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Betrayed trust batch 4

💔Betrayed Trust🙆
🌷happy marriage life Debby💫
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 13
After two years of courtship, Debby and Rich@rd got married.
Our wedding was so amazing and i felt like a new born baby once again in my life after witnessing loneliness and heartbreak.
Rich@rd restored joy in my life and i became a woman I wished to be one day, I didn’t quit from my teaching work, I was looking forward to finish up my education.
Chinaza continued living with my parents in-law, she loves staying there and i never complained for her abs£nce since she is happy.
Rich@rd provides me with everything I want but one thing was lacking, ‘attention’ he is always busy.
One night, we were playing to the point of having s£× when Rich@rd got a call and he dressed up and left.
“Am sorry, their is emergency in my hospital and i have to be there now”he said almost finished up in dressing.
“Hunie, am no more important in this relationship, U keep ur work first before me and am sick and tired of keep calm waiting for u to do something about it pls”I lamented so angrily.
“U will never be less important here baby, I promise to do something about this.
I will find an @ssistant so we can be having time pls”he promised with quick peck before leaving.
Rich@rd never fail his promise, he kept it and employed another doctor after two days.
He now have my time unlike before, my pregnancy is becoming heaving and he is persuading me to stop my teaching job but i refused.
I was becoming so weak in that pregnancy unlike the first pregnancy.
I recalled the day the doctor confirmed that am pregnant, Rich@rd started crying.
He cried so questionably that I started asking him what is happening.
“Am shocked because after my wife’s dead, the doctor confirmed that I can’t impregnate a woman again. The cause was because I over worried and got short of sperm (low spermcount)”he said.
“And u hide it from me?”I asked feeling cheated.
“I was afraid of lossing u baby, that was why”he said.
“U wouldn’t have, I love u not because of anything but because we met. But no more secret from today”I said.
“I promise baby”he said and we hugged so tight.
Since Chinaza was not with us we makes love anywhere it comes to our mind. I never know that i will start enjoying s£× after the rape but Rich@rd convinced me with his romantic play that s£× is sweet.
💔Betrayed Trust🙆
🌷He is the rapist😢
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 14
My pregnancy was 7months gone, our church was having a seminar that will last for 3days.
I was so weak to go but my love (Rich@rd) encouraged me to go, I went there with him.
In that program was a guest who preached that day, I was strucked to my bone marrow when he started his preaching.
“Am here to testify how God arrested me. The pastor Dave u are seeing here is ones a rapist and have done so much atrocities. The last mission that changed my life was with a v!rg!n girl in the hostel of university of Jos, someone paid me and my two guys.
The lady pleaded us but we paid deaf ear and raped her, her v!rg!nity ruined my charm and i was arrested after the incident. I spent two years in the prison and was released after the case lacked evidence because the police searched for the victim but was nowhere to be found again.
Maybe she killed herself or died because of the pain after the random s£× that day”he explained and i needed no magician to tell me that he is the one that caused my pain.
Rich@rd noticed my mood but i wasn’t myself anymore as he was explaining further.
“Am here is not because am worthy but because of God’s mercy” he explained further, I couldn’t bear it anymore, I ran out of the seminar hall.
Rich@rd ran after me, I got home and was like dying, I can’t believe that I will ever set my eyes on that devil again.
“Hunie he is the one that raped me!!”I cried but he rushed in and gave me chilled water.
I drank the water and slept off unknowingly.
I woke up and was hearing some noise downstairs, I tiptoe down and behold it was the rapist, my husband, the pastor and his wife.
They were discussing and i was ranging in anger as i was approaching them.
“Hunie pls let’s hear pastor Dave out” my husband said but i interupted him with a hot slap.
“Sister Debby!…What is wrong with u?”the pastor said drawing closer to me but i kept drawing back.
I missed my step and fell on the floor, I woke up in the hospital the next day still feeling pains.
I looked around and behold my beloved husband sitting beside me in the sick bed so sad.
“Thank God u are awake, am going to work”he said plainly and left.
Gosh! Unlike my husband I know, he never leaves without klzzing me, he left looking so sad and mad at me.
He was so much hurt but he should understand what I p@ssed through because of that devil that called himself pastor Dave or whatever.
I won’t forgive him😢
💔Betrayed Trust🙆
🌷left behind😢
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 15
I started living unhappy life with the person I called my husband, the person that promised to wipe away my tears became so cold whenever am with him.
Rich@rd don’t talk to me anymore, he neither discuss issues with me nor ask for my need again.
I regretted ever marrying him at the first place, I doubted my instinct that love exists.
I gave birth to a baby boy, Rich@rd bought many things for the baby but never care to ask me how I was doing.
I made crying my best friend again, I cried and cursed the day I accepted to marry Rich@rd.
During the child’s birthday, Rich@rd bought many goodies for him but he didn’t care for me the mother. The Rich@rd I knew was not the same person I was seeing again.
He marries his phone anytime he is at home, he enjoys chatting than talking to me, I feels lonely even when he is around.
I brought a diary and started writing my stories hoping that one day some people will like to hear my story.
One early morning Rich@rd woke up, he just left the house without asking how I am doing, he don’t make love to me again.
I guess I irritates him, I picked up my diary and started writing agian.
The title was, “all he want is a child not me, am just like a burden in his life” I was writing the story when I got pressed, I went to the restroom to ease myself.
Rich@rd forgot one of his files and came back to collect it, he saw the book on the table and was with it when I came in.
“How dare u interfere in my privacy?”I asked and snatched the diary from his hand.
“All I need is a child?”He asked.
“Exactly, since u have gotten what u want I became a stranger to u. Am now irritating u but am not bothered. I blame myself for believing that love exists again. Am sorry but i need to be alone again, I hate this marriage”I cried.
“Stop it Debby! How can u say that?
U embarrased me before the pastor and his wife! U humiliated me even when I wanted to console u and u never say sorry for ur mistakes” he said and drew me closer to his chest.
“How do u want me to react while I was seeing the person I love discussing with the cause of my victim”I said now with calm voice.
“I never see it that way, pastor Dave is a changed person and God has forgiven him so far, u better forget the things of the past so I can be able to move on”he said, I wanted to talk but he closed my mouth with klzz.
Within some minutes our m0@ning and s£×ual pleasure filled the whole room.
💔Betrayed Trust🙆
🌷peace restored👏
By…. Author J Divine
Episode 16
Peace was restored in our family, Rich@rd started treating me like his wife I am. The love we shares became the talk of the town and many families were mimicking our tactics of lives.
One evening, Rich@rd came back from work and pres£nted me with flower, he knew that I love flower so much.
Women are like kids, bribe them with anything charming, they will give their life to u, lol😂
“Hope u like it?” He asked as I perceived the nice scent.
“I love it”I said and hugged him and summarized it with a klzz.
“Can u do me a favour?” He asked looking so pitiful.
“I will if it’s on my powers”I said.
“Promise me” he persuaded.
“I promise” I said still listening.
“Two wrongs can not make a right, the did has been done and we can’t turn the hands of the time.
Forgiveness is the most painful thing but the most way to get victory, ur problems made me and u together.
Without the rape, I wouldn’t have seen a beautiful angel like u (I started blushing), pls forgive pastor Dave”he said but i didn’t get it.
“Excuse me! That I should …..”
“Remember u promised me, don’t breach ur promise my angel”he said kneeling down.
“Okay, I have forgiven him”I said and Rich@rd was overwhelmed with joy.
I was covered with tears of how I was disv!rg!ned without my audacity by someone I never liked before, I was with tears when the door got opened and it was Dave.
I was hurt seeing him but since I have forgiven him, I will do it with whole hearted, I stood up and hugged him with tears.
“Pls, am not worthy to be here, seeing u is by God’s mercy not mine, pls don’t take me as a pastor but a sinner but forgive me”he continued pleading as i was drowning in tears of pain.
Rich@rd lifted him up and we hugged together again, “I have forgiven u” I said and beamed a smile.
The next day, we went to the hospital to conduct a DNA test with Chinaza and pastor Dave and the result came out that he is the father.
He promised to be sponsoring her education and all her need but i refused to allow him go with her because i don’t trust him.
After two days, I decided to visit pastor Dayo and his wife, I told Rich@rd about it and he agreed to go with me on weekend.
We bought many thing we will use for the visit because they contributed to my life and well been not minding how they took my victim against me.
They made me to see the four corners of university of Jos and i do appreciate that.


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