beyond fairytale episode 25 & 26



(Pure love)

THEME: In his lyrics


By Maya (J.A)




“Monalisa” Mr vincent called too shocked.

Catty and Bryce Stare at each other then back to their mom.

“Mom, what’s happening?“ They chorused.

“Monalisa, is this really you?“ Mr Vincent asked.

“No its not, thanks to you” she said and quickly wipe her tears

“Well is he your son?“ He asked referring to Bryce.

“Skip the question and tell me why you call me here?“. She said sternly.

“Well, I want him to stay away from my son’s fiancee” Mr Vincent said as he finally look away from her.

Miss Mona chuckled first and face him

“What fiancee, are you talking about?“ She scoffed.

“Holly Donald, daughter of my very good friend, he is been all over her and I don’t like that, cause he is making her not to have time for him anymore” he said not sparing her a glance.

“Holly Donald?, thought she said, she is an orphan” miss Mona said surprised.

“I think you may have gone crazy woman!, I am her father and i am the the number one richest man here in America, are you that local not to know?“ Mr Donald fired and Miss Mona step back in shock and tears.

Her eyes moved from Vincent to Donald and tears rolled down her cheeks immediately.

How can they insult her in front of her own kids and the director, they don’t regard any respect for her just because she is poor.

And Vincent and his friend had the guts to talk her this way, after all she went through for him.

“You know about her too?“ She managed to ask facing Bryce and Catty.

“Mom, we can ex…”

“Shut the f**k up” she half yelled slapping Bryce making him have a cut on his lips.

“I told you, I told you right, I told you to avoid anything concerning the rich, didn’t I?, now look what you have got me into again” she cried as she walk out of the office angrily dragging them along.

“Bryce?“ Holly called rushing after them as she saw how Miss Mona was dragging him with her.

“Don’t you even dare move closer” she said dangerously invoking fear in Holly.

Bryce and Catt dare not speak, they know their mom, when ever she is mad, she is totally different from her normal state.

“Mom, I am sorry” she stuttered holding her cheeks.

“Stay away, and I don’t want to ever have anything to do with you” she said angrily and walk away dragging her kids along.

Tears rolled down her cheeks freely as she held Bryce and Catty hand walking as fast as her leg could carry her.

Of course how could she forgot those pains she went through so soon.

Begging on the street with her kids, sleeping in the rain with two kids, she has no shelter, she has to be their shelter when there is cold.

She went through all this cause she fell in love with a rich guy, who didn’t think twice before dumping her and go for his sweet rich wife to be.

How can she let her children go through such pains too.

She stop a cab and they step inside without complaining.

Soon they got to their apartment, and Bryce felt his heart shattered seeing his mom break into fresh tears.

He tried wiping her tears but she hit his hand away, as she run to her room and lock the door.

“I forbid any one of you to step out, you two are grounded” she said from the room still crying.

Bryce sigh tiredly as he fell on the couch, she didn’t even give him any room to ask questions.

He don’t even know what is actually making her cry, is it the fact that they lied to her or its the men she met there or its the way they spoke to her?.

Remembering the look on Holly’s face, he bit his lower lips .

“I have never seen mom like this my whole life” Catt my muttered bursting into tears as she walk to Miss Mona’s door.

She is mom’s pet and anytime she sees her mom in a sad mood, she may joined her too.

“Mom, please forgive us, we are sorry, we didn’t want to go out of the line but our heart did” she said as she sat down in front of the door joining her forehead with the door.

Miss Mona sat down on the floor in the room too, crying so hard as she roughed her hair.

She look at her reflection on the big mirror in the room and she burst into tears.

She is still young for crying out loud.

She is just 37 having a baby at the age of 17 is not something good to be remembering all the time.

“Just go to your room, I will be fine “ she said sniffing in.


Holly walk into the office angrily facing her dad and Mr Vincent.

“What did you two did to that poor woman?“ Holly asked boldly.

“You should watch your tongue, kid, you don’t know anything about love” the two chorused and she burst into a mysterious laughter.

“Really?, am not gonna be like you two who dump your first lover for….” her words was cut short as her dad pull her close covering her mouth.

Miss Emily eyes widened too.

This little girl seems to know more than her self.

“This school will be on break for a two weeks till Holly and Bryan wedding date is out” Mr Donald said and released Holly’s mouth.

Mr Vincent gesture the security to the needful.

The security nod immediately as they grab Holly right but not rough, they cover her nose with a white handkerchief and she slept off immediately.

Of course that the best way to handle her.

“Wait, who ask you two to do that?“ Mr Donald asked shocked.

“Mrs Donald sir” they replied and he just nod with shock still written allover her face.

His wife!, tch that lady!!

Bryan who was coming out of the school with Mae, ready to go see her parents with her, received a message from mrs Donald.

“If you really want her, the security druged her already, now is your chance to have your way with her, I also sent a drink to your room, you can drink from it, don’t worry, she will be injected before getting to your room, don’t fail me, am doing this cause I promise your late mom, that holly will be yours no matter what, she was my very good friend” he read the message and that only give him a turn on.

He grinned evilly and turn to face Mae.

“Am sorry,I think you should go alone, I have a business to finish.” He said handing her some note.

She nod and collect it muttering a thank you.

He step into his car and ignite the engine as he zoom off.

<<<< Holly eyes flip open and the first thing her eyes met, was the blur fan. She blink her eyes rapidly and quickly sit up as she remember what happened earlier. How can her own dad allow his security to do that to her?. Her eyes widened more when she began to sweat, she look round the room and it dawned on her its not even her room. She quickly look to the table close to Ber and she sight her phone. Looking at the phone beside her phone, she know it Bryan's phone. So they succeeded?, how can her family want her to loose her pride to a guy who can't control his séxual urges. She quickly unlock her phone and text Bryce. She hope he come to save her, he is her only option now, and the heck?, he is mad at her. Will he even come to her aid? She tried leaving the bed, but she fell back weakly as she felt her body getting hot. The door pull open and Bryan walk in supoinh from a his wine cup. “Hey beauty” welcome to my aboard” he smiled as he was standing with just towel. “You wont get away with this” she managed to say as she held her cloth to her body tight, sweating badly. “I think I did already, hang on while I shower wifey” he smirked and move closer to her. Holly eyes rolled in its socket weakly. Her eyes move to his groin and fear gripped her seeing how hard his thing is down there. “You see that?, its ready for you baby” he said and hovered her as he kissed her neck down to her chest. “Get off me” she cried trying to push him off but her hands are to feeble to do that. “Jeez I just can't wait” he grinned And walk into the bathroom. The door open and Delila walk in smiling evilly. “We won finally, so i will help with the cloth” Delila smirks and approach the weak Holly as she start to take the clothe off. >>>>

Bryce read the text message over and over again, and he sigh tiredly.

His mom grounded him few hours ago, is she even saying the truth.

How sure is he that she is not trying to lure him out so she can be all over him again shouting “I have missed you”

He read the text message again but seeing that she is asking for his help not to see him, and she even say she is at Bryan’s room get him more worried.

He stand up and walk to Catty.

“Hey, when mom comes out, tell her am off to save Holly at Bryan’s house” he said

And walk out not waiting for Catt my to even utter any words.

The cab stop at the big mansion and he step out.

“Holly, where are you?, am here” he shouted as he got to the mansion.

“Hey, what the f*”k are you doing at my mansion” Mr Vincent asked as he walk out to meet Bryce.

“Sorry to say sir, that’s totally rapé, she is my girlfriend” he said boldly.

“I can see you are as foolish as whoever your poverty dad is” he said as he look at his security.

Bryce frowned angrily.

“Don’t talk to my dad like that” he defended.

“Security” he called and Bryce rolled his eye ball.

“Take him away and deal with him” he said and for security came to drag Bryce away.

Bryce punched one of the security and he start bleeding from the nose immediately.

The remaining three rushed at him and he start to fight them.


“Mom, mom, are you there?, Bryce is out of the house, he is off to save Holly” Catt my cried banging Miss Mona’s door as she feels like everything is not gonna be okay.

The door abruptly pulled open as Miss Mona step out.

“He is out to do what?“ She asked breathing hard.

“He is off to Bryan’s house and they are a lot of security there, they might beat him up mom” Catty said worriedly.

“Do you know the way to Bryan’s house?“ She asked Catty and she nod.

<<<< Miss Mona and Catt my walked into the compound to meet three security down, while two face held Bryce down beating him so mercilessly, while Mr Vincent stand there watching them. Is that the son she has brought up with pains and everything she has? Is that the son, she has sacrifices her youthful life for? Is that the son she has go through a lot for? How can this man stand there and watch security beat him, of course he would, she took every pain, she took him for nine month, he wasn't there to help her share the pain. “Hey, leave my son, you idot” miss Mona cried running to them. The security won't even listen to her, so she run to Mr Vincent grabbing his collar. “Hey….let go..“ He trailed off as blind sounding slap followed. Did she just slap him?. He wanted to grab her hand on his collar but her next words weakened his whole system. “He is your son,you idíot” she cried still holding his collar. Before he could say anything, they heard Holly scream from Bryan's room “No,no” Bryce cried trying to get up while catty pushed the security away from him. ~~~T B C~~~