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April 17, 2021


Mind blowing palace

Billionaire crush Episode 18 & 19

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🌼🌼 🌼CHAPTER 18🌼




After listening to mom rehash the story of what happened to Daniela it felt like the world was on my shoulders.

Then I got a call that an oil deal went bad in Saudi Arabia which was going to affect my oil companies in Texas!

I had to have an emergency conference call to handle the situation before investors find out what’s happening tomorrow and stocks start plummeting.

I had my personal assistant from LA fly to Texas so he could get me all the necessary paper work faxed over. I would have sent Daniel but he was mad and I didn’t care to find out why and Dennis needed to stay by mom’s side because she needed the support right now.

Thankfully Anna kept Andrea for me. She’s my angel whether she knows it or not.

Just as I sent over the last paper and closed the deal with the oil tycoon in the middle East I felt my body relax but as I glanced at the close it tensed again.

Oh f*ck! Ariana must be pissed but she would have called if she didn’t want to deal with Andrea anymore and I don’t remember my phone ringing.

I pulled my phone out of my pocket to see my phone switch off.


I totally f*cked this one up. She’s never ever going to help me again. I totally lost track of time. By the time I will get to her house,it will be around midnight.

I grabbed my keys and rushed out the office to my car and put my phone on the charger before speeding off in the direction of her house.

Five minutes later I hear my phone turn on and then a bunch of alerts going off. I scroll through all voice mails only looking for one name. I then go to my text messages and saw the name I was looking for.

📤Wifey: hey I have been trying to call you. It’s getting late and I’m going to sleep. You can get Andrea in the morning at 7:30 before I leave. If you can still make it this might there is a key under the gnome by the front door. I’m really tired, so I might not hear the doorbell.


Yeah she’s clearly not my wife nor my girlfriend, but I promise she will be. A man can only dream right now.

I’m not only going to marry her but I’m going to make a lot more children with her.

Oh yes! I want a damn soccer team I can take to the world cup!

The thought of making babies with her is making me hard.

Think of something stupid Richard! Think of something stupid.

Unicorns! Unicorn sings!

Okay that failed, I don’t even know if unicorns sings!

Very foolish of me.

Like what straight man would think of unicorns

to avoid getting blue balls.

This is so embarrassing.

I start counting the tress like an idiot to distract myself but it only worked until I realized that they were never ending.

“Ewwhhh what the hell is that smell?” I put the windows down to get the smell out faster.

Road kill!

That’s was all it took after that my Humpty Dumpty had a great fall.

Thanks F**k!

If I had count one more tree I probably would have to cut Humpty off to relieve myself and trust me when I say no amount of king’s horses and all the king’s men wouldn’t be able to put Humpty together again.

But Anna could.

Oh seriously, what is wrong with me? I have never behaved like this before!

I saw the familiar bungalow and old SUV come into view.

I pulled in the driveway behind her truck and went to get the key from the gnome. I put it in my pocket after opening the door.

What man doesn’t have his own key to his family?

Not me! But that is none of my business.

I close the front door and make sure all the locks are back on feeling like a man with a purpose.

As soon as I took the first step I found myself on my back.

I thought that only happens in movies.


I look up to see a beautiful angel holding one of her heels in her hand getting ready to poke a hole in someone I suppose.

“Yeah its me. Could you please put the weapon down before you poke a hole in my hand and kill me. ” I joked.

“You actually got me scared. ” she huffed but I failed to see the look on her face because being the Prevert that I became thirty minutes ago, my eyes were glued to her legs.

“Its really late you know? Why did you just come get her in the morning? She is sleeping peacefully in my bed. This is no time be transporting a child back and forth. Its late now, just sleep on the couch and take her in the morning. If you can’t sleep here, just go home and come get her in the morning.” She said aggravated

I guess me slipping by the door and falling did make a loud bang that woke her up in bear mode.

I got up and followed her to the living room after she told me sorry for falling down. She then gave me a pillow and a blanket.

“Make yourself at home. I’m so tired. I really need to sleep. I need to wake up early to prepare the kids for school and get ready for work. ” with that she said goodnight, disappearing down the hallway and closing her door.

She didn’t have to tell me twice. I had already planned to make myself feel at home since I put the key in my pocket.

I took my shoes off and laid down on the couch with the covers over me.

I closed my eyes and started to think about what it would be like to come home to Anna and the kids and to actually sleep in the bed with her rather than the couch.

I felt myself drift off to sleep lightly but the poking sensation in my face forced me to open my eyes, I sat straight up.

Yeah I was kind of out of my mind when I saw my own eyes staring back at me.

It was the younger version of me.

“Who are you?” He asked skeptically.

Then his eyes widened.

“Damn! damn! damn! You are the naughty mouth man!”

He looked at me like a teacher was going to give me a spanking.

I laugh but then stopped when I realized that it was my fault that we was cursing. Don’t these children forget anything.

“Are you sister Andrea daddy? Are you my daddy? Ryan said that brother and sister have the same mommy and daddy just like the dinosaurs!”

I saw the hope shine bright in his eyes as he asked these questions.

It made me feel worthless because my doesn’t even know his father and I don’t even know his name.

But it also give me hope to see that he really wanted his father. I know I promised Anna that we would talk about this before talking to the kids but I don’t feel like disappointing my son.

“Yes! I am your dad. What is your name? ” I asked.

“Yayy….” He screamed but I shushed him before he will wake his mother up.

He jumped in my lap and sat there looking in my face for a moment.

“I’m you are not busy anymore daddy. I wanted my daddy to come to school with me and play with me just like Jake’s daddy does but mama said our daddy is too busy. Will you play car games with me daddy? ”

after he was done talking , I realized how smart and observant he was.

“What is your name?” I asked him again feeling low for having to ask him that.

“Ryder, but mama calls me cuddle bear and baby! But I am a big boy, I am not a baby daddy.” He stated looking as serious as I do sometimes.

“Yes Ryder! You are in face a big boy! But I promise we will play tomorrow! Its very late. You need to sleep. Do you want me to take you to your bed?”

He shakes his head now!

Okay, I think I suck at being a daddy already. I thought kids love it when you tuck them in bed. Andrea does, at least she does like it because she can’t complain.

I expected him to leave and go to bed himself but he’s just still sitting there staring at me much like Andrea does.

“Are you going to your bed?” I asked.

He shook his head, no!

Okay now I’m confused…..what else could he really want now?

“Okkk….so what are you going to do Ryder?” I asked because I was at a loss trying to read a five years old mind.

“I’m sleeping with you daddy to keep you safe since sis Andrea is sleeping with mommy.”

He climbed over me and laid down in the corner of the couch, pulling the blanket on his small body.

I laid down next to him.

“Why do you need to protect me son?”

“Monsters make mommy cry at night but I scare them away. I don’t want you to cry daddy, I will protect you. ” he told me

So Anna do cry herself to sleep at night?

I’m sure I am the reason why she cried. I have so much to fix that I don’t think I will be able to repair the damages in one lifetime.

I looked over and saw that Ryder was already fast asleep.

So much for protecting me from the sleep monster, I thought.

I looked at him as I observed his features..I’m so proud of him. This little being at his age tried to step up and do what I didn’t do.

I plan to be here for my family from this day forward. He shouldn’t have to feel the need to be a man at the age of five. That’s my job. I promise he will enjoy his childhood and be the child that he’s suppose to be at his age instead of worrying about his mother..

Since the couch wasn’t big enough, i picked him up and placed him on my chest,covering us both.

This felt so right, I really hope I don’t mess it up.

But either way, I refuse to lose my family, not now,not ever.


🌼🌼🌼CHAPTER 19🌼🌼🌼

🖤🖤🖤ARIANA P.O.V🖤🖤🖤

I immediately knew something was wrong when my arm went to cuddle Ryder and he wasn’t there.

Andrea was cuddled up into my chest but Ryder was missing.

There hasn’t been one night that he hadn’t slept with me since he started walking unless he wasn’t home.

I slightly slid Andrea to the side trying not to wake her as I went in search of Ry.

I checked my bathroom then his room and he wasn’t there.

The sight before my eyes as I walked into the living room gave me mixed emotions.

Tears ran down my eyes as anger consumed me. I have dreamt of this moment for a long time but I told Richard that I wanted us to talk about this before telling them.

What if he chooses to disappear next week and go back home to California, What do I tell the kids? Especially if he thinks four children are too much for him. How will I explain to the kids they would be emotionally scarred.

I know the only way Ryder would be asleep on his chest with his fingers latched onto Richard’s lip, is only if he was told that Richard is his dad.

Also is it fair to tell Ryder before Ryan and Rose? I don’t agree. But judging by how happy they look sleeping together I couldn’t interfere. I think I did enough of that since their birth.

As of this moment, whatever the kids thought of Richard would be up to him.

I decided to go make breakfast before waking them.

As soon as I was finished, I woke rose and Ryan up and gave them a bath.

I wasn’t ready to wake Ryder up because I am sure he would be telling them about their father and I wasn’t finished preparing my mind for the answers to some of the question Ryan might ask.

“Mom,where is Ry Ry?” Rose asked as I help her to put her clothes on.

Normally I give all three a bath at the same time.

“You’ll see him soon honey!”

I looked up to Ryan who was finished getting dressed.

“Come here and sit next to your sister so mommy can talk to you. “I told him.

He hesitated at first probably thinking he was in trouble.

I smiled, encouraging him to come and have a seat. As soon as he’s seated I get it right out before I lose the courage to.

“Remember yesterday when you said that brother’s and sister’s have the same mommy and daddy and I am Andrea’s mommy and Andrea’s daddy is your daddy also?” I pray I am not confusing them.

“Is my daddy here, mummy? Will he be my prince charming?” Rose asked which caused me to think it might be time she found a new obsession along with Ryan.

“Yes, your daddy is here. Do you want to meet him?”

Rose’s eyes look like they were about to fall out of their little sockets. Ryan just remained quiet.

I took their hands and led them to the living room, stopping in front of the couch.

Suddenly I felt Rose’s hand yank from mine. I looked to find her on the floor as she starts throwing a tantrum.

What on earth? Like really, what just happened? This is so unlike her. I don’t know what just happened that caused her to react this way.

What on earth? Like really, what just happened? This so unlike her, I don’t know what just happened what caused her to react this way.

I was about to pick her up when I felt a strong arm stop me.

It was Richard. He winked at me as he went to pick her up.

“Hey! Hey! What is wrong sweetheart?”

With that rose automatically stopped fussing and looked at him as he held her in his arms.

She pokes her lip out in a pout before she speaks.

“Ry, Ry, slept with daddy and I didn’t sleep with daddy. I want to sleep with daddy! He is my prince charming!” She whined.

Well ain’t that something?

No one ever cries to sleep with mommy and they know Ryder sleeps with me.

“Mommy, can I sleep with daddy tonight?”

I don’t know who told Rose daddy would be staying here tonight.

“Your father is a busy man, he is….” I was cut off

“I would love to princess.” Richard told her but my objection was short lived by the smile on her face.

Ryder was still laying on the couch rubbing the sleep from his eyes.

However, Ryan was missing.

I went to his room and found him sitting on his bed dangling his feet that couldn’t reach the ground.

“Hey bud! What is wrong? Don’t you want to meet daddy?” I asked him as I knelt in front of him.

She shakes his head, no!

“Why?” I asked him.

“He makes you cry mama!” He said still holding his head down .

The kids have caught me crying on several occasions but I always just tell them its because of the sleep monster or something so they won’t ask questions.

Ryder and Rose bought it but I should have known ryan wouldn’t.

“He doesn’t make me cry baby. Why don’t you go say hi to him?” I begged him.

“No. You told aunt Erica that he makes you cry and he hurt you. I don’t like daddy!” He huffed crossing his arms.

I tried to hide a lot of things from them but sometimes Ryan Is just too smart for his own good. I normally try to talk to Erica and sabrina in codes around them, it seems Rose has figured it out.

I heard shuffling and looked behind me just in time to see the sorrow on the Richard’s face before he walked away from the door.

Oh man! What have I done now?

“Okay come and eat your breakfast to mommy can take you to school.”

I sat them all around their table before Andrea a bath as well as myself.

I told richard to give Rose some time adjust to him and see that he doesn’t make me cry.

After feeding Andrea and getting them all ready, richard took andrea and left to go home and get ready for work despite her cries for me.

Little over an hour later I walk into the Office and sit at my desk, letting my head hit in the hardwood.

“Morning Ariana! You look like you had a long weekend.” Alyssa who sits two cubicles over from me asked.

I looked up to see both her and Jane standing in front of my desk,coffee in hand.

“Good morning ladies! I sure did.” I told the office gossipers.

Jane then leans over my desk to get closer to me.

“Have you heard that the company is now owned by Richard Anderson? He is so hot!” She fans herself.

“I can’t wait to have him touch me!” Alyssa said getting flushed.

I don’t want to know what she thinking right now!

“All the ladies here are in a frenzy trying to see who will make the billionaire bachelor fall in love with them first. I want to be his baby mama” Jane continues.

“Me too. Maybe we can share him! ” Alyssa said as they both giggle like high school girls.

“Ariana is such a lucky cow. I can’t believe she’s going to be working with him!” Jane mumbles as they walk away.

What? Me walking with Richard? I haven’t heard anything about that! Must be rumors. I work in the analytical and advisory department. I don’t know how I can be of any help to Richard.

I shrug the thought off and went about reviewing the financial statements of the day before submitting my report to Mrs. Livingston, my supervisor.

I knocked on her door.

“Good morning Mrs. Livingston, I have the writeup from last years statement for July, would you like it now? Nothing important happened at the meeting. It was postponed. ” I told her.

“Yes I heard. Please take your seat. ”

I sat down as she requested.

“Why are you still working on this floor? Hasn’t anyone told you that you have been reassigned? Its been the buzz of the office. The boss requested you specially come and work by his side but you must be cautious. There a lot of people here who are jealous of your sudden promotion even though they have been here for years and also I will like to inform you, he’s a bit of a playboy according to what the papers say. So be careful, don’t mix pleasure with work to avoid being hurt! ” she told me .

“Are you serious?”

I still don’t believe richard would do this!

“Yes! I suggest you Hurry now! You were suppose to report to the boss first thing this morning. Please hurry before he fires me and you. I heard that he has been on a mad spree all morning! He fired Mr. Maxwell and no one knows why. So go now!” She shooed me from her office and went back to work.
I grabbed my purse and walked towards the elevator to head to the top floor. As I was walking by I noticed everyone looking at me strangely.

“What has she got that we don’t have?” I heard a lady ask a guy next to him who I wasn’t familiar with.

“A c*nthole! I guess he is f**king her! More power to her if she wants to f**k her way to the top. I would do the same if I were in her shoe” he responded to the lady.

I gasped

Oh my!

I work so hard to get what I want and now richard as ruined my reputation because he just simply couldn’t let me be.

I quickened my pace wanting to get away from them.

Halfway to the elevator the door opened revealing a sexy looking Richard in a great striped suit, his top button open and no tie. He also had Andrea in his arms!


“Mama! Mama!”

Richard smiled and set her down and she came running like she was going to fall over. I instinctively opened my arms and caught her.

I turned to see everyone in the office staring at me and Andrea.

Then I heard the guy next to that lady open his trap hole again while the lady laughed.

“Well, it seems like she is not only f**king her way to the top but she is also pawning off her bastard kinky hair kid as his’s obvious that the baby daddy is black, what a who…”

He didn’t get to finish calling me a whore because before he could get the word out fully, Richard’s fist was in his mouth. I didn’t realize that he heard that.

“You two, pack your selves and get the hell outta my company! I don’t want to see you both still in my building in the next 30 seconds or you will know why people fear Richard Anderson!” He pointed to the guy and lady .

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, the security guards came in and shoved them out of the company. They couldn’t even let them take their belongings. Their belongings were thrown out through the window.

“If any of you dare to disrespect the mother of my children, I promise I will end you. If you know you can’t respect her, I will advise you to leave this company right now!” Richard yelled angrily.

I have never seen him this mad. Not even when he found out about the triplets .

When no one said anything he placed his arms around my waist and kissed my temple.

Isn’t it bad enough with what just happened now he’s showing all this PDA in front of everyone.

Furthermore, when did we become affectionate? Or is he just a dog right now trying to mark his territory?

But I’m not his!

I choose not to make a scene but threw his arm from around my waist once the elevator door is closed.

“Even though I am happy for you defending me. Thank you. But why did you have to go ahead and promote me? Did you think of what people will say about me?” I hissed.

He grabbed my chin forcing me to look at him.

“F*ck everyone and their thoughts! If they aren’t okay with you working with me they should use the door. If not they need to sit their asses down, shut the hell up and do the work I pay them to do. After going through your file I discover that You are very brilliant, being my assistance will be of great help to me, that why I promoted you. But that’s not the only reason , I need you by me daily. I need you Anna! I know I have a lot to make up for but right now I just need you close to me.”

With that he smashed his lips onto mine. I resisted and he bit my lips causing me to open my mouth. He sucked on my tongue and my knees went weak. He caught me and Andrea started to giggle reminding me she’s still in my arms.

He takes Andrea from my arms as my chest rises and fall rapidly.

As much as I try to deny him, he affects me more than I thought possible.

The elevator dings as I regulated my breathing .

Richard winks and walk from the elevator but I still stood in place. I heard Andrea start to cry and richard reappeared in the door.

“Can you come on already? I had to take her to work because the nanny quit. She kept crying for you and refused to keep shut. I love her but please take her. All she went she is you. I have a meeting in the next ten minutes”

I followed him to his office which was huge. It had couches, TV, a bar, an area sectioned off by glass into a conference room with a huge table and an ensuite bathroom.

“Okay, what office work do you want me to do here? And what are we going to do with Andrea?” I asked as he sat in his chair and looked at me as if he could undress me.

Its going to be hard keeping my composure around him but I have to or he will only hurt me again in the end.

Once a player, always a player!

“That desk over there is yours. ”

I look to see another desk across from the conference room.

“And as for Andrea, I don’t know. You are the only one she wants! If you have to spend the whole day attending to her then I really don’t mind. I had a portable toddler bed brought up as well as her toys. They are behind the couch. ” he explained.

His office phone rang and after speaking to his assistance for about a minute, he walked over and kissed both Andrea and I on the head before telling us to get settled while he conduct his meeting.

To say I got no work done was what really happened.

At the end of the day I opted to go get the triplets while Richard took Andrea home, but as you know she refused to be apart from me.

I was starting to think she has attachment issues but she’s just a two years old, so who knows.

He wanted to get the kids with his car but I refused to leave my truck.

Suppose there is an emergency in the middle of the night and he’s not there?

No I wouldn’t depend on him.

So I decided that since rose and Ryder are happy with him, he could follow me and drive them home. While I take Ryan and Andrea.

When we got home I made dinner and we all ate. We settled in front of the TV to watch Nat Geo Wild. There was a knock at the door and Richard left claiming it was his assistant and disappeared for twenty minutes.

The kids all sat and watched the TV.

When Richard returned, Andrea claimed in my Lap and Rose climbed in his Lap. Ryder sat in between us cuddled up to Richard’s side while ryan cuddled up to me.

It was like the perfect family.

All I ever wished for.

Richard really seemed like he was a good guy and was trying. He’s a great dad to Andrea and he’s prefect with 🌹 Rose and ryder.

I guess I should give him a chance.

It didn’t take long for them to fall asleep.

Including Richard.

I gently got up and placed andrea on my bed and covered her.

I then took Ryan and Ryder to their bed after changing them into PJ’s and cleaning them up. I went back and gently took Rose out of Richard hold and went put her in her bed .

I was surprised to see another princess bed in her room. It must have been Richard doing.

I went and got Andrea and laid her in the princess bed that had guardrails so she wouldn’t fall out.

The fact that he didn’t ask me and just assumed that he could move her in did bother me somewhat. I mean what would the child’s mother think? I would be affected if he does this to any of the triplets. We are not even a couple or even married and his daughter seems to have moved in.

I need to talk to him about this.

When I get back to the living room he is still sleeping peacefully.

I covered him with my faux-fur.

I couldn’t help but want to touch him. I ran my fingers across his eyebrows, his jawline and his lips.

He started to move and I pulled my hand back. When I was sure he was sleeping, I snuck back to my room.

I really need to shower.

I went in the bathroom and took my clothes off and turn the shower on hot.

I sigh as I felt the water touch my skin. I stand there for a while then I lather my hair with shampoo relaxing my body. I rinsed it out then took the bottle of conditioner to lather my hair until I felt arms around me.

“Arrrgh!” I scream and drop the bottle of conditioner spilling it all over.

I turned around to see richard smiling.

“Get out now!” I yell as I used my arms to cover my boobs.

“Why fight it Anna? We’ve both seen each other before and you are just as attracted to me as I am to you!” He backed me up against the wall and trap me with his arms on both side.

“Don’t fight it babe. Let’s daddy love you.” He whispered as he sucked on my neck.

I’m losing it right now. I thought I was strong. I want this so bad but I am also scared. My feelings are involved.

“You taste so damn good. I never got the taste of you out of my mind or my mouth. You are my kryptonite ” he breathed as he kissed all over collar and move to the other side of my chest.

“Oh…. mmmh” yup that’s me loosing all control.

I hear a wrapper being teared and that’s it!

Yes we did it again!

All my senses flew away from me.

Its been so long. So long since he had me.

He lifted me out of the shower and sat me on the bathroom counter as he dried me off.

I might as well be dead as my body parts kept flailing all over, each time he moved me.

He slipped my night gown hanging on the door behind me over my head and put his boxers back on.

I put my arms around his neck and buried his face in his chest as he carried me to the bed.

We laid next to each other on the bed with my head rest on his chest.

“I missed you Anna. I really missed you. I love you so damn much! I love you Ariana Harrison. God knows I do, I always have!” I heard him say as I drifted into sleep.


“Mommy I’m hungry!” I heard a voice say as I’m shaken from my sleep.

I look to see ryder sitting up looking at me.

He woke up fifteen minutes before the alarm.

“Mommy where’s daddy?” He asked looking sad.

“Maybe he’s in the bathroom!” I said collecting him out the bed and checking the bathroom.

No Richard!

I checked Rose’s room to see her and Andrea still sleeping. I checked ryan next and he was still asleep.

After checking the entire house I checked the driveway to see his car missing.

I called his phone and it kept going to voicemail. on the last ring a woman answered saying he wasn’t available and hung up.

If this isn’t déjà vu, then I don’t know what is.

Only this time, I am not left with just three kids but rather Four.




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