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Betrothed episode 1 & 2

🌃✨🌇She has supernatural powers🌃✨🌇
✍️✍️Written by Authoress Favour✍️✍️
🧚‍♂️🧚‍♂️Episode 1💋💋
💋💋You Got To Be Kidding Me!💋💋
17 years later . . .
“Umm, Vanessa, please come home right now. I have something
important to say to you.” Mom says on the phone.
“Mom? Are you alright? Is everything alright?” I asked
“Yeah, yeah. Everything is fine … Just come home, ok?” she
“Ok, I will, but why are you whispering?”
“Don’t worry about that, just come home, ok?” She continues.
“Yeah mom, but really –” My mom cuts me off, “Vanessa Halt!”
“Oh, I’ll be right there then. Bye, mom, see you later.” I sang.
“Wait!!! Actually, I will be waiting for you in the office….”
“Ok, bye honey.” Mom says before she hang up. I gave the
phone back to the secretary, Ms. Song.
She put down the phone and with her Southern accent she said,
“Oh pumpkin pie, I think your mama is going to pick you up soon!
You better hurry and get your things packed!!”
“Ok,” I said, “I’ll come right back.”
“Alright darling, gallop along!” she said and turns back to do her
I ran down the hall to Composition Class and packed all of my
I went back to the office again, this time, my mom was there
filling out some form.
“Hey, mom!” I said, relieved that she is ok.
She quickly looks up and shoved the papers that she was filling
out in her little brown bag that she carries everywhere.
“Hi, honey.” She said, smiling as she pushed some of her hair to
the side of her face.
“What was that paper about?” I asked, looking down at her bag.
Her smile dropped, and I could see that she was trying to put the
smile back on.
She put one hand on her bag to make sure it was closed.
“Oh, that’s nothing, really. Let’s go home now.” She said and
guide my shoulders towards the back door that led to the parking lot.
“Okayyy.” I said stiffly, but I could feel that my mom was hiding
something from me.
When we stepped outside, I shield my eyes from the blazing sun.
I blinked several times before my eyes adjust to the brightness.
We got into the car and mom started the car. It was silent all the
way from the school to our house. The atmosphere in the car was
extremely awkward and tense.
My mom drove around a corner and I could saw our house. It
was just another ordinary house that anyone could be passing by.
But today, it was different. Outside of our house, there were 2 long
My mom stopped the car a few blocks away from our house. I
heard my mom sigh softly before I turned to her.
“I knew that from the very beginning you were hiding something
from me. Tell me now, mom! What is THIS?” I said, pointed at the
very rich – looking people outside of our house.
“Honey,” mom said softly, getting out of the car. She paused,
deciding whether she wanted to break it to me now or later. “We’ll
talk about it in the house, ok?”
She slammed the car door shut and started walking towards the
house. I quickly followed her.
“Hi, Mrs. Halt, how are you and Vanessa doing?” the teen dad
I raised my eyebrow at him.
How does he know my name? Mom better have a damn good
explanation about this WHOLE crap! I thought, crossing my arms.
“I am doing very good. How about you, Mr. Cohen?” My mom
said, smiling at him, before shaking his hand. But there was
something in her eyes that told me that something bad is about to
I looked at the teen mom.
Damn she looks like a model straight from the
Bloomingdale’s magazine cover, so thin and beautiful. Who is she?
Is she a supermodel? I thought.
“I am also doing very well,” Mr. Cohen said.
I looked at the son.
Woah! Is he gorgeous!? He also looked like a male model
straight from the runaway!
I thought, staring at him for 5 more second. I can tell that his type,
girls just take a look at him and they would fall for him madly.
I rolled my eyes.
I squinted my eyes at the sun. My head started to feel light and
I looked at the boy again to see that his mother is whispering
something in his ear. I only caught a word; love.
“Sorry to keep you all waiting, but let’s go inside.” My mom said
and took out the keys to open the door.
As we walked in, I can feel that boy’s eyes at me.
“Please sit here.” My mom said and they sat down in silence.
That boy’s eyes are still on me, eyeing my body like seeing if my
body was a type of body that he likes. I didn’t dare to look at him and
I didn’t like him already.
After a moment, my father came home.
“Hello, Mrs. and Mr. Cohen.” My father said. Again, I sense
something between them. They have a connection.
Father settled down and looked at me and than looked at mom.
Mom looked at him back, nudge him a little.
This was awkward and I can’t take it anymore.
“Ok, what is going on?” I asked, interrupting the silence.
My parent froze, I feel foolish in front of the guest – whoever they
are, I still feel foolish.
My parent turned and faces me.
“How should I say this, honey?” Mom said and clasped her hand
I know when she says how should I say this, honey? please, it
means there’s bad news ahead.
I gulped.
I crossed my fingers, behind my back, hoping it not something
really bad.
I said a silence prayer. Please, don’t make it really bad.
“Umm, how should I say it?” Mom said again.
I waited patiently and sit back, I was trying to act patient.
I looked at my father and he was rubbing the soft spot between
his index finger and thumb finger. He always does that when he is
“Ummmm, you are proposed to Jason Cohen? Should I say?” my
mom questioned herself. And by the name Jason Cohen, I know
exactly who he was – the super sexy guy in my living room. But I
didn’t look at him; I was too confused to look at him.
“You got to be kidding, right?” I asked her. I stared at my mom for
a moment to make sure she is not joking. My mom has a funny
personality, but this got to be a joke. This shouldn’t be a type of thing
that she should be joking about.
My mom didn’t say anything; instead father started speaking,
“Yep, you heard your mother.”
“Why are doing this? This is so sudden and random. What is this
about?” I asked, and was about to throw more question at them, but
I didn’t.
“Well, remember when you were 8 years – old, you asked us why
you have to keep on eating these medicine and why you can’t miss
taking the medicine, even a day -?” dad asked softly.
“Yeah, yeah, yeah.” I said impatiently this time. I can’t hold my
patients in anymore.
I wish I could just wake up from this terrible nightmare.
“Well . . .” mom said, “you know the story when you were born,
you – ”
“I know, I was weak, I was different, and the doctor cured me by
giving me the medicine and now I am beyond healthy and – ” I said.
“Yeah, you know that doctor is Doctor Cohen. And, ummmm, you
know, you were really weak, you could have passed away, but this
special doctor decided to help us. He . . . said that he would help us,
if only you would marry his son – ”
“NOW, you got to be kidding me!” I said.
“I am sorry honey, but this is the truth.” Mom said quickly.
“How come you didn’t tell me about the deal a long time ago?!
Why are you telling me now?! Why didn’t you explain this when I
asked you about the medicine, when I was 8?!” I said, getting up. My
anger was boiling in my blood and I feel like screaming any moment.
“I’m sorry, honey. I should have, but I thought that you were too
young to understand – ” Mom explained, getting up to settle me
down. She put a hand on my shoulder.
I stepped away from her hand, to let her hand fall.
“Honey, I am so sorry, it was my fault. I should have told you, but
it was only for your goods. I – ” mom said and stepped closer to me,
but I was too angry to listen. I didn’t care and it was too much.
I shoved everyone away and ran for the door.
It was too much, I have to get away! my mind screamed to me.
Episode 2
Why do you care, a$$h0le?!
I threw the door open and ran outside. I could feel my eyes
burned, not only from the sun’s blazing rays. I continued running and
running and running, not know where I was going, but I know I have
to get away from that house.
She lied to me all along! She kept it all a secret. She did
everything for me . . . every bad thing for me! She doesn’t care about
my feeling! She never cares! I thought and my tears fell one by one.
I blinked through tears and looked around – the park.
I heard running footsteps behind me. I turned around and
I wished I continued running, but I see him instead – Jason.
Stupid Jason! I wanted to shout at him.
He ran up to me and I quickly wiped my tears away.
“Where are you going?” he panted out.
I walked away, going to the swing and sit down.
He caught up to me and said again, “Where are you going to
“Why do you care, a$$hole?” I said to him.
He froze, but snapped back to reality.
“Because I . . . we are going to get married soon.” he smirked
and gently brushed his index finger under my chin.
I slapped his finger away.
“Please don’t touch me, asshole.” I said and sent him dagger
looks, but only his smirk got bigger.
I am going to hate him so much! I thought.
“Move, I am going to swing.” I commended.
“I don’t obey commends.” he said, trying to be a wise guy.
“Than, learn how to!” I said and started swinging. I kicked him
several time and he moved every time. He eventually gave up and
sat on the swing next to me.
It was silence for a moment and I feel peace.
Finally, I am away from the problem I thought and inhaled a deep
When I was starting to feel really bored, I got up and walked
home. I want to walk home, so I looked behind my shoulders and
saw that he was following me.
I looked ahead and stopped. He walked up besides me.
“May I help you?” I asked him.
“I don’t need any help.” he said.
“Maybe you stop following me than, stalker!” I said to him.
“I have to make sure you are ok,” he said.
“At least don’t follow right behind my tail. And I want to walk
home ALONE!” I shouted at him, “Do you need the definition of
alone? Or do you want me to spell the word alone for you. And you
could at least walk on that street and still watch me.”
I didn’t wait for him to answer and I continue to walk. I walked
along the tree. I extend my hand to touch the bark of the tree. I
walked all of the way home. I walked up to the house, but I stayed on
the outside. I could hear their conversation.
“Yeah – ” I heard my father said.
“It would be better off if they lived together, don’t you agree?” a
woman’s voice said. I figure it was Jason’s mom.
“Yeah, whatever’s the better for them.” my mom agreed sadly.
“We have to focus them to get as close to each other as possible
– ”
I couldn’t take it anymore, so I threw the door open and their
conversation stopped. They stared at me.
“Am sorry honey, now -” mom said.
“I know, I hear you guys. You want me to go. I am going to go
now. You want to focus me to do something that I never wanted. I
understand mom and dad.” I said bitterly, looking at Jason, behind me.
“Sweetheart, I -” mom started.
“I don’t want to hear it! Mom, you know I wanted to be a single for
the rest of my life. I told you that . . . that I don’t want to marry
anyone when I grow older. I have told you, why are you forcing me
now?” I asked her.
She responded, but I didn’t have the heart to listen. I stomped up
the stairs and into the room. I locked the door and cried in silence by
the door.
Someone knocked at the door and I screamed, “Go away! I don’t
want to see you!” and throw my brush at the door. I don’t care if it
was my mom or dad, or is it the guest. I certainly don’t care if it was
Jason the bastard.
I sat by the door for maybe an hour, or maybe it felt like an hour.
I grabbed my suitcase, I knew that they were still down there, I
could hear they voice. I knew if I go down there again, we would
have an argument again.
There was no point, talking to them I thought. They have planned
everything out already and I bet there would not change their mind
no matter what happens
I opened the suitcase and throw everything in; I didn’t care how messy it was.
When everything was packed, I make sure the door was locked. I threw myself on the bed and fall asleep.


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