I took my phone out of my pocket and go throu-gh my call log.
Three missed calls from wifey.
But the thing that made me st©pped scrolling was when I saw the last incoming call wasn’t red like others that were missed.
I didn’t answer her, maybe my pocket did.
I hit the last call and looked at the details. This was when I was at rehab, definitely wasn’t my pocket and the call lasted for ten seconds.
What the hell!
Did the woman at the desk answer my phone or did the guard answer it. I hope it was the guard.
Wouldn’t sound convincing for me to just disappear only for my call to be answered by a woman.
Oh $h!t!
I hope they didn’t tell her what I was doing or where I was or who I was with.
I should have turned it off.
I guess I would just see what she knew first before I say anything to her.
It was now afternoon. I am just getting to the office after heading home to shower and change.
As soon as I stepped in the lobby as always, everyone’s attention was focused on me.
They all said their greetings and plea-santries whether they meant it or not.
I really don’t care. I only nee-ded attention from one person right now!
I got on my personal elevator and hit the bu-tton for the t©p floor.
“Good afternoon sir. I couldn’t get hold of you sir so I rescheduled your meetings for the day since you didn’t show up for the first two. ” Linda my as-sistant spoke.
“Thanks Linda. I think you nee-d a raise. Remind me later so we can talk about it. Is Ariana in?”
I really wanted to ask if my wife was here, I was dying to make her Mrs. Richa-rd .
“Yes sir. She’s with your daughter. ” she said with a smile.
I returned her smile before collecting all the phone messages from her and retreating to my office.
“Dada!” I heard squeals from andrea and look to see her bouncing in Anna’s arm as she tried to type something on her computer.
“Hey angel.” I picked her up, k!ss!ngall over face before giving her one big we-t k!ss.
The k!ssI promise Camila.
She giggled. It was just too adorable. She looked so much like cammy.
“Hey babe. ” I said bending to k!ssAnna on herl-ips but she turned her head and myl-ips met her cheek.
She didn’t respond either.
She just kept on typing. She only briefly glanced at me as Andrea called out to her stretching her arms out to be back in her hold.
“Babe, I explain.” I said sitting in front of her pla-ying with Andrea’s hand as she thought it was funny.
She still didn’t respond or look at me.
“Ariana my mom wasn’t feeling too well last night. She called me last night so I had to rush to the hospital. I know I should have called or left you a note but I forgot. I was too worried. I could have tried to come back earlier but she didn’t want me to leave her side. I had to tell her that no one was with andrea before she could let me go. Baby I’m sorry. ” I apologized.
I could have said that I sincerely apologize but how could I when I just sat here and lied to her face.
But it was for her own good.
She finally looked at me with worry in her eyes.
“Is she okay?” She asked.
Okay now I feel guilty as hell. This is starting to be all too much but I have no choice. It is my duty as a man to protect my family and that is what I am doing.
“Yeah she is fine now. I guess it was an anxiety attack. I’m really sorry I didn’t call.”
“But I called you, why didnt you answer the call? Why did someone else receive it?” She was now looking at me suspiciously.
“Maybe it was when I was in the restroom and dennis was with my phone. I didn’t know you called, I could have answered it. You don’t believe me? I have no reason to lie to you Anna. ”
She raised her eyebrow as if she found it ha-rd to believe.
She then shrugged and said.
“It’s a good thing, your mom is okay now. ”
Then she went back to typing.
What was that suppose to mean?
Did she not believe me?
Did she believe me?
Oh well, I just really hope she bought that cra-p.
💗💗💗ARIANA P.O.V💗💗💗
It is obvious that he is lying…..but why?
It wasn’t Dennis that answered the phone and it sure wasn’t a man.
It was clearly a woman.
I thought we made love last night? Only to wake up to find him gone.
He was professing his love for me the entire time.
I don’t get it.
He has to be cheating on me. I know he would eventually hurt me.
But is he? His mom could have really been sick but that didn’t explain who answered his phone.
Maybe I was over thinking it.
Andrea pla-yfully wiped her little f!nger across my cheek. It was then I realized that I was silently crying.
I guess she doesn’t want to see me crying. That’s so sweet of her.
I wiped they away and hvgged her to me.
Richa-rd left to go get the triplets from school at the end of the day and I took Andrea home with me.
Now that I think about it, does she stay with me now or what?
After dinner and putting the kids to be-d, I told Richa-rd that he nee-ded to leave. If he wants to take Andrea, it’s fine but he wasn’t going to stay here anymore.
I alre-ady gave in too easily for him thinking this could work. That’s what I get for following my heart.
I ba-rely spoke to him for the next two weeks.
His mother got discharged and decided to stay in new York to get to know the triplets.
Today we are taking them to the park.
“Mrs Tully it’s great to see you again. I’m really happy that you’re doing well. ” I said greeting her as she walked over to the bench I sat on.
“Oh child plea-se. You are family ! Call me Elena. Mrs Tully is my mother..” She laughs.
“Oh I thought you were married to someone other that Richa-rd ‘s father?” I asked a bit confused.
“Oh no. Eddie and I are still married. ” she tells me.
“Eddie?” I am not sure I am following her.
“Yes, Edward Anderson. The kids father. I started going by my maiden name after the scandal that surrounded him before Richa-rd took over. I was just so embarras-sed. Then he just upped and disappeared, no explanation, nothing at all. It’s so ha-rd to know that your husband could leave you after twenty eight years of marriage. We were high school sweethearts and our parents were business p@rtners. We got married at a young age but it didn’t matter because we loved each other. ” she sniffed.
“Elena I’m sorry. I didn’t know you were going throu-gh a lot. If the kids are too much for you right now, we can do this another day. ” I said feeling awful that her husband could just do that to her.
Was Richa-rd like his father? He seemed to showing such tendencies.
“No! No!. Let me see my grand babies that caused me such a scare the other day. ” she equipped.
Richa-rd didnt never told me what really happened.
I wonder if I ask her if she’ll tell me.
“Why was that? Do you mind if I ask?”
“It’s fine. I saw Rose and she just looked so much like her aunt Daniela when she was her age. I just thought it wasn’t possible. ”
“I never knew richa-rd had a sister. ” this is interesting.
“He did. She died when she was three years old. ” she told me with her eyes getting watery.
“Elena oh my gosh! I’m so sorry! Oh I’m really so sorry. You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to. ” I told her.
I don’t know what I would do if something happened to Rose or Andrea, even though she isn’t mine.
“No! I think its time I talk about it. We have buried her and all her memories the day she died as a coping mechanism. It was just too ha-rd seeing all the picture reminding me that I had triplets and not twins. Richa-rd wasn’t born yet at the time and we were able to convince Daniel and Dennis that they were twins. They were young and gullible, so we took it to our advantage. She was so much like Rose, loved to dance and thought she was a princess. She was her father pride and Joy. He was a different man before she died. After her death, he bec@m£ a shell. I prayed everyday that he would return to himself but he let guilt consume him. The guilt that it was his fault Daniella died. He normally took her out, one day on their way back he was re-ad ended by a drun!kdriver. He tried everything he could to save her but the impact killed her before she could even make it to the hospital. She was crushed too badly, there was no hope. ” she explained.
“Oh my.” I held my che-st.
I can’t possibly imagine someone going throu-gh that.
“We tried to deal with it but the easiest way we found was to just act like she was never here, causing people to ask less questions about her and having to rehash the details of her memory. At that time I was pregnant with richa-rd . His father wanted another girl so bad, when we got a boy he was slightly disappointed. He wanted to keep trying for a girl but I had complications with richa-rd so I was no longer able to bear children. I think that is why he loves the Daniel and Dennis than richa-rd .”
“Elena, I’m just so sorry. ”
She held my hand.
“It’s fine darling. I get a second Chance with my beautiful grand babies. ”
We both turn to look at the kids.
“Rose, don’t let your sister put the leaf in your mouth!” I yelled as they ran around a slide and Andrea was being curious herself.
“I must commend you Ariana. You did what a lot of women wouldn’t and couldn’t do in this lifetime. You take care of Andrea like she was truly yours. It takes a good strong woman to do something like that. ” she smiled.
“Thank you ma. I have been asking Richa-rd about her mother whereabout but he kept changing the t©pic. I find it weird that she calls me mom instead of her real mother.” I told her.
“I remembered the day he brou-ght her home and not that I am a racist but I was surprised not to say the least. I questioned him about why he will take an infant away from her mother but his reply was he her mother was no longer in her life. sweet and nice story room. Years went by and I never saw her mother so I just left it alone. I just loved her from the very moment I held her.”
“I don’t know how mothers can let go of their child just like that. But then again, who am I to judge?”
We both turned to see Ryan running over. He just realized that his grandmother arrived.
“Hey big boy!” She caught him, sitting him on her l@p.
The kids met her last week and I guess Richa-rd told her that Ryan loves dinosaurs so she went crazy buying him dinosaur stuff. He fell in love with her at that very moment.
I think my mom officially has competition for Ryan.
“Hi grandma. Did you come to pl@ywith me?” He looked hopefully at his grandmother.
She smiled and got up with him heading towards the others, who all attacked her.
I took my phone out and started taking pictures of them.
I was about to take another one when my phone beeped. As much as Andrea loved to follow Ryder around, Ryan was more protective of her. It was too cute to see both boys fussing over her. I feel sorry for her when she gets older.
📥1:14pm-Liar: hey beautiful ! I miss you and the kids. Are you still with my mom?
Your Richa-rd .
📥1:15pm-Me: yes
📥1:15 pm-Lier: does that mean you don’t miss me?
Your richa-rd .
📥1:26pm-Liar: Anna baby?
Your Richa-rd .
📥1:28pm-Me: what Richa-rd ?
📥1:28pm-Lier: can I come and see you and the kids tonight? I haven’t seen you and the kids since yesterday evening. Come on Anna, at least tell me what I did wrong so I can fix it.
Your Richa-rd .
📥1:30pm-me: I won’t be at home. You can see the kids because they will be with your mother in the pent house. I will pick them up on Sunday.
If he doesn’t know what he did, neither do I. He is such a dumb lier. Last week I asked his mother if she is okay after the anxiety attack she suffered that made everyone to rush to the hospital at the middle of the night.
Turns out that I was fed lies by Richa-rd .
She had no idea about what I was talking about.
Either she had amnesia or he just simply lied to my face. He literally looked me in the eye and lied.
Why does he like trying to hurt me!
Is it because I fell in love with a pla-yboy?
Is this what I get for having a crush on a pla-yer?
Tell me!