Billionaire crush Episode 1

Billionaire’s Crush
🌺Chapter 1🌺
It’s the last day of s£nior year.
I sighed as I walked throu-gh the hallways to my last clas-s with my best friends sabrina and Erica.
I won’t miss high school I thought as I was looking around as I walked, but I will miss my friends when I leave to New York, well at least sabrina. Unlike Erica and I, she would be going to DTTS university in Texas.
“Oh, Michael. I am going to miss you. Who are you going to call now when you’re lonely? ” I heard none other than little miss popular or should I say the school who-re, daniella.
I only rolled my eyes at her but I couldn’t help but notice Richa-rd .
Everyone calls him Michael, because from what I heard and have witnessed, he is a pla-yer and he gives girls that he doesn’t know wrong names.
He apparently messed around with a girl our sophomore year and told her he was Michael.
When he c@m£ to school the next day, he saw her and had no clue she went here because she was new and had just bec@m£ a cheer leader.
Being a member of the cheerleading team, she told all the girls that she had S-x with him and he told her to call him micheal. All the girls started calling him Michael ever since. I think they are hoping that by calling him micheal he will sleep with them too.
“Good afternoon clas-s!” Ms Gwen says as I take my seat.
“As you all know, today is your last day before graduation and therefore, principal maxwell just wanted me to use the last period to brief everyone about graduation and answer all questions necessary.”
This is why I won’t miss high school. Everything is so repetitive. We alre-ady had rehearsals yesterday for graduation. This is so pointless, they could have just let us go home early. I pu-ll out my note book so that I can scribble and zone out this waste of 40 minutes.
Roses are red
Violets are blue
Richa-rd you’re so arrogant.
But I think I might love you
I wrote my corny love sick poem in the back of my book and drew a heart around it.
Richa-rd has been my one and only crush for as long as I can remember the first day I saw him, it was freshman year, when he had just moved here.
I was standing at my locker when he walked throu-gh the door and I froze along with every other female who saw him.
He looked like a sun k!$$£d god. Tall and lean, with a surfer boy look, to match his f!nger combe-d blonde hair, caramel brown eyes and captivating eyes.
I was looking at him. He was and still is the cutest guy ever to me.
I have had other mild crushes here and there but throu-gh it all, I have always lvsted after Richa-rd , I refuse to call him micheal and be like his other groupies.
Ever since he moved here he bec@m£ popular with the Both the guys and the girls for his good
Look and wealth. Always throwing the most epic p@rties. Well, that is what I always heard since I have never been to any of his p@rty.
You may call me a nerd because I’m not popular or ap@rt of the popular crowd.
I spend most of my lunch time in the libr@ry re-ading. I don’t care about the latest fashion, hairstyle or make up. I don’t p@rty or have b©yfri£nds. I am still a v!rg!nand had never been k!$$£d by a boy.
Well maybe once, but it was just a pe-ck.
At the end of the day, I am just simply me.
The nerd of all your AP clas-ses and at the moment , the valedictorian for my clas-s.
My mocha brown hair is long and down to my back, I am not tall but I am not short either. Maybe 5’4. I have green eyes which sometimes look grey, but not that everyone notice since I wear glas-ses, I hate fighting with my contacts. I’m not fat neither am I skinny. I’m more curvy.
I stob scribbling and put my hand down behind me and extend my open palm to Erica who was sitting behind me and poking me, what she always does when pas-sing notes. I close my hand around the note and look up to make sure Ms.Gwens is not paying attention to us and she’s not. So I open the note in my book and re-ad what she wrote;
Today is the last day of school, when are you going to st©p being a chickem and go talk to Richa-rd ? Oh and since its the last p@rty for us all together, you have to come to the p@rty after graduation at Richa-rd house. I won’t take no for a reply.
I wrote back:
I am not a chicken, I just don’t know how he will react. I have never really have a real conversation with him before to know how he would react. I heard he is a bit rude some times. I’ll just go to the p@rty and do that then.
I pas-sed the note back to her and heard a squeal 30 seconds later.
“Erica is there something you would like to share with the clas-s or spend your last day in detention?” I heard Ms Gwen ask Erica.
Erica is a good girl but also had the mouth of a sailor if you piss her off, so clearly expecting her stupid response before she even said it.
“I was just shocked and yelped because I just remembered my period was due today and was just about to ask you if you had any pads? I mean if you aren’t pas-sed the age for such things.” She said.
The clas-s laughed at her regardless and then resumed to order until the bell rang. We walked out of the clas-s and I went to my locker to clean out all of my remaining things but not before promising to meet Erica and sabrina in the parking lot.
As soon as I was in the parking lot I saw Richa-rd leaned up against his red porsche with half the female student b©dy surrounding him as always. How could I ever get a chance to talk to him? He is so way out of my league. I am not his type.
Some people may think I have confidence and self esteem problems but I am just honestly comfortable with myself.
I actually think I am pretty, but I don’t dwell on beauty. Beauty fades so does eyesight.
I tend to wear baggy clothes and loosed fitted clothes. I mostly did it because I felt comfortable in them but also because I really hated attention.
Some people might think I have self confidence issues because I did not live up the stereotype of being a mean bit-ch, conceited or slutty like the other girls.
But they are wrong.
I actually love myself and I am comfortable the way I am.
I know I can let my hair out of my ponytail or put in my clothes or wearless baggy clothes but I really don’t like being the center of attention. So I figured out that this was the best, it brings out who I am. Not who I pretend to be.
I walk by him and his entourage and noticed some of the girls looking at me.
“Its the weirdo. I don’t un-derstand why she dresses this way.” I over heard one girl said.
I didn’t bother to st©p and see who it was but I could guess it was either Daniela or one of her minions. I had the urge to ask before why is it that they hate me out of frustration at their constant torment.
But what does it matter, I really don’t care what what they have to say. Those who matter don’t mind and those who mind don’t matter. I’m sure if I visit the str!p club in about 5 years, half of them will be pres£nt on stage.
“I know right! She so ewhhhhh! She looks like a nob©dy.” They all laughed at that comment until I heard Richa-rd told them to cut it out and they all turned their attention back to him.
At that time I did slow down and glanced at Richa-rd and to my surprise, our eyes met each other. I g@sped and because I was looking at Richa-rd instead of where I was going, I tr!pp£dand fell causing my stuff to fall all over the side walk.
OK! Now I must admit this is embarras-sing. I guess I just missed my chance with Richa-rd .
I gro-an ed as I pushed up off my stomach but then I felt someone lift me up off the ground. What the heck!
“Are you okay?” It was Richa-rd and I was suddenly speechless.
He looked at me worriedly and I could only nod my head. I was in a gaze as I stared into his intense ocean blue eyes and felt myself pressed against his che-st.
This was not how I wanted to have my first real conversation with him. This was all so wrong. But then I never thought he of all people will come to my rescue.
“Anna! Omg. Are you okay?” I heard my friends say.
I turned in his arms to see Erica looking amused, while sabrina was getting my stuff off the ground.
He lowered me to the ground and asked once again if I was okay. After nodding again, he left and went back to his groupies.
I snapped myself out of the shock I was in and gathered all my remaining stuff of the ground while I heard all the guys laughing and saw the girls glaring at me.
“Did you see how he was looking at her? Like she was the most precious thing ever!” Sabrina said to Erica.
“Yes. Anna why didn’t you talk to him. That was your chance!” Erica said as she looked at me as if I was crazy.
“I didn’t know what to say. My br@in wasn’t functioning… I….” I stuttered.
We got into Sabrina’s car and head home. Tomorrow is going to be a very long day!
As I was introduce to the audience and my clas-smates to give the speech, I tried to subside my nerves. I took a de-ep breath and walked up to the podium. I pu-ll-ed out my speech and looked over the sea of people and began:
“Good morning everyone and welcome to this once in a lifetime joyous celebr@tion. My name is Ariana Harrison. I searched the internet for hours to find a motivational speech and I found nothing, so I will put into words the best I can, short and sweets. I have been to graduations before and I ha-rd ly pay attention to the speechs. Everyone tries to give long speeches thinking they are inspiring us, but what they are doing is mostly boring. They will be busy talking and enjoying it, while we are texting and ignoring it. What 18 year old would like to listen to their parent of elders? We are always doing the opposite of what we are told to do. After graduation this is your time to gain experience. To explore the world. Be late for clas-s, get drun!k, sleep for a thousand hours, p@rty like never before, travel the world, dress the way you feel like dressing, get a tatoo, Pierce your ears, don’t listen to your parent. They are alre-ady old school. ( they all laugh, while some parents look at me shocked at what I telling their kids
) I say this to because whatever you do now determines your future. Don’t do things you know you will regret. Create good memories not bad memories. Strive to become someone role model. It has been a long four years and short four years. Long because of all the dramas and bad homework, the boring re-adings and early-morning extra credit projects and all other little pratfalls that hit us in highschool. Short because of the lifelong friendsh!ps, the lasting memories, and truly interesting and amazing things we learned between the occasional bits of drudgery.
To our parents, thank you for supporting us in many ways. It impossible to count , you dragged us out of be-d each morning, made sure we are fed and clothed for school. You herded us out the door to the bust©p or drove us to school yourselves. You helped us with our homework and paid our clas-s fees and listened to our complaints. You c@m£ to our pla-ys, attended our sporting events and chaperoned our dances. You commiserated over our daily dramas and you also tried to give us space to learn how to work things out ourselves.
To our coaches and advisors, thank you for ma-king school about more than just clas-swork, throu-gh sports, we learned how to power throu-gh adversity and give it our best effort, win or lose.
To our custodial staff and lunch room attendants, thank you for keeping our school clean. You know better than anyone else what slobs we’ve been.
To our principal, vice principal and a other staff, thank you for keeping things running smoothly so our teachers could concentrate on us. We’re better off for it.
To our guidance counselors, thank you for listening to us and trying to help us on the right track for graduation.without your help, some of us might not be graduation today.
And to my fellow clas-smate always remember this ‘you cannot make it to the t©p by sitting on your bottom. You have to work your way to success to achieve anything in life. Nothing comes easy. You either get opportune or you work for it. You still have to work for thar opportunity to last long for you. Congrats to my fellow graduatant of Pamela high school, we did it!”
I was stunned when everyone stood up and started cl@pping ! I heard someone whistle and look over to see it was Richa-rd . I smiled at him and took my seat. Maybe I still have a chance after all.