Beyond captivating episode 18

Beyond Captivating
By Op. Amina
Episode 18

Lucas POV :
I wish my night wasn’t all that annoying but it was …
Damn I couldn’t sleep, God I couldn’t take my eyes off her ,,
All night all I did was turn and toss just to get a glimpse of her …
It was as if I’ve never seen a woman in my entire life …
God she was different, she was damn different and its turning me nut …

How can anyone be like her ..
Tough , strong and fearless ..
Have met countless of girls I never really thought was special ….
But she in p@rticular …..
She was the first woman that has ever resisted my looks,
Not even resisted, she doesn’t seems a bit affected …
instead all I get was names and abuses…
Gosh this is so funny …I cant believe this,
Am going crazy….
I struggled up and sat …
i realised right at that moment all i so nee-ded was some fresh air …
yes fresh air
I pick up my a wrist watch only to realise its just 2:am..
God just 2:am…I hope I won’t suffocate before morning surface in full
I was about pu-lling the blanket away for the bathroom when she stirred…

With a skipped heart, my gaze shifted to her direction
My eyes followed her movement for a moment, then returned to the study of her face
She was moving herl-ips and saying something, I wonder what it was ..
When she finally st©pped her face was angled to my direction ..
memory of the way she c@m£ right at me this afternoon looking exactly like some horror all craved and bug eyed with that kind of attitude made me shiver …

God what kind of human being is she?? ..
Ap@rt from my mum…I mean no girl has ever reacted to me the way she does….God
Suddenly a frown made its way to my face when i stared down at herl-ips
I was blinking like someone trying to come out of a trance….
I ru-bbe-d my hands over my jaw just to try keeping my hand in place….
But I couldn’t
Slowly I lean over and traced the ti-p of my thumb along her cheek to the corner of her mouth and when I shifted my gaze back to her face.

The innocence in her clear beautiful face made something hit me in the che-st
It was more like an heavy one..
quic-kly i adjusted my form and placed my hand to my che-st, it was beating like have just run a marathon …
g@sping at the shock of it, i to-re my gaze back to her not wanting to believe the effect she just had on me … Struggling to reestablish my self-control, i tried possible best to steel myself against the magnetism that just happened while I opened my mouth slightly for air…
Slowly, when I turn to stare at her this time, i realised her robe was slightly shifted to her shoulder in turn ex-posing the upper slopes of her br**st

My God,
I threw the covers sideway and raced for the bathroom…
Where the hell is this towel..
Towel …….God
I opened the tap , and packed as much of water my hand could carry on my face before turning it off …
Calm down Lucas …
Calm down,
I dabbe-d the towel on my face …
F-ck I can’t calm down, don’t tell me to calm down, am going crazy
With one hand leaning on my h!ps,
I glanced around the bathroom for a moment and when my sight catches the sight of her un-der wears,
I hold my breath and staggered towards the wall,

I str!pped her out of those ..I str!pped her
God Where is heaven ..I hit my head slightly on wall…
Its not your first time of str!pping a woman Lucas,
you’ve str!p countless of woman much of them ,,
Of course they are uncountable,
Those you remembered and so many of those you don’t …..
Sooo just breath in and breath out ..
Am f-cking breathing in and breath out, its not working for heaven sake
The feeling of frustration twisted my stomach in knots ,

When I realise I couldn’t calm down
This time I went straight to the shower..
With one hand br@ced against the tile wall ,,
I kept my face in the spray as long as I could hold my breath and bent my head forward to let the h0t water pound my n£¢k while my eyes clenches against the rivulets that streamed over my face ….
Control yourself Lucas …control
How can i control myself when i don’t even know what’s happening to me …
Gosh I cant believe this ….
After towel drying my hair ,
Restless footsteps carried me from the bathroom to room in repeated cycles.

I st©pped countless of time to stare at her before getting back to business, i realize
how difficult it was to remain calm before her
Either she mesmerized me, terrified me, or infuriated me
Is this all about her uniqueness to all other girls or what …
Is this all about the way she talk back at me …
What is this all about ??
Have got to st©pped thinking about her , that’s it.

Suddenly the sight of her looking so peaceful caught my attention ,
I moved towards the side of the be-d and stared transfixed at her features.
I gauge her n£¢k to realise her temperature had fully gone down..
I was there staring at her when the phone jeered me out of my reverie ..
I went hurriedly to gr-ab it only I recalled its not my phone …
I glanced at the caller I.D …
Guess it must be one of her friend.
. …
I picked it when it let out another ring..but guess the network wasn’t that plea-sant …
I dropped the phone and moved towards her once more,
This time her robe alre-ady fall to a direction I couldn’t help but swallow my saliva …
I stood up hurriedly and raced for the bathroom once more ..
I was pacing left and right while I hold on to my head ….
God what kind of temptation is this
I raced back to the room ….and back to the bathroom..
Finally Closing one of my eye i moved towards her direction to adjust the rope …
“How can you sleep this way Silvia, a man is here for Christ sake ”
My stomach did a special kind of little lurch when I looked at her,

And i so wished an hundreds time she could just be like other girls,
Shaking my head to shift my stupidity away , I reminded myself someone like Me couldn’t be with anyone ,
Even at that, it can’t be someone like her …
She wasn’t my type …
Gosh not even half of my type so Lucas
You’ve got to st©p this stupidity ….
I eased back on the be-d beside her ,
I realise clearly that ri-ding this kind of girl out of my mind wasn’t going to be that simple …
I just hope five o clock c@m£ sooner so I could go get some fresh air alre-ady …
I eyed my wrist watch regularly and keep turning with toss of aching head …
I tried getting some sleep but it wasn’t working …

She kept mo-aning and stirring but heaven knows I had to ignored her or else I might faint at any moment …
Capping my frustration with a thin line of composure
I ba-red my teeth and had to closed my eyes when I felt her hands on me ….
“Jamie ,whom ever your daddy is , am gonna search for him don’t worry ”
I eased my self up and hurriedly stared back at her only to realise she was sleep talking …
God this woman
Jamie ,was her son and whats this about looking for his daddy “.
I sat up and ru-bbe-d my hands on my face …my eyes were incredibly heavy and aching
Gosh why is 5.o clock taking forever
When I realise it was past five ….

I eased on a foot wear and raced down stairs towards the sleepy receptionist who suddenly maintain their postures and wi-de-ned their eyes at me as if they just won a lottery ticket …
” wao unbelievable, Lucas Tyson whoahhh” they were in fact dancing …
Look at them, this chickens…
if only they could be like that woman upstairs.. mtchii mtchii
“I nee-d some fresh air, ”
“Wao You are getting some fresh air here sire ” one of them said while blinking her catty eye lashes se-ductively

” I mean the ones from God, the one outside ,” I gritted my teeth against the urge to gr-ab and bite one of them on the nose ….
Simple instructions
What’s wrong with this girls…
“Emm sire ,,the rain hasn’t fully st©pped ,” the other said…
I knew it was one of their trick to keep staring at me ….
“I nee-d your contacts ” one of them said
But i was fast to race towards the door instead …
And when the fresh air finally hit me in the face ….

God …I immediately felt lighted …
I can’t believe this ..
I opened my arms wi-de to welcome it …. Glad there were only drops of the rain left …
I strode towards a direction …
Unbelievably it felt crazy though but I found myself smiling with the shift thought of that lady …
Damn what kind of human being is she???

Nigel POV:
Last night
With the heavy rain
I knew the hurricane was coming sooner ..
We all looked up at
Mrs Tyson’s who wouldn’t st©p worrying why Lucas and the lady wasn’t back yet
Her temper kept erupting with all ferocity of a volcanic blast and right there I knew she purposely hired her mainly for no other but Lucas …

But the reason for it got me curious
Jack, Elliot , tom and i all but stared at her and keep calming her while she paced aimlessness before she finally went in to make a call …
I had to follow her stylishly without my other friends knowing to eaves drop on who ever it was she was calling …
There did I realise she hired her mainly to change Lucas ..
Dammit I should have known,
Anger, belated fear surged throu-gh me at once ..
This woman …

Of course only the blind wouldn’t notice the change in Lucas ever since that lady stood up to him like that,
I knew him well enough with this believe that no girl can ever resist his looks
But it was glaring the lady doesn’t seems affected
And I realise it could have been the one turning him into some crazy nut …
But that lady i think have seen her on Celine’s phone quite on many occasion, are they related somehow …
I su-cked in a breath when I heard her foot step and how she was spatting out words of complain .. hurriedly I doubled my steps and out to the direction my friends ….
When she c@m£ back she squee-zed her eyes shut while she puts her hands over face …
“Her mum said she’s has an allergy to rain ,, I just hope she’s okay …”

“How can anyone be allergy to rain”
Jack called out …
“She said something about itching or ache ,, I just hope Lucas brou-ght her in safely”….
She took her seat looking all gruff and disgr-untled…
Its been almost three hours now ,and I wonder what was keeping them ,,
Yet some thought in my head said there car must have tumbled to where ever …gosh i cant believe i found myself loving the idea…
Of course I really do love the idea…
I was staring at my friends while they converse
When Lucas c@m£ in …..
in his all big boy form alone ,,he wipe the water on his hair,

I didn’t know why the sm-irk c@m£ up ,, but I did sm-irk at the idea of him having left her there in the rain
Curiosity got us wondering though…
I watched as his mum raced towards him with full rage ….
” where the hell is Silvia Lucas”
“You hired her mum , you should know”
The sm-irk in the corner of my mouth grew much wi-der,,,
” nice one little bro,, nice one ”
After the tittle tattle of me acting along with my friends ..

I had to add this to make it more real
“You are always a j£rk when it comes to women Lucas, you are such a freak ”
I had to shout to make the scene look wild …but I tell you am loving this …
I had to watch quietly after then as his mum pushed him out
“No guys let him go ,its high time he st©pped being a spoilt br@t”
But when I watch him raced out to the heavy rain ,, my heart leaped in my che-st as this guilty conscience aro-se from no where …
As much as I want that position , do I really want him dead do I ….

He is your kid brother no matter what why are you so heart less Nigel ..
I shuddered out of my thought when my phone let out a ring …I had to excuse myself …
” Celine ,”
“Hi , thank God have been trying to reach , but you know the rain doesn’t seems like its gonna end tonight ”
“Of course it isn’t ,”
“Where are you ” she asked
“At Lucas ”
“That fool”

“Hey Celine ,, alre-ady told you to reveal who you are to him but you refused … It wasn’t intentional that he couldn’t recognises you,, girls around him are too much for him to remember the sh*t he must done to some girl in the past ”
“Why can’t you just reveal who I am to him, am so scared he’s gonna chunned me ”
“I couldn’t because you are a beautiful girl and I love you ,, I just want you to st©p all this trying ,if its time to get our plan done,
We have to alliterate your looks so he doesn’t remember at all…. Are we still on deal with the plan”

“Deal” she said softly
“Good girl, Am sorry about the way I churned you this morning ”
” for acting all too wanting, guess I am too”
“So Celine ,, ”
“do you perhaps knew someone with the name Silvia”
“Silvia ” there was a pulse at the end of the phone before she answered
“No,, why do you ask”
“She was just hired by Mrs Tyson for some as-signment, but thought have seen her on your phone on one or two occasions”
“No it might be an online pictures that got saved on my phone .”
“Okay ,I’ll check up on you tomorrow”
My pulse slowed and there I began picking up the sound from the surroundings after I dropped the phone…

Curiosity made me moved closer to the terrace ….though the rain kept its heavy pace …but I was sure I heard sound …
I moved against a pillar and stared out to the rain …
I struggled and tucked my hands into the pocket of my jean while I lean against the other side of the pillar ….
I head back inside only to see all of my remaining friend chatting ,, curiosity made me raced back out
I glanced around only to see an incredulous flash of a smile at a direction in the rain …
I couldn’t see much ,, the rain was blinding …
He pu-ll on to his hood and move out into more of the heavy rain…

I wipe the rain on my face only to glance back at the direction but whoever it was was no more in sight …
I tried racing to the far end of the terrace to get a glimpse …but it was as if the person just disappeared into thin air .
Who could that be??
When thun-der rumbled at the far end ,, I had no other choice than to raced back inside ….
Maybe it was one of the security men
Guys our first unknown POV wasn’t Nigel….
Who could that possibly be .