Billionaire crush Episode 16 & 17

🌺🌺🌺CHAPTER 16🌺🌺🌺
💫💫💫RICha-rd P.O.V💫💫💫
I la-id in be-d staring at the ceiling while rewinding everything that happened in the past 24 hours in my mind.
My mother is in the hospital.
I nee-d to find out who Daniella is!
And I am the father to a set of triplets!
And andrea has been crying ever since Ariana handed her back to me!
After Ariana begged me not to take the children away I didn’t know I had, I just feel like I couldn’t look at her.
The triplets kept complaining that they were hungry so Ariana told me that we could set up a time and discuss this situation.
So I just let her leave, but not before really looking at each child etching their features into my memory or should I say my own features.
The look in her eyes were killing me.
She made me feel Like my father.
A self serving, uncaring bastard incapable of love.
I am not my father.
I spent so many years believing that I would grow up to be like him because like they say ‘ like father, like son’ or better yet ‘ the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.’
Well I can stand and correct whoever invented those.
At least now I can, before, not so much.
I gro-an ed, rolling over and burying my face in the pillow.
Who can really blame her for not telling me?
I mean I am mad at her for keeping me abs£nt from all these years of their lives, but I am more mad at myself for whatever I did to make her see me as a monster.
I nee-d to fix this! But how?
How am I to even feel about three children?
For crying out loud, I am only 25 years old!
Then imagine how she feels you idiots! 18 years old pregnant with triplets! 23 years old with three children!
I have a ha-rd enough time trying to be home to spend time with Andrea because of all the corporations I run.
I try to make sure that see’s me before I leave to work and before she goes to sleep and we have our bonding day on Sundays, some Saturdays if I don’t have any important meeting or have to travel. I try to be the best possible father I can to her, even though sometimes it doesn’t feel like its enough.
She nee-ds her mother, there is no question about this. She’s a little girl, she nee-ds motherly love. I cannot imagine growing up without my mother.
If only I could change the circu-mtances for her.
I hear Andrea cries.
Its 6am. I guess she is just restless as I am. She keeps waking up every 2 hours.
I walk to her room and see her standing in her crib holding on the rails, ru-bbing her sleepy eyes.
“Hey baby girl!” I pick her up and walk downstairs to the kitchen as she continues to cry softly.
I take a bottle out of the fridge that I made last night when we c@m£ home but she doesn’t want it.
I decided to try again. Maybe she is hungry that’s why she keeps waking up. I warmed it up.
It’s Sunday, the nanny day off. Guess its just me and my baby girl today since my mom was still in the hospital.
I put the bottle to her mouth and she pushes it away once again.
That’s strange, she should be hungry because she didn’t ate a lot last night.
“What is wrong angel?” I asked her.
“Mama!” She screams as her cries start to get louder.
Yesterday Andrea was slee-ping when Ariana left, when andrea woke up she looked all around my mother’s hospital room and start screaming.
I thought she was crying for my mum so I brou-ght her closer and tried to l@yher next to her but she only squirmed to get out of my arm.
I put her down to see what it was that she wanted only for her to run out the door looking in every direction before throwing herself on the floor and screaming
That’s when I realized that she was looking for Ariana.
It literally to-re at my heart.
I was so broken for her.
I guess with the triplets calling her mom and me leaving her with Ariana, she developed a connection and just felt that Ariana’s her mom.
How do you tell a two year old child that is not their mom?
Because, trust me I tried.
It just like telling her that Elmo is not real.
I rocked her, sang for her not to mention I can’t sing, I changed her and tried to feed her.
Nothing, the constant cries for ‘mama’ could still be heard throu-ghout the penthouse.
fv¢k it!
I don’t know who I am kidding, I want mama just as much.
I don’t know how Ariana will react to Andrea calling her ‘mama’. Its kind of a lot for someone else’s child to call you mom but I am really hoping she won’t react negatively because as of right now, she seems to be the only one who can sooth Andrea, which is really weird.
I walk to my be-droom and got dressed then went to Andrea’s room and got her dressed. I gr@bb£d my keys on the way out and got into the penthouse elevator,pushing the bu-tton for the parking garage.
“Okay baby girl, we are going to mama!” I said to her.
It felt so strange to say that but the thought of seeing Ariana and my kids tugged at my heart.
I have a family!
I smiled.
My br@nd new Lamborghini that I had delivered last night after finding out about the triplets was parked by the door.
I can take the kids out if Ariana will let me one day.
I buckled andrea in her seat I had my guards install. I hoped in my car and took off in the direction of Ariana’s house,hoping for the best.
Thirty-five minutes later and I pu-ll-ed up into driveway behind and very old ford SUV that looked like it had the color burned out of the green paint and was about to kick the bucket anytime now.
I frowned.
That thing doesn’t look safe.
I cannot have the mother of my children and my kids ri-ding around in a death tra-p.
Another thing on the list of things I nee-d to fix.
I got out of the car and got Andrea. It was now 7am. I hope she’s up, its kind of still early.
I rang the doorbell and waited, I wonder if she will let me inside or slam the door in my face again. I should have a better chance of getting in since andrea is here, like who could close a door in this cute year stretched face.
After waiting for what felt like five minutes, I rang the doorbell again.
I was about to push the doorbell again but the door open revea-ling a tired looking Ariana.
She gro-an ed after seeing it was me.
“Richa-rd I told you I will call you and set a time up….” She mumbled sleepy until Andrea cut her off.
“Mama!” She squealed and reached her arms to Ariana.
I didn’t know what to do.
Maybe I should have thought this throu-gh, but I really wanted to see her and the kids and Andrea would not st©p crying and damn, I just didn’t know what to do anymore.
Ariana stood shock looking at me while andrea kept trying to reach for her.
I saw the conflict in her eyes.
I was about to apologize and leave but she did the unexpected. She smiled, reached for Andrea and cradled her in che-st.
“Hi andrea!” She cooed in a motherly voice and k!$$£d her cheek.
All the tears ceased.
Am I missing something here? What did Ariana do to her just only yesterday? She has never even liked her nanny who take care of her on daily basis this much!
I even thought she would call the nanny ‘mama’ before anyone else.
Ariana turned around and walked back inside leaving the door open.
I stood there like an idiot with my hand in my pocket, thinking of leaving or go inside. If anyone in the business world see me right now, they will never take me seriously again. I looked like a nervous little boy.
I actually feel like it.
I don’t want to mess up with her again. I really wanted to fix us and our family.
“Are you a vampire? Do I really nee-d to invite you in for you to cross the threshold?”
I looked up and saw her looking at me with the same nervousness I felt.
She walked off again this time and I followed her since she actually invited me in.
“Are the kids still asleep?” I asked her feeling anxious to get to know my little clones.
“Yeah only Ryder is up. He woke up when I got up but may have fallen back to sleep by now. Why are you here, Richa-rd ?” She asked still rocking andrea and ru-bbing her back
She didn’t even seem like she realized that she was still doing it. It didn’t look f0rç£d, it just looked so natural.
“Well….let’s start with yesterday. My mom saw our daughter.”
It felt unusual saying that but I felt so damn proud knowing I made such a beautiful being with ariana.
“She kept calling her Daniela. Do you know who Daniella is?” I asked and she shook her head.
“Well, after she saw the two boys she fainted. Maybe she was just shocked on how they look alike and how they look like me. Anyways, after you left the hospital Andrea has been crying. She kept calling for mama. I did everything in my power to calm her but to no avail. She didn’t even eat much last night. ” I showed her the full bottle of milk as I explained.
“Why is she calling me mama? Don’t you think you should take her to her mother Richa-rd instead of me?” She questioned skeptically.
“Her mom is not around, that’s another story for another day. We have bigger issue to talk about. Things like me becoming p@rt of my kids life. When were you planning to tell them that I am their father? Did you even plan to tell them Anna?” I asked somberly.
I just met them? Yes! But at this point I can’t imagine my life without them.
She eased up off the kitchen counter that she had her back pressed against as she walked towards me. She sat in the chair next to mine.
“Give me her bottle, I think she is sleepy. ” she told me.
I took the t©p off and handed her the bottle. She placed it on Andrea’s l!pand immediately latched into it.
“Traitor.” I mumbled.
Ariana laughed.
Her laugh was beautiful just like her. I took in her attire and noticed she had a long T-shi-t that ba-rely covered her th!ghs. Her ni**les were peeking throu-gh the material and her face enhanced her natural beauty. The sight of her like this did things to me.
Disturbing things.
I gro-an ed and shifted so my lower half was hidden un-der the table.
“What is wrong with you?”she asked.
“Nothing, nothing at all. I am fine. ” I waved her off trying to mask the discomfort of my friend below.
It been so long.
Too long since I had her.
“I did plan on telling you Richa-rd . I was hurt and confused but mostly hurt. I met my pride to get in the way of the best interest of my children….”
I st©pped her.
“Our children.” I growled.
She rolled her eyes but went back to being serious.
“Like I was saying, I was hurt. After what you did to me, I just felt like I was protecting them for a lifetime of hurt. After that night…I just saw you as a selfish as-s-hole who use people and don’t care about how they feel. I don’t that since you didn’t care about how people feel you will just take them away…..away from me. They are all I got. ” she finished with a whisper, looking down at Andrea.
This is a mess!
It was all a misun-derstanding! I should have explained to her what happened back then! But I thought I didn’t deserve her…that she was too good for me! I should have gone after her and explained it to her but I didn’t!
I was about to explain when my phone started to ring. I wanted to ignore it but considering that my mother was still in the hospital and it might be the doctor, I opted not to ignore it.
Luckily I didn’t.
It was Dennis. He took the shift of spending the night with mom since andrea kept crying and I had to take her home. Daniel and Erica had their own problems they couldn’t wait to work out.
📞”hey bro, what’s up? How’s mom?” I asked.
📞”mom is up and she’s asking of you! I alre-ady called daniel. He should be on his way by now. ” he responded.
📞”OK! I will be right there. Give me some minutes. ” I told him.
📞”OK! Cool.” He hung up.
I looked over and saw Anna looking at me intently with worry in her eyes.
“Is your mom okay?” She asked.
“I hope so. Dennis told me she just woke up and she’s asking of me. I nee-d to go there and see what is going on. ” I explained.
I looked down at Andrea and saw that she has fallen asleep in Anna’s arm.
The emotion I felt seeing these two wasn’t foreign to me, it was just missing for so long that it now felt new.
” I can keep her if you want me to. I mean you look tired and… nee-d to go see your mom…..”
Who can be as sweet as my Ariana?
What other woman would volunteer to keep another woman’s child willingly unless they are being paid. What woman will treat someone else child like her own?
None. No one that I have ever met ap@rt from Ariana.
I am going to try my ha-rd est to make her mine.
We are going to be a family. She just doesn’t know it yet.
“I will really appreciate it Anna. It is not easy to be a single father. I will be back as soon as I check on my mother. Thank you very much. ” I appreciated her
Ap@rt from my family and close friends, there is no real help unless it is paid for.
People only care to get close to me because of who I am, not because they wanted to. The only thing they expected was something in return.
Its like a damn trade and barter system!
Therefore, I maintain a small circle.
“I will go l@yher in my be-d with Ryder. Take my number, you can call when you’re re-ady to come and get her and I will ensure we’re home by then if we do go out.”
This woman is a blessing in disguise. I’m sofu-cking dumb for ever letting her walk away.
I took her number and thanked her again before walking out and heading to the hospital. My mother had some explaining to do.
I got to the hospital and took the elevator up to the second floor, then walked to her room.
Dennis was sitting on the couch while daniel paced in front of him.
What thefu-ck is wrong with him?
I looked at dennis and was about to approach daniel but dennis shook his head.
Meaning I should leave D alone.
I don’t have time for bull$h!t. My priority is ma-king sure our mother is well.
I walk towards my mother be-d and sat beside her in a chair. I took her hands in mine and saw her eyes flutter open, immediately tears sprung to her eyes.
“Oh Richie hunny! I am so sorry. I hope Andrea is okay? I am so sorry. ” she cried.
“Mom it’s okay. Andrea is fine. What happened though ? Do you remember ? I asked as I wiped her tears.
“I just so the little girl who looks so much like you. She looks like Daniella. I thought my eyes were pla-ying tricks on me until I saw the other two boys. It can’t be real right? It must be an hallucination or something. Tell me I am not crazy. ” she looked at Daniel and Dennis who were now standing next to me before she looked back at me.
“Who is Daniela mom?” Dennis asked
Her face paled and then she closed her eyes.
Do I nee-d a nurse?
I was about to get up and call the doctor when she spoke.
“Your sister.” She whispered
What thefu-ck!
We don’t have a sister!
Okay, everyb©dy just keep dropping bombs on me.
Like what the hell!
“Sister?” Daniel asked.
“We don’t have a sister mom.. How come we never heard of her before or seen any pictures?” I asked.
“Mom?” Dennis asked now seeming to be losing his patience.
“What sister mom?”
“Daniela Marie Anderson! You are not twins, you are triplets. Your sister died when she was four. I thought I could forget about the past until I saw the little girl and then all three, it was unbelievable!” This time she broke out into uncontrollable sobs.
This family has more secrets than thefu-cking U.S. government.
Sad p@rt is, I can’t even judge them because I held the worst one, that could now possibly break this family for ever.

🌺🌺🌺CHAPTER 17🌺🌺🌺
🌼🌼🌼ARIANA P.O.V🌼🌼🌼
I watched Richa-rd leave.
I sigh.
I know I volunteer to keep her because he looked so stressed out and tired.
But should I care what he looks like anyways?
This is the guy who hurt me Christ same.
But it’s so long ago. Something in me is telling me to put it behind and move forward, but at the same time its just so ha-rd to push my feelings aside.
I look down at the now slee-ping little girl in my arms.
Where is her mother? Is this some joint custody where Richa-rd has her on the weekends or something?
But in that case, why will she think I am her mom?
This whole situation has got my mind spinning out of control. But its really none of my business.
I ru-bbe-d my f!nger against her smooth chubby cheeks, admiring her light caramel skin.
It’s obvious that she’s mixed. I had no idea that Richa-rd was into black women, but who could really blame him? They have the best natural figures, bu-tts and b00bs some of us pay thousands of dollars to get it.
There seem to be a lot I don’t know about Richa-rd .
But from the look of andrea, it’s pretty obvious that her mother is beautiful.
She has the same intense eyes as Ryder, her and the triplets share a similar facial features, there is no question that she is Richa-rd ‘s.
Her brown curly hair is so long and pretty. I can’t help but to pu-ll my f!nger throu-gh the soft texture.
She is so adorable.
But as adorable as she is, how do I explain to the triplets that they have a sister when they wake up?
I really don’t want to lie to them and as smart as they are, they will ask questions.
I should have thought of these before volunteering to keep her.
Guess its too late now.
I knew that at some point my $h!t would hit the fan.
“Come on little one, let’s l@yyou down next to Ryder so you can sleep comfy.” I whispered to her.
I wanted to say that I would l@yher down next to her brother but it just felt too weird and it made it all too real.
I am only a human being so its not unusual for me to have crazy feelings and when I say crazy feelings, I mean feeling betrayed by Richa-rd in some crazy way because he was never here for the triplets the way he is for her.
But I’m not jealous.
I am mad at myself because I didn’t give him much of a choice. I didn’t try ha-rd enough. But I do feel betrayed in a s-en-se because of even though we weren’t together he had another child. He loved someone else who wasn’t me.
It may sound crazy and some people may never un-derstand but some feelings can’t be put into words.
I opened my be-droom door and saw Ryder still asleep. I move the covers and l@yher next to him, then covered her and placed pillows around her so she doesn’t roll off the be-d.
Coffee! Yes that is what I nee-d.
I took a shower and got dressed in some sweats and T-shi-t and then made myself some coffee.
There was a knock at the door. I went and opened it to be greeted by Erica.
“Hey! What are doing up so early and at my house?”I asked before stepping aside and letting her in.
“Daniel is so mad! Mad at me, mad at you but most of all mad at Richa-rd ! ” she exclaims before storming in and off in the direction of the kitchen.
I closed the door and walked into the kitchen to see her pouring coffee, the coffee I made for myself. Guess I’ll just have to make another cu-p since I only made a cu-p earlier.
“So why is Daniel mad now?” I ask as I go about ma-king some more coffee.
I had so much going on that a mad Daniel seemed to be the least of my concern but because he is important to Erica, I’ll be concerned.
“I told him the truth about everything, the triplets, I mean after what happened in the hospital there was no use lying anymore even if I wanted to. He’s mad because I broke up with him, wasting six years, instead of talking to him and being honest. He’s mad at you for not telling Richa-rd causing us to have to break up and them not having a p@rt in the triplets lives. Most especially mad at Richa-rd for not going after you that morning, he believed that if Richa-rd had man up and went after you, all this wouldn’t have happened!” She goes on in a rant.
“You should have seen him ,pacing up and down complaining about the years he wasted. Oh Ari! I don’t know what to do. I tried explaining to him that we tried to talked to Richa-rd , but he doesn’t believe me..”
“Erica I am so sorry. This is all my fault! I should have never let you broke up with him to keep my secret. ” I felt my eyes water, but I closed them.
I have no right to cry when its all my fault.
“Anna plea-se st©p this. No one f0rç£d me to do what I did. I did it because I wanted to and because it felt like the right thing to do. ” she told me earnestly.
I nod. Still feeling guilty.
“Ariana I will always be there for you and the kids unless daniel becomes my husband, you and my god babies will always come first. ” she smiled.
“What did I ever do to deserve you ?” I hvgged her.
“Aunt Erica! Did you bring me more princess crowns? ” Rose squeals and comes barreling to Erica’s leg.
Whatever happened to good morning?
And is mom invisible?
I pu-ll-ed ap@rt from Erica’s embr@ce and let her climb up in Erica’s l@p.
It’s funny how everyone has their favorite child out of three. They treat them all equally but some reason just have one special child. I seem to be the only one who doesn’t.
Erica and sabrina just spoils Rose with tons of girly things.
My mom spoils Ryan with tons of dinosaur stuffs, mostly book. My dad spoils Ryder with toy cars and trucks. Whether my dad admits it or not, he loves the mischievous streak in Ryder. I have caught him smiling at his antic before and only scolded him when my mom complains about him becoming a juvenile delinquent because of no discipline of his actions. I can tell that she loves Ryan because he sits still and re-ad or watch dinosaur day. He’s the least troublesome out of the three. Rose get away with it all and is just both their princess. She bosses them around to do tea p@rties.
“Hi aunt erica. ” I look down to see Ryan standing next to my legs.
“Hey handsome, I like your dinosaurs pajamas. I think your getting a bit big though for those, don’t you think so?” She asked him.
He shakes his head no.
Yeah right. I struggled just trying to get his legs into that thing at night. I wonder how it hasn’t cut off his circulation. He refused to sleep in anything else so I let him have his way, at some point he won’t be able to squee-ze in it and will just ask for another one.
Erica laughs at his silliness.
“You are re-ady for breakfast?” I ask rose and then Ryan.
After both answered and told me they both wanted cornflakes, I told them to go wake Ryder up.
It wasn’t until they ran out the kitchen that I remember that they normally jump all over my be-d to wake Ryder up and Andrea’s slee-ping next to him!
I ran into the room after them. I made it in time to see them jump on the be-d but I was able to gr-ab rose and st©p them before they jumped on andrea not noticing her.
“Damn it! St©p! ” I hiss putting them both on the floor.
Both and andrea and Ryder are shifting and turning, waking up! Ryder opens his eyes, ru-bbing them and I swore he sm-irked at me!
“Damn it! Why do you ……” He suddenly st©p and look at Andrea who woke up and has been smiling at him.
I look at Rose and Ryan to see them both staring at her quietly also.
Oh ohhhhhhh! Here goes the questions! Take a de-ep breath ariana.
“Mommy! That girl is back! She’s in your be-d!” Rose points.
I guess they forgot her name alre-ady! They were too busy pla-ying with each other yesterday to ask many questions about her.
“I know! ” I simply say.
Ryan then looks at me questioningly.
“Why?” Was all he ask.
“She’s staying with us for the day!”
I don’t know what else to say.
“Mama! ” Andrea smiles at me.
“You are her mom too? Is she my sister like Rose? Where do babies come from mom? Can you buy me a dinosaur book or CD that show me where babies come from?” Ryan asks.
Now how do I ignore his questions? Do I lie to him? Or tell them the truth? After all she is his sister and seeing as Richa-rd know about them now, she will be p@rt of their lives.
“Yes your sister. Her name is Andrea”
I hope they don’t react badly as I choose to ignore the where babies come from question.
“Yay! Can she pl@yprincess with me mummy?”
“No she has to watch dinosaurs with me. You like dinosaurs, right sis?”
“No! She like cars!”
“Caws!” Andrea squeals and cl@p.
“See I told you!” Ryder boast because andrea repeated the word ‘car’.
Ryder jumped off the be-d while Andrea looked amused by him. He then stretched out his hand out of her and to my surprise she got on her stomach and slid off the be-d then took his hand and left the room.
Of all three children! Why on earth would she choose ryder! Don’t get me wrong, he is an absolute sweetheart but when bored, he stirs up more mischief than you could possibly imagine.
Rose and ryan then run out of the room still arguing about who Andrea will pl@ywith.
I thought it would have been worst.
I hope they react the same way when I introduce Richa-rd to them as their dad.
I walk back into the kitchen to see erica laughing.
“What’s so funny?” I asked
“Oh nothing! Or maybe the face you made when Ryan asked if andrea is his sister or where babies come from! I thought you were going to faint!” She laughs even ha-rder.
“Just shut your mouth! Wait until you have your own kids, I will do the laughing then.” I shush her
“Yeah right! Your ch!pmunks are enough for me! I am not having a child soon. ” she says with a frightened face.
Yeah I would be frightened too. Her life is too hectic now. She ba-rely has time to feed her fish pet that she replaces every week because they starve to death and she thinks no one noticed.
“Anyways! Why do you have Richa-rd daughter?”
Oh no! Not her with the questions.
“Erica she keeps calling me mama. Like where is her mom? And Richa-rd is letting her call me mama which is even more weird. Do you think if I let him take the kids out for day, maybe for weekend outings….he would let them call Andrea’s mother, mom? Oh hell! I will not have my children call another woman, mom!” I huffed.
“Anyways Richa-rd cane here early this morning and……” I explained everything to her.
“So you are just going to let her keep calling you mom?” She asked.
“No! I mean how do I tell a….I don’t even know how old is she. Maybe 2 years going to 3. How do I tell her to st©p calling me mama?” I questioned sarcastically.
“I just don’t un-derstand why Richa-rd let’s her call me mama!”
“Maybe you should ask him.”
“I did. I even asked him where her mother was and why he didn’t take her to her mother but his reply was that its a long story and he Is here for the triplets not that. ”
“Ari, I know that you used to have a hvge crush on Richa-rd in high school and ended up falling in love with him. I know it’s a t©pic we avoided since the triplets were born but are you still in love with him?” She asked out of nowhere.
That I can’t answer.
“Babies, its time for breakfast!” I shout dien the hallway trying my best to ignore her question.
As soon as I start to put the bowls down, I hear little footsteps pitter pattering throu-gh the hallway.
The kids run to their kiddie’s table and all sat down.
But there is only 3 chairs.
“Mama! Mama! My sit!” Andrea said giving me a sad face.
“Okay. Come here.” I said opening my arms.
She runs over to me and I pick her up and sit her on my l@p at the dinning table. I opened the milk and gave her a spoon to li-ck.
“Hey Erica! Can you help them? plea-se” I beg as I gesture towards the kids table
“Sure! But I’m going to be leaving soon. I nee-d to st©p by work before I head back home to pick up the spring design and drop them off in long island this morning..” She tells me while pouring coco puffs in Ryan’s bowl.
“Okay that’s fine. ” I respond while taking up the spoon and bringing it to Andrea’sl-ip.
She opens her mouth and take a mouthful, looking at me with her piercing eyes while she chews.
“You like that sweetie?” I asked her and she opens her mouth more.
After her second spoon I started to act like I with the triplets when they were younger. I ru-bbe-d her tummy.
“Good girl! Yummy in your tummy!”
The kids were eating and chatting but Erica was quiet.
I looked over to see her smiling at me earnestly.
“Do you want more kids Ari? Motherhood just fit you so well. You look so adorable with her.” She smiled
“I have never thought of having another child. I do miss them in their baby stage. But if I want another child, I will have to be married. I don’t see that happening. So having another child is out of my list. ” I told her.
Erica had to leave.
The kids pla-yed, napped and watched movies while I cleaned, did laundry and cooked.
Richa-rd had called around nap time in the afternoon to see if I could keep andrea for a while longer because he had to go to the office for an emergency conference call and deal with some paper work.
I told him it was fine and that she was slee-ping. Her following ryder around has its peek. He’s so hyper off life that it didn’t take much time to tire her out.
Richa-rd didn’t make it back to dinner time so I fed them and gave them all a bath and wore them their pajamas but since there was none in Andrea’s diaper bag, I put her on one of Rose’s younger nightgo-wn that I still had.
By the time be-d time rolled around, I tucked them all in and re-ad to them, while carrying Andrea in my arms.
She’s overly attached to me.
Very weird.
I went to be-d with her, laying her beside me but leaving space for ryder because I know he would be coming to sleep with me once he wakes up and realized he was in his be-d like every other night.
Tonight is an early night for us like all Sundays. The triplets have school in the morning and I am tired and have work in the morning.
I still haven’t heard back from Richa-rd . His phone kept going back to voicemail.
I guess I will just text him before I sleep and hope he gets it.
📤Me:hey, I have been trying to call you. It’s getting late and I am going to sleep. You can get Andrea in the morning at 7:30 before I leave. If you can still make it this night, then there is a key un-der the gnome by the front door. I’m really tired so I might not hear the door bell. Goodnight.
With that, I put my cell phone on the charger, turn the lamp off and cu-mddled up to the little busy next to me wondering where’s her mother.